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Of course, just because everyone admires Fa Erkao doesn’t mean that Real Madrid fans want Real Madrid to lose.

Everyone in the European Super Cup Madrid Derby wants to support the team to win and win the championship.
After the game resumed, Real Madrid fans shouted Lu Wenbin’s name over and over again, apparently hoping that Lu Wenbin would score another goal and put Fa Erkao in the limelight and lead the team to win the European Super Cup.
Lu Wenbin is not limelight. Anyway, no matter how strong Fa Erkao is, he can’t plug him in.
Playing well in one or two games will not affect his position unless he scores more than one goal a year like him.
Lu Wenbin is almost a winner, but now Real Madrid is behind.
If this score ends the game, Real Madrid will lose the European Super Cup and Lu Wenbin will not get the annual six-crown award.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin reduced the degree of retreat in the next game, and almost waited for Atletico Madrid to wait for a counterattack opportunity at half time.
Anyway, Real Madrid is not the Olympic team, and the defense line is not so fragile. Lu Wenbin must help defend.
夜网论坛In the 55th minute, Lu Wenbin got a counterattack opportunity. Unfortunately, his long-distance attack on the front of the forbidden area of Atletico Madrid was shoveled by Atletico defender Godin and midfielder Gaby, which failed to form a shot.
But in the 62nd minute, Lu Wenbin finally seized an opportunity.
This time, after Luobian broke through, he crossed a half-high ball. Lu Wenbin banned the change of speed rhythm outside the area. He threw off his close-fitting guard against Gaby and then spread his left leg to make a rock-breaking volley.
The ball hangs straight in the corner like a flying fairy, just like the flying fairy in the 22 nd Zida Champions League final
Lu Wenbin also scored a hat trick and tied the total score at 33.
Real Madrid fans and Lu Wenbin fans gave a hand of joy and cheers, while Atletico Madrid fans were disappointed.
It’s just a draw. They want to give it back. They are chanting Fa Erkao’s name. They want him to keep scoring and lead Atletico Madrid to victory.
But the hat trick probably overdrawn all Fa Erkao’s energy and luck, and Fa Erkao never scored again.
In the 6 th minute, Fa Erkao once had a small angle volley from the side net and Atletico fans cheered.
As it turned out, it was a misunderstanding. Fa Erkao didn’t even touch the goalpost, but hit the side net.
Fa Erkao can’t score again, but Lu Wenbin is ok.
In the 79th minute, Lu Wenbin didn’t break through with the ball in the backcourt, but suddenly went straight through the Atletico defence.
Zema’s offside was successful, and he got the ball behind Atletico Madrid’s defense line and was about to form a single knife and enter the forbidden area.
There was no way for central defender Miranda to fall behind Zema, who was shown a yellow card and gave Real Madrid a goal in the frontcourt.
Lu Wenbin kicked the ball into the corner of Atletico Madrid goal with a special skill.
Lu Wenbin played the big four and helped Real Madrid reverse the score and won 43 leading titles.
All the Real Madrid fans in the stands were overjoyed and burst into warm cheers.
The next game was cornered, and Atletico Madrid attacked Real Madrid at half-time, hoping to equalize and reverse the score.
But Real Madrid didn’t give them such an opportunity.
After helping the team lead the score, Lu Wenbin often retreats to participate in defense, altruism, super position selection and defensive ability to help Real Madrid defend the interception or delay Atletico Madrid’s attack.
In the first minute, Atletico Madrid attacked Suarez, the midfielder, and turned the ball to Adrian, but Lu Wenbin judged that the opponent’s intention of the ball suddenly crossed a ground tackle and stopped the ball.
Then Lu Wenbin lay down and swept the ball to Xabi Alonso. Alonso took two steps and told Zalo to the winger.
Zemaro’s cover attracted a central defender. After breaking through the flank, he cut the corner of the forbidden area and shot from the far corner.
Real Madrid 53 leads Atletico Madrid by two goals and has a few left.
Ronaldinho’s goal in Real Madrid sealed the victory, "said Benji Kuo Net ksnē".
The goal originated from Lu Wenbin’s defensive interception and tackle in the backcourt and then handed it to Alonso to launch a counterattack.
It can be said that Lu Wenbin has made great contributions to both offensive and defensive ends of Real Madrid.
In the last few minutes of the game, Atletico Madrid launched a crazy attack on Real Madrid’s goal regardless of defense
However, when Real Madrid’s defense and Lu Wenbin helped Mourinho to change people constantly and delayed, Real Madrid finally held the goal and did not let Atletico Madrid score another goal.
After a hat trick, Fa Erkao didn’t continue to perform magic to help Atletico Madrid win.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Real Madrid won the 212 European Super Cup with a 53-point victory over rival Atletico Madrid.
Fa Erkao hat-trick failed to bring a championship to Atletico Madrid, while Lu Wenbin launched a counterattack with a big four and a tackle to help Real Madrid win the championship.
It turns out that Fa Erkao still can’t catch up with Lu Wenbin’s magic.
Lu Wenbin continues to hold the record of winning the championship if he wants to participate in the competition.
After the game, many media affirmed Fa Erkao’s performance, but commented with a sorry attitude.
If I hadn’t met Lu Wenbin, maybe Farr
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Take a hat trick and Atletico will win the European Super Cup.
It’s a pity to meet Lu Wenbin even if it’s a hat trick.
Real Madrid, which won the European Super Cup, has won five championships and become the fifth champion in 212.
One World Club Cup away, and Real Madrid will become the sixth champion of the prehistory of world football.