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Is there a problem?

I don’t think there is any reason for men to question her decision. She is already very interested in men’s performance in front of her friends just now.
Don’t you think you’re giving your admirers a chance to get close to you? Lu Fengxing provoked a woman.
Don’t you think you are very puzzling? Miao clapped the man’s big hand. I am aboveboard in my dealings with people. It seems that you are not awake!
You have no problem, but you can’t give people with problems a chance to get close to you! Lu Fengxing feels annoyed at the thought of those who covet people and little women.
Are you too overbearing when Lu Fengxing is popular? Miao thinks that men are really unreasonable. If so, can you have lunch with Feier and behead at the noon gate and should your assistant Yao Jia draw a line?
Looking at the man angrily and howled, he didn’t mean to give in at all. This man is too overbearing. She has maintained a rational acceptance of his normal communication, but how can he be so indiscriminate?
The somebody else Yin Hang already has a girlfriend, this matter is also told him how so narrowminded? Like him, that day will not pass!
品茶Don’t be ridiculous, okay? Lu Fengxing thinks that little women know that Feier’s things are still out, and the root of them is to find something to do with that Yao Jia, which is even more vanishing.
You know you are being unreasonable! I gave a powerful counterattack.
I repeat, I don’t allow you to open a company with Yin Hang! The man gave his command stiffly.
Lu Fengxing, do you think you have such a profit?
I suddenly feel that men don’t know themselves. What does he see as his attachment? It turns out that he once supported her, but when he was in a good mood, he never wanted to let her really develop independently
At least I have such strength!
Lu Fengxing’s voice was cold. He just didn’t want to give those messy men a chance to get close to little women.
Yes, he does have such strength. He looks at a man with a sneer on his lips, and his eyes are so indifferent that she doesn’t want to communicate with him at all!
Is it always better? It seems that everything is deadlocked when Sun comes in with a fruit basket.
There you are! I tried to squeeze out a smile.
I should have come to see you yesterday, but I was afraid of delaying your rest! Sun Yichong nodded and said hello.
I can leave the hospital tomorrow. It’s nothing serious! Miao has stopped watching Lu Fenghang, and even out of the corner of his eye, he didn’t leave one for a man.
Take it easy on your side. It is estimated that Wenyan will live for a week! Sun’s lip corner is gloating.
So serious? I don’t know the specific situation or expressed my heart.
She deserved it! When Sun arrived at the man, he was furious. You took her medicine for diarrhea, and she deserved it!
Ah? I didn’t think that my greed was a manmade disaster.
While Lu Fengxing didn’t speak, his face remained dark. I didn’t want to let the little woman know so many disturbing things. Now it seems that knowing it is not necessarily a bad thing. At least it is necessary to know that he has protected her in various ways.
She has been expelled from Kangda. It is estimated that this business is not mixed up! Sun Yiqi finally got out of the way
She is possessed by her own demons! It’s puzzling that I think she is in contradiction with Wenya. She never seems to regard Wenya as an enemy, but Wenya never seems to give up treating her as an enemy.
Finally cleared everyone can feel at ease! Sun cut a fruit for Miao, and her attitude is gentle and she feels like a big sister.
I brought you the magazine you wanted! Yuan Qing came in with a smile and saw Sun Yiyou laughing. A friend came to see you!
Aunt has come, I have been sitting for a while and it’s time to go! Sun said hello to take the initiative to get up politely.
Sit down for a while. It’s still early anyway! The following polite to retain.
No, let’s get together when you are ready! Sun waved at everyone. Then I’ll go first. Take care of it!
Then walk slowly! Yuan Qing sent Sun Yi out of the ward with enthusiasm.
From the time Sun Yi entered the ward to the time he left Lu Fengxing, his attention was always embarrassing, but he insisted that he didn’t even leave a corner of his eye for a man. As soon as Sun Yi left, he picked up his mother and brought it to the magazine, and began to study with great interest, even taking men as gas directly.
Lu Fengxing really wants to tear the magazine over and tear it into pieces to see when the little woman will fight back, but after all, her motherinlaw can’t make things worse at the door
Popular, go back to dinner. I’m here with you! Yuan Qing returned to the ward after seeing Sun off. At noon, this is usually the arrangement. She will bring food suitable for her while her soninlaw will go home to eat.
Mom, stay with me tonight. Anyway, I will be discharged from the hospital! As a child, I pulled Yuan Qing’s hand to kill the depressed man directly.
Ok, I will accompany you! If you don’t, Li Yuanqing definitely hopes that his soninlaw will go back and have a good rest. It’s popular. Just take a good rest today and come and pick us up!
Lu Fengxing got up from the sofa with a snort of cold, packed up his files and left. It was definitely a cold feeling.
Are you in conflict with fashion? Lu Fengxing left Yuan Qing like a cold wind and found the problem in hindsight.
I don’t want him to go back and have a rest without his work! Miao Yingying explained that she didn’t want their affairs to worry her parents.
That’s good! Yuan Qinglian stroked her daughter’s hair. Two people can’t live too sexually. When they encounter something, they should take the initiative to communicate. If you don’t know that your breath is hurting your feelings, it’s not worthwhile!
I hold my mother’s waist and put my head on my mother’s chest, where it is always the warmest, so that everyone can calm down!
Coming out of the ward, Lu Fengxing almost didn’t smash the ladder door. That punch was a real vent. The ladder door was faintly sunken and the Men’s Day was red and swollen.
This woman is used to it!
Well, isn’t she trying to make a cold war? Then he will accompany him to the end!
The red Lamborghini was driven out of the hospital like a madman by a man and made a terrible roar!
The hospital was quiet at night, and Yuan Qing’s escort bed was asleep, but it seemed that she didn’t feel sleepy at all. She didn’t want to admit it, but it was hard to find that men were not around, and it was really a little uncomfortable.
The sense of dependence is really terrible!
I remember when two people slept in the same bed at first, she was a hundred people who were not used to it. Now she can’t sleep without his armsit’s ridiculous!
Get up gently and sneak out of the ward. If you can’t sleep, just walk around.
I don’t know why a man is so overbearing when he’s asleep, and who she’s dating is not aboveboard, and why she’s so dragged, and why her friends have to look at his face!
The man who smoked stuffy cigarettes in the room sneezed severely. Originally, this cigarette was smoked as little as possible as required, but today this kind of boredom is really unbearable!
Lu Fengxing wiped his nose with a napkin. Isn’t that goblin speaking ill of him behind his back again? Looking down at the wrist watch, it’s almost twelve o’clock. It’s estimated that the heartless little woman has already fallen asleep!
The man sighed and pressed out the cigarette butt in his hand.
He also said that it was only one night before he accompanied the cold war to the end, and he was already overwhelmed. He always felt as if he had lost his soul. That’s what he called! The mobile phone has been in hand for a long time, and I don’t want to dial it out. I am afraid that it will affect the rest of the little woman. I am really worried that the woman will be beaten there.
Forget it. Isn’t it just about setting up another company? It’s not that without this strength, it will be so awkward.
Forcing men to open their minds and start helping women to formulate various rules and regulations of the new company, including stock comparison and capital injection comparison. Since we can’t oppose it in the end, we must give young women the most comfortable development. There is no way to take advantage of his daughterinlaw!
hey? Walking in the back of the corridor, Chu Meng whispered, It’s really you, why don’t you sleep so late!
I slept too much during the day, but now I can’t sleep! I smiled faintly. What about you?
I just came out of Tang Shu ward and he has fallen asleep! Tang Shu took arm in arm. Let’s go. Anyway, I’m on duty today. Come to my office!
hmm! Miao nodded and followed Chu Meng to the doctor’s office on duty. How is Tang Shu now?
There is no danger to life, but the mood is not very high! During the day, there is a master and his family guarding me at night! Chumeng’s expression is natural, and it is the doctor’s attitude towards patients.
He mainly has a knot in his heart! Miao thinks it’s easy to chat with Chu Meng, so she doesn’t want to hide anything.
I know I heard what the master said! Chu Meng is also very frank. It seems to be with a man named Li Ping!
well! They are a bit complicated! I paused. Let’s say it’s boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of them think they’re just a deal of money. Let’s say it’s a deal, but they’re both in love!
Section 193

Mo Yang Oh, "It seems that I don’t feel relieved when I have a sister."

"Nature is my sister’s kiss" is red in the face but still calm.
约茶Everyone laughed, and the breakfast atmosphere was very good.
In the evening, both the Lan Wangfu and the General Mansion got the news and came to Hou Mansion again.
Shuiyun Park heard the housekeeper’s leave and let people lead her to Park Yard.
Shuiyunjin sat quietly waiting in the drawing room and looked a little far away, not knowing what to think.
"Yunxi, we finally meet you" Gu Chenxi suddenly interrupted Shuiyun’s thoughts.
ShuiYunJin turned to see ChuChengXuan and Gu Chenxi and RuQin came in, and she got up to meet him.
"I’ve been asleep and groggy before, and you can’t talk when you go in, and they haven’t explained clearly, which worries you."
"Are you well?" Gu Chenxi asked.
"It’s all right. It’s not a serious illness." Shuiyun Park soothed.
"The county princess handmaiden finally meets you." Ruqin became red-eyed when she saw Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin reached out to help her "don’t cry"
Ruqin nodded and closed her tears.
Several people sat in the drawing room for a long time before finally listening to Chu Chengxuan saying, "Grandpa Lan, they all know that you are awake and want to come together, but they are afraid that if you don’t know what to say, they want to go back when you are better."
Shui Yunjin nodded. "Let Grandpa rest assured that I will be in Huangfu Yun."
"He was badly hurt, but people can stay in bed when they wake up, otherwise they would have rushed over," Chu Chengxuan replied.
ShuiYunJin thinking HuangFuYun sex must be like that.
"Yunjin Adai has won the battle and is returning to Beijing Road." Gu Chenxi trembles.
Shui Yun-jin smiled immediately after her heart. "It’s a good thing to win the battle. Changyong’s robbery is over."
"Yunjin, you don’t know that everyone is hiding it from him, but he will come back soon and wait for him to know everything. Have you ever thought about what he will be like?" Gu Chenxi felt uneasy.
"Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ll tell him," Shuiyunjin whispered.
"Yunxi, you can’t really, even if you have a lot of self-denial, you can’t abandon Adai. How can you stand your feelings regardless of him? You can’t really give up on each other because of this." Gu Chenxi looked at Shuiyunxi eagerly.
"Let’s talk about it later. I don’t want to think about so much now." Shuiyun Park doesn’t want to say much about Gu Chenxi, and I don’t know how to persuade Shuiyun Park to come to their senses, so it will no longer be said that it is a long time before ChuChengxuan and others leave Hou Fu.
Shuiyunjin sat in the drawing room and frowned. It didn’t take a long time to hear her say "Where is my dad?"
"Master courtyard with ink imperial chess" Zi Xia answered.
Shuiyunjin got up and went out of the drawing room.
Shuiyunjin came to the college, and they didn’t finish a game of chess, but Moyang said that he would go to the dining room to prepare medicine soup for Shuiyunjin and got up and left.
"Dad, should you go back?" Sit at the table of Shuiyun Park Stone.
"Dad just wanted to tell you that Dad stayed in Beijing for too long to prepare to leave Beijing." Shui Yanhui said.
"That dad is going to go back alone." Shuiyun raised an eyebrow.
"Your mother hasn’t seen you for many years, and I want to take you back with me, but you are not well yet, and" Shui Yanhui swallowed back what he wanted to say.
Shui Yun-jin knows that she didn’t say anything behind it. Her eyes are dark. "I haven’t told Dad about the method of mother’s body. I can understand that I’ve always been ready to go back, but I haven’t had a chance. Let’s go with Dad this time."
Shui Yan-hui’s eyes lit up, and then he settled, "Arjun will be back in two days, and you don’t want to see him."
"Nothing is missing, just a little worried," said Shuiyun Park.
"Are you afraid of him and LingXiaoYao confrontation?" Shui Yan Hui can think of that scene.
"Dad should know that Ling Xiaoyao has exhausted me many times, and he just came back from the battlefield to think about it and know that he is tired. Let them be both-lose." Shui Yunxi frowned. She was not worried about anything but being afraid of seeing the two men fight. She almost demolished Lingyin Temple this time and didn’t directly level Hou Fu.
"You’re worried that it will definitely happen. It’s not bad for Adai to think for herself. When he calms down, goodbye is not too late. Our father and daughter set off early that fine day." Shui Yanhui made a decision.
Shuiyunjin nodded.
After dinner, Shuiyunjin said that she was the first to leave early in the morning and clamoured to follow.
When there were water clouds and Ling Xiaoyao left in the hall, I heard Ling Xiaoyao say with smile, "I’ll pay you back and you’ll leave me."
"Why don’t you go out for a walk together when you stay in Beijing?" Shuiyun Park said with a smile.
"If you don’t worry, I won’t shoot him." LingXiaoYao smiled gently.
"I’m afraid he’ll make moves on you." Shuiyunjin drawled.
LingXiaoYao raised an eyebrow without saying anything.
The next morning, a group of people packed up and left the capital. Shuiyun Park sent people into the palace and said to Lan Wangfu.
Two days later, Huangfuda led five thousand began to enter the city, and the people of Wenwu Baiguan City went out to meet him.
Huangfuda wore no armor, dressed in white, and Tsinghua sat tall and handsome.
When I entered the city, it was still the Dihuang and the old prince Chu Chengxuan and others in the city, but there was only one person he wanted to see most.
Huangfuda came back to Beijing, and the first person he saw should be someone he missed deeply until Mata’s smiling eyes gradually cooled down.
"I’m back after seeing Grandpa Huang":
Chapter 135 Ms, I’m back.
"This time, Lao Er’s work hard. I’m glad you set up a celebration dinner in the palace. Go with me and Lao Wang Shu." Huang Lang laughed.
"The emperor and grandpa go ahead and I’ll go in a minute." Huangfuda said softly.
"Don’t let me and uncle Wang wait too long." The emperor glanced at ChuChengXuan.
See ChuChengXuan nod.
"What’s the matter with Lao Er? Let’s talk about it after tonight." The old prince is always worried. At this time, if he can’t calm down, he will have a moderate digestion.
Huangfuda didn’t say anything until everyone left, leaving only Chu Chengxuan Huangfuda’s face suddenly cold. "I don’t have an accident in Beijing. Where is the park?"
Chu Chengxuan didn’t expect Huangfuda to think so far. Although the news of Beijing was blocked to him, he didn’t see Shuiyunjin. He had already guessed that the accident in Beijing was a fact, and it was impossible to hide it if he wanted to hide it.
"When you didn’t, something really happened in Beijing. Since Tianhong Lingguo discussed before and after attacking Changyong border, most of the troops near Beijing were transferred to the border. He planned to hold you off, but secretly Jiang Qiuwu plotted to let Changyong be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis, plus Huangfuheng’s internal cooperation. They had already made arrangements to sneak into Beijing at night. First, people were trapped in Lanwang Mansion and General Mansion, and then they intercepted Huangfuyun Xishan Camp. The ultimate goal was to surround the palace and Huangfuheng fought for it.
Outside the city, there are thousands of guards ready to attack the city. On that night, there were tragic casualties in Lanwangfu Palace and how much Tianhong and Jiangqiuwu hate Yunxi. You know that they will not let Yunxi go. "
"In the hands of people such as Ms. Park and Tianhong," Huang Fu-da’s eyes are full of coolness, and her voice is full of cold, and all her places are frozen.
"Arda, everyone has tried their best to kill dozens of people in the dark guard of Lanwang Palace. Up to now, Huangfu Kun can’t get into bed. Yunfu Kun is worried about the safety of Grandpa Lan and Princess Lan. She will be transferred from her side with one dark and two dark. Uncle Shui is the emperor’s side, and there may be danger at any time. Only uncle Shui and I tried our best to rush in. Yunfu was really caught by Jiang Qiuwu, and later Ling Xiaoyao appeared and saved her." Chu Chengxuan hoped that he would say these things to make Huangfu Kun think of the crisis and water cloud at that time.

That’s not it. Let me ask you a question.

Are you wanted by the police? It seems that a special police officer named Zhou Zhengqi is after you.
Zhou Zhengqi, isn’t this the special policeman who takes her home every time? You said he was after me, but he can meet me every night.
weren’t you ordered to kill yang xing some time ago? this caused a lot of noise.
I’ll follow him on a good day and get to know the situation.
I have one more request Nie Yan thought of his request.
Zhou Zhengqi is my own son
What is your own child? Li Xiabing was very shocked.
God, send me a location when you see him.
I said, what are you doing following your son every day?
He almost had an accident a few days ago, and I’m a little uneasy about him going out to perform.
It’s true that I didn’t worry about being in danger before I executed it, and no one helped me behind. Li Xiabing complained that she should have some envy for Zhou Zhengqi. Ok, I promise you this request, but I want money.
Ok, you can get things done first.
The next night, Li Xia Bing met Zhou Zhengqi as usual, and she began to ask some questions because of some doubts about Yang Xing’s case.
Have you been investigating the Yang Xing case? Li Xiabing asked.
How do you say this? Forget it. This is the responsibility of our police. Outsiders dare not talk about it casually. If you don’t know too much about these things, it will bring some danger to yourself.
Those crimes are demons who kill people without blinking an eye. You don’t need to work hard to be afraid of them. They don’t have compassion for the elderly, women and children when they commit crimes.
Forget it. Forget it.
Zhou Zhengqi carefully looked at Li Xiabing and vaguely felt that she was a little like killing Yang Xing’s white woman, but she could not be sure whether she was worrying too much. Zhou Zhengqi said that she was very admired for robbing the police to investigate Yang Xing and executing this demon with blood on her hands.
Li Xiabing shut up when he saw that he couldn’t speak, and the car slept.
When I got home, Li Xiabing had to follow Zhou Zhengqi, so he told Lu Rou, I have something to do when I go out. Go home first.
Can’t you take me? Lou was disappointed.
When I have a rest, take you out for a day, ok? Li Xiabing deliberately coaxed her.
Well, it’s a deal.
After dealing with Lu Rou, Li Xia Bing Road stopped a taxi
The driver followed the car in front. Li Xiabing pointed to Zhou Zhengqi’s car and said to the driver.
Ok, the driver is a man wearing sunglasses. He doesn’t look like a good man.
The scholar closely followed Zhou Zhengqi’s vehicle, and Li Xiabing also opened Nie Yan’s position sharing. In a short time, the scholar followed Zhou Zhengqi to a suburb near a forest and suddenly stopped.
Beauty, I’m sorry. Someone contacted me just now. I’ll go out and take a message first. It doesn’t matter if I delay you. The driver suddenly wanted to make a message.
No problem, but you should hurry up. When you grow up, it will delay my work.
But the driver took off his sunglasses and showed a fierce face, and then he went into the Woods.
I dare not answer the words in front of me. There must be a ghost in my heart. I must follow up and see what happened. Li Xiabing secretly followed the driver to the Woods.
Hello, is this Deputy Wang? asked the driver.
What’s the matter? It was Wang Tong, the deputy leader of the drug trafficking group.
A girl has been following us in charge and doesn’t know what she wants, said the driver.
Following my brother Zhou in an attempt to harm him, I absolutely won’t allow you to kill her. Don’t let her get in the way, Wang Tong ordered.
Yes, the driver promised.
All this was clearly heard by Li Xiabing.
You haven’t done that yet if you want to plot against me, Li Xia Bing thought, Zhou Zhengqi should be organized as an undercover by them.
桑拿会所After returning to the car, Li Xiabing checked that there was a road on his seat surface.
Boy wants to plot against me Li Xia Bing thought.
Just as the driver was about to return to the car, Li Xiabing opened the door and came out. She went to the driver and grabbed his collar, then knocked the driver down with another punch.
Girl, what do you want? asked the driver. He didn’t know that his conversation was heard by Li Xiabing.
What is my seat hiding the road for?
Pay attention to what road you are doing, said the driver.
I’ll tell you what you just did, Li Xiabing shouted at him. Who did you just tell to kill me?
No, no
Let you suffer a little first. Li Xiabing grabbed the driver’s finger and left it hard.
Ah, the driver let out a scream, Pain, pain.
Will you say it or not?
I said, I said he asked me to kill you because you have been following the people in front.
What is the identity of the person in front? Li Xiabing asked.
I don’t know.
Li Xiabing directly grabbed the driver’s hand and left it.
Ah the driver issued again.
If you don’t make things clear to me today, you won’t want your whole right arm, Li Xiabing threatened.
I said that the man you followed was Zhou Feng, who came to our regiment some time ago and is said to be a former member of the Wind and Fire Gang.
The former member of Fenghuo Gang is Yang Xing who established that criminal organization. Li Xiabing should have heard a little about Fenghuo Gang. After all, she also sneaked into the investigation before she assassinated Yang Xing
I said everything, can you leave me alone? asked the driver.
Keep driving with him or I’ll shoot you. Li Xiabing put the gun on the driver’s neck and scared the driver trembling.
If you want to live, do as I say, said Li Xiabing.
The driver started the taxi and soon followed Zhou Zhengqi to a drug dealer’s den, which was a hotel cover.
This is our den, said the driver.
You can go after my car, Li Xiabing confessed. I promised to spare your life.
Thank you. Thank you.
Li Xiabing opened the door and left the car. The driver didn’t leave. He pulled out a pistol from the car and aimed it at Li Xiabing. Unfortunately, the sound of the gun exposed his driver’s body. Before he shot, Li Xiabing went sideways and dodged the bullet. After this shot, Li Xiabing hit the driver’s forehead and the driver screamed and fell down the window.
Give you a break. You don’t want to blame me. Li Xiabing took a look at the driver and walked into the hotel.

"Come on," said Yu Enze grumpily. "It’s not a piece of cake when it’s hard to get to you again. It’s not like you’re blowing your name, buddy. I’ll thank you again some other day."

"Enze, there is something wrong with you today, unlike usual." I sensed that Yu Enze was abnormal today, and the other party made fun of it. "I am in such a hurry to find out how this person is a woman."
"Whatever you think" Yu Enze didn’t mind to deal with the old white intentional speculation.
"If you are really a woman, I’d really like to see her." There is a faint joy in Lao Bai’s words. "As far as I know, you have always been steadfast in that Su Lixia. It seems that the woman who can make you the big boss who is frozen thousands of miles away in Wan Li with snow floating again must be more difficult than her Su Lixia."
Yu Enze lost patience and became serious. "Cut the crap and help me check. I’m waiting for your news."
"Well, I’ll give you a message later."
At night, the city was flooded by a flurry and arrived at the destination. Laobai stopped the car, and the wiper swung back and forth, and the front line of sight was sometimes clear and sometimes blurred. The private club in the hidden safflower and green trees was getting darker and darker.
夜生活"I said, Laobai, are you sure this is it?" Yu Enze, who was in the co-pilot seat, asked uncertainly.
"It’s true." Lao Bai’s eyes were fixed on taking out a gold card from his entourage’s pocket and handing it to Yu Enze. "I’ll give you this card to ensure your freedom of entry and exit."
"Good" Yu Enze decisively took the gold card and was very grateful. "Thank you, Laobai. You are welcome to ask where you want the land."
"Wow, boss Yu, I didn’t hear you wrong. This is a big deal." Laobai was flattered and couldn’t help joking with Yu Enze. "Are you bold and the beautiful or do you love beauty and don’t love Jiangshan? The charm of your confidante can’t be underestimated."
"I don’t have time to be poor with you." Yu Enze couldn’t help smiling quickly and unsmiling. "Old Bai, do you want to wait for me here? Do you want to park your car hidden?"
Laobai was confident and full of words. "Don’t worry, I’m a guest here. No one will doubt it." Finally, he told Yu Enze to "be careful in everything."
"I know" and wearing a black baseball cap and dark glasses, Yu Enze got out of the car neatly and strode towards the private club.
Yu Enze entered the club very smoothly after showing the workers the gold card that Lao gratis gave him.
From the simple appearance of the clubhouse, no one will think that it is really another splendid paradise. All the top entertainment facilities are available, and people who can naturally enter and leave here are either business celebrities or dignitaries. What to discuss or plan in such a hidden place is unknown except the parties and outsiders.
Yu Enze told him accurate information according to Laobai. It didn’t take him long to find the package in Chen Moran. Unfortunately, the door was locked and he entered by other methods.
In a short time, several men in black with sunglasses came out of the bag. Yu Enze quickly hid in a corner, but fortunately they didn’t find it.
A few seconds later, Chen Moran was also angry. Yu Enze instantly shook his hand into a fist.
Chen Moran walked in the direction of washing his hands, and after confirming that Chen Moran was alone, Yu Enze carefully followed Chen Moran behind him. When Yu Enze passed a bar, he grabbed a bottle and took it in his hand.
As soon as Chen Moran entered to wash his hands, Yu Enze immediately lowered the brim of his hat, and even the sunglasses were about to block Yu Enze. Seeing that others were coming out one after another, he gave him a hand to wash his hands. At this time, he and Chen Moran were left inside.
Chen Moran suddenly felt something was wrong when he heard the door. He suddenly turned his head and couldn’t hide his face. "Who are you? You followed me. What are you doing?"
Without saying a word, Yu Enze picked up the bottle in his hand and slammed it at Chen Moran’s head. At the moment, the glass fragments splashed all over the floor with bright red blood.
Chen Moran screamed and kept rolling with his head bleeding. Yu Enze couldn’t feel avenged. He caught a glimpse of a hammer hanging on the wall. Without thinking, he quickly pumped the hammer to Chen Moran’s thigh, which was a crazy lamented.
Chen Moran fainted in pain and Yu Enze stopped. He threw a hammer and his right hand shook out of control. He immediately hid his right hand in his pocket and pushed open the door. There was a young man outside who had been afraid to go in with fear.
With an evil smile, Yu Enze raised his left hand and patted the young man on the shoulder, then walked away from the club.
"Solved" old white looked back at the car with a worried expression Yu Enze.
"Let’s go" Yu Enze sank out.
The car drove a hundred miles away from the private club to ensure that no one would follow Lao Bai before slowing down.
Yu Enze first took off his baseball cap and sunglasses, and then took off his black gloves. It turned out that when he hit Chen Moran with a wine bottle just now, his right hand was accidentally scratched by flying glass fragments, and his whole hand was red with blood.
"Enze, are your hands all right?" Old white saw Yu Enze’s bloody hands suddenly got a fright.
"Where is the first aid kit?" Yu Enze calmed down.
"It’s me in the glove box on your left. I’d better take you to the hospital to dress it up." Laobai was worried that Yu Enze was seriously injured
"This little injury is nothing to people who have been through bullets." Yu Enze looked relaxed and sprayed anti-inflammatory water on the wound. After that, he began to wrap gauze around his forehead again and again, but sweat came out from the beans because of the pain.
"Who the hell is this woman? You actually killed her and fought with Chen Moran." Old Bai was curious.
"Su Lixia" Yu Enze finally admitted that he was a woman.

Lingxi spring is stupid.

She doesn’t know whether it’s appropriate to frame a young girl with four glyphs, but her impression of Yi Xi stays completely, so that Lu Xining and Xie You, strangers, witnessed Lu Xining’s careless pushing of Qin Zuo’s one-sided memory.
In all fairness, these are not good impressions.
She vaguely remembered that Su Yulan liked girls at that time, which seemed to be Yi Xi.
Once the memory is cracked, things seem to be getting more and more.
Why is she here?
It doesn’t look like a chance encounter
I turned my head, but I smiled politely and responded, What a coincidence I remember.
品茶论坛Yi Xi smiled and turned to look at Ye Qingting’s eyes. His hand piece, stop for a minute, said with laughter, Su Yulan is waiting for you in the past. Lingxi Spring and I have something to say.
She winked at nothing.
What will you be here? Ye Qingting did not move and looked at Yi Xi lightly.
I Yi Xi Gherardini said, Qing Ye Court, but I listened to Lingxi Spring and kindly came to help you how to listen to your tone as if I shouldn’t be here.
He was noncommittal, Do you know Xie You?
I answered a irrelevant question, but Yixi smiled, What do you think?
The boy was silent. He came to Lingxiquan to look at Yixi inexplicably and then at him. If I remember correctly, Yi Xi and he were not close to each other in junior high school, but this short conversation gave her a feeling of personal friendship.
I secretly suspect that Ye Qingting has spoken Xiaoxi, please wait for me here.
She frowned. I want to go with you.
You can rest assured that Su Yulan won’t be difficult for him in Lingxi Spring. Ye Qingting was about to say something. I haven’t seen you for so long and I have a lot to say to you.
Are we familiar?
Lingxiquan really wanted to say this back to her, but her merciless words became a moderate smile and pointed to his head wrapped in thick gauze. You should also see that Ye Qingting has my film in his hand.
I know you want to hear what Liu Jiaoshou said, Yixi said with a smile, but today is a diagnostic film. It’s just not urgent.
I heard that Lingxiquan frowned without leaving a trace. That’s true, but Yixi has something to say to herself, but they have never been intimate with her and herself. What can they say?
So think of her and look at Ye Qingting. Well, I’ll wait for you here.
Good The boy’s lip angle evoked a shallow smile. When he turned around, he glanced at one side and smiled. Yi Xi’s lip smile converged slightly and left quickly as if nothing had happened.
Soon, the tall and straight figure disappeared around the corner, and Lingxi Spring looked at Yixi politely and asked, Yixi, do you have something to say?
Yi Xi didn’t answer but smiled. I remember there was a delicious cold drink shop over there. Would you like to try it?
Lingxi spring quietly picked his eyebrows and said good
I didn’t expect to walk out of the subway and look around for a long time, but I became a little disappointed. It’s gone.
What’s not? She followed Yixi’s eyes. It was a chain convenience store that could be seen everywhere. Through the spacious and bright French windows, she could vaguely see several guests queuing in front of the checkout counter. She was not surprised. Is there a soda fountain here?
Yes, Yi Xi’s eyes seemed to see something more distant through the French window, but somehow his mouth raised a radian, which made people feel a little sad. It was three years ago when I came here, and Xie You told me that he wanted to be with Qin Zuo.
Ling Xiquan opened his mouth in surprise, only to see her Zhan Yan smile. Let’s go. I’ll treat you to something to drink.
But in the end, she bought a bottle of mineral water and declined Yixi’s treat.
She doesn’t like to owe others even a bottle of mineral water.
Yi Xi also has no intention of walking out of the convenience store with colorful neon lights to light up the busy downtown road or people coming and going with a leisurely or pleasant look.
Autumn night is suitable for pacing, but I’m really not in the mood to wrap Lingxi Spring with conspicuous gauze on my head, so I looked at the side of my head and walked next to it with a smile in my mouth. The girl said, Yixi, I think I should say thank you to you, but I don’t know what you will do for me. Then she smiled apologetically. Don’t get me wrong, because we didn’t seem to have any friendship before.
Maybe because I envy you.
What she zheng.
Yi Xi smiled. Many people are worried about your injury.
She wondered because of this
And Xie You asked me to help you.
Xie you
Recalling that Yi Xi just spoke, Lingxi Spring asked in amazement, What are you and Xie You?
He is my boyfriend.
She stopped suddenly and misunderstood what did you say?
Yi Xi followed her eyes with a hint of cunning. To be precise, he is my ex-boyfriend.
She was relieved but felt incredible. So that’s it.
Well, I’m the one who came back this time.
She didn’t understand that, did she?
Lingxiquan asked tentatively, You mean Xie You asked you to come back for help.
No, he asked me for help because he knew that when I came back, Yi Xi turned to her mouth and smiled with a hint of distress. I studied in Korea at university and thought that he came back before his engagement, but he deliberately gave me the wrong time.
what’s the meaning
Ling Xiquan frowned slightly and didn’t know Yi Xi’s intention in this sentence. Yi Xi didn’t dare to answer the words rashly, but it seemed that she didn’t intend to hear her respond. The smile on her mouth Yang Yang evoked an inscrutable radian. But I heard that someone still went to his engagement party to make trouble. I don’t know if you were there that day?
I’m not sure, she replied cautiously.
Really? I heard that the troublemaker was still our old classmate. Yi Xi was a little surprised at her answer and quickly said with a smile, You were very good or deskmates.
Yi Xi has something to say directly, okay? She looks into the opposite girl and says bluntly, Just now, you didn’t let me in and have something to say to me. Just say something about Lv Xining?
Chapter 277 Chaper 4

I don’t know how long it took for the church door to "bang". As soon as it was pushed away from the outside, the noise suddenly stopped, and then everyone dressed in a white formal dress came in from the outside, surrounded by family members in the north.

He is slender and handsome, with a cold chill on his face and a shocking white gauze on his forehead.
When Zheng Lin saw Gu coming to the north, he stretched out his hand and motioned for his nephew to come quickly.
Taiwan quickly made a conclusion when it was far away, and replaced it with Gu Bei.
The solemn and sacred wedding March finally sounded again and the wedding officially began.
There is endless discussion behind him.
"It’s really boring. I can still see the Yu family being divorced again. That would be wonderful."
"Yes, I didn’t expect that it was the groom’s official who was injured. It seems that he didn’t really want to escape from marriage."
"You see his gauze and blood? It’s unlucky to see red at the wedding. I think this marriage …"
"Shh …"
These words are naturally inaudible to Time Pu.
When she took her arm, she slowly stepped on the rose petal red carpet, and her eyes were firmly fixed on the north.
When he got closer, all the guesses and complaints disappeared before he saw the gauze on his forehead, full of worries and feelings.
It turned out that he was injured and didn’t want to worry about himself … Time Pu took a deep breath and endured the sour nose and walked to the stage.
When Zheng Lin put her daughter’s hand aside, the big stone in her north hand was finally dropped.
Pastor witnessed Gu reaching north and uncovering the bride’s veil. When he looked at Time Pu Shen and said that "I do", Time Pu couldn’t help but shed tears directly from her eyes.
"Now I declare that you have married the French couple and asked the groom to kiss your bride affectionately!"
As soon as the priest finished speaking, Gu turned to the north and half closed his eyes and kissed Time Pu’s lips.
Everyone clapped their hands warmly. Yuxi Yuan and Jiang Mengyi sat together, and their eyes were wet.
Even Gao Xiaoxiao was very moved to see it.
Han Minzhi directly held her husband’s hand and put her face on his shoulder and gently asked, "Honey, do you remember the scene when we got married?"
I waited for a long time without responding.
She looked up at Leng Shijun and looked straight ahead as if she were transfixed.
"Husband," she shouted again, "What’s wrong with you?"
Leng Shijun blinked during the "Oh" and gave a "I’m fine"
按摩Han Minzhi "…"
Leng Shijun looked up at Taiwan, and when he saw Yu Yuting, the best man beside the bride and groom, his heart could not help but have a panic and quickly drifted by.
I didn’t expect vivian’s boyfriend to be Yu Jiasan, but he didn’t seem to recognize himself just now?
After the wedding ceremony, there is a dining table on the lawn outside the church, and a buffet made by the chef of a five-star hotel, and all kinds of precious drinks are enjoyed by the guests.
In the church, the bride and groom also took photos with their elders and friends.
Leng Shijun suddenly said, "Minzhi, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. Why don’t we go back first?"
When Han Minzhi heard that her husband was not feeling well, she spoke to the old lady Han. "Grandma Shijun is not feeling well. I want to take him back to rest first."
Korea’s old lady although some dissatisfaction, but see LengShiJun pale as if really not very good nodded, "well, then you can go home first."
After Han Minzhi left holding Leng Shijun, the old lady Yu was just about to get up to take pictures. Yu Yu suddenly got up. "Grandma, I’ll go back first."
"…" Not only is it often fun to wonder that everyone in Yu’s family is even more surprised.
"Didn’t you say there was nothing going on in the office today?" Old lady Yu stared at him discontentedly. How could her sister get married and her brother leave so soon?
"Suddenly something happened again." Yu Yu reached for his coat. His voice was very weak but there was an unquestionable momentum.
Chang Huanyan was embarrassed to sit there for a while. He said he would go back, but … he didn’t say he would take himself with him.
The old lady Yu took a look at Sun’s wife and said, "Ok, then you can go home with Huanyan and move back home with her one day."
Yu Yu "…"
He gave an eyebrow and finally said "Let’s go".
Chang Huanyan got up and picked up her bag and coat. "It’s raining, then I’ll go first."

Qi Guifei’s face sank. It turned out that Jiang Yu Qi had already arranged for someone to protect the emperor early in the morning. Damn it.

"Mother princess, now we’d better quit first." Jiang Qiuwu knew that it was bad for them at this time. Only by leaving here first was the policy.
"Dark Lord listens to make JiGuiFei’s mother and daughter commit chaos and murder father’s heart, but if they dare to resist, they will be executed on the spot." Jiang Yu’s voice suddenly lifted.
A chapter is interesting:
Chapter 147 The situation reversed
At that time, the whole emperor’s bedroom was splashed with blood.
While Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter are being protected by the dark guards and are withdrawing from the main hall. At this time, the palace wall is also in full swing. Jiang Yu’s praying people and Qi Guifei’s opposing forces are equal.
Outside the palace is also a complete chaos in hot water.
Shuiyunjin looked at Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter’s eyes, who were bent on getting out of here, and quietly dyed them with a malicious look. Tonight, if she won’t let the mother and daughter go again, she glanced at Lin Han for a moment.
Lin Han nodded, and he drew his sword and flew straight at Jiang Qiu Wu.
桑拿论坛But at this time, two men in black suddenly flew in from outside the palace wall. The two men were extremely heavy, like people who had been invisible in the dark for many years. As soon as they arrived, they forced Jiang Yu to pray for people to retreat. After Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter protected themselves, Lin Han was entangled in one of them and then approached Jiang Qiuwu.
Shuiyunjin frowned and looked at what the two men were thinking quickly.
Jiang Yu qi also looked at the two men looked suddenly dignified. These two men are not JiGuiFei people. They have been fighting for many years and know each other’s strength most. At present, these two people are not from Nanliang.
"Who are they? There have never been such two people in Beijing." Shuiyun Park glanced at Jiang Yu Qi.
"I haven’t seen these two men before. Now the whole city is under close monitoring. You and I haven’t found them. Then say that they just came from outside the city and can break through the heavy defense of Nanliang to come here." Jiang Yuqi’s eyes are dark and he has guessed something, but the more he thinks about it, the more he feels heart-pounding.
Shuiyunjin naturally knows that Jiang Yu Qi is worried that if he fails tonight, he won’t even have a chance to start all over again, but she can’t figure out who has such a big deal and what to save Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter. Now their mother and daughter are lost dogs. If they don’t, they will have someone to help at this moment.
But in any case, her eyes will not change because of this. "Zi Xia said that I want you to kill Jiang Qiuwu and her mother."
Zi Xia nodded, "Little Master, be careful."
Words fall she picked up a sword and flew to join Lin Han.
"How many people do you have?" Shui Yunxi looked at Jiang Yu and asked.
Jiang Yu smiled slightly nai "I’m afraid it’s not that simple tonight"
Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows are set. If it is as Jiang Yuqi said, how many chances can she have?
"Someone is coming" A long time Jiang Yu qi suddenly spoke.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes were fixed on the fight in the field, and she suddenly heard Jiang Yu’s prayer. Her eyebrows suddenly frowned.
Sure enough, for a moment, the palace lanterns and moonlight shining outside the main hall gate came into view. First, a piece of black brocade robe skirts, and then slowly, it turned out to be Ling Xiaoyao’s Zhang Yong beautiful and elegant Yan.
Shuiyunjin looked at his heart with a slight surprise, followed by monstrous anger. It turned out to be him. He actually wanted to help Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter Chang Yongshi, and he also let Jiang Qiuwu go. What on earth did he want to do this?
Jiang Yu qi seems to be surprised, but for a moment, he has settled down. "It turned out that Ling Taitai took the trouble to come to Nanliang late at night, but these two people are Ling Tairen."
LingXiaoYao came slowly and didn’t answer Jiang Yu’s prayer, but his light eyes looked at a sky-blue cloth, and Shuiyun Hibiscus seemed to confirm something.
Shuiyunjin directly meets her sharp eyes without hiding or flashing. Even if the larger foe dies tonight, she will be desperate to be recognized by him. What can happen if they collide in a fierce fight in their eyes? No one blinks.
At this time, with Ling Xiaoyao, the guards knelt in unison toward Qi Guifei. "Empress is a confidant of the general. This is what the general personally invited the empress to look at, and everything will be white after she saw it."
JiGuiFei came to watch LingXiaoYao suddenly appear, thinking about countermeasures. Now it seems that it is a good thing for her.
Jiang Qiuwu’s eyes have been riveted on LingXiaoYao. She can’t believe that LingXiaoyao turned out to be here to save her. LingXiaoyao has never really seen her, but she is even more dismissive of her tonight.
JiGuiFei read the letter seductive face dyed dazzling smile to LingXiaoYao slightly a ceremony "the original elder brother has reached an agreement with LingTai that tonight will rely on LingTai to the palace to have Nanliang all should listen to LingTai command"
When Shuiyunjin heard these words, it suddenly dawned on her that it turned out to be like this. She saved Ling Xiaoyao in the Northern Jin Dynasty and was about to save Nanliang. He was already in a state of mind.
Jiang Yu qi is naturally not stupid. His big hand clenched into a fist. It turned out that Ling Xiaoyao was willing to be taken advantage of by Qi Guifei’s mother and daughter when she was able to defeat herself.
"Yunxi go home with me. After all, you are not the only woman outside who can follow one’s inclinations." LingXiaoYao looked at Shuixi Wendao with light eyes.
As soon as the words fell, the whole world was quiet, and a few bursts of air extraction sounded in an instant. All eyes were on Shuiyun Hibiscus.
The most surprising things are Jiang Yuqi and Jiang Qiuwu.
Jiang Qiuwu’s eyes were instantly dyed and cruel. It turned out that Shuiyun Park had come to Nanliang. I didn’t expect her to be alive.
Jiang Yu qi suddenly turned to look at the young man around him. He didn’t recognize her from the beginning. She turned out to be Shuiyunjin. He couldn’t help but say, "Yunjin, how can you?"
Shuiyunjin didn’t look at him, but suddenly pulled out the sword in Jiang Yuqi’s handshake. In the silence, the sword was pulled out, and the chill was threatening. The light and shadow hit the sharp sword and bet on her face. Her pale face seemed to be frozen with frost.
Everyone doesn’t know when she wants to do it. She slowly lifts her feet, and all the fighting in this field has stopped. She approaches Ling Xiaoyao with a sword like no one’s watching. She holds a thin sword and draws a series of "Zizi" sparks vertically. The cold and gloomy atmosphere is shocking.
And LingXiaoYao is looking at ShuiYunXi slowly coming face don’t change color didn’t move a but people around him watched ShuiYunXi warily.
Shuiyunjin came to his front foot and held a sword in his hand. Instead, he pointed to Jiang Qiuwu, whose roots were not afraid of her knowing that Shuiyunjin had no martial arts. Besides, there were so many guards and Ling Xiaoyao around her. At this time, he would never shoot Shuiyunjin at her.
Sure enough, Jiang Qiuwu’s bodyguard saw Shuiyun Park, a milli-combatant, and his eyes flashed with disdain. As soon as the sword was raised, he wanted to stab Shuiyun Park.
"Miss Yunxi" Jiang Yu Qi and Zi Xia Lin Han were frightened, even if they were at the fastest speed at the moment, they couldn’t save Shuiyunxi.
Just for a moment, everyone came without blinking. Ling Xiaoyao suddenly whisked the bodyguard and flew out. At this moment, Shuiyun Park suddenly moved her forward and pointed her sword at Jiang Qiuwu.
Jiang Qiuwu was frightened. She didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to do this, and even more unexpectedly, she would hurt herself. Her feet retreated, and Shuiyunjin forced her step by step.
"Ling Tai saves me" Jiang Qiuwu cries for help.
Water cloud park sneer at a wrist suddenly a tight that like coagulate fat hand stopped her, her mouth tick a bit cold and cool eyes look at LingXiaoYao "let go".
Ling Xiaoyao looked at her eyes and sighed in a low voice. "Yunxi, I told you that this is the heart, and this is the war. It’s not up to you or me."
"I also said that I must let her die. Do you really want to stop me?" Shuiyun Park looked at Lingxiaoyao with great anger.
"I can’t let you kill her less now." LingXiaoYao sounded badly.
"Then I’ll kill you." Shuiyun Park flashed through the waves and suddenly pulled out the tip of her wrist and pointed it at Lingxiaoyao’s chest.
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t hide, but let Shuiyunjin stab him in. For example, once he was willing to suffer her sword. This is where he felt guilty. The tip of her sword pierced Ling Xiaoyao’s chest, and the deep red blood dripped down the tip of his sword. His black brocade robe was covered with blood on his chest, but he still looked at Shuiyunjin without changing his face.
At this time, the world was quiet, and everyone stared at this scene. Whether it was Ling Xiaoyao’s identity or his martial arts was the most taboo in the world, but he was stabbed by Shuiyunxi there. What was his mind and how heavy Shuiyunxi was in his heart?
Shuiyunjin watched the tip of the sword sink into his chest, holding a sword in his hand and suddenly stopped. She suddenly felt that her body was getting heavier and heavier, and her mind was white and she couldn’t see anything. At present, it was also blurred, and a piece of blood gas kept pouring in. She suddenly spit out a stream of blood and fell backwards and completely lost consciousness.
"Miss" Zi Xia threw a sword and rushed forward immediately.
While LingXiaoYao foot movement reached out and caught the water cloud, he looked at the face with almost no trace of blood, and his obsidian black eyes seemed to be pricked by a needle.
"Miss Ling, please let go of my family tonight. You have already helped outsiders. Miss Ling will not want to see you again, and you don’t want to be involved." Zi Xia Ling Xiaoyao said in front of him.
Ling Xiaoyao gave her an eyebrow look. "If you don’t want her to die, you’d better not delay me to take her away."
"Ling wants to leave Nanliang so much? I will never be controlled by outsiders in Nanliang Mountain."
Jiang Yu qi looked at Ling Xiaoyao with a sharp eye. Ling Xiaoyao will now return to the former situation of his Qi Guifei’s opposition, and now Qi Guifei has his support behind him, which is the biggest obstacle to his suspicion. But if you want him to give up, it is impossible:

Estimates also want to take this opportunity to test whether she really has been YuTingChuan admitted to be others.

Song Qingcheng nodded. "I’ll ask him to join uncle again."
"Good" Liu Xishan’s face softened and raised his hand and pressed the shoulder of Song Qingcheng with some expectations. "That uncle is waiting for your reply."
Coming out of Lujia, the whole Song Dynasty called Shen Che and asked him to wait for himself at the gate of the community.
"I don’t want to bring the car in if there are many things," said Shen Che.
Song Qingcheng pulled the box and walked out. "It’s not heavy to have a luggage case dragging."
She suddenly stopped when the words fell.
Shen Che noticed that she was strange. "What’s the matter?"
"It’s okay." Song Qingcheng calmly held the lever hand but consciously clenched "My horse went over and hung up first."
Put away the phone and she looked at the road ahead again.
Shen Zhi leaned against a white car with a cigarette in his finger. He bent his head slightly and thought about things. There were already several cigarette butts next to camel leather shoes.
In her memory, Shen Zhi doesn’t smoke.
However, it is only a memory.
Shen Zhi suddenly looked up and noticed.
按摩Four eyes touching the whole Song Dynasty did not move.
Shen Zhi stamped out the cigarette butt and walked to her timeless striped shirt. The temperament of a handsome young man of twenty years old is warm and moist, as if he had never changed in these years, just like a refreshing wind in a summer morning.
It is now that ripples are blowing in her heart.
Shen Zhi slowly settled in front of her.
Song Qingcheng looked back at his mature eyebrows and greeted him first. "What a coincidence?"
"Unfortunately" Shen Zhi stared at her plain little face for a long time before she said "I’ll wait for you"
Wait for her?
Song city suddenly some want to laugh when I hear these words.
In fact, she is really smiling.
Shen Zhi stepped forward and the two were closer. He bowed his head and put his hands on Song Qingcheng’s shoulders. His tone was also very warm. "Don’t laugh if you don’t want to laugh. This is not for you."
"Then what suits me?" Song Qingcheng don’t open your eyes and gently smile "I don’t even know myself"
Shen Zhi looked at her quietly for a long time without speaking.
Song Qingcheng wore a shirt skirt today, and her long hair was supple and covered, which made her face look small and her pink lips were not good. Her skin was white and the sun was almost thin, her figure was ying ying and her waist was slender, as if a breeze could blow her away. No pregnant woman should be ruddy and plump.
Holding her shoulder, the hand slowly tightened and Shen Zhi moved his Adam’s apple. "Is it true what the newspaper wrote?"
"Yes" Song Qingcheng has some nai "it’s really a good thing not to go out and it’s a bad thing."
Then she avoided Shen Zhi’s hand without a trace and rushed Shen Zhi with a smile after her hair reached her ear. "I have work to do, so I won’t tell you here."
Shen Zhi asked, "Have you had a bad life in Lujia in recent years?"
Song Qingcheng smiled. "Don’t you see it all?"
"I just chose the same road as you." The whole Song Dynasty looked calm without resentment and anger, and looked at Shen Zhi in black and white eyes. "Now I can understand that you were in a poor mood. It was the most terrible thing. I really don’t blame you."
"It’s not strange to go into that place for you or watch you marry someone else."
Song Qingcheng said this and smiled, "I’m getting married now, too. Should you bless me?"
"With Yu Tingchuan?" Shen Zhiwen
"Yeah" Song Qingcheng touched the belly "Can’t let the child be born black"
Shen Zhi didn’t answer the words.
Then a golf stopped not far away.
Shen Che pushed open the car door to see Shen Zhi next to the whole Song Dynasty. At that time, I didn’t know whether to advance or retreat. One was my cousin and the other was a good friend.
In those days, he also knew Song Qingcheng because of Shen Zhi.
The whole Song Dynasty came over and said, "Did you wait for a long time and have just been delayed by brother Shen?"
"It’s okay," Shen Che looked at Shen Zhi again. "Are you leaving now?"
Song city nodded "let’s go"
Shen Che used to take luggage case, the whole city of Song Dynasty, and said hello to Shen Zhi. "Cousin, let’s go first."
"Drive carefully"
Shen Zhi looked calm and looked at golf again.
Song Qingcheng has got into the car.
Shen Che didn’t delay to pick up the box and put it in the trunk, then open the driving door.
The engine starts the golf and leaves soon.
Shen Che drove the car and couldn’t help but look at the mirror. Sure enough, Shen Zhi seemed to be looking at this side in a motionless way.
Take back the line of sight to see the song city next to it.
She is admiring the shade outside, and her face is strangely indifferent.
"My cousin lived here last night, too?" Shen che suddenly asked
Song Qingcheng turned back and sat idly by the seat. "Isn’t it supposed to be early?"
"What did he say to you?"
"Nothing to catch up with."
Shen Che looked at her again. "How did my cousin know that you went back to Lujia?"
Song Qingcheng lip-synching smile "It’s not a secret. There is always a well-informed person around him."
Listening to her casual tone, Shen Che became more and more uneasy. "Are you okay?"
"What can I do for you?"
Shen Che asked, "How have you been sleeping recently? Since you are pregnant, don’t touch those drugs again."
"Already stopped" song city way
Shen Che saw that she was so careless that she suddenly remembered the scene when they first met. Song Qingcheng was holding hands with Shen Zhi. She was a little shy and hid behind her cousin. When she was introduced by Shen Zhi, she showed a shallow smile and the pear vortex on her cheek was curved. He suddenly asked, "Was it very scared at that time?"
Don’t shut up until you react. Have you come yet?
"What?" Song whole look at his eyes with confusion.

A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue.
That’s …
A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously, Fang Yun has appeared in another strange place. And within the scope of his telepathy, impressively there is a spirit can’t penetrate into the box. Moreover, the restricted area is still very large.
wow! Water waves, Fang Yun shape a longitudinal, heavy water waves, toward the induction of flyby.
In the middle of the vast ocean, there is a dome-shaped space with a huge area.
In the dome-shaped space, it was dark. Through the darkness, you can see a stretch of primitive ridge. This huge ridge is very strange. Because the upper, lower and left sides of the ridge are all seawater. In other words, this dark ridge is actually suspended in the sea out of thin air.
In the middle of the dark ridge, a huge god, with eyes like lanterns, stubble beard and awkward muscles, lies quietly in the dark ridge. Its eyes are closed and motionless. And four bronze chains as thick as rivers locked its hands and feet respectively, and the ends of the chains were connected to the dome-shaped optical film and disappeared.
This is what Fang Yun saw when he arrive. Even though he was prepared and knew that it was extraordinary here, Fang Yun still felt an unparalleled shock when he really saw it.
Devil! Ancient fiend living real ancient fiend! !
Now that it has become a legend in ancient times, here is a living ancient fiend!
Fang Yun finally understood the meaning of eternal repression in the altar murals. San huang imperial edict, personally suppressed, is this ancient fiend!
Combined with the frescoes he saw before and the records in Modern Times, Fang Yun has almost understood the ins and outs of this place.
In the early days of ancient times, there was chaos. It was a time when many fiends ruled. These fiends can easily smash the stars three hundred thousand miles away, and can also easily pull up a mountain as a weapon.
Because of their bodies, they are very huge and strong.
Strong power, accompanied by strong self-esteem and desire. For fiends, the way to show their self-esteem and comfort their desires is to overthrow other fiends. So the ancient land, a war. The fiends’ terror destroyed the earth in ruins.
San huang was born, but it was after the fiends ruled the earth and chaos for a long time.
What is described in the murals is exactly what happened in the ancient mainland when san huang was born, fought in the north and south, and calmed down. At that time, many fiends were knocked down by san huang. And some powerful, refused to surrender, and hard to destroy the fiend strong, was sealed by san huang.
And this huge fiend sealed in the ridge, there is no doubt. It is such a fiend!
bang! Fang Yun took a long breath of cold, stupefied looking at the ancient fiend deep in the dark ridge ahead. This fiend’s body is covered with horrible scars, some of which are weapons and some are thunderous. There is no doubt that before the seal was here, this fiend also experienced war and was extremely strong.
In the small world of ancient times, there was such a living ancient fiend with a seal. Fang Yun didn’t know what it meant to the recent ancient times, whether it was Zongmen or the mainland.
Never suppress … no wonder to suppress forever! Such an ancient fiend was born, and I don’t know how big the waves will be!
Fang Yun look dignified.
The pattern of tigers eating dragons in the world is chaotic enough. If there is another ancient fiend, it is really finished. It is not a good thing for the cadres and the world.
Go in and have a look.
Fang Yun thoughtfully for a moment and immediately decided to enter this huge ridge comparable to De Huang.
The Universal Clock of Heaven and Earth can break all seals, but this one is banned by san huang’s seal fiend. Fang Yun also dare not careless, offering the universal clock of heaven and earth, and stepping into it. Then carefully into the black, huge dome ban.
Boo! Black covered the dome of the whole ridge, and a concave point was trapped, and then the universal clock of heaven and earth squeezed in little by little.
Master, this place, there are strange. I feel a lot of resistance!
Just go in, the voice of the universal clock of heaven and earth immediately sounded. Unlike imagined, this optical film is not just a thin layer, but extremely thick, at least tens of feet thick.