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When the game goes by, the fans in the stands of Real Madrid sing the team song and wait for the game to end, then watch the team win the La Liga championship!

This is a great honor for Spain
Real Madrid is coming for you.
They are carrying white flags.
That’s a symbol of a great club.
We gave our hearts to you.
You bring us odd numbers.
We are always full of reverence and passion.
Look up at the laurel on your head.
Forward Madrid!
Come on Madrid!
You are a symbol of dignity.
桑拿会所You are a knight of honor.
Come on Madrid!
Come on Madrid!
Strive for victory
Defend your noble white
Come on Madrid!
Come on Madrid!
The enemy has arrived.
You’re going to beat him
Even your opponent is not jealous of your victory.
The fans are your faithful brothers.
Every Sunday afternoon
We Real Madrid fans.
Excited and happy to go to the stadium.
Because our team is fighting to be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has not been unsheathed and has become the harvest season of Feng 746]
Madrid is half a minute late, and there are crowds around the Bernabeu Stadium.
The window boards show that all the tickets have been sold out. Fans without tickets are flocking to the West Bresse Square. After the game, there will be a grand celebration there tonight after the championship ceremony of Real Madrid.
In the subway, the streets were full of jerseys and flags, and many people came from other cities in Spain. The Bernabeu was packed this night.
This night, Madrid is United.
At nine o’clock, with the deafening cheers, the fans shouted cheering slogans in high spirits, and everything was ready, and the Real Madrid goal festival would begin.
Real Madrid did live up to the expectations of the fans. They didn’t want the La Liga final to end like a routine, but hoped to show the spirit of Real Madrid.
Goals came one after another, and Real Madrid devastated Mallorca.
Not only won the championship!
Qin Xiong, the first superstar loved by the fans, also lived up to expectations and once again became a competition star to reach the top of the European top scorer throne as expected!
At the final whistle, the score was fixed at 5:
The players hugged like children, took the flags thrown by the fans around their waists and heads, led by captain Raul, and then gathered around the middle circle to throw the head coach Bosco high into the sky.

Alas …

He shook his head naively again. He probably picked up the child from his mother. Otherwise, how could a child as smart and cute as him have such a silly mother?
When he suddenly dislikes her and goes out together, he should stay away from her and never let others know that he is her son.
See, his dull mother didn’t know the seriousness of the matter and boasted, But you must remember what my aunt told you, or you will regret it when you meet a better man in the future.
Qin Leran took a sip of soup and blinked and asked, Little Aunt, have you ever regretted marrying your uncle and grandfather for so many years?
What does Qin Xiaobao want to do Qin Leran clearly knows that she is not doing nothing, and her character will definitely fight back and it is the other party’s defense.
Section 546
Qin Leran asked with a smile, soft and soft. Qin Xiaobao seems that Qin Leran is still a cute child, which reduces his guard against Qin Leran.
Qin Xiaobao patted his chest and sighed, However, you asked my little aunt if she ever regretted it. My little aunt told you that there was not a day that I didn’t regret it over the years.
Qin Leran’s eyes widened after hearing this, and I felt sorry for you. Little aunt, do you mean that you regret marrying your uncle and grandfather every day these years?
Aunt, if you dare to admit it, I will sympathize with you today.
I didn’t expect that Qin Xiaobao, who has always been clever, didn’t know if she wanted to break up Qin Leran too much today. She really dared to nod.
Well, Qin Xiaobao nodded and admitted that suddenly there were tears in her eyes, and the drama became more and more realistic. However, you must think carefully about women before you get married. Once you marry a man, you will feel that you are devalued and will no longer pity you. My husband dislikes me every day, not to mention even my son. They are always targeting me together. Sometimes I can’t wait for a divorce. If I have another choice, I will definitely not marry a bastard man named Zhannian North.
Qin Xiaobao has won large and small winners’ trophies over the years, and his acting skills have been perfected.
After her emotional interpretation, everyone will think that she has lived with regret all these years, and marrying Zhan Nianbei is the biggest mistake of her life.
Qin Leran gave her little aunt a thumbsup in her heart. Little aunt, you are a true hero! However, I admire you!
This time, instead of putting bowls and chopsticks, it’s slamming the door.
Looking more and more ugly, I was so angry that I slammed the door and left
If it weren’t for Nan Zhai, who didn’t want to throw himself into the country, Qin Xiaobao would have been thrown out of the window.
Mom and Dad are angry and left! At the end of the war, he tugged at Qin Xiaobao’s skirts and thought that she would go out and apologize at this time. There is still room for reversal. After all, his father can’t bear to see his mother sad.
Your dad took the wrong medicine today, so don’t worry about him eating more meat and growing taller. Qin Xiaobao put a piece of meat in the bowl at the end of the war and blocked his mouth again.
At the end of the war from …
It seems that he is going to prepare his sister to stay here for a few days, until the family war period has passed.
Qin Xiaobao also smiled at Nan Zhai. Sir, my man is sometimes insane. He is definitely not against you. Don’t mind.
I know! Nan Zhai nodded with a bright smile in her eyes, so that her lifestyle is more like a family.
Be angry when you should be angry, quarrel when you should quarrel, and lose your temper when you want to lose your temper …
Unlike his family, even if we sit at a table for dinner, everyone will think twice before saying a word for fear of saying something wrong.
Real home is so gentle and sweet, so occasionally quarreling and arguing, so thinking of ways to help your children.
Instead of who his family wants to marry, the first consideration is the other family background.
No, it’s from which families they have to choose who they can marry. Marriage is linked to power and interests.
Qin Xiaobao asked again, Sir, what do you think of our family?
What’s good about her? Nan Zhai moved his left hand to hold Qin Leran’s hand in the palm of his hand and looked down at her slightly. She is fine everywhere in my heart.
As the president of country A, you shoulder the fate of the whole country. You must work hard to stay in this position. Do you think you can spend a lot of time loving her like an ordinary husband? At the end of the day, what Qin Xiaobao is worried about is that Nan Zhai has worked and neglected Qin Leran.
These problems are very realistic and are the root of contradictions when couples get along with each other for a long time.
Marriage is not like love, love can be impulsive, but marriage should be precipitated and run in, and two people should work hard together.
This world is not without good men, but there are many good men, but it doesn’t necessarily belong to you
If you can’t meet the best man, then train your man well.
For example, before their family went to war, they were a soldier who was dragged like a 250yearold soldier who never understood that she would not feel bad for her.
桑拿会所After her training over the years, that bastard has changed a lot. He is no longer a big bastard, but a good husband and father.
Although Zhan Nianbei is gentle and considerate, she is still far from her wooden brother, but she has made great progress.
Besides, there is still a long way to go in the day after tomorrow. When she still has plenty of time, she can definitely turn the war into a top husband.
Chapter 961 Keep your word.
Are you sure you don’t want to see the little aunt’s uncle and grandfather who are angry and gone? It’s hard for Qin Xiaobao to ask this question. Qin Leran stepped forward again and changed the subject.
She’s always been like this, so she won’t let her family make it difficult for him, and she will stand up to him without letting him suffer a little injustice.
Nan Zhai’s heart warmed up and she increased her strength. She held her hand and smiled gently at her. But don’t worry.
Qin Leran is worried about my brother, I …
He stretched out his thumb and pressed Qin Leran’s lips to stop her from talking and looking at Qin Xiaobao with a chuckle. The position of President of country A is important to me, but that’s not Qin Leran’s importance to me.
The position of president of country A was obtained through hard work, which can be said to be the most proud of his life and career.
Many people can’t reach his height after several generations of hard work, so many people will think that this position is the last thing he can lose in his life.
But for him, this position is still so unworthy compared with Qin Leran.
Because he knows that if Qin Leran is to accompany him, no one and nothing can defeat him … If he doesn’t fail to win a presidential position, what is it? He can get two or three.
Qin Xiaobao was satisfied with Nan Zhai’s answer, but she was not the kind of person who surrendered when she heard two nice words.
She looked at Nan Zhai for a while and then said, Anyone can say something nice, but 70% of them can say it but can’t do it. I don’t know what kind of person Mr. Wang belongs to?
Qin Leran was in a hurry again. Little aunt, you don’t want to be hard on your brother any more. I know he can do anything …
Qin Leran wanted to explain to Nan Zhai, but Nan Zhai pinched her hand and said, Mrs. Zhan can rest assured that I will work hard.

Mo Yang Oh, "It seems that I don’t feel relieved when I have a sister."

"Nature is my sister’s kiss" is red in the face but still calm.
约茶Everyone laughed, and the breakfast atmosphere was very good.
In the evening, both the Lan Wangfu and the General Mansion got the news and came to Hou Mansion again.
Shuiyun Park heard the housekeeper’s leave and let people lead her to Park Yard.
Shuiyunjin sat quietly waiting in the drawing room and looked a little far away, not knowing what to think.
"Yunxi, we finally meet you" Gu Chenxi suddenly interrupted Shuiyun’s thoughts.
ShuiYunJin turned to see ChuChengXuan and Gu Chenxi and RuQin came in, and she got up to meet him.
"I’ve been asleep and groggy before, and you can’t talk when you go in, and they haven’t explained clearly, which worries you."
"Are you well?" Gu Chenxi asked.
"It’s all right. It’s not a serious illness." Shuiyun Park soothed.
"The county princess handmaiden finally meets you." Ruqin became red-eyed when she saw Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin reached out to help her "don’t cry"
Ruqin nodded and closed her tears.
Several people sat in the drawing room for a long time before finally listening to Chu Chengxuan saying, "Grandpa Lan, they all know that you are awake and want to come together, but they are afraid that if you don’t know what to say, they want to go back when you are better."
Shui Yunjin nodded. "Let Grandpa rest assured that I will be in Huangfu Yun."
"He was badly hurt, but people can stay in bed when they wake up, otherwise they would have rushed over," Chu Chengxuan replied.
ShuiYunJin thinking HuangFuYun sex must be like that.
"Yunjin Adai has won the battle and is returning to Beijing Road." Gu Chenxi trembles.
Shui Yun-jin smiled immediately after her heart. "It’s a good thing to win the battle. Changyong’s robbery is over."
"Yunjin, you don’t know that everyone is hiding it from him, but he will come back soon and wait for him to know everything. Have you ever thought about what he will be like?" Gu Chenxi felt uneasy.
"Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ll tell him," Shuiyunjin whispered.
"Yunxi, you can’t really, even if you have a lot of self-denial, you can’t abandon Adai. How can you stand your feelings regardless of him? You can’t really give up on each other because of this." Gu Chenxi looked at Shuiyunxi eagerly.
"Let’s talk about it later. I don’t want to think about so much now." Shuiyun Park doesn’t want to say much about Gu Chenxi, and I don’t know how to persuade Shuiyun Park to come to their senses, so it will no longer be said that it is a long time before ChuChengxuan and others leave Hou Fu.
Shuiyunjin sat in the drawing room and frowned. It didn’t take a long time to hear her say "Where is my dad?"
"Master courtyard with ink imperial chess" Zi Xia answered.
Shuiyunjin got up and went out of the drawing room.
Shuiyunjin came to the college, and they didn’t finish a game of chess, but Moyang said that he would go to the dining room to prepare medicine soup for Shuiyunjin and got up and left.
"Dad, should you go back?" Sit at the table of Shuiyun Park Stone.
"Dad just wanted to tell you that Dad stayed in Beijing for too long to prepare to leave Beijing." Shui Yanhui said.
"That dad is going to go back alone." Shuiyun raised an eyebrow.
"Your mother hasn’t seen you for many years, and I want to take you back with me, but you are not well yet, and" Shui Yanhui swallowed back what he wanted to say.
Shui Yun-jin knows that she didn’t say anything behind it. Her eyes are dark. "I haven’t told Dad about the method of mother’s body. I can understand that I’ve always been ready to go back, but I haven’t had a chance. Let’s go with Dad this time."
Shui Yan-hui’s eyes lit up, and then he settled, "Arjun will be back in two days, and you don’t want to see him."
"Nothing is missing, just a little worried," said Shuiyun Park.
"Are you afraid of him and LingXiaoYao confrontation?" Shui Yan Hui can think of that scene.
"Dad should know that Ling Xiaoyao has exhausted me many times, and he just came back from the battlefield to think about it and know that he is tired. Let them be both-lose." Shui Yunxi frowned. She was not worried about anything but being afraid of seeing the two men fight. She almost demolished Lingyin Temple this time and didn’t directly level Hou Fu.
"You’re worried that it will definitely happen. It’s not bad for Adai to think for herself. When he calms down, goodbye is not too late. Our father and daughter set off early that fine day." Shui Yanhui made a decision.
Shuiyunjin nodded.
After dinner, Shuiyunjin said that she was the first to leave early in the morning and clamoured to follow.
When there were water clouds and Ling Xiaoyao left in the hall, I heard Ling Xiaoyao say with smile, "I’ll pay you back and you’ll leave me."
"Why don’t you go out for a walk together when you stay in Beijing?" Shuiyun Park said with a smile.
"If you don’t worry, I won’t shoot him." LingXiaoYao smiled gently.
"I’m afraid he’ll make moves on you." Shuiyunjin drawled.
LingXiaoYao raised an eyebrow without saying anything.
The next morning, a group of people packed up and left the capital. Shuiyun Park sent people into the palace and said to Lan Wangfu.
Two days later, Huangfuda led five thousand began to enter the city, and the people of Wenwu Baiguan City went out to meet him.
Huangfuda wore no armor, dressed in white, and Tsinghua sat tall and handsome.
When I entered the city, it was still the Dihuang and the old prince Chu Chengxuan and others in the city, but there was only one person he wanted to see most.
Huangfuda came back to Beijing, and the first person he saw should be someone he missed deeply until Mata’s smiling eyes gradually cooled down.
"I’m back after seeing Grandpa Huang":
Chapter 135 Ms, I’m back.
"This time, Lao Er’s work hard. I’m glad you set up a celebration dinner in the palace. Go with me and Lao Wang Shu." Huang Lang laughed.
"The emperor and grandpa go ahead and I’ll go in a minute." Huangfuda said softly.
"Don’t let me and uncle Wang wait too long." The emperor glanced at ChuChengXuan.
See ChuChengXuan nod.
"What’s the matter with Lao Er? Let’s talk about it after tonight." The old prince is always worried. At this time, if he can’t calm down, he will have a moderate digestion.
Huangfuda didn’t say anything until everyone left, leaving only Chu Chengxuan Huangfuda’s face suddenly cold. "I don’t have an accident in Beijing. Where is the park?"
Chu Chengxuan didn’t expect Huangfuda to think so far. Although the news of Beijing was blocked to him, he didn’t see Shuiyunjin. He had already guessed that the accident in Beijing was a fact, and it was impossible to hide it if he wanted to hide it.
"When you didn’t, something really happened in Beijing. Since Tianhong Lingguo discussed before and after attacking Changyong border, most of the troops near Beijing were transferred to the border. He planned to hold you off, but secretly Jiang Qiuwu plotted to let Changyong be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis, plus Huangfuheng’s internal cooperation. They had already made arrangements to sneak into Beijing at night. First, people were trapped in Lanwang Mansion and General Mansion, and then they intercepted Huangfuyun Xishan Camp. The ultimate goal was to surround the palace and Huangfuheng fought for it.
Outside the city, there are thousands of guards ready to attack the city. On that night, there were tragic casualties in Lanwangfu Palace and how much Tianhong and Jiangqiuwu hate Yunxi. You know that they will not let Yunxi go. "
"In the hands of people such as Ms. Park and Tianhong," Huang Fu-da’s eyes are full of coolness, and her voice is full of cold, and all her places are frozen.
"Arda, everyone has tried their best to kill dozens of people in the dark guard of Lanwang Palace. Up to now, Huangfu Kun can’t get into bed. Yunfu Kun is worried about the safety of Grandpa Lan and Princess Lan. She will be transferred from her side with one dark and two dark. Uncle Shui is the emperor’s side, and there may be danger at any time. Only uncle Shui and I tried our best to rush in. Yunfu was really caught by Jiang Qiuwu, and later Ling Xiaoyao appeared and saved her." Chu Chengxuan hoped that he would say these things to make Huangfu Kun think of the crisis and water cloud at that time.

So in the 59th minute, Iankel broke Bochum striker Cestac’s big foot clearance, and when Eduardo and grotte took off for the top at the same time, Eduardo raised his hand and hit grotte with a hard elbow.

This kind of movement is too obvious and its nature is too bad
Eduardo was sent off with a red card and may face additional suspension after the game.
Grotte was also stretchered for Japanese midfielder Ono Shinji.
If it is the beginning of the season, the Japanese media may also speculate on Lu Wenbin’s Ono Shinji East Asian Derby.
However, until now, Ono Shinji, the substitute of Bochum team, has not scored a goal. Lu Wenbin has scored more than 6 goals, which is not a level.
Therefore, neither the match day nor the China media fired Lu Wenbin and Ono Shinji East Asia Derby.
Japanese media are ashamed to fire them a little more than Koreans, while China media are disdainful to fire them.
At present, Lu Wenbin’s competitors are all European and American stars, especially Gade Muller, a strange superstar and historical record holder. There is no football player in Asia who can compare with Lu Wenbin.
After Eduardo was sent off, Ralph traded Salihovic for Obasi.
The number advantage plus the opponent striker was also replaced, and a Bochum team finally freed up and began to fight back.
They are not satisfied with a draw of 22, but want to reverse the victory.
Bochum’s continuous attack finally caused Hoffenheim to make a mistake again in the 72nd minute.
Daniel Haas, the goalkeeper who didn’t start for a long time, didn’t catch the ball when facing Bochum striker Epalay’s single-handed breakthrough, and then he was in a hurry to lose the ball. He grabbed Epalay’s foot directly from the side and pulled Epalay down and threw it two or three meters.
Haas was not surprised to be sent off by the referee. Ralph had to change center sanogo to Hildebrand to keep the penalty.
As a result, it was incredible that Hildebrand rushed to the field without even warming up, and even threw Epalay’s penalty directly out.
Bochum didn’t even get a penalty, and the score was still 22.
However, Hoffenheim has been sent off by a red card, and two people have become 9-11, and Lu Wenbin is also on the front line.
品茶论坛Lu Wenbin became a single striker for the first time.
We urgently need points to avoid relegation, but we didn’t even get into Bochum. Naturally, the more we played, the more impatient we became. Adding Hoffenheim, the three strikers became single strikers, and Bochum was even more pressed. Both full-backs rushed to the frontcourt to help attack.
To keep an eye on Lu Wenbin’s lower back, he also threw Lu Wenbin to two central defenders and often rushed to the front to assist.
However, the old goalkeeper Hildebrand did his best today. From the 72 nd minute to the 7 th minute, he not only saved his opponent a penalty, but also saved his opponent three times in 15 minutes, which made Bochum players and fans crazy.
But this is not the most maddening thing.
The most maddening thing is that Bochum’s heavy pressure caused a large area of stalls in the backcourt.
On their own, relying on the number advantage, they continued to attack and scored another goal. When Hoffenheim was ahead of Hoffenheim in the first minute, Hoffenheim made a counterattack and hit a fatal hole in Bochum’s goal.
In the 7 th minute, Hildebrand chose the right position and directly hugged Ono Shinji’s long-range shot. After that, he threw the ball with one hand and threw it to full-back Ibelberg.
After receiving the ball, Ibzberg looked up and then gave the ball to midfielder Salihovic Salihovic for a long time, and then went straight to Cybertron’s frontcourt Lu Wenbin for offside and went straight to the ball.
Although the central defender Puzel and Mergim Mavraj tried their best to chase after him and banned the front of the area, Lu Wenbin chased him when he received the ball, colliding and grabbing him from both sides
However, Lu Wenbin was 171-year-old, resisted the collision between the two men, stabilized his balance, and then stabbed the ball in the running, passed through the attacking goalkeeper Hernandez’s crotch and rolled directly into the goal.
In the first minute, 9 men fought Hoffenheim, which not only resisted Bochum’s onslaught, but also scored the third goal through a quick counterattack from the goalkeeper to Lu Wenbin, 32 ahead of Bochum.
Chapter 251 Shooter Wang Qiu commutation ticket
When Hoffenheim countered Salihovic and put the ball straight into the frontcourt, and Lu Wenbin succeeded in offside, Caster had already got up from the commentary.
Not only he, but also some TV commentators who broadcast the game live got up from the commentary table.
Because everyone had a premonition that a great moment might come.
Then, when Lu Wenbin received the ball and collided with Puzel and Mergim Mavraj, he hit the ball through the goalkeeper and goal of Bochum team and scored a goal, the whole commentary seat exploded.
All the commentators, including Caster, roared in their respective national languages.
After a long oooooooooooor, Caster frantically explained, 41 balls, 41 balls.
Segmented reading 11
Lu scored his 41st goal in the Bundesliga in 1971-1972, breaking the record of four goals in the Bundesliga in a single season set by bomber Gadmuller. This Bundesliga record, which has been sealed for more than three years, was finally broken by our Hoffenheim super shooter Lu today and Lu Wenbin became the new Bundesliga single-season shooter king.
His commentator was also excited and said
It’s incredible that Lu Dejia, who is only one year old, broke Gadmull’s record of four goals in the Bundesliga in the first season.
Rumby shows that Lu is the top striker in the world today.
There is no doubt that Lu is a super genius from the mysterious East.
It’s shocking that the Bundesliga has scored 41 goals in 24 appearances and scored 17 goals per game.
Brain watching live China fans even brushed up a piece of 666 in the comment area to express everyone’s sigh and admiration for Lu Wenbin.
In addition to the Bundesliga record, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim’s total number of goals in the season has reached 66, which is one short of the record of 67 goals in the five major leagues of Gadmull.
The fans at the scene even stood up for a long time and cheered to pay tribute to Lu Wenbin.
On the big screen, the photo of Gadmuller was cancelled this time, and Lu Wenbin was the only one. It was self-evident that a new record of 41 goals was written on the surface.
And Hoffenheim’s teammates also scored a hat trick and Lu Wenbin gave a warm celebration.
After half a season, Lu Wenbin rarely scored a hat trick, breaking the record, and Lu Wenbin himself was very happy.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin and his teammates celebrated again for almost a minute before Bochum resumed the game.
However, there is too little time left for Bochum team to protest.
Just a few minutes later, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game. Most of Hoffenheim’s main players rotated, and there were still 9 players to play. At home, they beat the visiting Bochum team 32 and scored three points.
And this game played a hat trick and broke Gadmull’s single-season Bundesliga goal record. It can be said that Lu Wenbin defeated Bochum by one person. Naturally, it became the focus of world coverage after the game.
Gadmull’s 37-year record broke Lu Wenbin’s 41 goals, creating the highest personal goal record in the Bundesliga in a single season.
Lu Wenbin, winner of the European Golden Boy Award, continued to play an outstanding role with 41 goals, breaking Gadmull’s record of 4 Bundesliga goals in a single season.
Lu Wenbin surpassed odd superstar Gadmuller with 41 goals to become the new single-season scorer king in Bundesliga.
The fans who have paid attention to the Bundesliga in the world have also commented and expressed their shock. Many news fans who have not paid attention to the Bundesliga and Lu Wenbin before are even more stunned.
Holy shit, where did Lu Wenbin come from and what team Hoffenheim is and how did it rank first in the Bundesliga?
Loucun Tongwang doesn’t even know Huocun Miracle and Lu Wenbin. Haha
Lu Wenbin was the winner of last year’s European Golden Boy Award and won the German Cup last year. He is also the best player in both the German B and the German Cup.
That’s awesome. When I check the information, it’s better than Ronaldo, an alien of the same age.
At the age of one, Lu Wenbin hanged most superstars. At the age of one, he took the World Cup champion Belibi Lu Wenbin even more awesome.
Bailey won the honor of the China team, and Lu Wenbin’s strength may not be available for a generation, but from the personal performance, I think Bailey is not as good as Lu Wenbin at the age of one.
Isn’t that to give birth to a new king?
It’s premature to say that football has been born many times, which is not inferior to Lu Wenbin’s peerless genius, but in the end, how many people are at the top? If China’s national team doesn’t win the World Cup, how can it be the king of the ball?

His eyes swept across the field, tracing the cause paused for a moment, and finally the leaves fell to his far face.

Ye Xiangyuan light way "less than ten days"
Han Qingshan smiled, "Er Shao is still so funny."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t speak.
I wonder why Han Qingshan suddenly came to the door so openly.
More importantly, I don’t know what Li Yuyan has not been brought back to China.
I said I had returned home, but I haven’t heard from you since. Ye Xiangyuan didn’t say what it was.
Although I believe that they can cope with Han Qingshan even without Li Yu’s tobacco leaves, it is good to have one more guarantee.
Just listen to Han Qingshan smiled and stared at Ye Xiangyuan. "Do you want to know if Li Yu is falling?"
Ye Xiangyuan narrowed his eyes.
Han Qingshan smiled. "You sent someone to pick her up. You finally jumped at her. You must have guessed that I hid her, right?"
Ye Xiang is far away. "Isn’t it?"
I’m slightly surprised that our people didn’t receive Li Yu’s smoke?
Han Qingshan shook his head and sighed, "I killed her."
I stared at him in disbelief.
Chapter 4 Kill you
I always thought that Han Qingshan really loved Li Yuyan.
Although Li Yuyan is hateful in my eyes, Han Qingshan has done a lot of things.
Li jiaqi hates Li Yuyan so much and knows that Li Yuyan is not his daughter, but he doesn’t dare to do anything about Li Yuyan. I estimate that Han Qingshan has contributed to it.
Even Han Qingshan, who has become mute, is willing to exchange terms with Ye Xiangyuan in exchange for her.
I still remember one thing. When Han Qingshan broke into thorns, he said yes. Look at me. Later, I guessed that he was going to save Xiaoyan. Now think about it, I guess he just went to see Li Yuyan.
Then how could he kill Li Yuyan?
I was surprised and puzzled.
It’s so quiet in the living room that you can hear insects chirping outside.
Han Qingshan smiled again in this silence and stared at Ye Xiangyuan. "I can bear her for thousands of times. I can bear that she has you in her heart, but I can’t bear that she was saved by me. I also came to you and automatically delivered it to you. It has become a handle for you to threaten me. I would rather kill her and let her never run again."
His tone is extraordinarily calm, just like saying that the moon is full tonight.
But his eyes failed in the living room, but it was very penetrating.
It’s not love that he can’t, but anger, rain and smoke that have troubled him.
Ye Xiangyuan sighed, "Then you will kill her."
Han Qingshan raised his eyebrows. "Do you care about her?"
Ye Xiang is far away. "If you want her to run away, you can’t help but break her leg or give her medicine to kill her."
Han Qingshan look a meal seems to remember there are other ways to freeze there.
Section 349
Did he really kill Li Yuyan because he was angry and impulsive, and was awakened by Ye Xiangyuan, and he began to regret it?
Han Qingshan’s face became ferocious little by little. "It’s better if she dies. She wants to run every day. If she likes you, I’ll send you to accompany her so that she can see and touch you day and night."
He is also evil influence. It is estimated that this time Li Yuyan secretly asked Ye Xiangyuan for help, which really hurt him.
There is no fluctuation in Ye Xiangyuan’s face. "Since Mr. Han is here, please sit down and let’s talk it over. Please sit down."
Han Qingshan stared at him for a long time and sat on the sofa.
Behind him are rows of bodyguards.
But we have more people here than him.
But if Han Qingshan dares to find the door, he must have made all the preparations. It is impossible to fold himself here.
Han Qingshan has recovered his former calm after sitting down, and he can no longer see how crazy he was just now.
He said slowly, "I’m here to tell you that Miss Gu Jia and Mr Zhou Jia have been invited by me."
I suddenly looked at him.
Did he arrest Gu Changyu and Zhou Yi?
Is this possible?
Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun must have sent enough people to say that Pan Dong protected them. How can Pan Dong handle affairs reliably make Han Qingshan succeed?
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun.
The two men looked at each other.
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "We didn’t receive the news."
I saw Ye Wen quietly back out.
Han Qingshan said, "If you don’t believe me, just wait a few hours for the plane to land and look after Miss Zhou Shaobu."
He is so sure that it is obviously not cheating Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan was silent and said, "Where are they now?"
Han Qingshan said, "Of course Spain is your territory. How can I tie people up under your nose?"
Ye Xiangyuan looked up at him in silence for a moment. "What do you want?"
品茶Han Qingshan hook the corners of the mouth "leaves two less happy! What can I want now, of course, is to kill you. "
I heard a quiver in my heart
Is he asking Ye Xiangyuan to trade his life for Gu Changyu?
I don’t know if I was nervous and let Han Qingshan notice that he suddenly glanced at me and smiled. "Miss Ding, are you worried about Ye Ershao?"
I didn’t speak, but stared at him warily.
He looked at me for a moment and sighed, "If only Yuyan were as obedient as you."
I remain silent.
I don’t know how to talk at this time.
He wants Ye Xiangyuan to die. Am I going to comfort him?
I silently leaf to the far side took his hand.
Ye Xiangyuan clenched me backhand.
I don’t know what he will choose, but he will probably agree to Han Qingshan’s terms.
After all, Gu Xian sent Li jiaqi back to the imperial city and Ye Xiangyuan rushed about.
His sister is now arrested by Han Qingshan, and Ye Xiangyuan can’t leave it alone.

Of course, just because everyone admires Fa Erkao doesn’t mean that Real Madrid fans want Real Madrid to lose.

Everyone in the European Super Cup Madrid Derby wants to support the team to win and win the championship.
After the game resumed, Real Madrid fans shouted Lu Wenbin’s name over and over again, apparently hoping that Lu Wenbin would score another goal and put Fa Erkao in the limelight and lead the team to win the European Super Cup.
Lu Wenbin is not limelight. Anyway, no matter how strong Fa Erkao is, he can’t plug him in.
Playing well in one or two games will not affect his position unless he scores more than one goal a year like him.
Lu Wenbin is almost a winner, but now Real Madrid is behind.
If this score ends the game, Real Madrid will lose the European Super Cup and Lu Wenbin will not get the annual six-crown award.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin reduced the degree of retreat in the next game, and almost waited for Atletico Madrid to wait for a counterattack opportunity at half time.
Anyway, Real Madrid is not the Olympic team, and the defense line is not so fragile. Lu Wenbin must help defend.
夜网论坛In the 55th minute, Lu Wenbin got a counterattack opportunity. Unfortunately, his long-distance attack on the front of the forbidden area of Atletico Madrid was shoveled by Atletico defender Godin and midfielder Gaby, which failed to form a shot.
But in the 62nd minute, Lu Wenbin finally seized an opportunity.
This time, after Luobian broke through, he crossed a half-high ball. Lu Wenbin banned the change of speed rhythm outside the area. He threw off his close-fitting guard against Gaby and then spread his left leg to make a rock-breaking volley.
The ball hangs straight in the corner like a flying fairy, just like the flying fairy in the 22 nd Zida Champions League final
Lu Wenbin also scored a hat trick and tied the total score at 33.
Real Madrid fans and Lu Wenbin fans gave a hand of joy and cheers, while Atletico Madrid fans were disappointed.
It’s just a draw. They want to give it back. They are chanting Fa Erkao’s name. They want him to keep scoring and lead Atletico Madrid to victory.
But the hat trick probably overdrawn all Fa Erkao’s energy and luck, and Fa Erkao never scored again.
In the 6 th minute, Fa Erkao once had a small angle volley from the side net and Atletico fans cheered.
As it turned out, it was a misunderstanding. Fa Erkao didn’t even touch the goalpost, but hit the side net.
Fa Erkao can’t score again, but Lu Wenbin is ok.
In the 79th minute, Lu Wenbin didn’t break through with the ball in the backcourt, but suddenly went straight through the Atletico defence.
Zema’s offside was successful, and he got the ball behind Atletico Madrid’s defense line and was about to form a single knife and enter the forbidden area.
There was no way for central defender Miranda to fall behind Zema, who was shown a yellow card and gave Real Madrid a goal in the frontcourt.
Lu Wenbin kicked the ball into the corner of Atletico Madrid goal with a special skill.
Lu Wenbin played the big four and helped Real Madrid reverse the score and won 43 leading titles.
All the Real Madrid fans in the stands were overjoyed and burst into warm cheers.
The next game was cornered, and Atletico Madrid attacked Real Madrid at half-time, hoping to equalize and reverse the score.
But Real Madrid didn’t give them such an opportunity.
After helping the team lead the score, Lu Wenbin often retreats to participate in defense, altruism, super position selection and defensive ability to help Real Madrid defend the interception or delay Atletico Madrid’s attack.
In the first minute, Atletico Madrid attacked Suarez, the midfielder, and turned the ball to Adrian, but Lu Wenbin judged that the opponent’s intention of the ball suddenly crossed a ground tackle and stopped the ball.
Then Lu Wenbin lay down and swept the ball to Xabi Alonso. Alonso took two steps and told Zalo to the winger.
Zemaro’s cover attracted a central defender. After breaking through the flank, he cut the corner of the forbidden area and shot from the far corner.
Real Madrid 53 leads Atletico Madrid by two goals and has a few left.
Ronaldinho’s goal in Real Madrid sealed the victory, "said Benji Kuo Net ksnē".
The goal originated from Lu Wenbin’s defensive interception and tackle in the backcourt and then handed it to Alonso to launch a counterattack.
It can be said that Lu Wenbin has made great contributions to both offensive and defensive ends of Real Madrid.
In the last few minutes of the game, Atletico Madrid launched a crazy attack on Real Madrid’s goal regardless of defense
However, when Real Madrid’s defense and Lu Wenbin helped Mourinho to change people constantly and delayed, Real Madrid finally held the goal and did not let Atletico Madrid score another goal.
After a hat trick, Fa Erkao didn’t continue to perform magic to help Atletico Madrid win.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Real Madrid won the 212 European Super Cup with a 53-point victory over rival Atletico Madrid.
Fa Erkao hat-trick failed to bring a championship to Atletico Madrid, while Lu Wenbin launched a counterattack with a big four and a tackle to help Real Madrid win the championship.
It turns out that Fa Erkao still can’t catch up with Lu Wenbin’s magic.
Lu Wenbin continues to hold the record of winning the championship if he wants to participate in the competition.
After the game, many media affirmed Fa Erkao’s performance, but commented with a sorry attitude.
If I hadn’t met Lu Wenbin, maybe Farr
Segmented reading 29
Take a hat trick and Atletico will win the European Super Cup.
It’s a pity to meet Lu Wenbin even if it’s a hat trick.
Real Madrid, which won the European Super Cup, has won five championships and become the fifth champion in 212.
One World Club Cup away, and Real Madrid will become the sixth champion of the prehistory of world football.

Huo Jiujian spent two flowers at the moment and returned to his room. "You don’t even tell it your name."

"Remember to send the materials in the past" said Jun’s crazy figure was short again.
Lying in the trough is another shadow, which makes Huo Jiujian don’t know how to vomit.
Chapter sixty-four secretly planning her
Early the next morning, Huo Jiujian went to find Qin Xiao with the materials he had obtained before. As Jun Kuang said, things should be decided by the owner of Changming Temple.
"This matter" Qin Xiao flipped through the information and put things in envelopes and threw them into drawers. "Let’s talk about it for a year and a half." She raised her smiling face and looked at Huo Jiujian. "Thank you, Brother Huo."
"I’m not very white. It seems that I am the only one who is active in this matter." Huo Jiujian doesn’t understand that the loss of interests is Qin Xiaoci’s gift of these jewelry. The two parties are not active at all, but he is not running at both ends.
See Huo Jiujian a face of melancholy Qin Xiao and smiling poured a cup of tea and handed it to him. "Did Huo Dage consider a lot of things with great coincidence?" She paused and said, "If it’s you, you will definitely recognize that this maid-in-waiting snitch seems to have come too soon. It’s time to choose not to choose when my father wants to come back."
"As you mean, it’s going to be cold-treated."
"It’s not a big deal, and I don’t care about the jewelry." Qin Xiao shrugged his shoulders and looked at the attitude that he was crazy with you.
"That" Huo Jiujian also wants to speak.
Qin Xiao raised his hand to signal that he was not in a hurry. "Didn’t you say that this is a long-awaited temple thing? I am a master in such a hurry to care about what to do with some maids."
"Ok, you are all generous." Huo Jiujian felt that he was also busy in vain, and neither side was ungrateful. "But the monarch is not going to give it a cold treatment."
"That’s not as good as" Qin Xiaoxiao said. "But Miss Ruan just came to us yesterday and talked about Brother Huo. She is full of complaints about Brother Huo. Now many people know that you want to marry me, but even your fiancee doesn’t take it seriously. Who are you?"
"Well," Huo Jiujian said, "Speaking of which, the monarch is not younger than two years old and can get married. I can’t believe you don’t have any plans."
"I" Qin Xiaowei squinting at Huo Jiujian "Either marry or marry the strongest"
The replacement of jewelry in Changming Temple was suppressed by Qin Xiao. Instead of not handling it, she already had plans to send Huo Jiujian away. When Qin Xiao returned to her room, she looked at her feet as if she were talking to herself and said, "Brother Huo, tell me your movements."
"Junren Xuanzong seems to have been discussing with Yin Di all day what Zhongling Emperor, Emperor rewelding and so on have participated in" Huo Ying responded.
"You didn’t philander, did you?" Qin Xiao asked again.
Huo Ying made a sigh, "Little Master, you’d better spare the fire. If you let you know about it, the fire will be more than you can bear."
"You, he will not know that I am very happy to see him." Qin Xiao smiled gently. "I don’t force Brother Huo to expect him to take care of me in the future."
"It’s my duty to take care of the princess."
A year is really short. In politics, Huo Jiujian and Qin Xiao help you crazy. Even if you don’t do anything, it may not be a problem.
In one year, Jun traveled wildly in the spiritual world, except for the golden carp, and he picked up two more. The method of Du Jie’s spirit beast was similar to that of the three spirit beasts. When they got together, everyone expressed their hatred for him and their teeth itched.
Junkuang never bothered to explain a lot. Du Jie, a spirit beast, gave Dan medicine and begged for reward to trick them into exchange for equal value. All his demands were to protect a mortal.
As soon as the three spirits and beasts came together, they thought that this mortal was probably a very important person. He was so tall that he didn’t even bother to tell them his name. Besides, he seemed to have a special status in the world.
"It can’t be the Great" Novel of Golden Carp Metamorphic Golden Scale Pony
"It’s possible, otherwise the quasi-emperor promised to take it, and the quasi-emperor also personally pointed me out," said a snow-colored one-horned mink
"Anyway, just give me ten guts. I dare not disobey such a person." The wings of the red Peng bird seem to have flames wrapped around them and fanned with hot air.
All the three spirits and beasts tried Du Jie before they were larvae because they were inexperienced. As a result, they got a bargain by Junkuang. It’s a bit hard for them to protect a mortal for decades. Is it necessary to give such advanced pills and techniques?
Decades later, mortals die, and nine times out of ten they have to belch and fix it. What’s the matter?
"I don’t know what these people think," said Jin Linju. "He is a nine-robbery dragon, which is more difficult than the other two. Maybe after ten or twenty years, he will directly burp when he is robbed again, without waiting for the end of human life."
品茶论坛"Stop talking and go," said the red bird.
"Hurry up, hurry up. Maybe his spirit has already reached us. It’s disrespectful to our predecessors to delay our visit," said the snowy one-horned mink.
Three Spirit Beasts came to Beijing, but they didn’t know how to contact their "benefactors". They tried to hide their figure and found that the whole city of Beijing was a huge palace, so they hid in the surrounding forest and went to see the guards at the palace gate.
"What should I do? Those two don’t seem to be practicing. Alas, will we scare them?" The red Peng bird said in a low voice.

On the contrary, his ball running is even more unpredictable for a player of a Spanish-Chinese team.

In the 34th minute, Xabi Alonso made a 45-degree angle to the middle. Lu Wenbin first ran two steps into the forbidden area, which led the opponent players who were not accurate in judging the landing point to follow him into the forbidden area.
As a result, when the ball was about to fall, Lu Wenbin suddenly turned over and rushed back to the chest outside the forbidden area to unload the ball.
Then Lu Wenbin turned around and volleyed directly without stopping the ball, and when the root didn’t rush to defend for the opponent’s defender.
The ball passed through the crowd and went straight into the goal.
The goalkeeper was blocked by the crowd in the forbidden area, and even Lu Wenbin didn’t find the shooting route, so he could finally watch the ball get into the net.
Lu Wenbin scored Real Madrid’s fourth goal after completing a hat trick, helping Real Madrid lead their opponents with a total score of 6 at home.
And Lu Wenbin’s personal annual total goal number has reached 137 goals.
And now the game is not even over at half time.
No Real Madrid has scored five goals in a single game since Lu Wenbin moved to Real Madrid.
It seems that everyone in this game can witness Lu Wenbin’s five goals in a single game, and the total number of goals scored in 2008 exceeded 14 goals.
Chapter 541 Red card and Italian ball
Real Madrid’s home game in Bonfradina completed Lu Wenbin’s solo performance.
Lu Wenbin had scored a hat trick before the end of the half-time and refreshed his total personal goals to 137 goals, three goals short of 14 goals.
If he is in the same level as La Liga or Champions League team Lu Wenbin, it is unlikely that he will score three more goals to complete six goals in a single game.
However, in the face of a Spanish-Chinese team, the chances are greater.
Lu Wenbin’s offensive strength is far from the defensive ability of players or the goalkeeper’s ability to keep goals.
The game went on and Lu Wenbin, who had scored a hat trick, didn’t stop his goal at all.
Since the head coach has arranged such an array and tactical configuration, Lu Wenbin does not want to disappoint the coach’s kindness, but also wants to see how many goals he can score in a game.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin is still flying around the field. He has a unique body, speed, ball running, vision and judgment. He has an insight into the opponent’s file and teammates’ intentions and then turns teammates’ assists into goals.
Not long after finishing the hat trick, Lu Wenbin got another good chance in the 37th minute.
This time, most of the players in Bonfradiana paid attention to Lu Wenbin, relaxed their guard against Romania, got a chance to shoot, and then started shooting decisively.
Football is always the most eye-catching focus of the stadium.
Even top defensive players can’t help but watch their opponents’ shots.
When Luo Du started shooting, both players couldn’t help but set their sights on Luo He and the football to save the shot. The goalkeeper naturally relaxed his guard against Lu Wenbin.
So when others watched Luo shoot, Lu Wenbin ran to the small forbidden area by feeling.
Then everyone saw that Bonfradian made a wonderful save with the goalkeeper and saved Luo’s shot from the forbidden area.
But it’s not bad to save the ball. It’s hard to control the direction. The goalkeeper has lost the ball.
Leaving the goalkeeper’s palm, the ball just landed in front of Lu Wenbin. A nearby Bangfradian wanted to clear the ball with a big foot like a defender’s conditioned reflex, but Lu Wenbin rushed over from the forbidden area and stabbed the ball into the goal before falling to the ground.
Then his foot was kicked by the opponent’s defender.
But the ball has got into the goal.
Lu Wenbin completed his senior happiness in the 37th minute, helping Real Madrid to lead 5 at home and bringing his personal total annual goals to 13.
夜生活The commentator of the commentary seat yelled wildly.
"Another goal, Luo shot, which caused the goalkeeper to get rid of it. The clever Lu Xiaojian picked up a leak in the area and stabbed the ball into the goal before the opponent’s defender cleared the way."
"Lu’s ball running is excellent, and his grasp of the ball’s landing point and fighter plane is almost unmatched. Even the ball running master Inzaghi, who is known as the king of the small forbidden area, is much inferior to Lu."
"The fourth goal Lu has scored the fourth goal of his game, completed his fourth happiness and refreshed his personal annual total goal figure to 13 goals."
"Crazy, crazy, it’s only the 37th minute of the half-court. Lu has finished his senior year’s happiness, let alone five goals in a single game. I think Lu has no problem with six goals in a single game today. Lu’s total number of goals will definitely exceed 14."
A commentator asked the special guest, "It’s only the 37th minute of the half-time, and there are about 9 minutes before the end of the half-time. Do you think Lu will score again?"
The guest sighed, "I guess it’s not impossible for me to know that Luca scored five goals over the clock and scored a goal in nine minutes to complete his highest personal record of five goals in a single game in La Liga."
The commentator nodded, "Yes, it’s good that Lu Wenbin can finish five goals in a single game. I didn’t expect to see Lu finish five goals in a single game at half time."
The commentators roared and sighed, and the teammates in Zhonglu helped them up.
Although I was hurt by a kick from the defender, it was just a hard injury. I took two steps and I was fine.
Lu Wenbin’s digital injury tendency makes it difficult for him to get injured.
Even if you are injured, it will be some hard injuries, minor injuries and skin injuries, which will not affect the game and will not interrupt your career.
Hugging and high-fiving with teammates to celebrate, and then waving to the fans in the stands while walking to their own half, once again caused a tsunami of applause and cheers.
Lu Wenbin’s performance made many fans hooked up.
I finished my senior year before the half-time, and the fans seemed to be a god.
The game continued, and Bonvladiana was a little angered by Lu Wenbin.
It’s good that they are a third-class team, but they can’t bully people like this.
It’s too bullying to treat them as the background of scoring data. It’s too contemptuous of people.

Yu Enze’s blood seems to be boiling, expanding and flowing back to his head. He is short of breath and silent. He angrily stares at the damn Chen Moran in front of him.

"Let this hypocritical woman pull out my hair to do dna analysis." Chen Moran slammed the seat long summer to Yu Enze. He asked himself like a psychopath. "What to analyze and identify? Why don’t I just tell you?"
He was very close to Yu Enze, and he was about to stick it on the tip of Yu Enze’s nose. He told Yu Enze word by word, "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,"
"Your identity proved to be a fabrication of my aunt and uncle. They are koo. Why should you be so cruel to them?" Shocked Yu Enze locked Chen Moran tightly.
"koo" Chen Moran heart he gnashed his teeth "they all deserve to die, they deserve to die"
He straightened up and confidently said, "I know that you have a bracelet that I left behind at the crime scene. Yes, that’s a very important clue for you. Let me tell you that my real name is Chen Xiang. How about Chen Xiang? Isn’t it fun that the fake name Chen Moran has not been discovered?"
"What is what?" Fierce ice eyes were full of blood and hatred. Yu Enze shouted at Chen Moran puzzled. "Why did you do this?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-three I laugh at your pity
"It’s all because of you," Chen Moran growled. "It’s because of you that my father went to prison. It’s because of you. Have you ever experienced how painful it was for him to learn that his only closest relative in this world was sent to prison by a cold-blooded real estate tycoon on the first day when he swam back to his hometown for many years?
From then on, no matter how pregnant his father is, he will no longer have the opportunity to perform filial piety to his father, and he can watch his father spend the miserable and lonely life in a cold and dark prison. "
"That’s Chen Baocai himself. He deserved it when he went to prison." Yu Enze has no sympathy for Chen Moran. His words are sharp and mean. "It’s also cheap to put Chen Baocai in prison. He is a scum who harms society like him and should be punished on the spot."
"Pa" is another heavy blow. Yu Enze’s right face has been bruised and his mouth is bleeding. Chen Moran pinched Yu Enze’s neck and hatred made his eyes fall out. "Yu Enze, I will definitely make you wish you were dead. If you owe me, I will let you return it a little bit."
"If you want to deal with people, I will suffer. Are you still a person?" Yu Enze felt that Chen Moran was worse than a bloody beast
夜生活"Hum, since the day you put my father in prison, I have been a ghost." Chen Moran smiled indifferently.
Everything in the world is in Chen Mo, but it is no longer attractive and there is hatred left. "You have caused me to share my father’s reunion with my father in my life. Then I can also make you lose your closest relatives. I have to let your aunt who hurts you the most die before you can feel the pain like being cut off."
When your uncle Yu Jiahao died, my father gave him all the benefits, but when my father was in trouble, Yu Jiahao stood by.
No matter how I begged him, he refused to help, adding fuel to the fire. My father would be fine if I asked him a word, but he turned against me and denied anyone.
He was afraid that my father would expose his dirty past, and secretly ordered some bullies in the prison to intimidate, bully and torture him in every way. If my father dared to reveal anything about other people, he would let my father die in prison. "
Eyes like a volcano erupts, red magma bursts out, and Chen Moran severely buckles Yu Enze’s neck to let Yu Enze get close to him. His mouth reminds me of a sinister smile. "Do you think Yu Jiahao is also damn? Yu Jiahao is even more damn."
Chen Moran’s smile is even more rampant. "I really admire my own wisdom and skill. Those idiots didn’t find out that I was hiding in Yu Jiahao’s wedding church. I just wanted Yu Jiahao to kill him on the wedding day."
See Chen Moran deliberately make a shooting gesture and then aim at Yu Enze’s forehead. "How did Yu Jiahao’s wedding die with a bang? Isn’t it exciting? I think Yu Jiahao wouldn’t even dream that he would die at his wedding? Hahahaha!" Chen Moran laughed proudly.
Yu Enze, the "King Egg", was furious and resentful. He knocked down unsuspecting Chen Moran.
Chen Moran didn’t mean it. Yu Enze knocked him down. He straightened up from his seat and grabbed Yu Enze’s hair and pulled it back. "Don’t be angry yet. I haven’t finished yet. There are more exciting things to come. You will be so angry that you will want to slap your mouth and wish to find a crack in the ground."
"I still don’t understand that you have lost only two relatives in this world. I hate me and take away your woman." Chen Moran rudely put long summer in his arms and faced Yu Enze. "Yu Enze, you are so stupid. You even gave me your favorite woman. Your heart must be more painful. All the people around you have left you. You are so pitiful. I have begun to sympathize with you."
He grabbed long summer’s hair hard and forced long summer to face Yu Enze. "I admit that I got revenge for this woman from the beginning. You deliberately approached her and played with her feelings, but then I fell in love with her. I loved her no less than you, far more than you.
With her, I gradually gave up my final revenge plan and wanted to be a loving couple with her and form a warm family that belongs to us. I didn’t care that she was pregnant with your child and I married her wife without hesitation. "
The more you say, the more hatred in your heart surges up. Chen Moran shakes all the anger and grievances in long summer and vents long summer. He shouts at long summer, "What about you? There is no me in your heart. I really love you. You don’t look at your eyes for so many years. You have this smelly man in your heart.
Su Lixia, what do you think of me as Chen Xiang? What do you think I love you with my heart? What do you just don’t appreciate? What do you think of me as worthless? It turns out that I am just a pile of shi in your heart. "
In disgust, he pushed long summer down to the seat surface, and then hit long summer’s head desperately against the suspended window. "Su Lixia, you talk to me. Why don’t you shut up and talk to me?"
"Chen Moran, you stop it for me. You hate me for hitting a woman. What kind of man are you?" Anxious and distressed, Yu Enze was firmly controlled by masked men and could not move.
"Su Lixia, are you worthy of me? You talk to me." Seeing Yu Enze could not bear long summer’s suffering, Chen Moran hit long summer’s head harder.
Bright red blood trickled slowly from the black hair on the top of the head like a thin red hot river. long summer stared at Chen Moran like a pervert. She smiled with unusual s-curve disdain and ridicule that made Chen Moran creepy.
"What are you laughing at? Why are you laughing?" Chen Moran clenched long summer’s neck and questioned her.
"I laugh at your pity. You are suspicious and self-abased. You ruined our marriage. It was all caused by you." long summer’s eyes were firm and never forced. "Chen Moran, I don’t love you. I never loved you."
"Su Lixia, you finally admitted that you are a hateful woman who lied to you." Now Chen Moran still can’t accept the reality and lost his mind. He slapped long summer in the left face with a loud slap.
"Well, don’t you love Yu Enze? I want you to love him." The plane is landing. Chen Moran picked it up like a madman and tied Yu Enze. He pushed open the cabin door and slammed Yu Enze’s half-length, half-length, powerful airflow straight through the eardrum. The wind roared as if it could take people away in an instant
"Chen Moran, I beg you, please let Enze go." long summer panicked. She knelt down and screamed and begged Chen Moran not to throw Yu Enze on the plane.
"Let him go" Chen Moran’s murderous look in his eyes rose with a sly smile. "If I let him go, wouldn’t you still love him?" And he put some Yu Enze outside the cabin.
"Don’t!" Tears flooded the pale face. Yan Lixia’s heart almost jumped out. She begged Chen Moran again and again. "Chen Moran wants you to let Enze go. I promise you whatever you want me to do. I beg you to let Enze go. Please."
"Su Lixia didn’t put away your cheap tears, did she?" Chen Moran’s tone was cold. "It’s all because of you that I won’t let you go."
"Boss, behind us, two planes disappeared, followed by us as if it were a police plane." At this moment, a masked man hurried to Chen Moran from the front and reported the emergency to him with a serious look.
Chen Moran turned the moment Yu Enze jumped forward quickly and successfully knocked Chen Moran over. Yu Enze had to return to the engine room and narrowly escaped.
The masked man wanted to fight back Yu Enze. In his panic, he grabbed the rope that tied Yu Enze, but unfortunately the knot was pulled open. Yu Enze regained his freedom of movement and fought with Chen Moran and them.
Hands and feet were handcuffed by iron handcuffs. long summer suddenly saw a fruit knife on the table. She quickly rushed over and picked up the fruit knife and stabbed a masked man with his back to him.
The masked man was stabbed by long summer, and the red blood suddenly gushed out. Before he could turn around and fight back against long summer, he fell to the ground and died.
Amber has been tied up and his seat is motionless. At an early age, he was really scared this time. From the moment when he was hijacked by Chen Moran, Amber kept staring at his eyes. He couldn’t say a word. Panic always froze his face.
"Anbao Anbao" long summer rushed over and untied Anbao. How she called Anbao Anbao didn’t respond.
Yu Enze, Chen Moran and a masked man are still fighting. Chen Moran and the masked man are forced to the cabin by Yu Enze. At the moment when their lives are hanging by a thread, Chen Moran cruelly kicks the masked man dragging his leg out and the masked man falls from it.
Chen Moran saw that it was not Yu Enze’s opponent, but the police chased him. He quickly took the escape device and jumped into the parachute towards the engine room. He crashed and opened Chen Moran and escaped.
"If you are smart, land in the direction of the person carrying the parachute." Yu Enze went to the cockpit and pointed a gun at the controller
"Anbao Anbao, what’s wrong with you? Anbao, can you talk to your mother?" The passenger cabin came to long summer with an anxious call

I don’t know how long it took for the church door to "bang". As soon as it was pushed away from the outside, the noise suddenly stopped, and then everyone dressed in a white formal dress came in from the outside, surrounded by family members in the north.

He is slender and handsome, with a cold chill on his face and a shocking white gauze on his forehead.
When Zheng Lin saw Gu coming to the north, he stretched out his hand and motioned for his nephew to come quickly.
Taiwan quickly made a conclusion when it was far away, and replaced it with Gu Bei.
The solemn and sacred wedding March finally sounded again and the wedding officially began.
There is endless discussion behind him.
"It’s really boring. I can still see the Yu family being divorced again. That would be wonderful."
"Yes, I didn’t expect that it was the groom’s official who was injured. It seems that he didn’t really want to escape from marriage."
"You see his gauze and blood? It’s unlucky to see red at the wedding. I think this marriage …"
"Shh …"
These words are naturally inaudible to Time Pu.
When she took her arm, she slowly stepped on the rose petal red carpet, and her eyes were firmly fixed on the north.
When he got closer, all the guesses and complaints disappeared before he saw the gauze on his forehead, full of worries and feelings.
It turned out that he was injured and didn’t want to worry about himself … Time Pu took a deep breath and endured the sour nose and walked to the stage.
When Zheng Lin put her daughter’s hand aside, the big stone in her north hand was finally dropped.
Pastor witnessed Gu reaching north and uncovering the bride’s veil. When he looked at Time Pu Shen and said that "I do", Time Pu couldn’t help but shed tears directly from her eyes.
"Now I declare that you have married the French couple and asked the groom to kiss your bride affectionately!"
As soon as the priest finished speaking, Gu turned to the north and half closed his eyes and kissed Time Pu’s lips.
Everyone clapped their hands warmly. Yuxi Yuan and Jiang Mengyi sat together, and their eyes were wet.
Even Gao Xiaoxiao was very moved to see it.
Han Minzhi directly held her husband’s hand and put her face on his shoulder and gently asked, "Honey, do you remember the scene when we got married?"
I waited for a long time without responding.
She looked up at Leng Shijun and looked straight ahead as if she were transfixed.
"Husband," she shouted again, "What’s wrong with you?"
Leng Shijun blinked during the "Oh" and gave a "I’m fine"
按摩Han Minzhi "…"
Leng Shijun looked up at Taiwan, and when he saw Yu Yuting, the best man beside the bride and groom, his heart could not help but have a panic and quickly drifted by.
I didn’t expect vivian’s boyfriend to be Yu Jiasan, but he didn’t seem to recognize himself just now?
After the wedding ceremony, there is a dining table on the lawn outside the church, and a buffet made by the chef of a five-star hotel, and all kinds of precious drinks are enjoyed by the guests.
In the church, the bride and groom also took photos with their elders and friends.
Leng Shijun suddenly said, "Minzhi, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. Why don’t we go back first?"
When Han Minzhi heard that her husband was not feeling well, she spoke to the old lady Han. "Grandma Shijun is not feeling well. I want to take him back to rest first."
Korea’s old lady although some dissatisfaction, but see LengShiJun pale as if really not very good nodded, "well, then you can go home first."
After Han Minzhi left holding Leng Shijun, the old lady Yu was just about to get up to take pictures. Yu Yu suddenly got up. "Grandma, I’ll go back first."
"…" Not only is it often fun to wonder that everyone in Yu’s family is even more surprised.
"Didn’t you say there was nothing going on in the office today?" Old lady Yu stared at him discontentedly. How could her sister get married and her brother leave so soon?
"Suddenly something happened again." Yu Yu reached for his coat. His voice was very weak but there was an unquestionable momentum.
Chang Huanyan was embarrassed to sit there for a while. He said he would go back, but … he didn’t say he would take himself with him.
The old lady Yu took a look at Sun’s wife and said, "Ok, then you can go home with Huanyan and move back home with her one day."
Yu Yu "…"
He gave an eyebrow and finally said "Let’s go".
Chang Huanyan got up and picked up her bag and coat. "It’s raining, then I’ll go first."

Jiang Jinan first called Fu Qianfan’s company, but the receiver said that Fu Qianfan had not returned. If Fu Qianfan had not returned to the company, it was probably to find Wen Zhiru.

Jiang Jinan dialed another number, "I’m Jiang Jinan and I’m looking for Gao Zhiyuan urgently."
Jiang Jinan didn’t speak Gao Zhiyuan’s words, but "Yuansheng" Jiang Jinan knew that Jiang Jinan didn’t know where else to find Fu Qianfan, and he was afraid that this time would come. It was better to associate with Gao Zhiyuan.
"It’s me, Gao Zhiyuan." Gao Zhiyuan quickly answered the words.
Jiang Jin ‘an didn’t say anything and just picked things up. "I told Qianfan about Wen Zhiru. After Qianfan came out of the restaurant, I don’t know where she went. I’m worried that she will go to Wenzhiru Theory Qianfan Company. I’ll look for it again, but just in case, you’d better be more secure with Qianfan Association as soon as possible."
"What are you doing telling her this?" Gao Zhiyuan roared. Jiang Jinan knew the reason why Gao Zhiyuan was angry. He did not handle it properly.
Had finished this sentence, Gao Zhiyuan hung up his words. He should be in a hurry to find Fu Qianfan. Jiang Jinan also restarted the car and drove to Fu Qianfan’s company. Maybe Fu Qianfan went back to the company.
Gao Zhiyuan picked up his mobile phone and walked out. Shen Bijun looked at Gao Zhiyuan, anxious and angry, and dared not approach, but he was still worried about whether something had happened.
Gao Zhiyuan in the ladder has been typing Fu Qianfan’s words, but the words have not been answered. Gao Zhiyuan still keeps typing.
Gao Zhiyuan is as worried about Fu Qianfan as Jiang Jinan. Will it be dangerous for Fu Qianfan to find Wen Zhiru? Gao Zhiyuan is not clear, but if he had known this, he might as well have told Wen Zhiru everything.
夜网论坛Gao Zhiyuan drove the car away, but he still couldn’t get through. Gao Zhiyuan called Wang Hao again, "Where is Wen Zhiru?"
Not only will Wen Zhiru find someone to follow Gao Zhiyuan, but also since Wen Zhiru found "Yuansheng", Gao Zhiyuan is to let people investigate. However, monitoring Wen Zhiru’s affairs began only after Wen Zhiru found Fu Qianfan. If Wen Zhiru didn’t do too much, he wouldn’t want to guard against Wen Zhiru.
"Wen Zhiru met several manufacturers today and is now eating in the hotel," Wang Hao said at the other end of the sentence
Gao Zhiyuan is finally at ease. Fu Qianfan didn’t go to Wen Zhiru. "Give me Wen Zhiru to keep an eye on where you have been and who you have met. Remember clearly that if Qianfan appears nearby, you must stop her and inform me at the first time."
"Good" Wang Hao replied.
I want to protect you.
Fu Qianfan didn’t go back to the company or find Wen Zhiru. Then where will she go?
Gao Zhiyuan was driving without a destination, and the road was speeding, and he called out next to him. Gao Zhiyuan could think that the place was Mingcheng, turned his car around and drove away to Mingcheng.
Fu Qianfan Z City has nowhere to be removed. The company is Ming City, and Gao Zhiyuan has now put all his hopes on Ming City.
In less than twenty minutes, Gao Zhiyuan returned to Mingcheng. The car stopped and Gao Zhiyuan ran inside. The security guards couldn’t catch it if they wanted to.
Terry Gao Zhiyuan has been praying that now he can do this.
Opened the door, the house was still quiet, just like leaving early. Gao Zhiyuan went straight into the room and saw Fu Qianfan lying in bed.
As soon as Gao Zhiyuan felt that his strength had been taken away, he seemed to be unable to walk steadily. Fortunately, he no longer walked. He was looking for someone here.
Fu Qianfan also noticed some movement and turned to see Gao Zhiyuan. Fu Qianfan also wondered, "How did you come back?" He also got out of bed.
Gao Zhiyuan walked up to Fu Qianfan and hugged Fu Qianfan tightly without saying anything. At this moment, Gao Zhiyuan was still afraid of what he would do if Fu Qianfan didn’t name the city.
"What’s the matter?" Fu Qianfan asked Gao Zhiyuan anxiously. It’s a bit unusual. She went home today because of something. What about Gao Zhiyuan?
"Jiang Jinan told you" Gao Zhiyuan said for a long time that Fu Qianfan understood Jiang Jinan and told Gao Zhiyuan.
"Well," Fu Qianfan replied.
Gao Zhiyuan loosened Fu Qianfan’s eyes and said, "If you want to know, I will tell you."
"No, I don’t really want to know that when Jiang Jinan came to me, I didn’t know that he would tell me this." Fu Qianfan was afraid that Gao Zhiyuan would misunderstand. "I believe you. I can understand what happened between you and Wen Zhiru. I don’t mean to blame you, and it’s not your fault."
"I am very angry with Wen Zhiru for doing this. How can she find someone to follow us and ask Jiang Jinan to take me away from you? What’s the advantage for Wen Zhiru to do these things?"
Fu Qianfan is still very angry with Gao Zhiyuan, but Fu Qianfan said that she believed him, which made Gao Zhiyuan feel very gratified. Fu Qianfan really didn’t let him down.
"These are all Jiang Jinan telling you." Gao Zhiyuan knew it was possible. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t know about Jiang Jinan there, and he didn’t know that Wen Zhiru went to Jiang Jinan. Jiang Jinan would come to Fu Qianfan and what Jiang Jinan said to Fu Qianfan. He would understand.
"Yes, Jiang Jinan told me everything." Fu Qianfan now speaks with anger.
"What do you want to ask Wen Zhiru for an explanation?" Gao Zhiyuan was even more depressed when she came out of the restaurant. After she got out of the restaurant, Fu Qianfan found out that she knew nothing about Wen Zhiru and didn’t know where to find it.
The driver has been urging Fu Qianfan to say the address of Mingcheng if he doesn’t want to go back to the company’s office. Although there is no way to find Wen Zhiru today, she will not be polite if she sees Wen Zhiru again.
Fu Qianfan’s distress is like Gao Zhiyuan’s guess. He was so nervous that he forgot this Fu Qianfan root didn’t know where Wen Zhiru was.
"Wen Zhiru is so hateful, don’t I have to pretend what I don’t know? Don’t you still want to protect her?" Fu Qianfan put my foot in my mouth because he was angry and impatient. Gao Zhiyuan’s expression was cold, but Fu Qianfan didn’t want to admit his mistake this time
The two men were deadlocked for a while, and Gao Zhiyuan had no choice but to explain, "I don’t want to protect Wen Zhiru. I want to protect you, and I am afraid that you will get hurt."
"I have dealt with Wen Zhiru’s affairs, and believe me, she will not appear in front of us again soon, and I will make her pay for what she has done."
Gao Zhiyuan’s words Fu Qianfan believes that the only thing that worries Fu Qianfan is whether things will really go as smoothly as Gao Zhiyuan said. For Gao Zhiyuan and Wen Zhiru, Fu Qianfan still doesn’t know anything. This Fu Qianfan is still a little concerned
Gao Zhiyuan knew that he could tell everything if he wanted Fu Qianfan to rest assured. He had been thinking for a long time just now.
"If I told Wen Zhiru everything, would you have more confidence in me?" Gao Zhiyuan said Fu Qianfan was very moved, although she didn’t want to admit it, but it was true.
"I knew Wen Zhiru when I was a child. At that time, she often came to our house to play and got along well with my mother. When I was in high school, my mother deliberately set me up with Wen Zhiru. At that time, I had no feelings for Wen Zhiru, just like treating a little sister."
"But my mother liked it. At that time, I thought that Wen Zhiru could grow together and there was nothing wrong with it. I agreed. Later, because I was going abroad to study, I didn’t have much contact with Wen Zhiru."
"There is nothing wrong with growing together." Fu Qianfan listened to this sentence and came to be angry. If Gao Zhiyuan sees the same young and beautiful girl now, can she be abandoned?
"Angry" Gao Zhiyuan asked because Fu Qianfan was staring at him with a face of resentment because he said what Wen Zhiru had said.
"What’s the point of being angry without me? I can’t look good." Fu Qianfan couldn’t hear this sentence.
"I was not young at that time, and there was a Wen Zhiru around me. If I knew you at that time, I would definitely choose you. You and I have always been the most beautiful in my heart." Gao Zhiyuan said please that it would be great if he met Fu Qianfan before Wen Zhiru.
I don’t know if I can believe Gao Zhiyuan’s words, but she shouldn’t have been entangled in the former things. At that time, Gao Zhiyuan was less than twenty and was still a child.
"Then what? Then you separated from Wen Zhiru." Fu Qianfan was really high-minded and separated from Wen Zhiru because he went abroad to study. It is not uncommon that even if he did not study abroad, he would go to different schools and work in different places, which would make his relationship die early.

Yu Yu didn’t have the nerve to ask others, and he thought silently for a whole month, including surfing the net to find inspiration.

For example, when we go to eat western food together and put the ring in dessert after dinner, we are often surprised that when we eat the ring, he kneels down to propose marriage and causes the whole restaurant to watch;
喝茶约茶For example, the biggest billboard in the downtown square of Bao D, Hua Deng, suddenly turned into his proposal on the big screen when people came and went. His kneeling proposal caused the crowd to watch and boo, and maybe it could make headlines;
For example, when two people are in bed late at night, it is the woman who is the most defensive. It is natural to take out the ring at this time and everything will follow …
But Yu Yu is, after all, a rather old-fashioned man who can’t get rid of his "old" face. Secondly, he is strict with himself. Proposing marriage is the most important moment in his life, and he is a romantic person who is always smiling … so he has been dragging and dragging and struggling.
I really don’t feel relieved about it. After all, they have been married for almost two years, and they have had two children. Even she got the wedding diamond ring. On that day, she was really "shy" in the dog shed, but she didn’t expect Yu Yu to feel relieved and worried for so long …
So in the next day, Yu Yu is still distressed and often happy. Every day, when he takes care of the child, he is worried about the recovery of his left hand.
In the wedding, the old lady Yu and Yang Xi didn’t make a comeback. It seems that they really intend to wait until Zhang Fen’s death day is over, so they are happy and relaxed.
Three months later, D city officially entered the midsummer, and his left hand miraculously returned to normal, so he began to return to the police class.
Every day, the husband and wife get together, and Ban Yu’s family feel fine, and they have no complaints about Chang Huanyan’s return to work.
I’m not busy in my new position. I just have meetings every day. The decorator talks nonsense with colleagues, but I’m always happy but busy. Du Man magazine publishes a new issue every week. She has to keep an eye on things. Many manuscripts are selected, even printed and distributed …
Wei Yang believes that she has stopped coming to the meeting since she came, and she will come once a month at most to listen to the report of the workers.
This situation leads to the fact that they hardly meet each other during the day except in the morning and evening and on weekends, and even at noon, sometimes Yu Yu has to make an appointment to have dinner with her.
Qiao Jinyu often jokes, "Huan Yan, you are so respectful and love your job, and you are not afraid of your husband’s opinions?"
Chang Huan-yan thinks it’s better to have opinions. After all, Yu Yu is not very masculine despite his stuffy personality, and his work is more supportive to her.
It can be said that the magazine can sit in this position almost because of his support and help.
After several months, Qiao Jinyu and Zhou Wei have developed a stable relationship. Their parents have met each other and have not been engaged. They directly decided to get married on September 9.
Take the meaning of "long for a long time"
Qiao Jinyu went directly to the company on the day he got the certificate, and showed the red to his colleagues. His eyebrows and eyes were full of joy.
"When is Jin Yu going to have a wedding?" A colleague asked
Qiao Jinyu said with a smile, "We have agreed to get married on October 10th."
"Wow, congratulations."
"A hundred years of harmony!"
When a good friend got married, she was always happy. When it was almost noon, Yu Yu habitually came to the text message and asked, "Have you eaten together at noon?"
Chang Huan Yan replied with a few words "Are you busy?"
Yu Yu "…"
When it is eleven o’clock, I often get up and pick up my bag and walk outside.
The police atmosphere is equally lively today.
An older man finally got married at the age of 29. A happy man in Zhou Wei said that he would invite everyone to dinner.
Yu Yu was rejected by his wife, so he also promised to go together.
Who knows that everyone just walked into a small restaurant next to Yu when his cell phone rang, and the owner told him that Mrs. Yu’s office was waiting for him.
"I won’t eat Zhou Wei rice." After saying this, Yu Yu turned around and left a group of colleagues puzzling.
The top floor of Yu Yuxin’s office police building is almost as big as before, but the conditions are much better.

Shuiyunjin well, "I naturally have to feed myself when I wake up."

"This" Huangfuda trembles.
"What’s the matter?" Shuiyunjin looked up at him.
Huangfuda blinked and glanced at Shuiyunjin. "You are so thin that I want you to feed two children with excellent appetites. I’m afraid they will eat you up. Where can I hug me?"
What’s the reason for her? "No, the more milk you eat, and who feeds you will feed people."
"Really not" Huangfuda suspicious.
Of course not. It’s terrible to have no culture.
Huangfuda suddenly got up and got out of bed with Shuiyunjin. As soon as he lay down, he leaned over Shuiyunjin and pulled her nightgown.
Shuiyunjin opened her eyes wide and didn’t know what he meant. "What are you doing?"
"Me, too." Huangfuda glanced at Shuiyunjin meaningfully.
"What do you want?" Shuiyunjin hasn’t reacted yet.
"I want to be treated with the children." Three or two Huangfudi pulled the nightgown and leaned over.
Water cloud suddenly stunned and felt warm. She instantly reacted and pushed Huangfuda with her hands. "Are you thick-skinned?"
"If it’s not thick, I’ll try it on the children first." Huangfudi replied naturally.
Then there was the big bed swaying, a few water clouds and hibiscus depressed, and the strength gradually weakened.
The next day, the couple opened their eyes at the same time. Huangfuda naturally didn’t get a good face, but he was unpreparedness. When he saw it, he knew that he had succeeded.
After a while, Zi Xia and Ruqin entered the room with water in their faces.
"Princess, you finally woke up, and everyone was relieved." Ruqin looked at Shuiyunjin happily and tunnel.
"You two also follow hard" ShuiYunXi laughed.
"The handmaiden is not bitter, princess, and the sleeping days are all around the prince." Such as a piano, she replied.
ShuiYunJin is always looking at HuangFuDa HuangFuDa deliberately tick a intoxicating smile provoked ShuiYunJin white his one eye, he touched the nose out of the room.
At this moment, Xiaoxi ‘er began to cry. Zi Xia quickly picked it up and sent it to Shuiyun’s arms.
Shuiyunjin looked at all the stuffy parts in Xiaojin’s heart. "Baby is hungry, right?"
She unbuttoned her clothes and let XiaoJinEr suck XiaoJinEr, which is not exclusive at all, but like a kind of energy sucking desperately.
Shuiyunjin felt a pain and sighed. It was really a father and a daughter.
"The little infanta looks really good. Even the old prince hasn’t seen the child these days." Zi Xia laughed at the bedside.
Shuiyunjin slightly raises his eyebrows and is not too white.
Zi Xia seems to see the idea of Shuiyunjin and take the initiative to open his mouth. "Miss Shi, the sword on the chest that day was seriously injured was not fatal, but it was delayed for a long time and a lot of blood flowed. Later, the report jumped off the cliff to save Ling Tai, but it was the most dangerous and fastest time in Yulong Mountain. When I came back, I always tried to support the young lady. I couldn’t make any effort when I gave birth, but the report lost strength to you. Only then did the young lady and the small county Wang were born dizzy and the report also fell into a coma.
At that time, Doctor Mo said that the sovereign was badly hurt and physically exhausted, but he couldn’t wake up for three days and three nights, but he just woke up in less than an hour, just like nothing happened. No one was involved in the intimate affairs of the young lady. It was all the sovereign’s hands, and two newborn children were all sovereign. Even the house was closed from the day when the young lady gave birth until today. "
Shui Yun-jin felt a terrible quiver in his heart. The man didn’t tell her anything, and everything was very normal. If Zi Xia didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t know.
桑拿论坛  title=I’ve been listening for a long time. First, Xiaojier is full.
Shuiyunjin watched her eyebrow eye gradually dye a smile.
Soon, Xiao Er woke up, too, which may be why the twins feel that they want to hear one sound and the other must be sensed.
Shuiyunjin put Xiaojin ‘er in the bed and let her play with it. She took Xiaoleng ‘er and let him nurse.
Shuiyunjin’s gentle face shows a strong maternal love. Her hand gently caresses Xiao Lei’s fetal hair, and her eyes are thoughtful. "What happened to Ling Xiaoyao?"
"Ling Taili was damaged and seriously injured, and Huangfuyu’s dead hand was poisonous, so he returned to Ling Guojin from the rescue." Zi Xia was not sure about Ling Xiaoyao’s current situation
Shui Yun-jin’s eyes darkened, and Ling Xiaoyao finally fell to the present ending. He could have overlooked the whole life, but it happened that because she recalled his last sentence, he said that he gave her back to Huangfuda, and he said it was "return".
"Miss Ling Taichi’s fate will be fine. Miss Ling is very important now." Zi Xia Shuiyun Park felt guilty and calmed down.
Shuiyunjin nodded, but she already thought of something else "Sister Luo".
"The report found a clean and quiet place for the Lord and has been buried." Zi Xia was red-eyed
"What about Mo Yang? What was his reaction at that time?" There is still a hatred in Shui Yunjin’s heart. I don’t know if this hatred is directed at Mo Xiao or Mo Yang.
"At first, Miss Mo didn’t tell the imperial doctor. When he knew it, he knelt before the Lord for three days without saying a word, but it was more sad than dying. He looked at the master handmaiden with tears and didn’t blink." Zi Xia thought about those three days. A rickety figure has been facing the Lord. The scene is unforgettable
Shuiyunjin nodded her head unseen. Mo Yang is Luo’s sister, but she has feelings. It’s a pity that he repented too late, and finally this bitter fruit can be swallowed by himself.
"Yunjin, my great-grandchild is full, and my great-grandfather has come to see them." At this moment, the old prince sounded cheerful outside.
Shuiyunjin saw that Xiao Lei was full and put on her clothes. "Go and help Grandpa come in."
Grandpa has been looking forward to seeing his great-grandson, but he has not seen it for ten days, and he is even anxious for a long time.
In a short time, I saw the old prince come in with a smile. "I am so anxious to see two great-grandchildren these days that I can’t sleep. The little one is cruel and won’t let me see it at a glance."
At this moment, Ruqin moved a big chair beside the bed.
Shuiyunjin smiled at this house, and no one can beat Huangfuda’s bullying this day.
"Grandpa, come and sit down. Yunjin has slept for too long."
"It’s good to wake up. It’s good for you to give Grandpa two great-grandchildren. It’s also worth it to wait for some days." Before the old report, he took the little girl from Zi Xia’s arms.
Zi Xia held the old sovereign chair to sit.
"I’m Xiao Ceng Sun Zhenjun, just like his father when he was a child." The old prince smiled together with his little sister.
Shuiyunjin smiled, and the two maids sighed with laughter. The old prince has a good memory.
"Bring the little darling here, too." The old prince looked at the little hibiscus.
Zi Xia should also hold the small park son to the old report and watch her side.
"Yunjin, this is the name of the children. Let’s take a look at which one we like. It’s been many days. My little great-grandson hasn’t got a name yet." The old prince teased the two children lovingly.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.