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Ginger bureau can we find the little girl when we return to the police department? !” Since I saw the man who suddenly disappeared with my own eyes, Huangfumu felt that her nerves were about to break, and finally she could not help but ask.

Huangfu Song Ke and I also hope that she can help us once more. Ginger twisted her eyebrows with a tough tone. But don’t say this again. We must seal it.
Ginger Bureau is right. If there is an offender, hell to pay! Song Nuan also sternly said, You are not joking. It is also possible to take off the police.
Yes! Huangfumu sipped his mouth and didn’t say it again.
品茶Others also slightly change color. Everyone is a smart person. Forget it, it must be that there is an emphasis on it, so it is forbidden to disturb others!
It’s a bit difficult to catch up with the car in front as the car baby expected.
Every car tries to overtake as soon as it gets close to the starting line, and everyone pushes hard on the accelerator!
However, Che Baobao still seized an opportunity and forcefully advanced a position.
This time, it was very dangerous. The two bodies almost passed each other by.
Fortunately, both sides have made the closest preparations for overtaking, and put the rearview mirrors outside each other’s windows on the car body just in case.
Damn, that was a close call. A thin layer of cold sweat oozed from the baby’s forehead. I almost wiped off a layer of skin on our car, but it was a pity that it overtook a car.
Impatience what is not there are two laps? !” Che Xiaoxiao unscrewed the pure water in his hand and put it back in its original position.
Elder sister, we have two laps left. How many cars do you see in front? !” Car baby pouted. Besides, those five good BMW crosscountry cars are not vegetarians. If we want to run first, we must shrink the car by half and run on the sidewalk, or the cars in front will fly over.
Okay, baby, I agree with these two ways. You can choose one. Che Xiaoxiao gently opened the small locker at the front of the car and took out a pair of thin black silk gloves and slowly put them on.
Car baby stare big eyes cried, elder sister are you kidding? ! How is that possible? !”
Who said impossible? ! Hurry up and choose. This lap is finished again. Che Xiaoxiao stretched a few fingers and tried the flexibility of gloves.
….. Car baby completely became speechless. Without blinking, he stared at the car silently and smiled for two seconds before saying, It’s impossible to ride a car. I’ll choose the sidewalk …
The car smiled with a wink and said, Good baby horse stepped on the accelerator to the end!
After saying his word, he wore black gloves and his left hand suddenly moved like that
Grab the steering wheel and pull it in your own direction! Take a turn! One more time!
The car swerved and rushed to the sidewalk!
At the same time, the car smiled, the right hand and five fingers closed, and the abdomen was running at top speed!
A strong specific force hit the rear wheel of the car through the palm of your hand
In an instant, the rear of the car is heavy!
Two rapidly rolling front wheels are off the ground in an instant!
The rear wheel is still rubbing wildly against the ground!
Then the car smiled and twisted the steering wheel while tightly controlling the precise scale of the steering wheel! Flash back with your right hand!
Grasping the handrail with one hand, the second sharp force rushes to the palm againthe little hand pulls against the handrail!
Bang! With a dull sound, the right front wheel successfully drove off the sidewalk and the right rear wheel was successfully pulled off the driveway ground!
baby! Step on the gas pedal!
The car smiled and pulled hard again!
The third fierce force keeps pouring into the handrail!
In an instant, the gravity of the whole car flashes and the body tilts 60 degrees!
Two wheels on the left and two wheels on the right are hovering at top speed!
It happened in just a few seconds, and it was a blink of an eye.
Closely follow the driver behind the black Audi crosscountry and watch it blindsided and go away!
One hand accidentally tilted the steering wheel and turned the artificial lake in wait for a while with people and cars! Jumped into the lake!
Section 714
Followed closely and the car was absentmindedthe magic car flew sideways on the sidewalk!
Sister, sister, sister, sister! At the moment, the baby’s tongue is tied with knots.
It’s pale and bluish! Black masks set each other off!
A pair of big eyes are scared in shock, and the beautiful blue pupils are out of focus!
Fortunately, the foot that stepped on the accelerator tightly has never been loosened!
ah! Back to the soul! Car baby! A crisp scream Step on the accelerator!
The car smiled and glared at his brother and quickly stared at the front.
Her left hand is holding the steering wheel tightly to control the direction, and her right hand is holding the handrail tightly to maintain the center of gravity of the car!
Both hands dare not keep the balance of the car at high speed with half a silk and half a milli slack!
Sister elder sister! Ah! You are crazy! Car baby still can’t believe what he saw. He was scared away and didn’t return home.
However, his right foot still consciously stepped on the acceleratorthe car leaned forward madly!
The bottom of the car and the wheel of terror passed by the window in front!
Then pounce on the car in front!
Instant black Audi offroad has overtaken the previous cars and caught up with those brown BMW offroad cars!
Bang! Another loud noise and huge splash!
The sixth car running behind the BMW crashed into the artificial lake!
At that moment, half of the body was submerged by the lake, and the motorcyclist stared at the sidewalk car stupidlywas he dreaming? !
baby! Come on! Take over the steering wheel! Another crisp roar
Very not easy to be yelled back to the halfconscious car baby quickly grabbed the steering wheel with both hands.
The car smiled and felt that the steering wheel flexibility plummeted!
Hurriedly cried again, don’t be nervous and relax the baby! Calm down! Treat it with normality!
Looking at the five BMW offroad vehicles that suddenly accelerated, I smiled and narrowed my eyes. With my own feelings, I carefully controlled the direction scale and pressed slightly to the right!
attention! Hold the steering wheel with my strength!
Sister! Che Baobao tried to ignore the fleeting abnormal scenery outside the window and adjusted his mentality.
As a result, the car smiled and was not disappointed.
A second later, the steering wheel in her hand returned to nature, and her little hand left immediately!
Instead, I slapped the car baby’s thigh!
Cried, baby, step on it!
A warm and powerful force rushed to the baby’s calf along his thigh, jumped on the soles of his feet and hit the accelerator!
Whew! A car is like a black afterimage!
The sidewalk is fleeting!

Gao Xiaoxiao and clothes lying in bed are inevitable, and my heart is still a little sad.

Sometimes she wondered if she would … Maybe Gao Zhenning picked it up from the garbage?
Otherwise, will there really be such a cruel mother in the world? Will you be happy and benefit your own daughter again and again?
Gao Xiaoxiao took a nose and forced to endure the acidity of the fundus.
Now she is most at ease with Xiaobai. Although D City is always looking after him with a smile, he will be very worried when he finds himself missing in a few days.
If I had known this would be the case, I should have brought Xiaobai back with me … Gao Xiaoxiao regretted it.
Chongcheng airport
Gao Xiaobai came out of the passage with a big bag and a stream of people.
As soon as he got on the plane, he called Gao Xiaoxiao again, and the result was still the phone, and there was still no reply from the previous text message.
He thought something must have happened to Mommy, otherwise it would be impossible to lose contact for so long.
I was thinking about whether to call the police first or take a bus back to town when suddenly a large shadow appeared in front of me and the road was blocked by someone.
I looked up and saw Han Zhuo wearing a black coat, wearing sunglasses on her face and looking down at him with tight lips.
Gao Xiaobai took a sip of his mouth and walked on without saying a word.
"Xiao Bai!" Han Yan took off her sunglasses and took a big step in the past to pick up the little guy.
"Let me go! Let me go! " Gao Xiaobai twisted his little body hard, and he had to save Mommy, so he couldn’t be taken back.
桑拿按摩"Don’t let go!" Han Han firmly held him and walked towards the airport. At the same time, he taught him a lesson and said, "Do you know how dangerous it is for you to run out alone? If grandma didn’t just go to kindergarten and find you missing, you might be abducted now! "
"Kidnapped also don’t you tube! You are not my guardian! " Gao Xiaobai stubborn call way
I haven’t seen him come to see me in the first five years. Why should I teach myself a lesson by posing as a father now?
Although Gao Xiaobai is very clever on weekdays, he knows everything in his heart. He remembers clearly who is good to him and who is not good to him …
Han Shan was even more angry when he heard this.
Just now, if it hadn’t been for Yu Yuting, it was found that the little guy came to Chongcheng on this plane, and he almost left by car and missed it.
He waited for most of the day, waiting for the flight to arrive. His biggest worry was whether he would be cheated or bullied.
Finally, when the flight arrives, I will see a poor child with a crying nose, and then he can welcome him in his father’s arms and give him the gentlest care …
Unexpectedly, the little guy is not only not afraid at all, but also very capable of discussing guardianship with himself.
Hehe, it seems that he really came to the right place this time. Women and children have to settle their accounts together!
Thinking about my feet like this in my heart, I took a big step and looked at my arms. Han Wei, a little boy, disdained and said, "I’m your father. I don’t care who cares about you?"
"Even if you are my father, but my guardian is my mother, my mother is in charge of everything, and I don’t need you to take care of me. When the time comes, if the court goes to court, I will make it clear to the judge that I will take care of it myself and I won’t blame you for anything." Gao Xiaobai immediately argued with him clearly.
Han Dong "…"
He squinted and suppressed his anger. It’s better to ignore such childish remarks directly. After all, there are more important things to do.
Seeing that he had reached the airport exit, Gao Xiaobai began to panic when he began to ignore whatever he said. When he saw several uniformed security guards at the exit, he suddenly began to shout, "Help! Someone is trying to trick children into selling! Help! Help ….. "
Chongcheng airport is not loud and squeaky, so the whole airport heard it, so the security guards immediately alerted and came running, and even passers-by gathered to surround Han Han instantly.
Han Shu frowned slightly. The first reaction was to cover that bad mouth.
As a result, those just passers-by became more indignant and began to criticize him constantly.
"It looks like a human being. I didn’t expect it to be a personal vendor!"
"Yeah, what’s wrong with selling children?"
"That child is very beautiful. No wonder he will be looked at by bad people."
"Mr. Police, catch this social cancer quickly."
"To catch up! Catch up! "
A security guard was just about to rob the child. Han Shao’s handsome eyebrows wrinkled and his face was cold and scary. He scared his face and shrank back as soon as it froze.
A security guard next to him said, "Sir, please let this child go or we will call the police!" "

At present, the Griffin is almost three meters high, and its length has reached six or seven meters. Compared with previous trucks, there is not much to check. On the way to March, it is about fifty meters in Fiona Fang, and no war horse dares to approach it.

Yang Long can tell from the smell that this Griffin has reached at least the seventh order, and the only one who can walk beside the Griffin is an angry dwarf.
Yes, dwarves.
I don’t know if it is because Garin Torbern took out a letter asking Yang Long to bring it to King Varian Urien of Storm City. This time, the only Griffin actually came to help Yang Long.
According to Yang Long’s understanding, this Griffin was given by the dwarf king of Katz Mo Dan after the late old king led the kingdom of Stromgard to defeat the orc army residing in the dwarf country.
And after decades of disasters in the kingdom of Stromgard, the original number of Griffins was more than 100, and now this only seedling is left.
The owner of this only seedling is the ninthorder dwarf animal trainer with brown Se hair and drooping knees to identify the specific age.
After learning that he was going to let his precious Griffin ride through the dangerous Sador in Yang Long, the dwarf named Sedik Pross kept muttering in dwarf language towards the back of Yang Long.
Damn bastard
disaster! Scum! Shame guy …
curse you! You deserve your family’s death …
Endless abuse came from this short population, riding towards the front end of the team more than 100 meters away, and driving in Niece and others. Yang Long sprayed it from Rapids Castle to three days later, and now there will be no pause in the March.
However, because all the people present didn’t understand the dwarf language and didn’t know what Sedik Pross was talking about, they didn’t take it seriously. He was praying something.
Ni Aisi can understand a little more or less, knowing that the dwarf didn’t say anything nice, but thinking that the brave soldiers who will escort Yang Long through Sador soon will die, she swallowed and rushed to her mouth to scold.
Especially when Ni Aisi found that Yang Long didn’t seem to understand dwarf language, not only did she not suddenly attack because of abuse, but she was also quite friendly. After she smiled at the dwarf, she relaxed and ignored the ugly abuse behind her.
In this way, the team continued to March, and after four or five days, it finally approached the scope of Sador.
Sardo, which is located in Arashi Highland, links Arashi Wetland for several kilometers. The name of the strait Sardo Bridge is to escort Yang Long to the vicinity of the bridge and ride the Griffin.
In the world of Azeroth, except for the five Se dragons, there are a few creatures that can fly continuously for a long time. Unfortunately, the Griffin is not in its range.
Although it has a pair of powerful wings, the weight of the Griffin has made it unbearable. If it can walk in a flat distance, it will never choose to fly in the middle.
What’s more, after several years of special care, this only seedling can keep flying 12 or 13 kilometers away to the half of Ri.
However, because the Sador Strait is too narrow, the wind speed and air volume have increased several steps after the sea breeze on both sides has poured into the Strait, and the Griffin’s physical exertion through the Strait will reach several times of the average.
The cliffs on both sides of the strait are thousands of meters high and as steep as a natural moat. The sea breeze blowing from the east and west sides for tens of thousands of years not only makes the cliff extremely smooth, but also makes the cliff surface covered with moss. Even Yang Long can never climb and crawl.
It is best to take off from the Sador Bridge as close as possible to the Strait to ensure that the Griffin can cross the Strait, and the black iron dwarf stationed within 10 kilometers of the Sador Bridge is the reason why Niece and others are there.
According to the recent investigation information, there has been a patrol of black iron dwarves from 15 or 16 kilometers away from Sador Bridge, but the escort team did not expect that the black iron dwarves did not appear until the kilometer away from Sador Bridge.
The closer we get to the narrow hillside of Sador Bridge, the greater the amplitude. Because of the terrain, the vegetation here is not lush, and the scenery can be seen clearly for thousands of meters
During this sevenkilometer journey, thousands of people in the convoy killed more than ten highland raptors and found no other movement. This relaxed atmosphere made everyone in the convoy feel at a loss.
桑拿按摩Something’s wrong, something must have happened, said jǐng, a Niai silk machine. After thinking about it, he gave the order, Go ahead at once and be ready to fight!
With Ni Aisi’s command, the team suddenly accelerated the marching speed, and then the slope convenience road ran like lightning, but in ten minutes, the Sador Bridge appeared in the line of sight.
When it was less than 100 meters away from the Sador Bridge, Ni Aisi finally found the figure of the black iron dwarves and saw that the number of these dwarves was greatly reduced.
According to the information obtained not long ago, there should be more than 30,000 black iron dwarves stationed near the Sador Bridge. The average strength is about the third order, most of them are warriors, rangers and a small number of wizards.
And now it’s a mess here, full of holes formed by magical explosions, which have not been cleaned up on the ground. You can also see that the surface of hard soil in broken arrow has turned black and Se has dried up blood.
The dense black iron dwarves are near the Sador Bridge, but it can be seen with the naked eye that these people are definitely not more than 10 thousand, and a small number of them are bandaged, which seems to have just experienced a big war
This is Ni Aisi was stunned for a moment, so he immediately reacted, pulled out his sword, galloped and shouted Warriors attack! Kill!
At this time, the members of the guards of the first legion sergeant also reacted with surprise in their eyes. Se drove the steed follower Ni Aisi towards the position of the black iron dwarf knot to kill.
Six or seven thousand soldiers with firebreathing eyes formed an indestructible iron dispersion and sent out a murderous look, speeding up the sprint like a mountain tiger reaching out its fangs and claws to the black iron dwarves.
NO273 crossed Sador.
On the other side, near Sador Bridge.

The doctor suspected that a pot of cold water had poured on Meng Lingyun’s head.

"But Mr. Meng doesn’t have to worry too much. Now that Ms. Liu has eyes and manual signs are not ruled out, there will be more and more cases. The more cases, the greater the chances of patients waking up. Generally speaking, it is a good thing for Ms. Liu today. Mr. Meng is relieved."
When Meng Yijie came to the hospital, she saw Meng Lingyun alone. "Dad, I heard the doctor say that mom has improved?"
Meng Lingyun sighed lightly, "Are your eyes and hands moving or not awake?"
Meng Yijie hurriedly looked at pecans, indeed as expected pecans’ eyes were still closed without waking up. Meng Yijie closed her eyes and finally fell to her throat.
It’s good not to wake up.
She glanced at Meng Lingyun. "Dad, don’t be too sad. I believe mom will wake up." She comforted.
Meng Lingyun patted her hand with a sigh. "Well, I know it’s okay. It’s nothing. You go home first. Your mother, I’ll keep it."
Meng Yijie walked out of the hospital and took a deep breath. At this time, the words rang. Yes.
She answered the phone and returned to the bar.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Jie? Is your mother awake?" A Wen Dao
Meng Yijie smiled gently. "How can you wake up so easily without a vegetative state? A false alarm. "
Drinking and having fun with Meng Yijie, except Ah, two girls are also close friends of Meng Yijie, and they also know something about Meng Yijie. "Xiao Jie, I said that you all know that you are not the daughter of Meng Jia, and you like your brother for so long. Why don’t you confess?" Don’t you want to be with him? "
Meng Yijie pursed her lips. "Of course, I dream of it!"
But it’s not easy for her, and she wants to express her love to Meng Yichen regardless, but … Meng Yichen is like this, where is she sure to express her success? What’s worse, the identity of Miss Meng’s family is a struggle for her.
On the one hand, she wants to remove this identity so that she can have a reason to be with Meng Yichen. On the other hand, she is reluctant to give up. She is afraid that she will lose this identity when she doesn’t get Meng Yichen’s love. Then she is really a possession!
She can’t have it all!
夜网论坛But she didn’t know what to do.
If Meng Yichen loves her, everything will be much simpler, but … What can she do to make Meng Yichen love her? !
Bei Yao found two pieces of paper in the gap between the rooms and tables in Bai Jingnian. At first, she was rubbish and wanted to clip it out and throw it away.
But when I was about to throw it away, the two fragments caught her eye.
A scrap of paper, 99, two numbers, and the other one is the word blood.
She looked at the two pieces of blood in confusion, and she couldn’t help wondering what this original thing was. Why would there be such a thing in Bai Jingnian’s room?
Just when she felt confused, a cold sound suddenly sounded "What are you doing?"
It’s Bai Jingnian!
She consciously put two pieces in her pocket and turned around "sir"
"What are you doing?" Bai Jingnian approached her.
Bei Yao smiled, "I help Mr. Clean up."
Okay, she really came to clean up, and that’s how she found those two pieces.
Bai Jingnian looked at a side table with a rag that didn’t get suspicious.
"Get out."
Baguio nodded without staying out of the room.
She went back to her room, locked the door and took the two pieces out of her pocket. She couldn’t help frowning. What is this?
99 blood …
Although there are these words, the information is full!
Bei Yao is not a fool. She will naturally associate it with dna.
But dna, sir, is there something like this in the room and whose dna is it?
Baguio bit her lip and curiosity spread in her heart.
Afterwards, Bei Yao went into the room again when Bai Jing was not in the villa. She tried to find something in the room that was related to the scraps of paper, but she searched the room but found nothing.
Bei Yao recalled that nothing Bai Jingnian had given her needed dna testing.
She can be said to be Bai Jingnian’s confidant. Even Bai Jingnian knows what others do, such as Tian Hang, but she knows that none of these things are related to dna.
Somehow she always felt that it was not simple.
Bei Yao took the initiative to come to Tian Xing, which surprised Tian Xing. He looked at Bei Yao and ordered her favorite drink on weekdays. "Why did you suddenly take the initiative to come to me?"
Bei Yao and Tian Hang have also known each other for a long time. They worked together for Bai Jingnian. She didn’t hide anything, and Tian Hang said what she wanted to know.
Tian Hang frowned after hearing this. "You said that this gentleman really didn’t let me be my hand and few people didn’t receive it."
"I know what I want to know, sir. Why do you want to test dna? Who and who is this dna?"
That 99 makes it clear that this dna is different for two people.
Is it Bai Jingnian himself or …
Tian Xing looked at Bayao and couldn’t help teasing her. "Yaoyao, I’ll help you, but if I help you, don’t you consider giving me a reward?"
Bei Yao drank the waiter and just took a look at Tian Hang. "Want a reward? Ok, don’t you love to drink? I’ll buy 20 cases of your favorite drink for you to drink enough! "
"Yaoyao, you want to drink me to death!"
"It’s not enough that you said you want to reward?"

I was dazed.

Former South-South occasionally said that Lu Da’s sister looked down on her background … Gu Changyu helped her?
South-South whispered, "She’s so nice …"
夜网论坛  title=I know.
It is because of a good heart that I feel ashamed and feel more lost, right?
Even if she has sex once in a while, she is a romantic person.
In this way, women are never envious of others.
Because I feel the same way, I really don’t know how to comfort South-South at this moment.
Finally, she gently pinched her wrist and said, "Don’t think too much."
Nannan smiled at me. "Don’t worry about me."
I, uh, squeezed her hand and changed the subject. "Nice dress tonight."
Nannan is wearing a blue strapless skirt today, which has a pure energy, but it brings some sexy temptations because she is ready to figure out.
South-South bowed their heads and pulled the skirt and smiled. "It’s a gift from Liu Da. Thank you for helping him today … He’s not bad."
I laughed. "That’s good … I know you have a sense."
South-South smiled and patted my hand and said, "Miss Gu seems to see you."
Just talking to the Lu family, Gu Changyu didn’t hear that he was entertaining several important friends.
I looked down the south-south eyes and saw Gu Changyu surrounded by many aristocratic ladies.
But instead of staying, she smiled and waved to me and approached me.
She was dressed in a red high-necked dress, which made her skin white and her facial features pure, and her figure was uneven. It was really eye-catching to laugh first.
South-South cuteness is different, she is gorgeous.
Really worthy of the word "America laguna"
My face also raised a smile and walked towards her step by step.
Chapter 163 Mrs. Li
I heard Ye Xiangyuan calling me as soon as I stepped up.
I turn around.
He and Lu Xun walked out of the room at an unknown time.
Both of them are dressed in black suits, one is luxurious and the other is calm, and there have been many praises around them.
I smiled and waited for the leaves to approach far away.
Tracing the cause walked beside Gu Changyu.
Then Ye Xiangyuan took my hand and walked over.
Many people pay attention.
I thought vaguely that this seemed to be the first time I had officially attended such a grand banquet.
A few times ago, I either invited Ye Xiangyuan’s friends here or Li’s cronies.
Even the unfinished wedding banquet between Ye Xiangyuan and me was not so grand.
When Ye Xiangyuan and I walked to their side, Gu Changyu took my arm and said with a smile, "I’ll take the time to recognize people, so you go to work."
Lu Xun said, "Be careful."
Gu Changyu well a smiling "this is our home is not afraid of"
Seems to be to Li Yu smoke.
I can’t help looking into the distance.
Section 155
He nodded slightly at me.
I have nothing to worry about following Gu Changyu.
As she walked, she whispered, "I’m not afraid to treat them as your students."
I couldn’t help laughing. I didn’t expect her to joke like this.
She added, "Let me introduce some friends to you first."

In the 4th minute, Real Sociedad striker Aguirreche took the ball into the forbidden area and shot low from the far corner. He almost broke the goal and was chased by Diarra and missed the baseline.

In the 9th minute, midfielder prieto Aguirreche made a collision with the wall and then suddenly took a long-range shot in the forbidden zone.
The ball was saved by Adan. Although the angle deviation was not much, it was affected after all.
Finally, the ball hit the goalpost and the bottom line popped up, which made the fans of the royal society who had already got up give a sigh of regret.
The back corner kick also failed to form a goal, and Valla grabbed the first point and pushed it out of the forbidden area to solve the problem.
The continuous attack, although there was no goal, made the morale of the fans of the royal society at home high, singing the team songs and cheering for the team, hoping to score as soon as possible
But Real Madrid’s goal has never been lost.
Although the goalkeeper is not casillas, Dan is not an amateur.
Although the monk Pepe was suspended, Valla’s ability was not weak, and Carvalho, Ramos, Khedira and others helped to defend him.
Xabi Alonso, the midfielder, was suspended, but Diarra, who had better defensive ability, was replaced.
Despite losing some Alonso’s offensive ability, Diarra and Khedira have better defensive ability at the back than Khedira and Alonso.
Real Madrid played a defensive counterattack more resolutely.
Although there are not many opportunities to fight back, it is enough to make the royal society tremble from players to fans.
In the 6th minute, Real Madrid had a counterattack, but for Zema’s wonderful flying of Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid would have taken the lead.
Even so, Real Madrid didn’t wait long for the first goal.
In the 17th minute, we have been attacking Real Sociedad on a large scale, but we still haven’t scored a goal, but Real Madrid scored a goal after Kaka’s breakthrough on the wing, and took the lead in the opening record.
Kaka scored another goal in his few chances to play, and it was the first goal in the key game, which caused tears for Kaka fans on the spot and in front of the camera.
However, after the score fell behind, the Royal Society’s attack became more fierce.
In particular, a young player in the Royal Social Array, Gleizman, is one year younger than Lu Wenbin, but his frontcourt is like a super-fast loach, which makes Ramos, Carvalho and Khedira, experienced defense generals, feel a little difficult to deal with.
Looking emaciated and physically weaker, Real Madrid’s defense has suffered enough.
In the second minute, it was a spike that shook Khedira after Gleizman received the Prieto ball outside the forbidden area, and then tilted Aguirre himself and bypassed Khedira to insert Aguirre to make a wall-hitting match.
Aguirreche put the ball in front of Gleizman at the right time. Before Gleizman grabbed the ball, he passed the ball and entered the forbidden area. Then he faked to block Carvalho in front of him and opened a little gap.
Then, without waiting for Carvalho to remedy Gleizman, he kicked the ball out of Carvalho’s side and went straight to the far corner of the goal.
Dan can’t come although he is too close to react.
The ball escaped Adan’s save and flew into the goal against the far post.
The 22-year-old Gretzman’s Royal Society equalized the score, and several Royal Society fans cheered and screamed. This young genius who debuted in the Royal Society and became famous in the Royal Society paid homage.
In that minute, Gleizman covered up the limelight of Lu Wenbin, the world’s first superstar.
But soon Lu Wenbin told everyone what he was the world’s first superstar in practical action.
In the 35th minute, Real Madrid got a chance to fight back, but Diarra gave Lu Wenbin the ball a little wide.
When he got the ball, adjusted his direction and rushed to the opponent’s forbidden area, the Royal Society defender was ready.
Lu Wenbin gave Kaka the ball instead of forcing it.
Kaka is not a winger, but a shooter, but his cutting line is blocked by the opponent’s full-back, and he can keep going to the baseline and finally barely get his foot in.
Chapter 64 League Championship
Kaka’s ball quality is not high and Lu Wenbin just ran a little.
Just as everyone was watching the ball fly behind Lu Wenbin and then be cleared by the Royal Social Defender, Lu Wenbin suddenly leaned forward, kicked his heel and shot a scorpion with his tail wagged.
桑拿网  title=The ball fell into the goal not far from the goalkeeper who was a little stupid, and it was too late for the goalkeeper to react and try to save it.
Lu Wenbin made an unexpected shot and Real Madrid regained the 21 ST lead.
In the 44th minute before the half-time, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball back, causing the opponent to foul and get an Italian ball.
Lu Wenbin opens a special skill to kick the ball directly into a dead corner. Bravo, the goalkeeper of Royal Society, has this ability.
Lu Wenbin scored twice as Real Madrid and gained a 31-point lead away from home.

Li Mulin’s eyes flashed with panic.

He estimated that he felt flustered when he thought that he had been seen by Ye Xiangyuan for so many years.
I suddenly some wear leaves to far away.
At the beginning, he said that he was best at catching big fish with long lines.
Sure enough, he was lurking for nearly ten years before he went to war with the enemy completely until he was full-fledged.
Li Mulin looked a little distorted and stared at Ye Xiang from afar. "You really have a deep heart. No wonder my dad has always warned me not to look down on you … It’s a pity that I was careless."
Ye Xiangyuan light way "you are not bad"
Li Mulin cold face didn’t answer the words.
Ye Xiangyuan sounds without emotional ups and downs. "You’ve been with me since kindergarten. I treat you as a good friend, but you have ulterior motives … in the end, I’m not sorry for you."
So Li Mulin doesn’t have to be hurt.
Li Mulin leng murmured, "Brother?" There was something bitter in his eyes. "How can we be brothers if we have different positions?"
That’s true
They have been enemies since birth, and neither of them has a choice.
Section 324
Yes, I think Ye Xiangyuan, who was still young at that time, must have been very upset when he learned that Li Mulin was a traitor.
I couldn’t help squeeze his hand.
Ye Xiangyuan tilted his head and smiled gently at me.
I gave him a smile back.
After a moment of sadness, Li Mulin’s tone became cold and hard again. "Even if you know that our family and the Li family are traitors, what can you do … You are still under house arrest by me?"
I shook my head before looking at Li Mulin pretending to be calm.
Compared with Ye Xiangyuan, he was still a lot worse.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t feel nervous and leisurely. "You tried your best to imprison me, and I’m sure I wouldn’t do anything that I’m not sure about. It’s estimated that you would have replaced me with your hand … It seems that now I’m already under control, so I won’t escape."
He is calm and indifferent.
It happened that it was this so-called attitude that made Li Mulin fear.
Li Mulin squinted at him for a long time before he said coldly, "Are you showing weakness to me on purpose?"
Ye Xiangyuan eyebrows slightly pick.
Li Mulin said, "Even if you show weakness, I can’t let you go."
Ye Xiangyuan hook the corners of the mouth didn’t speak.
This inscrutable appearance makes Li Mulin hesitate instead.
He walked back and forth a little anxiously, then let his hand watch and we turned and went out.
As soon as he left Gu Changyu, he quickly came to stop Ye Xiangyuan and said, "Ayuan, what shall we do now?"
Ye Xiangyuan gave her a look.
桑拿会所Gu Changyu eyes filled with tears. "I … I didn’t know he was a traitor … why did you keep it from me? If you tell me earlier, I will not be … "
She began to cry again, and her beautiful face was covered with a layer of light sorrow, which made people feel pity.
I want to talk to her.
It seems that she was kept in the dark about many things. Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun didn’t talk to her.
I neglected me before, and she was spoiled by Ye Xiangyuan and tracing the cause, and she was bound to know their movements.
Now that I think about it, she’s as much a hidden object as me …
I suddenly felt a strange joy.
Maybe they deliberately kept these things from the women around them?
However, a lot of things seem to be known to the eldest sister-in-law, and sometimes Ye Xiangyuan will discuss with her.
Is it because eldest sister-in-law looks more reliable?
Or … Is it because the eldest sister-in-law is bent on revenge for the eldest brother, and Ye Xiangyuan is embarrassed to keep it from her?
I think Gu Changyu has already sat on the other side of Ye Xiangyuan.