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Romania has turned Arsenal’s defence upside down, which is bound to be influenced by physical factors.

Silva Ashley Cole is still experienced, and they focus on limiting Ronaldo’s play and gradually forcing Ronaldo out of the danger zone.
However, Arsenal’s overall defensive center of gravity unconsciously tilted to the left, because Ronaldo was really dazzling in the last period!
He is more outstanding than any other player.
In the seventh minute of the game, Luo took the ball and cut it to Arsenal’s restricted area again.
When he met Silva, he suddenly pulled the ball back and stopped, then pulled back and shook the horizontal ball. When Luo knew that he could crush Arsenal’s defense in one stop.
He tried but failed.
It can be said that no player can defeat the opponent’s defense line by himself in this game.
Chelsea and Arsenal’s defensive strength is no joke.
When there was a few hours left, Ronaldo didn’t stick to the ball selfishly, and his choice made Arsenal defend the unexpected latest chapter reading.
They think that blocking Romania can solve the danger. In the past ten minutes, Romania has posed a threat. [See the latest chapter, please go to the western time. Players pose a higher threat!
Luo blazing with anger looks to the left, and then he picks up the ball with his golden left foot to chop the ball. He has already achieved great success in football skills!
Qin Xiong tried to destroy the ball when the football crossed the halfcourt from the right to the left, but his leg was still a little lower than the ground, maybe just a few centimeters. At that flint, he saw the football fly past his foot.
Luo saw that the tackle failed, Qin Xiong immediately withdrew his eyes and immediately moved to the front of the restricted area to form a pressure on Arsenal’s defense line.
Flying to the left football seems to be for eidur gudjohnsen, but eidur gudjohnsen kept running to the restricted area. When Lauren hesitated for a moment, he saw Bridge rushing to stop the ball on the sideline and made adjustments.
45 degrees!
This middle ball is a semihigh ball outside the middle of the restricted area.
Drogba took the initiative to stop Toure Vieira’s rapid retreat. Toure planned to attack Drogba before and after and asked Drogba to stop the ball. Vieira didn’t believe Drogba could play any further!
But Drogba gave the ball directly to Che eidur gudjohnsen when the football came.
Icelanders don’t hesitate to volley directly at the bouncing football!
Wonderful dazzling volley!
Football hardly rotates and bombards Arsenal’s goal with great momentum!
The audience watched nervously as Lyman calmly translated two steps and then swooped to block the ball!
The powerful shot was blocked by Lyman, but the power was too great. The direction of the football bouncing back was also controlled by Lyman.
Popup football landed in the penalty area line and was good at catching when Lampard was there.
In the face of the rapidly falling football, Lampard can control the shooting angle by clenching his teeth and leaning his body to stretch his right leg as much as possible.
Lampard’s slightly awkward volley sent the football back to Arsenal’s goal!
Ben rushed to stop the football. Campbell showed despair.
Lampard actually kicked out a bouncing ball!
The football flew from his arm to his back. Campbell didn’t turn his head to watch it because he saw Lampard and other Chelsea players’ expressions changed from dignified to happy not far away!
Then it is extremely excited and wild!
The football flew into the middle circle of the referee’s finger in Arsenal’s goal, indicating that Chelsea’s goal was valid!
Chelsea equalized the score! Lampard saved Chelsea! At the last moment, Chelsea showed a will that shocked us! Their tenacious will never give up their spirit and constantly create opportunities. Although their attack is not as mercurydrenched as Arsenal’s, they have a different aesthetic feeling full of power and impact! Drogba is really a statue of Warcraft! It’s rare to be able to control and stop the ball in Arsenal’s restricted area and it was Drogba who gave eidur gudjohnsen the chance to shoot. Although eidur gudjohnsen failed to send the ball directly to the goal, Lampard’s supplementary shot didn’t make their efforts go to waste! The Premier League’s top battle is now 1:1. Will there be a winner when injury time is about to enter?
Lampard’s first Chelsea team celebrated the goal excitedly at Highbury.
Mourinho punched heavily on the sidelines!
The unruly Jong’s facial expression shows a ferocious look!
品茶This goal is more precious than gold!
That’s not just about getting Chelsea from behind to even for this game.
It also has an important influence on the confidence of Chelsea’s temperament and will!
This is Highbury!
In the end, the top battle of the match has been carried out, and the night is as cold as water, and the cold wind blows over Arsenal’s generals, and their bodies are hot as if blood donation is still boiling.
But their hearts inevitably slip through the chill!
It’s special to watch Chelsea celebrate in front of their home, because Chelsea is special in season!
They are not the season’s outbreak waving roubles.

Out of the original city, you will arrive in the wild. In the wild, there are very few things that players can do. Most of them are fighting monsters and killing boss.

It is very rare in the original city, and it is difficult to see it.
Pkpk will be severely punished because special players in the original city are forbidden in the original city.
No one knows the specific punishment yet, but it is said that pk players in the original city have not appeared since they were caught.
As observed by Chen Mo, the number of np in the original city is limited, and no np is redundant.
This is the original city foundation, and everyone must understand it.
However, in Chen Mo’s view, np theory in middle age is more important.
All players will automatically get 1 death point when they come to the original city.
One death point does not mean that one death point is reduced once.
In the end, players will lose half of their death points if they die in any form.
When the player’s death points remain 1 point, he will be forced to deduct 1 point and then the death points will change.
Once the death points change, the player will be expelled from the last method forever and reenter.
While others drop death points, everyone can pick them up.
If you want to kill enough people, you can theoretically get a limited number of death points.
However, middleaged np especially solemnly confessed.
On the same natural day of the game, the player dies five times in a row, and the remaining number of death points will be forcibly deducted to 1 point.
That is to say, no matter how many death points a player has, he will be expelled from the last place if he dies six times a day.
In addition, death points are not simply to offset death punishment.
There is a special np in the original city where death points can be exchanged for various props.
However, the convertible lane has enough death points to see Chen Mo in the redemption list, and it doesn’t know what death points can be redeemed for.
Simply put, in the end, death points are a special currency in circulation.
Now that you have successfully made three turns to the original city, there are a certain number of adventurers. After two or three days, when the number is enough, you will know what you need to do at the end.
Middleaged np finally wakes up in Chen Mo
Although the middleaged uncle np said a lot of things, Chen Mo knew that this was definitely not a department.
Finally, there are many rules
After a circle in the original city, the position and function of each np in the silence are ready to go out of the city to see a last threeturn monster.
However, the original city of Chen Mo actually doesn’t remember anything.
In addition to the seaside city gate, there is another city gate to the wild.
Chen Mo walked out of that gate.
He walked out of the city gate only a few steps away from the gate guard’s sight, and his steps were a meal.
Then more than a dozen people quickly appeared from around.
The new guy death points things want you to know! We want you to have five death points, and we won’t bother you again after you are killed by us and don’t fight back! If you dare to fight back, we will kill you to death points!
The first youth looked at Chen Mo face ferocious laugh wildly and said.
Around him, more than ten people are also ferocious as if they were ready to start work at any time.
Eleven threeturn players!
It’s the first time he’s seen so many players after three turns.
spa会所Looking at the eleven players around, the silence can’t help but try.
He played all over the player’s opponent at level.
Now after three turns, everything has changed. Before three turns, more than twenty players didn’t even have enough teeth for him.
But now in the face of more than a dozen threeturn players, Chen Mo has to be careful
Compared with these players, he has the advantage of characteristic ability
But other than that, the gap is not big
It’s not surprising that he accidentally hit a terrible feature and his ability was spiked.
Black Knife, they are robbing new people of death points again.
Not far away, someone passed by and saw these eleven people acting, but it was normal. This group of people suspected that they were used to doing such things.
Wait! This robbed person is a bit familiar!
Another looked at Chen Mo suddenly indecision said.
Can’t be wrong! That’s him! This is a good show!
He cried with excitement after repeated confirmation.
The second is more to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirtytwo Characteristic ability
Passing players have recognized Chen Mo.
Chen Mo had no rival when he was in the abyss area, but now Chen Mo appeared in the original city a long time late. This player wants to know Chen Mo’s strength after three turns
Well, it seems that this guy won’t be killed by us. It’s my turn in order this time. Don’t rob me!
But stop Chen Mo eleven people haven’t recognized Chen Mo identity one of them is ha ha laughs.
Appear in front of the silence with this person’s body movement.

Two miles away in a jungle, a young man of about 20 years old stopped and turned to look at the corner of his mouth in front, revealing an unknown evil smile.

It’s so easy to track me down. The evil smile on the corners of the mouth became more and more intense in the hearts of young men.
This young man was none other than Chun Tai Shan, the mysterious man who stole Longyang fruit tree.
Just when Chun Taishan was secretly pleased, a handsome and extraordinary young man suddenly appeared in front of him from the sky.
Chun Taishan was surprised and looked at the young man carefully. He was shocked when he recognized the young man as Yang Feifan.
How is it possible that I changed the smell? How can you chase me here? Chun Taishan looked at Yang Feifan with confusion, and his eyes shone with complex and strange brilliance.
Impossible, there are many things.
Yang Feifan laughed. Don’t cover up your body odor with cologne, and I will recognize it. Don’t even ask your companions around you to spray cologne and run away in the other direction, so I can tell the truth from the false.
I don’t want you to follow me by your nose. If something happens, don’t follow me directly by your nose. Chun Taishan’s face suddenly changed and he fled quickly after running energy.
Elder brother is an imperial doctor who specializes in treating no disease. Yang Feifan hey hey smiled like a magic moment and blocked Chuntaishan’s way.
What do you want? Chun Taishan was frightened to disgrace. With kung fu, now he is no match for Yang Feifan.
The only way to meet a local strongman like Yang Feifan is to avoid it and escape quickly.
Give me the Longyang fruit tree, and I’ll let you off the hook. Otherwise, I’ll blame you for the Li family’s intentional killing of Ho Lee last night. I don’t necessarily kill you, but it will definitely make you wish you were dead. Yang Feifan stood without anger and arrogance.
No way Chun Taishan took out a bag of black powder with his right hand and quickly sprinkled it on Yang Feifan.
Yang Feifan cold hum a big sleeve a jilt will head on the powder directly brushed away.
Chun Taishan fled quickly again while Yang Feifan brushed away the powder.
Where to run? Yang Feifan took out a silver needle with a right hand and a clap bag, and flew to Chuntaishan Futu Cave as fast as lightning.
Pure Taishan Gu’s rapid escape never thought that Yang Feifan would launch a silver needle and be directly hit by it.
The socalled gun is easy to hide from an arrow in the back, but it is difficult to prevent it. Pure Taishan miscalculated and fell to the ground.
Yang Feifan smiled and flew to Chuntaishan and looked at him coldly.
I don’t want you to sneak up on me. Chuntaishan Futu Cave was hit by a silver needle, and his feet fell to his knees in an instant.
I’m an imperial doctor who specializes in treating diseases. Don’t worry, I’ll make your heart ache.
Laughing, Yang Feifan took out several silver needles and kept swinging back and forth before Chuntaishan.
What do you want? Chun Taishan’s face suddenly changed with fear when he saw those glittering silver needles.
Chun Taishan really wants to get up and run away, but his feet are very disappointing.
Cure your illness Yang Feifan made a virtual silver needle posture and smiled thoughtfully. If you are available, hand over the Longyang fruit tree quickly or you will die.
Don’t you dare Chun Taishan glared at Yang Feifan angrily. I don’t want to Yang Feifan. What kind of hero is it to have a sneak attack with me fair and square?
Elder brother is an imperial doctor who specializes in treating diseases. Yang Feifan continued to keep shaking his silver needle back and forth.
Chapter 19 is it now?
The silver needle is shining, and the morning sun is shining with dazzling and frightening light.
Pure Taishan gasped at the cold sweat in his heart.
Growing up, he was most afraid of silver needles, and he would have a chilling feeling at the sight of silver needles.
In particular, the feeling of silver needle stabbing into the skin is ten times worse than that of direct knife stabbing.
约茶Of course, these are all pure Taishan’s allergic feelings to silver needles, and others may not necessarily have his feelings.
Dr. Yang Feifan saw at a glance that pure Taishan’s mind would think of silver needle to treat his disease.
I don’t Yang Feifan, you little stinker, you kill me. What kind of hero is it to scare me with these damn things? Chuntai Mountain roared.
I’m sorry, I’m never a hero. I’m an imperial doctor who specializes in your disease. Yang Feifan hey hey smiled.
You are so angry with Taishan that you can endure it
What are you? If you are still available in that sentence, you should hand over Longyang Fruit Tree or you would be dead. Yang Feifan smiled thoughtfully.
Yang Feifan was in no hurry to kill Chun Taishan because of his disposal of the meat board.
Pure Taishan is just the Xuan level. The strong energy is a big level lower than Yang Feifan.
The fluctuation of regional energy emitted by Yang Feifan alone is enough to crush Chuntai Mountain.
Hum Pure Taishan cold hum looked up at the sky and assumed a gesture of death.
Well, since you don’t believe me, I’ll let you talk. Yang Feifan smiled and plunged his silver needle into Chuntaishan’s crying hole like lightning.
The silver needle plunged into the crying hole of Chuntai Mountain, and in an instant, Chuntai Mountain was flooded with inexplicable sadness and then burst into tears like a crying ghost.
Whoops! Chun Taishan cried so tragically that when the sound came out, the turbulence in the forest scared the birds flying all over the sky.
Cry, cry, man. Cry, cry is not a crime. Yang Feifan looked at Chuntai Mountain with a playful smile.
Pure Taishan was so angry that he glared at Yang Feifan and wanted to kill Yang Feifan.
If eyes can kill people, then Yang Feifan has died many times.
Don’t look at me like this. You asked for it. Yang Feifan hey hey smiled. Did you say it now?

How much God cared for him and brought her to him.

She is kind, pure and beautiful, and in contrast, she will do her utmost harm.
He hates to go back when he can’t and let him meet her again.
He will put hatred on her, take care of her carefully, love her when she grows up, take care of her and protect her.
It is another pain to think of the past that hurt her.
This is not only a heart injury for Ke Xin, but also a life pain for Nan Chen Night, which has been deeply felt and will never be erased.
In the past, he could take back the rest of his life and love this little woman. He has her in his world, and his eyes are full of her. He wants to give her all the only one.
The soft and warm fingertips couldn’t help but be swept there. He moved very gently for fear of hurting her.
Kexin’s little blush was about to explode, and even her body was dyed lovely red. She bit her lip and felt her chest running past her.
My body and senses are attracted to the place where the man’s palm touches.
Although she was ready, she didn’t expect that she would accept it so soon!
This process will require a little mental fluctuation, but nothing at all.
"Well …" The sound method inhibits the sound from being so delicate and soft again.
Listening to her whispering, Nanchen Night took turns to attack her on both sides like being inspired …
This little thing has a softer language here, and it is more round and full than when she was a girl. His palm is wrapped just right.
It’s as if his hands were born here and they fit perfectly.
The body is hot and the eyes are filled with blood.
Touching him like this can’t satisfy him. He wants more love, more slender fingers and peeling off her clothes one by one.
Ke Xin was nervous and held her breath. Although she was ready, she was still a little scared when she really faced this moment. After all, they had never been close for so long, and she was not sure whether she could bear him.
The picture I just saw flashed through my mind. He is really too big.
It’s a shame to realize what you think.
Little did she know that she had been stripped naked, and when she found herself naked, her brain turned white for the first time and she was trying to hide herself.
Although she was ready, she was ashamed to hide when she really faced it.
Kexin wants to get over being blocked. Nanchen Night has already taken her hand one step ahead of her. She knows the pen "Don’t block you’re beautiful"
"Don’t look!" Kexin embarrassed to stretch out his hand to cover Nan Chen’s eyes at night. He looked at her like this and she was about to faint with shame. What’s the point of being looked at her like this in broad daylight?
Nanchen night low smile.
He knows little things are shy!
"Okay, I won’t watch it." His voice is hoarse and magnetic with desire, which is even more pleasant and fascinating.
"Xin son …"
It’s the first time he’s called himself that. It’s sweet.
Section 43
On the night of Nan Chen, Kexin was held in her arms tightly. Their bodies were tight and they felt his magnificent chest, but Kexin was soft.
I love you!
Three words are tender and powerful.
spa会所"Xin son I love you! Good hobbies love you! "
A man like Nan Chenye is really the kind of man who never talks about the word love, but now he wants to say that he loves her every day.
I can’t express my hate for her pent-up feelings in my chest in all ways.
"hmm!" Kexin should be as sweet as honey.
"Xiner, I love you!"
Chapter 34 Nan can be happy (4)
Night after night, she kept repeating these three words in her ear as if she were tireless. How can she not know this man’s feelings for herself?
As much as I want to respond to him
But the words "I love you" are not easy to say from Kexin’s mouth.
She is ashamed to express such sweet words.
She is used to this man’s dependence on him, and she can’t help but miss him without him these days. She doesn’t even sleep around him. When this man is around her, she will feel very safe, as if he is her day. When she is without him, she feels that her heart is missing something, and her heart is not complete at all. At the moment she sees him, she can’t help but want to shed tears and her heart finally stops falling. When she decides to join him, she is willing to give it to him physically and mentally. She thinks this should be love?
Otherwise, after this man has done so many cruel things to himself, she will not choose to forgive, let alone be with him.
Isn’t it?
She wants to be with him for so many years, whether it’s those injuries, torture, cruel plunder or selfish imprisonment. She has already unconsciously had different feelings for him!
Even so, I don’t know how to say the word love.
"Xiner, I love you!"
Once again, Nan Chen’s night voice echoed in his ears.
I don’t know how many times these words have been said in Nan Chen’s ear. She knows that she is sweet both physically and mentally.
Although I still can’t say these three words.
I didn’t sleep all night. Nan Chen didn’t feel tired at all. Now I feel like I’ve been injected with stimulants. I’m full of blood and vitality. As soon as he separates her legs, she is tall and squeezes in to let her legs wrap around her waist. Then his lips suck directly at Kexin. I can’t stand touching her, but I feel that there is a fierce beast in my chest clamoring to leave the gate.
Kexin gasped in surprise, and her touch was almost drained, and she could cling to his shoulder weakly.
The broken voice almost drove Nan Chen crazy at night. He moved his lips away from my little girl’s pink, and the pink place was stained with his crystal saliva and trembled slightly like a rain and dew blooming cherry blossoms.
"Xiner called me night!"

It’s also a good thing that Osmanthus Jelly smiles without saying a word in Feng Zhan’s mouth. It’s at least better than being humiliated by Yuan Ruoyang. If there is poison in the cake, then she can die with dignity.

Unfortunately, there is no poison in the cake.
"It doesn’t threaten me that you are now dead. I’m not here to see how you die. I’m here to tell you how your child didn’t have a real emperor. The emperor has always disliked you so much, but you are afraid of your family. Now your family has cut you down and given you three feet of white silk."
Phoenix lamp suddenly opened its eyes. "I don’t believe it."
Yuan ruoyang said nothing
Feng Zhan continued, "If you hadn’t seduced the emperor and blew the pillow wind, how could I be here today?"
Yuan Ruoyang laughed ha ha. "Now you blame me. You’re so sad, but believe it or not, I’m here to spit it out. Anyway, you’re already going. It’s better to be a Honky than a confused ghost."
The phoenix lamp is full of red blood.
She stared at the camera and her pupils contracted slightly, which was so sad and painful.
That shot shocked everyone at the scene.
Wu Dao holds Ba Jingjing.
Feng Zhan began to eat Osmanthus Jelly. She stuffed the first piece, the second piece and the third piece. Suddenly Yuan Ruoyang pooped, "Sorry, the director made me laugh."
Wu guide monitor frowning "Zhao Jieer what’s the matter with you today? Why do you always laugh when shooting well? "
"I’m sorry, I’m serious, but I can’t help laughing at the sight of navy eating Osmanthus Jelly. It’s so funny," Zhao Jieer said shyly
Wu Dao sighed impatiently. "Once again, Zhao Jieer remembers that you are a professional actor."
"I know."
Eat Osmanthus Jelly to Yin. When she got to the fourth piece, she sat first. Zhao Jieer came again and pooped and laughed.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This scene is really funny. I can’t help it."
To let go of Yin, Osmanthus Jelly looked cold and silent.
Eat Osmanthus Jelly to Yin again, but when she eats the fourth piece, Zhao Jieer poops a smile again.
"Zhao Jieer!"
"I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to pay attention every time."
"Enough is enough"
Look at the camera and eat Osmanthus Jelly.
Zhao Jieer once laughed.
Wu Dao was so angry that he dropped the drama "When are you going to shoot this scene, Zhao Jieer?"
"Director, I really want to play it well. I have a date late. This scene is really funny. I can’t help it."
"What’s funny?" What’s so funny about such a tragic situation?
"It’s just that Tehran eats like a clown. Oh, that kind of clown who makes people laugh."
Bow your head to Yin, tidy up your negative emotions and continue to eat Osmanthus Jelly. She has eaten more than two pieces of Osmanthus Jelly since just now, and now her whole stomach is swollen and painful.
However, Zhao Jieer is still ng.
She put on her chest and pretended thoughtfully to say, "I still think it would be better for the director to hang himself."
"…" Wu Dao got up and suddenly fell out of his play. "Are you fucking kidding me? If not, let body double not wave everyone. "
Zhao Jieer was in tears. "Director, I want to make the TV play better."
"I’ll be grateful if you miss ng a few times."
约茶Zhao Jieer came to get back at Yin, but she was hated by the director. She bit her lip and ran back to her room to cry.
Wu Dao shook his head and said to Yin, "Tehran, you’d better hang it, which is the last scene. You can go back after this. Let’s pass it once."
Nodded to Yin slightly.
It was because this was the last scene that she made Zhao Jieer think that she would not meet again after filming today’s scene. There is no need to make it so stiff that everything should be left on the line so that we can meet again in the future.
The last scene
She hanged herself in the golden palace.
The director shouted "ok is perfect"
Smiled at Yin, clutching his indigestion stomach, and said to the director, "Then I’ll go back first. My stomach hurts a little. I’ll go back and take some medicine."
"ok, your play is over here. I’ll inform you to attend the ceremony when you have a good rest."
"Okay, thank you, director."
"I should thank you if you don’t thank me. You helped me interpret such a perfect role. Xiao Hailan is not bad."
Smiled at Yin. "Then I’ll take off my makeup first."
Say that finish to Yin and turn around only to find that He Lianyin is looking at her next to the red column. His eyes are cold and his lips are pursed like ice sculptures without interest.
To Yin slightly one leng immediately curved eyebrow "you’re here"
Section 35
He Lianyin didn’t speak.
He didn’t speak until dinner.
Pour a glass of wine and sit at the table and drink silently.
I sighed at Yin’s heart and took He Liantong to wash his hands and hold the napkin around the dining table. "Tong Tong should eat slowly and don’t spill it, you know?"
"I see." He Liantong bowed his head and drank soup. "Mom, is this your last day of filming?"
"Yes, it’s ok for mom to send you to learn well every day after she has rested?"
"Great!" Tong Tong smiled brilliantly and caught a glimpse of the cold face out of the corner of his eye. He Lianyin asked, "Is mom and dad unhappy? What’s he drinking again? "
"No, your father is happy for his mother. He drank two cups to celebrate one."
He almost fell off the unstable glass in He Lianyin’s hand. He glared at Yin and said to Tong Tong, "No, Tong Tong’s father is unhappy because his mother was bullied and dare not tell him."
Tong Tong rolled his eyes around. "Mom, have you been bullied?"

On the contrary, his ball running is even more unpredictable for a player of a Spanish-Chinese team.

In the 34th minute, Xabi Alonso made a 45-degree angle to the middle. Lu Wenbin first ran two steps into the forbidden area, which led the opponent players who were not accurate in judging the landing point to follow him into the forbidden area.
As a result, when the ball was about to fall, Lu Wenbin suddenly turned over and rushed back to the chest outside the forbidden area to unload the ball.
Then Lu Wenbin turned around and volleyed directly without stopping the ball, and when the root didn’t rush to defend for the opponent’s defender.
The ball passed through the crowd and went straight into the goal.
The goalkeeper was blocked by the crowd in the forbidden area, and even Lu Wenbin didn’t find the shooting route, so he could finally watch the ball get into the net.
Lu Wenbin scored Real Madrid’s fourth goal after completing a hat trick, helping Real Madrid lead their opponents with a total score of 6 at home.
And Lu Wenbin’s personal annual total goal number has reached 137 goals.
And now the game is not even over at half time.
No Real Madrid has scored five goals in a single game since Lu Wenbin moved to Real Madrid.
It seems that everyone in this game can witness Lu Wenbin’s five goals in a single game, and the total number of goals scored in 2008 exceeded 14 goals.
Chapter 541 Red card and Italian ball
Real Madrid’s home game in Bonfradina completed Lu Wenbin’s solo performance.
Lu Wenbin had scored a hat trick before the end of the half-time and refreshed his total personal goals to 137 goals, three goals short of 14 goals.
If he is in the same level as La Liga or Champions League team Lu Wenbin, it is unlikely that he will score three more goals to complete six goals in a single game.
However, in the face of a Spanish-Chinese team, the chances are greater.
Lu Wenbin’s offensive strength is far from the defensive ability of players or the goalkeeper’s ability to keep goals.
The game went on and Lu Wenbin, who had scored a hat trick, didn’t stop his goal at all.
Since the head coach has arranged such an array and tactical configuration, Lu Wenbin does not want to disappoint the coach’s kindness, but also wants to see how many goals he can score in a game.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin is still flying around the field. He has a unique body, speed, ball running, vision and judgment. He has an insight into the opponent’s file and teammates’ intentions and then turns teammates’ assists into goals.
Not long after finishing the hat trick, Lu Wenbin got another good chance in the 37th minute.
This time, most of the players in Bonfradiana paid attention to Lu Wenbin, relaxed their guard against Romania, got a chance to shoot, and then started shooting decisively.
Football is always the most eye-catching focus of the stadium.
Even top defensive players can’t help but watch their opponents’ shots.
When Luo Du started shooting, both players couldn’t help but set their sights on Luo He and the football to save the shot. The goalkeeper naturally relaxed his guard against Lu Wenbin.
So when others watched Luo shoot, Lu Wenbin ran to the small forbidden area by feeling.
Then everyone saw that Bonfradian made a wonderful save with the goalkeeper and saved Luo’s shot from the forbidden area.
But it’s not bad to save the ball. It’s hard to control the direction. The goalkeeper has lost the ball.
Leaving the goalkeeper’s palm, the ball just landed in front of Lu Wenbin. A nearby Bangfradian wanted to clear the ball with a big foot like a defender’s conditioned reflex, but Lu Wenbin rushed over from the forbidden area and stabbed the ball into the goal before falling to the ground.
Then his foot was kicked by the opponent’s defender.
But the ball has got into the goal.
Lu Wenbin completed his senior happiness in the 37th minute, helping Real Madrid to lead 5 at home and bringing his personal total annual goals to 13.
夜生活The commentator of the commentary seat yelled wildly.
"Another goal, Luo shot, which caused the goalkeeper to get rid of it. The clever Lu Xiaojian picked up a leak in the area and stabbed the ball into the goal before the opponent’s defender cleared the way."
"Lu’s ball running is excellent, and his grasp of the ball’s landing point and fighter plane is almost unmatched. Even the ball running master Inzaghi, who is known as the king of the small forbidden area, is much inferior to Lu."
"The fourth goal Lu has scored the fourth goal of his game, completed his fourth happiness and refreshed his personal annual total goal figure to 13 goals."
"Crazy, crazy, it’s only the 37th minute of the half-court. Lu has finished his senior year’s happiness, let alone five goals in a single game. I think Lu has no problem with six goals in a single game today. Lu’s total number of goals will definitely exceed 14."
A commentator asked the special guest, "It’s only the 37th minute of the half-time, and there are about 9 minutes before the end of the half-time. Do you think Lu will score again?"
The guest sighed, "I guess it’s not impossible for me to know that Luca scored five goals over the clock and scored a goal in nine minutes to complete his highest personal record of five goals in a single game in La Liga."
The commentator nodded, "Yes, it’s good that Lu Wenbin can finish five goals in a single game. I didn’t expect to see Lu finish five goals in a single game at half time."
The commentators roared and sighed, and the teammates in Zhonglu helped them up.
Although I was hurt by a kick from the defender, it was just a hard injury. I took two steps and I was fine.
Lu Wenbin’s digital injury tendency makes it difficult for him to get injured.
Even if you are injured, it will be some hard injuries, minor injuries and skin injuries, which will not affect the game and will not interrupt your career.
Hugging and high-fiving with teammates to celebrate, and then waving to the fans in the stands while walking to their own half, once again caused a tsunami of applause and cheers.
Lu Wenbin’s performance made many fans hooked up.
I finished my senior year before the half-time, and the fans seemed to be a god.
The game continued, and Bonvladiana was a little angered by Lu Wenbin.
It’s good that they are a third-class team, but they can’t bully people like this.
It’s too bullying to treat them as the background of scoring data. It’s too contemptuous of people.

Looking at Chris motionless, I stretched out my hand and pulled her over and asked, "What’s the matter? I haven’t seen you for a few days to see if you are fat? "

"Escape see you say I which meeting fat this little sister is …"
"Ah, let me introduce you. This is payon, the little sister you met after you left. Tell jathyapple jathyapple to say hello to Sister Chris."
Jathyapple looked at me and glanced at Chris and said softly, "Hello, Sister Chris!"
Chris also looked at it, and I looked at it again. jathyapple was thinking about being late and asking the moonlit cat what was going on.
"Chris, did your father finish it for you?" My mood soared when I saw Chris.
"Well, not yet. Scarlett and I have looked for many places and haven’t found the reason, but what are you doing calling me here in such a hurry? Is there something urgent? " Chris took my hand and said
"well! It’s something to wait for. Let’s talk about it together. Now let’s have a good experience of the world of two people ~ we must kiss today. "
"What two people world do you think jathyapple is watching?" Chris pushed me away and said with a big smile.
"There is a’ Snow Queen’ in jathyapple. You go directly to the clerk and ask for money. I am out!"
"No problem, I went. You can take your time!" Jathyapple ran to Taiwan without saying anything.
I didn’t expect that Chris would catch her breath again and again, which made my heart itch very much. Although it is inhuman, it is human nature for men and women to have sex. Sometimes I really admire’ Scorpio’ and can design such a real NPC. If someone tells me that the game in Wonderland can’t be played anymore, believe me, I will be the first to pick up a submachine gun and rush to the Wonderland Company to shoot, but no one knows about Wonderland Company.
It took a while for the two couples, the disease, the dark fire and the blood repellent, to take turns to see that it was almost dawn during the game. In reality, I told them about the Iron Man Project at 5: 30 in the afternoon and attached an episode, which made everyone applaud and Chris shouted "No!" However, a few people failed to say anything from most Chris. Finally, I said, secretly said, and even coaxed and cheated, and finally agreed to my method.
Dream Rock is the biggest black market in Wonderland, and most of the players here are going to buy equipment or gamble here. Of course, emerging industries have not been established so soon, but it is only a matter of time before the discussion on the Internet. People who are enthusiastic and energetic should have thought of this industry.
A group of people came to Mengluoke through the ice fox [seeing off the array]. Disease method and I went to the front to discuss the establishment of a guild, while Chris and jathyapple went to the back. Chris first asked, "How dare you leave payon Cave without permission, moonlit cat?"
"I’m not to blame for this, but he is," jathyapple said, pointing to me.
"What is this elegant? Your ability to be ten elegant may not beat you, "Chris retorted.
"How do I know that he [seeing off the array] can actually break the ban? At first, I wanted to try, but the truth came out. Sister Chris, let me play for a while when you see that we were created in the same period?" Jathyapple asked eagerly looking at Chris.
"I can’t decide this. After all, you are the first top BOSS to leave your territory, but how can you follow elegant? Wouldn’t it be nice to play by yourself? "
"I don’t know about this. I feel that my elegant brother smells like’ him’."
"’he’? Why can’t I feel it? "
As they talked in detail, we arrived at the auction house mentioned by Iron Man.
The location of the auction house near the east gate of Mengluoke is really good. It is located next to the east avenue of Mengluoke. There is a big square next to the address, and an ancient Indian dome building has been built in the address (I have seen buildings so I can see it at a glance). The whole dome is estimated to be about 1,000 square meters. I believe this is also bought by the Iron Man Association, and a gate sign’ Elegant Auction House’ is hung at the door of the house! It’s always funny to see your name. Think again that your design software seems to have signed an elegant name, and that computer association is also elegant. The more you think about it, the more wrong it is. Don’t bump into each other, or my identity will be vividly portrayed.
Iron man saw our party and immediately informed him. Iron man rushed over as quickly as possible, took my hand and smiled and asked, "It’s really remarkable. What kind of people do you think are coming with you?" The sage is ill? I remember that when I was a mage, I challenged and won many two-turn professional players. "
When the iron man’s eyes swept over the ice fox, he immediately stayed for one or two eyes, looked at the ice fox’s equipment and soon screamed, "Oh, my God, what do I see? Tianyi-Moon Dance? The armor worth 40,000 RO coins was actually seen by me. "
Chapter VII Sensation (2)
Chapter VII Sensation (2)
The offer of Iron Man immediately startled everyone except me. 40,000 RO? Equivalent to the reality of 40 thousand yuan, blood repellent and ice fox immediately realized what I gave them, and their eyes became uneasy when they looked at me
I put my shoulder on the iron man and said, "Are you so surprised by these little things? Won’t you jump off a building when you see something better? Right? Ha ha! Go in, Brother Bloody. Don’t worry about small things. "
After listening to what I said, both of them felt a sense of trust that they had never had before. It is impossible for them to add up to 10 thousand yuan in a year’s salary. Now giving them something worth 40 thousand yuan is enough to make them feel a little overwhelmed.
Iron man’s original surprised expression became surprised when he saw jathyapple’s fur in his eyes. He turned several rounds at jathyapple and kept whispering, "What is this girl’s body? How come I haven’t seen it? Strange! "
Jathyapple pouted and said, "What’s the fuss? Don’t look at my elegant brother and sister Chris like this. Look, this man is really strange."
Chris can’t help but laugh. I didn’t expect the cat to be so good this night. Think about it for the time being and don’t expose it. It seems that this top BOSS won’t hurt elegance.
And my iron man went on to say that he would go to the auction house first to pull the iron man.
As soon as I entered the auction house, I saw that there were about 10 thousand seats arranged like cinemas. I didn’t expect the iron man to be really powerful. He wanted to build a cinema auction house in the Indian dome building, and every seat had a row of numeric keys. I believe this is the bidding device, and I don’t know how he really wanted to ask for advice from Unicom.
Our party was arranged in a four-story VIP room facing the auction platform, and everyone sat down. Both sides of me were occupied by Chris and jathyapple early in the morning, and they and the blood-repelling couple could sit on both sides.
A radio sounded, "Dear players, before the first auction in Wonderland begins, we will introduce an auction house."
"The auction house is supported by elegant players in Wonderland!"
As soon as the broadcast finished, it began to talk about who is elegant. As we all know, many players are discussing the origin of this elegant player. More people are more interested in who is this elegant player.
The radio went on to say that "the auction items include weapons, ornaments, armor, pets, not for sale, etc., and there are also four poles of equipment that will definitely not disappoint everyone."
"In addition, the elegant player auction house has prepared the last auction, and until now the auction house doesn’t know what it is. I believe everyone is interested in knowing what it is?"
"So let’s start by saying that if the auction is divided into three stages, in the first stage, there will be a large number of auctions of first-class and second-class equipment, and the property price list will appear on the big screen at the back. Players can choose one hour by themselves. In the second stage, they will auction third-class equipment and special objects. In the third stage, they will auction four-class equipment and some rare objects. In the first and second stages, players can choose the object code through the seat digital panel and enter the price you set, and in the third stage, they will make public bidding."
Speaking of which, the first stage will be held. Please look at the screen.
A huge screen was immediately erected on the big stage, and a small screen appeared in front of the players’ seats. We all slowly looked at what was particularly suitable. I didn’t know that I was shocked when I looked at it. I didn’t expect that there were so many things in the first stage, totaling 620,432 pieces, and they were also put in different interfaces in different categories. But for these things, I’m not very interested in the second-class equipment. First of all, I don’t need two Chris. We don’t need three. Several of our players are already in the middle and high level. These bases are nothing. We don’t care, but jathyapple seems to be very interested. She keeps looking at something from time to time and asks me if I want it. Although I don’t have any RO coins now, I believe that the amount of money to sell these four angels Polly is definitely large, and I don’t worry about losing money. I will buy whatever jathyapple wants. Speaking of it, from the first time I saw jathyapple, she felt
An hour passed quickly, and I believe that every player chooses his favorite or something, because one hour is not enough for the player department to read these things.
The system automatically gives whether the player actually bought the item or not. The player knows that others bid more than him, but he doesn’t know it. This is also an iron man’s means to facilitate the next time when others actually invest in the same item, they will naturally pay more and earn more.
I looked at the screen and looked at jathyapple with a wry smile. This guy actually bought 30 things, 20 of which were all kinds of headdresses or the lowest ones, such as purple hair bands, silver hair clips, sandals, charm necklaces, etc. There was nothing but the other 10 were strange things. I don’t know what a pet egg was, a bird’s nest, three green apples, a hundred love chocolates, etc. Looking at a lot of things and looking at the settlement price, 132,324 RO coins was not much, but I didn’t have the money. The auction was settled once after the end.
桑拿网Watching jathyapple play with those things happily and with a happy face, even if it’s 130 thousand, I’m worth it. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to have 10 million yuan of easy money a month, and there are hundreds of millions of software behind me to support me. Now I’m like a rich man, although the money hasn’t arrived yet.
"Thank you for your support in the first stage, which sold 2.212342 items. The rest will be left for an auction to start the second stage."
After the broadcast, about four kinds of things appeared on the screen immediately. These are all good things, and I also carefully looked to see if there was anything I needed.

After dinner, two people came out of the restaurant hand in hand.

When shopping! A little girl selling flowers stepped in front of them.
"Sister, you are so beautiful. Let handsome brother buy you a bunch of flowers!" As she said, she held a bunch of flowers in front of them. Is the flower beautiful or is it a rose night? Xi Han really likes roses to represent love. Of course, she also wants her beloved man to buy it himself like other girls.
Mu Lingtian frowned and turned to look at her. "Do you like it?"
Yexihan is embarrassed to nod. Nodding means telling him to say something. Isn’t he overbearing at ordinary times? Also ask her? Why don’t you just buy Dong for her?
"Then let’s go!"
Disappointed and a little lost in my heart
This night is much more romantic than him.
品茶  title=Mu Lingtian is stingy with sending her flowers …
You said you were going out with him? This is not a date. It’s not a date without a flower root.
Seeing that the purpose of teasing her has reached Mu Lingtian, she smiled and pulled out a few bills from her wallet. "Is the little girl enough?"
Actually, at ordinary times, he is a card and has no habit of loading money. Today, he deliberately put it in a stack to facilitate shopping. Fortunately, he has foresight, otherwise he didn’t want to buy a bunch of flowers for his woman, so he couldn’t be cash-strapped.
"Brother, enough is enough, not so much! Just fifty dollars … "
"Keep it!"
The little girl nodded her thanks again and again and said sweetly, "Sister, you are so happy. Brother is so kind to you."
With that, the little girl ran away
"Take it!" Muling handed her the flowers.
Night Xihan was silent for a while without taking it.
He didn’t even say he would give it to her …
Although there is a word difference between’ holding’ and’ sending’, the meaning is completely different.
"No?" Mu lingtian raised his eyebrows and smiled at the corners of his mouth.
Night Xi Han does not move
"If you don’t like it, I will throw it away!" Mu Lingtian found the trash can and made a throw.
Night Xihan was annoyed and his heart was broken all over the floor.
Is it so hard to say that you can give it to her?
Awkward to withdraw your hand Mu Lingtian didn’t do as she wished.
Put aside your face and ignore him
Mu Lingtian smiled with a genie. "The goblin just teased you and gave it to you!"
Night Xihan lowered his head and jerked his lips, quietly evoked eyebrows and curved his eyes. She tried her best not to want him to see the roses, sniffed them slightly, and smelled them in her nose. She felt that this moment was very warm.
MuLingTian sigh how this woman is so easy to full zu…… …
Looking at this little face full of zu, the smile is really beautiful. The night when Xihan came, it was long, beautiful and beautiful. Now it’s a little more shy for my little daughter’s family. I have an impulse to kiss her and I want to kiss her urgently.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Dating
Hook her wrist, take her body into her arms, bow down and kiss her lips deeply.
Night Xihan didn’t react, so he grabbed him and then he kissed crazy in love.
There was a circle of people watching them kissing here. It was a beautiful scene …
Mu Lingtian kissed her and let her go. Night Xihan’s face was flushed like waiting to taste peaches.
Look at the people around you and watch them. Night Xihan has some tears and her face is red.
After shopping for a while, Mu Ling wanted to buy something she liked with Ye Xihan. As a result, the night girl didn’t like to ask her anything except shaking her head or shaking her head, which made Mu Ling’s heavenly heart even more depressing … and her guilt was even deeper.
Night Xihan’s feet were bare before he recovered, and he left for too long. They strolled for a while and then walked into a cinema.
When Mu Lingtian queued up to buy tickets, Ye Xihan went to buy two cups of milk tea and a bucket of popcorn … Popcorn is the original milk tea. She chose a signature cup of strawberry. He didn’t know what taste Mu Lingtian liked, so he chose two cups of popular.
When he came back, Mu Lingtian was still waiting in line.
Looking at him from a distance in the crowded crowd waiting to buy tickets, he seems a little out of place, but one thing is that he definitely stands out from the crowd. There are always some girls around him who cast obsessed eyes on him from time to time. It’s a little delicious at night, but more people feel so happy. How can a man like him bow his head and do these things without moving her?
Suddenly, she felt that this happiness was too unreal … I always felt that something was wrong.
Where is it?
She can’t say it!
Squeezed out of the crowd, Mu Lingtian couldn’t help but want to swear. Damn it, he had to wait in such a long line to buy a movie ticket … But this little woman was willing to break her life for the first time.
Night Xihan snickered and took a few sips of milk tea, not wanting to know that this was his first time!
Who would have thought that the president of Mu’s company would queue up to buy movie tickets one day?
It’s incredible to think about it.
When they walked in, the movie just started. There were many people today, and the cinema was almost full.
They came to a remote place where the location was not very good.
However, the large screen does not affect the viewing very much.
Put the popcorn and pass another cup of milk tea to Mulingtian, and the two of them began to watch movies.
Mulingtian doesn’t drink this kind of thing and put it aside.
It’s fun to drink at night, and it won’t take long to get rid of half a glass.
"Is it delicious?" Like being infected by her facial expression, Mu Lingtian asked.
"yeah!" Ye Xihan nodded, and the milk tea was that smell, mainly because she was very happy today and the milk tea she drank was delicious.
"Bring it here and I’ll have a drink!"
Ye Xihan struggled with a whisper, didn’t he? What should I drink her?

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!