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Xin Tongzheng felt refreshed. A breeze came through the window and suddenly came to his nose. He felt sticky and greasy, and he couldn’t say how uncomfortable he was. Xin Tongzheng walked out of the house and looked around. He was very strange. I don’t know who sent him back to the post office from Baihuayuan Bamboo House.

Sunlight seems to make you feel worse. Xin Tong came to the bathroom and filled the bath bucket with water, undressed and stepped into the bucket.
My Lord has finally woken up. Suddenly, a fierce and violent voice full of hegemony sounded in Xin Tong’s mind, but it turned out that he had been sleeping for many days, and he was furious with the thunder sword.
Xin Tong read aloud with great joy, Aren’t you going to sleep for a long time when your spiritual strength is exhausted? How did you recover so quickly? Oh, is it that Bi Youxian Tanlu has worked?
Blue fairy haze dew? My Lord actually ate the dew of the blue fairy? The voice of the tyrant is full of surprises. Where did my master get the fairy dew?
Xin Tong will tell Ba Jue once, and then tunnel with deep feeling, Brother Ba woke up from a deep sleep because of the beautiful fairy dew, and I also consciously made great progress. If I want to come to Wing silently, I will certainly benefit a lot from the fairy dew. What the reincarnation flower demon said is really empty … How wonderful are most monsters I met?
Monsters are as good and bad as people. There are monsters who are kind to the extreme and evil monsters who are more vicious than human beings. The tone of bully Jedi is very indifferent. He has seen too many monsters of various natures in his long life
Brother bully will not fall asleep again in the short term, will he? Wrong novel network many words this knife spirit his great Yan San people may recognize the words Dahua Dayanlu at the same time, which is very important for Xin Tonglai.
It depends on my major. When my Lord meets a strong enemy, he still needs my spiritual strength. If my spiritual strength does its best to fall asleep again.
Xin Tong heard the words and sweated.
Heavy footsteps outside the house sounded like a whirlwind of black tower blowing into the bathroom avenue. Little Martial Uncle, wake up … wow! Uncle Xiao, why is your face so white? And cloud that small white face have a fight! Wow, haha, after that, the old black will call your face very white, little martial uncle!
Xin Tong stopped talking with Dao Lingba and stopped bathing. How can my face turn white? He glared at Sun Damo and said, Is it fun to say that you are young?
Sun Heita’s face showed a look of horror and immediately cried out, Little Martial Uncle, an old black man is stupid, but his eyes are not blind. At the very least, you can tell black from white. See for yourself if your skin is white, delicate and smooth?
桑拿会所  title=Xin Tong was treated with goose bumps by Sun Damo’s last word, but at this time, he took time to consider where he learned this form of words, Xin Tong looked down at his chest.
Just as the old saying goes, if you don’t look, you don’t know what to look at! Xin looked at the same thing as when Yun Dan saw his skin turn red, black and blue that day, and he was violently jumped by himself.
Sun Damo’s terrain is really appropriate. At present, his skin is really white as jade; Touching two hands is really delicate and smooth!
This white as jade, delicate and smooth skin seems to have an indescribable flow!
Don’t ask, it must be caused by the beautiful fairy dew!
Previously, his mind was talking with the knife spirit, but he didn’t notice the change of his skin color. Looking at the black layer of oil on the water surface, Xin Tong was overjoyed. This blue fairy dew is not only of great help to practice, but also has the miraculous effect of detoxification and beauty. It’s really extraordinary … Grandma, this time, look at that guy Yunxiaobai, where is it better than old! You are a small white face … always a big white face!
Ask Sun Damo about the date Xin Tong knew that he had slept for more than 20 days when he was asleep. During his sleep, Qin Chengyuan and Xiao Cao came to visit Qin Yuxiang several times a day, and even the little princess left at sunrise and sunset, which was almost a storm. Because of the funeral of the emperor of Nanhande Bank the day before yesterday, she didn’t come these days.
My heart felt strange and dark … Since then, it should be called Xin Dabai. At this time, he has not continued to bathe, and he casually wiped two clothes and strode out.
Jade Eagle Wing silently eats fairy Tanlu much less than him. Now that more than 20 days have passed, Xin Tong must have woken up. He tried to send out his mind and immediately got a reply from the two demons.
There is a hint of uncontrollable joy and gratitude in the faint tone of Jade Eagle Wing, but the silent tone exaggerates a lot. The strong master finally wakes up, and he is silently grateful to the master. The master is the best master in the world, and his love for the master is like a river. The master is … yo …
Xin Tong’s hair stood on end by this crazy meal silently, but now he is in a good mood, and he has not silently cared about it, so he has done his best to ask them about the fairy dew.
The answer was great, and it was expected that the jade eagle wings silently turned to the blue fairy dew to help condense into Dan again!
Xin Tong’s happiness is really serious, almost happier than the moment he knew that he had faded away and his skin turned white.
Days of anger, thunder, knives, snow and green valleys swallowed up the two Dan, which caused great damage to both of them. As Jade Eagle and Wings got along silently for a long time, Xin Tong gradually developed feelings of guilt for them, and day by day he kept thinking about how to make Jade Eagle and Silently reunite with Dan. At this time, it was very happy that their longcherished wish was achieved.
Xin Tong laughed at the sky for a few times, making Jade Eagle Wing fly back silently and quickly.
A moment later, the jade eagle grabbed it and flew silently away from the ground. When it was more than ten feet high, the jade eagle lost its claws in silence.
Xin Tong felt ironic. It seems that Jade Eagle still bears a grudge silently. He turned around and immediately stopped silently. Even if he was a few tens of feet taller, he didn’t see that he could fall to death. Look at this guy’s performance after he formed Dan again.
Silently, I can’t stop yelling, Strong master, help, help, silent acrophobia, strong master …
It’s amazing to know the word fear of heights silently. When I think of the jade eagle hanging silently halfway up the mountain, how can it mean to be afraid of heights?
Fuck your grandmother’s fear of heights Xin Tong criticised Five big three thick guys are so timid that they have to find a way to ignore them
Spiritual communication is extremely fast, but the speed of falling silently is not slow. Besides, it has a height of more than ten feet. In the blink of an eye, it has come back silently, and before it is finished, it has already smashed the rockery in the courtyard.
There was a loud bang, and it seemed that the whole courtyard was shaking, and the dust filled the rubble and splashed. A huge rockery was smashed by this silent ling!
Yo, yo, yo, it’s all right to fall so high. Yo, the strong owner is also very strong now ….. Climbing out of the rubble silently unscathed … Milliscale injury waddled towards Xin Tong, who was surprised and funny. This guy’s flesh is not generally thick.
The distance between the collapsed rockery and Xintong is about 30 feet. In the process of crawling, the body is constantly changing, sometimes it is as thick as a giant tree, sometimes it is as small as a steel bar, sometimes it is round, sometimes it is flat, sometimes it is short … Although there is no spiritual communication, Xintongbai silently expresses its passion to himselfof course, it also shows off that it is so strong.
Silently, the original black scales reflected a little blue light, which surprised Xin Tongyou. In the middle of the silent python’s head, a meat column more than an inch long actually grew! No matter how silently the body changes, the shape and size of this meat column change. Xin Tong Daqi wondered, Does that fairy dew not only make it become a Dan silently, but also make this pythonheaded longhorned old hen with a bulging head turn into a duck? Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Silently climb to the front, bow up, fly up, wrap around Xin Tong’s waist, and the meat horn stands forward like a column, which looks rather indecent. Because this meat horn can’t change, Xin Tong has to silently erect the meat horn into the air and then take a robe to cover the outside.
The jade eagle falls into the courtyard with its wings held high, and two red eagles stand with their heads held high. The divine light in their eyes is sharper than before, and Wei Xin is born. It is very strange that the jade eagle’s food fairy has a little more dew than silence, but the shape of Dan has not changed again.
It is strange that Xin Tong has never seen Gao Da. Sun Damo told Gao Da’s legacy that he had something else to do. He left Beijing more than ten days ago.
South Hande Imperial City is known as the Southeast Prosperity, but when Xin Tong arrived in Beijing, he fell asleep because of eating fairy dew that night. Now the emperor of South Hande Bank has been buried. He has been sleeping for more than 20 days, and Qin Chengzuo must have done almost everything for him. It is estimated that he will return soon and never go out again. From a certain level, it can be said that he came to South Hande for nothing.
After the burial of Emperor Kai, the capital was immediately restored to its bustling strip. Pedestrians jostled each other, and shop signs were selling one after another, which was very lively.

The fifth volume Fairy haze dew Chapter IV Revenge ()
The fifth volume Fairy haze dew Chapter IV Revenge ()
Walking through the hustle and bustle of people, Xin Tong suddenly remembered that the stone thief had asked him to take the piece of Yu Pei. Is it really necessary to take? It seems that there seems to be a way to go. It is impossible to leave South Handexing without seeing that piece of Yu Pei. Is it that the little emperor of Yu Pei hangs around like a take?
Tan Lu, a beautiful fairy, changed her skin color, and Xin Tong changed from black to white. Sun Damo beside her was darker than the bottom of the pot, and she looked like a jade! Walking around with black hair, waving robes, and being tall and imposing, those who are shorter than him are really different from others.
There is not a girl who has lived without being firmly absorbed by him and unconsciously stopping to watch; If he was slightly confused eyes swept but also can’t help the ground peach blossom.
It is Xin Tongxin who thinks about how to take it unnoticed. Although Yu Pei is in a downtown area, he turns a blind eye to everything and walks around with Sun Damo.
Walking through a crossroads, the crowded strip suddenly became quiet, and then several people broke out at the same time, full of amazing light calls.
From the extreme to the static, and then to the extreme, such a huge contrast finally woke up the illusion.
In the sight of Xin Tong, there is a luxurious soft sedan chair. Xin Tong looked at it and was surprised and surprised.
The soft sedan chair bearer turned out to be a young woman of similar height!
What is even more amazing is that this woman is beautiful or rich, or slim, or pure, or charming, and her eyes are like stars and eyes, but all of them are extremely rare!
More than that, there are two beautiful girls on both sides of the soft sedan chair, who are better than the famous sedan chair girl, even if Qin Yuhan is no less beautiful than the grass!

I looked up and looked at her.

She hooked her mouth and sneered, "I knew you would have this day."
I didn’t do it.
She laughed more and more wantonly. "How does it feel to be abandoned by Ayuan?"
I stared at her with a straight face.
Her eyes filled with schadenfreude with a smile. "I just came here today to see how down and out you are … Do you think if I take a photo of you and send it to Gu Changyu, will she give me a reward?"
Gu Changyu?
I can’t help thinking about her name in vain.
I narrowed my eyes and stared at her. "You knew Ayuan liked Gu Changyu?"
Xiaoyan raised her hand over her scattered shoulders, and her curly hair was so funny that "of course"
My eyes sank.
She held out her hand and blew her big red nails and smiled. "Ye Sanye told me that I deliberately kept it from you and Li Yuyan just to see you dog eat dog."
Chapter 39 at leaves home.
It turned out that Ye Sanye said
I looked at Xiaoyan for a long time.
I can understand her mentality of sitting on a high platform to watch a movie, but she obviously doesn’t want to watch a movie and wants to benefit the fishermen.
She is so happy now that I am down and out.
At the moment, her mouth is smiling smugly, as if she had stepped on my foot and enjoyed her victory.
I can’t help saying, "Don’t you hate Gu Changyu? She is the one who likes Ayuan. "
Xiaoyan glanced at me contemptuously. "I dare not argue with a arrogant woman like her. Only a fool like you will provoke her. You see that you are being driven abroad by Ayuan because you have offended her."
She’s not wrong about that. Everything started with Gu Changyu. Even though I left willingly, I still couldn’t agree.
But for Xiaoyan, I am also very despised.
She used to give me medicine and set me up to see that I had no background or family background.
She didn’t dare to fight Gu Changyu and Li Yu’s pipe. At the end of the day, it was just bullying.
This kind of villain is even more hateful and pathetic.
She’s throwing herself around in front of me now, and she’s giving me a bad breath, but in fact, I lost Gu Changyu’s hand. What do you have with her?
Even if Ye Xiang and I are far away from marriage, Ye Xiangyuan can’t really look at her.
Of course, I also want to argue with her, so let her be complacent.
I became silent and stopped talking to her.
Xiaoyan hooked her lips and sat in front of me with her legs crossed. It seems that she still wants to satirize me a few words.
At this time, there has been no Han Qingshan to stop her from "doing it"
Xiaoyan pie pie shows no gas expression.
Han Qingshan said lightly, "If you don’t want to die, don’t provoke the time."
Xiaoyan’s face changed from red to white, and her eyes flashed a bit unwilling.
品茶论坛But she didn’t say anything, but snorted to express her dissatisfaction.
I narrowed my eyes.
It seems that Xiaoyan is afraid of Han Qingshan.
Han Qingshan sat opposite me on the sofa and explained, "Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely not bothering you to bring her here."
And he gave Xiaoyan a warning look.
Xiaoyan may have been stimulated to say sarcastically, "You’re not a good person, so you cheat her such a fool." She turned to me and sneered, "Don’t be cheated by him. If he was really nice to you, he wouldn’t put you under house arrest."
I’m a little funny. Are these two people talking about each other?
Neither Han Qingshan nor Xiaoyan is a good person.
I don’t believe any of them, and I don’t like any of them.
Han Qingshan listened to Xiaoyan’s words and her face turned cold.
His eyes swept Xiaoyan sharply.
Perhaps it was the coldness in his eyes that frightened Xiaoyan. She immediately shut her mouth and even dared not cross her legs. She sat down and dared not say another word.
I rarely see Xiaoyan showing such weakness. Even if she was caught by Ye Xiangyuan, she didn’t change her domineering. Later, when she was stabbed, she still kept her fierce and vicious.
I can see that she is afraid of Han Qingshan.
I can’t help but look back and forth between her and Han Qingshan.
Then I thought about it for nothing.
Han Qingshan and her relatives must have rescued her because she still has.
She is a chess game, and of course she can be pushed around by Han Qingshan.
What is Han Qingshan going to do with Xiaoyan’s chess?
Xiaoyan is now completely declining and driven out of China by Ye Xiangyuan. It seems to me that Xiaoyan has been in one place.
But people like Han Qingshan must not do anything.
I guess he may want Xiaoyan to deal with Ye Xiangyuan.
But I can’t guess exactly how to do it.

She belongs to the sheep, and he belongs to the tiger. The fortune teller said that they would not listen to the fortune teller’s nonsense together, and she knew very well that being with him was just like saying the sheep went into the tiger’s mouth.

When black belly meets Leng Qing’s silence and confronts man show’s new love pk’s old love, a series of fierce collisions and sparks are everywhere, and wonderful love is performed!
Man, your heart is too soft! (Punishing Cui Zha)
品茶论坛Li Zhenyu smiled and put a pistol. I am also reluctant to destroy flowers!
Xia Xue almost crooked nose! Just as he was about to scold Li Zhenyu for being infatuated with flowers, he immediately raised his other wrist and pointed the Swiss mechanical watch at Cui Siyan. But you have to come with us!
Cui Siyan was about to pull out a gun and move it. She felt a slight numbness in her arm, and the whole person froze. She couldn’t move any more, so she lost her resistance in an instant.
Bang! The spear fell to the ground and Cui Siyan’s body fell limply.
In a blink of an eye, Li Zhenyu solved the four people in the bedroom, Xia Xue sighed, and at the same time, she was glad that her mouth was not so fast, and she could not help but scold him for being anthomaniac.
Jin Woo, what shall we do? Xia Xue was a little flustered. After all, there were three bodies lying in the room. Cui Siyan was anyway. If there was not Li Zhenyu around, she would really be scared to make a dash for the door.
Don’t panic, Linglang horse will arrive! Li Zhenyu leaned against the back of the bed and gasped slightly, killing three people and stopping Cui Siyan. He spent a lot of effort just waking up. He urgently needed a rest, but he could hold on before Ling Lang arrived!
Jin Woo, I’m here! Linglang listens to the sound coming out of his watch and the call has been going on. Open the door!
This time, before Li Zhenyu spoke, Xia Xue immediately rushed over and opened the door.
It turned out that Cui Siyan had locked the door, but it was possible to open the door lock from the inside. Obviously, Ling Post was white. When saving, he didn’t compete with the door lock and let the people inside open it directly.
When the door opened, Ling Lang came in with people, all of them were tough and good, armed with light submachine guns, and the most surprising thing was that Yang Hong was here.
Yang Hong! Lizhenyu Zhang cilia slightly obviously some accident.
Are you going to frighten the living to death! YangHong grumpily white his one eye came over and asked ? Need to carry you! Now we must leave!
Section 263
They must leave before anyone finds out!
Give me a hand! Li Zhenyu didn’t try to be brave. Now he is a little weak, and even worse, he didn’t eat enough after waking up and didn’t even add a bag of salt water.
Xia Xue looked at YangHong and made sure he didn’t know him! But look at him and Li Zhenyu seems to be very familiar, so you can rest assured.
Ling post you protect Xia Xue! We can leave smoothly by bringing Cui Siyan with her! Lizhenyu was Yang Hong stood up and still arranged in an orderly way
I have to admit that Li Zhenyu won’t panic when he talks about it. He knows exactly how to choose and arrange.
Cui Siyan was put up by someone. She was not in a coma, but she couldn’t speak. At this time, her eyes could kill people, but no matter how fierce her eyes were, she could kill people! So she can be carried out and go to the front.
If there is an ambush or situation, Cui Siyan will be the first person to stop the gun.
This is the reason why Li Zhenyu is not willing to destroy flowers! Xia Xue’s arm in arm slightly undeniably realized that her heart was much better! Although she is very kind, she didn’t think about complaining to Cui Siyan. She saw Li Zhenyu always being polite to Cui Siyan, which made her very uncomfortable.
Although she doesn’t want to admit it, she knows she is jealous! Li Zhenyu is especially polite to Cui Siyan! He is gentlemanly to Cui Siyan! This makes her very unhappy!
Of course, she won’t show it to make some natural guy show off in an ostentatious manner!
A few bodyguards have been taken care of! They left the suite very smoothly!
Out of the suite, walk along the corridor and walk quickly to the ladder. A dozen people can just take one ladder.
Soon the ladder reached the first floor, and when the door opened with a ding, before a group of them came out, they saw a row of men in black outside with light submachine guns in their hands.
Wu Tianyou stared at a group of people coldly with a handsome face and pale eyes at a distance.
Get out! Ling post did not hesitate to make the road control Cui Siyan. Several people took the lead to get out of the ladder. Of course, they put Cui Siyan in the front. If Wu Tianyou let people shoot, she would be the first to suffer.
So Wu Tianyou sent someone to block the exit and did not shoot.
A group of people walked out of the ladder silently, and the atmosphere seemed to be explosive with a strong smell of gunpowder.
Let her go! Wu Tianyou spoke coldly.
That won’t do! The answer was Ling Lang, who told him lightly, If we let her go, we would have been shot and killed by Mr. Wu!
Let her go and you can go! Wu Tianyou continue coldly connect a way
I don’t believe you! Ling post waved his hand and he brought those people the same light submachine gun in his hand. Although he didn’t bring many people, all of them were one in a million. If you really have to do it, you might win. Get out of the way and I’ll take people away! I will send this woman back when she is out of danger! Our casualties will not hurt her!
In short, if Wu Tianyou dares to shoot and hurt others, Cui Siyan will get it back!
Li Zhenyu! Wu Tianyou fire at zhen-yu li open scold something you don’t take a woman as a shield! Let her go and come at me!
Li Zhenyu snorted faintly at him. You took a woman as a gun first and tried to borrow her hand to kill me! Now it looks disgusting and not disgusting!
Xia Xue stared at what he said? Don’t want their lives is Wu Tianyou! That’ll be the day! Thought of here, her heart burst into cold bitterness, and she glanced at Wu Tianyou with shock, disappointment and disdain!
Wu Tianyou was surprised and angry. He knew that everything could be concealed from Li Zhenyu, but he didn’t want to bear Xia Xue’s gaze. You’re talking nonsense! I have no idea!
You can continue to pack! After all, there are too many people here. If you reach Cui Jiming’s ear, you may die! Li Zhenyu continued to sneer and quipped, Simply put all the blame on your woman and let her help you carry it! Anyway, she is Cui Jiming’s own daughter, and Cui Jiming can’t treat her if she doesn’t eat tiger poison!
In one sentence, Wu Tianyou’s hypocrisy was exposed, which made him embarrassed. Bullshit!
Xia Xue bit her lip tightly and then slowly loosened it. She didn’t know which of them said it was true! Although reason told her that she should believe Li Zhenyu, but … Her heart didn’t want to believe it! Wu Tianyou, who once vowed to love her deeply, could be so vicious! He instructed Cui Siyan to kill her and Li Zhenyu, and then borrowed nothing! That’s vicious! That’s vicious! That’s vicious!
Hey! A shot came to Cui Siyan’s painful recitation. Her earlobe had been pierced, and blood dripped down her ears and dyed her shoulder clothes red. It looked very shocking.
Does Mr. Wu want to continue chatting here? Ling post cold wake way my patience is limited get out of here! If the two sides accidentally hurt your woman’s life, you can’t be Cui Jiamen’s son-in-law!
Li Zhenyu, you little man! Wu Tianyou almost bit off Kouga and spit out one mouthful blood. He knew that he would never let him go, but if he didn’t let him go, as Ling Lang said, the two sides would fight together sometime. Who would take advantage of Cui Siyan’s life or death? I’m afraid Xia Xue … What if the bullet eye accidentally injured Xia Xue!
Li Zhenyu saw Wu Tianyou’s entanglement and hesitation. Of course, he would not come up with countermeasures when he gave it to him. His black eyes narrowed and he shouted, Leave them alone!
First, pushing Cui Siyan through the fire blockade and then swaggering away, they have no bottom in their hearts, but Li Zhenyu seems to be very sure that he will rush hard before Wu Tianyou promises to let him go, and he seems to be right because Wu Tianyou is watching them leave with a sullen face and didn’t make a shot.
This is, after all, Cui’s hotel! If he wants to fire, Li Zhenyu and others are always in a passive position, but they have Cui Siyan and Xia Xue! Once the gun is fired, the two of them bear the brunt of Xia Xue and have no fighting experience, while Cui Siyan is controlled.
If one of them is injured or dies, it will be a serious consequence for him! One is love and the other is profit! Without which one, his life is no longer complete!
Don’t shoot! Wu Tianyou finally gave up this opportunity to kill Li Zhenyu and hissed, Let them leave!
In a blink of an eye, Ling Lang and his party have already walked out of the hotel. Several car dealers have parked outside, and each car has a good hand to meet and wait armed.
Ling Lang, Li Zhenyu, Cui Siyan and Xia Xue won the car, while others jumped into other cars. Wu Tianyou followed them and shouted Don’t hurt Siyan! You must keep your promise!
Cui Siyan was moved to tears, and at the same time she hated herself for being stupid. Why should she advocate it? Maybe she should trust Wu Tianyou to discuss something with him first so that she won’t fall into the enemy!
It’s a pity that it’s too late to regret! She didn’t kill Li Zhenyu and Xia Xue herself, but life and death were unpredictable, so she regretted it!

"Valdes made a mistake in clearing the ball and it landed in front of Lu, who volleyed directly into Barcelona’s goal."

"Beautiful Lu scored a beautiful volley goal."
A commentator familiar with the history of the derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona quickly looked at it. When Lu Wenbin scored, it was just the 21st second of the game.
So these commentators suddenly became more excited and announced to the audience
"Too fast, the game just started, and Lu took the lead on Real Madrid in the 21st second."
喝茶约茶  title="This is the fastest scoring record in the history of the Spanish national derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It belongs to Lu."
"It is worthy to be the first superstar in active service in the world football. Lu is either breaking the record or breaking the record road."
The big screen at the Bernabeu Stadium first marked the goal, and then the horse hit the record of the fastest goal in the 21-second derby, saying that the fans of Real Madrid were excited to party.
Those fans who are still looking for seats regret that they can’t come when they hear a huge explosion, cheers and screams, and then see the stadium rushing to celebrate Lu Wenbin and his teammates and the ball in Barcelona’s goal.
Lu Wenbin scored the fastest goal in the history of the Spanish national derby. Real Madrid took the lead in the game 21 seconds later.
S left early yesterday and got home in the evening, but I was exhausted by driving a long distance alone. I didn’t write last night and resumed updating today.
Chapter 532 Mourinho threat
Lu Wenbin’s fastest goal in Spanish national derby history excited everyone in Real Madrid.
In particular, the fans were very happy that Alves had knocked down his goalkeeper, and many people laughed at him in the stands.
According to the take-off position just now, it is possible for Valdes to hold the ball directly if Alves didn’t block the goalkeeper.
Of course, Valdes’ choice of hitting position is also problematic.
Valdes should always observe the position of Lu Wenbin, the most threatening person in Real Madrid.
Lu Wenbin’s position should be predicted before hitting the ball, and then the ball should not be easily obtained by Lu Wenbin.
Everyone in Real Madrid is excited, but Barcelona people are a little frustrated.
It was just the beginning of the game that Barcelona players were scored in such a historical record that they were destined to be capitalized.
After the re-kick-off, Barcelona played a fast break.
But this is not Barcelona’s attack. Naturally, Sanchez didn’t make it. Finally, the long-range shot outside the forbidden area was directly above the crossbar.
It’s Real Madrid’s turn to send goal kick.
After losing one of the fastest goals in the history of derby, Messi was also in a bad mood. He has been criticized for his poor physical fitness and walked in every game. Messi is now actively running to keep up with his teammates.
Seeing that casillas didn’t open his feet, he kicked the ball to the nearest Messi, and Ramos Messi rushed to prepare to influence Ramos’ ball route
It was unexpected that Ramos accidentally slipped when he stopped the ball, and the ball just rolled in front of Messi when he touched it
Everyone in Real Madrid was suddenly frightened to disgrace. Pepe Ma rushed over and shoveled it off.
However, Messi is faster, without stopping the ball, and it is forbidden to hit the ball to the goal with a long-range shot from the zone line.
However, after all, the angle is not so good. Messi’s low shot angle is not awkward. Although he rolled to the right corner of the goal, there is still a certain distance from the dead corner.
Casillas Ramos accidentally slipped after stopping the ball and knew that he was in danger. Messi just kicked the ball out and jumped out.
In the end, San Cassie’s thrilling fingertip stabbed the ball out of the bottom line and Real Madrid escaped.
Suddenly the stands rang with applause and cheers for casillas, while a few Barcelona fans lamented with their hands on their heads.
Climbing up from the ground, Ramos also went to the door and pulled casillas up and gave him a big hug
If it weren’t for casillas Ramos’s low-level mistakes, he would be a sinner of Real Madrid.
Pepe, Carvalho and others also went over and patted casillas on the head to express their appreciation.
It’s a pity that Messi was able to take a corner kick, but this corner kick was not grabbed by Barcelona players and was pushed out of the forbidden area by Pepe.

Gao Xiaoxiao rolled up her mouth and looked at him silly and felt her heart softened.

"Do you feel it?" She asked softly
Han Shu still kept his head down and his eyes stared at her belly for a long time before his voice hoarse and asked, "Did she just … move?"
"Yes, Xiao Mo Mo greets you." Gao Xiaoxiao felt that he was so childish that he couldn’t help but raise his hand and hug his waist and face and buried his shoulder.
Han Shu put his arm around her shoulder and put his hand on her belly with the other hand, as if to confirm something. He said softly, "Little Momo, it’s dad. Do you hear me talking to you?"
As if responding to him, like a little ink, ink immediately kicked his stomach again.
This time, the strength is a little big, and Gao Xiaoxiao made a "hiss" when he didn’t prevent it.
"Be gentle with the ink, don’t hurt your mother." Han Shu immediately said, and at the same time, she stroked her belly slowly with her big hand as if Ann were stroking her daughter’s mood.
Sure enough, the belly immediately
Sure enough, my stomach stopped moving immediately.
Han Han waited for a while and frowned slightly and looked up at her with a little uncertainty. "Am I too fierce? Why didn’t she move again? "
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
After this whole noon, Han Han kept talking to her daughter next to her belly.
At first, Gao Xiaoxiao thought he was a little noisy, but later, I didn’t know if he was used to it. He fell asleep like a mantra! So everything went out of his mind.
Chang Huanyan called Chang Jingji halfway, and when she arrived at Chengbei Hospital, Chang Jingji was already waiting at the hospital gate.
"Sister, what happened to my mother?" Often come and hold the Chang Huan yan arm asked.
Chang Huanyan’s face trembled slightly with uncontrollable excitement. "Well, nurse Zhou just called me and said that mom’s finger moved and mom reacted. Maybe she will wake up soon."
"Really?" Always surprised and can’t believe looking at her.
Section 51
"Zhen" Chang Huanyan must have nodded. "Let’s go in quickly."
Who knows, when the two brothers and sisters hurried to the hospital intensive care unit, they still saw a woman lying quietly in the hospital bed.
"Miss Chang, you were so excited just now that I didn’t come to make it clear. This is the case. Although your mother moved a finger, she didn’t respond later … people haven’t woken up yet, which may disappoint you." Nurse Zhou, in her thirties, said with a face of regret.
Chang Huan Yan’s face was so excited that she gradually disappeared. She nodded her head and said, "Thank you, Nurse Zhou."
Often well-ordered before also disappointed pursed mouth.
"By the way, Miss Chang’s horse is coming in July. Just come here today and pay off all the six months, by the way." Nurse Zhou added.
"… good" often smiles and nods.
Since her mother was hospitalized in a sudden car accident last year, she has been looking forward to hearing from the hospital every day, hoping to hear the news that her mother suddenly woke up, but at the same time she is afraid of receiving any bad notice.
夜生活But it’s only been more than a year, but she feels as if it’s been a long, long time, and her heart is suffering every day
Especially after she got pregnant and moved back to Yu’s family, it was almost more difficult to have the opportunity to visit her mother again … She often smiled and felt sorry, but there was no way. After all, she kept these things from Yu’s family.
Since her mother didn’t wake up and was always smiling, she asked Chang Jingji to go back to rest first, and she went to the attending doctor’s office to find out about her mother’s treatment.
"Miss Chang, I’ve told you many times that the chances of a vegetative state waking up are extremely slim, and your mother’s condition requires a huge sum of money every day in the hospital. Look at this. This is a semi-annual settlement list."
Dr. Wang pushed the receipt to Chang Huanyan and looked at her expression and couldn’t bear to persuade him, "Miss Chang, if I say that I don’t like to take care of a vegetative person, it’s like a bottomless hole. I know that you are filial, but sometimes people can’t win the day. You and your brother are still young, and your brother has just gone to college. It’s really unnecessary for this to affect your life, and from your mother’s point of view, she is so …"
"Dr. Wang, please stop talking." Chang Huanyan interrupted him directly. "Don’t worry, I won’t give me less medicine because I want my mother to wake up, even if the hope is really slim, but … she has already responded today, hasn’t she? That is to say, there is still hope. Please help me. The best medicine must save my mother … "
Dr. Wang sighed, "Don’t worry, doctor, since your family requires it, I will do my best."
"Thank you, Doctor Wang." Chang Huanyan got up and clutched the receipt in his hand.
Just after I left, Dr. Wang told me, "By the way, since your mother has reacted, it means that she is aware of the outside world now. If possible, I suggest that you’d better come and talk to your mother more every day, which is very helpful for her to wake up."
"…" Chang Huanyan frowned and finally nodded and said, "Thank you, Dr. Wang. I know."
The intensive care unit was pale.
Chang Huanyan sat by the bed, gently holding her mother’s thin hand, and slowly said, "Mom, I’m seven months pregnant now. I’m pregnant with twins, which means your horse is going to have grandchildren and granddaughters. Please wake up quickly and see if they are ok?"
"Mom, do you know that he has already entered the university or D Law? You can rest assured that he will be very promising in the future. He is trying to review his lessons every day and is waiting for you to wake up and praise him."
"Oh, mom, you haven’t met your son-in-law, have you? His name is Yu Yu. He is almost thirty-four years old this year. Although he is ten years older than me, he is very kind to me and he is also a policeman. He is really a good man. By the way, he has been here to see you many times. Please wake up and see him. By the way, help me see how he is, okay, mom?"
Chang Huanyan sat there and kept talking as the doctor said, although … many words were made up by her.
It’s a lie to ask my mother to really wake up, right?

Yu Yu didn’t have the nerve to ask others, and he thought silently for a whole month, including surfing the net to find inspiration.

For example, when we go to eat western food together and put the ring in dessert after dinner, we are often surprised that when we eat the ring, he kneels down to propose marriage and causes the whole restaurant to watch;
喝茶约茶For example, the biggest billboard in the downtown square of Bao D, Hua Deng, suddenly turned into his proposal on the big screen when people came and went. His kneeling proposal caused the crowd to watch and boo, and maybe it could make headlines;
For example, when two people are in bed late at night, it is the woman who is the most defensive. It is natural to take out the ring at this time and everything will follow …
But Yu Yu is, after all, a rather old-fashioned man who can’t get rid of his "old" face. Secondly, he is strict with himself. Proposing marriage is the most important moment in his life, and he is a romantic person who is always smiling … so he has been dragging and dragging and struggling.
I really don’t feel relieved about it. After all, they have been married for almost two years, and they have had two children. Even she got the wedding diamond ring. On that day, she was really "shy" in the dog shed, but she didn’t expect Yu Yu to feel relieved and worried for so long …
So in the next day, Yu Yu is still distressed and often happy. Every day, when he takes care of the child, he is worried about the recovery of his left hand.
In the wedding, the old lady Yu and Yang Xi didn’t make a comeback. It seems that they really intend to wait until Zhang Fen’s death day is over, so they are happy and relaxed.
Three months later, D city officially entered the midsummer, and his left hand miraculously returned to normal, so he began to return to the police class.
Every day, the husband and wife get together, and Ban Yu’s family feel fine, and they have no complaints about Chang Huanyan’s return to work.
I’m not busy in my new position. I just have meetings every day. The decorator talks nonsense with colleagues, but I’m always happy but busy. Du Man magazine publishes a new issue every week. She has to keep an eye on things. Many manuscripts are selected, even printed and distributed …
Wei Yang believes that she has stopped coming to the meeting since she came, and she will come once a month at most to listen to the report of the workers.
This situation leads to the fact that they hardly meet each other during the day except in the morning and evening and on weekends, and even at noon, sometimes Yu Yu has to make an appointment to have dinner with her.
Qiao Jinyu often jokes, "Huan Yan, you are so respectful and love your job, and you are not afraid of your husband’s opinions?"
Chang Huan-yan thinks it’s better to have opinions. After all, Yu Yu is not very masculine despite his stuffy personality, and his work is more supportive to her.
It can be said that the magazine can sit in this position almost because of his support and help.
After several months, Qiao Jinyu and Zhou Wei have developed a stable relationship. Their parents have met each other and have not been engaged. They directly decided to get married on September 9.
Take the meaning of "long for a long time"
Qiao Jinyu went directly to the company on the day he got the certificate, and showed the red to his colleagues. His eyebrows and eyes were full of joy.
"When is Jin Yu going to have a wedding?" A colleague asked
Qiao Jinyu said with a smile, "We have agreed to get married on October 10th."
"Wow, congratulations."
"A hundred years of harmony!"
When a good friend got married, she was always happy. When it was almost noon, Yu Yu habitually came to the text message and asked, "Have you eaten together at noon?"
Chang Huan Yan replied with a few words "Are you busy?"
Yu Yu "…"
When it is eleven o’clock, I often get up and pick up my bag and walk outside.
The police atmosphere is equally lively today.
An older man finally got married at the age of 29. A happy man in Zhou Wei said that he would invite everyone to dinner.
Yu Yu was rejected by his wife, so he also promised to go together.
Who knows that everyone just walked into a small restaurant next to Yu when his cell phone rang, and the owner told him that Mrs. Yu’s office was waiting for him.
"I won’t eat Zhou Wei rice." After saying this, Yu Yu turned around and left a group of colleagues puzzling.
The top floor of Yu Yuxin’s office police building is almost as big as before, but the conditions are much better.


Mu Chuan frowned and asked, "Does Miss Alice live here?"
David followed his eyes and replied, "It’s not me and yaya here."
Smell speech MuChuan feel whole person is bad!
A stream of anger rushed to my heart, even though he didn’t know he was so annoyed!
Lonely men and widows are in the same room, and whatever he thinks is wrong!
At that time, Linya and david were walking out with fruit.
Mu Chuan lifted her eyes and glanced at Xu Bu. The woman came in a casual tone and said, "I didn’t expect Lin Translator to be a nanny in several roles."
David doesn’t like it when he says that. Frowning corrects "She’s not my nanny!" "
Muchuan chuckled "oh? What exactly is that position? Miss Alice can’t even live in, but Lin translator can take care of herself? "
Lin Ya found out that this man was deliberately finding fault until Alice and himself approached, and he also deliberately emphasized the word close-fitting to make people daydream!
David didn’t explain that he seemed unhappy about this question. "Is Mr. Mu more interested in me or in my translation?"
Alice quickly answered, "david, you are confused. Obviously, Mr. Mu is more interested in translation!"
Hearing this, Muchuan laughed without hesitation and said, "Miss Alice still knows me."
Lin Yamo
This impudent man!
Is he unhappy not to get her into trouble? !
Afraid that he would say anything out of line again, Lin Ya was busy putting things away. "Isn’t Mr. Mu busy? I also want to discuss the one-day itinerary with david. What do you think? "
Meaning you can get out!
Muchuan finally didn’t disappoint her this time. He got up and said, "I should go and you can see me off."
As soon as the man finished, he turned and left without giving her a chance to refuse.
Lin Ya’s mouth twitched and finally decided to give him this face!
Outside the gate, Muchuan suddenly turned around and said seriously, "I also have a property near here for you to live in?"
Lin Ya Meng Ran "What am I going to do? Mr. Mu, is your kindness a little rampant? "
The man raises his eyebrows and looks serious. "No, you are special."
It’s really like that. Lin Ya’s mouth gave a good smoke!
Do local tyrants hook up with little girls like this? !
She found that she couldn’t stay with Muchuan, but she couldn’t keep up with his thinking and her brain was easy to short circuit!
Raise my hand and say goodbye to him. "Thank you for your kindness. Please go back."
桑拿论坛Muchuan looked at the woman and saw that her eyebrows and eyes were curved and her eyes were flashing than expected!
Men sigh some nai.
Abrupt and step forward and cried "Lin Ya"
Before she could react, she was embraced by the man with a sudden speed.
The breeze blows the heartbeat as if it were still.
Ear is the man’s warm voice "Lin Ya, I want to be nice to you"
Breathing is full of men’s cool breath. Lin Ya’s brain completely crashes!
At this moment, she clearly felt her little heart thump thump thump!
I pushed him away and stared at him with a red face. "You really have a lot of sympathy!"
The man smiled with a gentle smile in his deep eyes. "I need someone like you in my life."