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"Come on," said Yu Enze grumpily. "It’s not a piece of cake when it’s hard to get to you again. It’s not like you’re blowing your name, buddy. I’ll thank you again some other day."

"Enze, there is something wrong with you today, unlike usual." I sensed that Yu Enze was abnormal today, and the other party made fun of it. "I am in such a hurry to find out how this person is a woman."
"Whatever you think" Yu Enze didn’t mind to deal with the old white intentional speculation.
"If you are really a woman, I’d really like to see her." There is a faint joy in Lao Bai’s words. "As far as I know, you have always been steadfast in that Su Lixia. It seems that the woman who can make you the big boss who is frozen thousands of miles away in Wan Li with snow floating again must be more difficult than her Su Lixia."
Yu Enze lost patience and became serious. "Cut the crap and help me check. I’m waiting for your news."
"Well, I’ll give you a message later."
At night, the city was flooded by a flurry and arrived at the destination. Laobai stopped the car, and the wiper swung back and forth, and the front line of sight was sometimes clear and sometimes blurred. The private club in the hidden safflower and green trees was getting darker and darker.
夜生活"I said, Laobai, are you sure this is it?" Yu Enze, who was in the co-pilot seat, asked uncertainly.
"It’s true." Lao Bai’s eyes were fixed on taking out a gold card from his entourage’s pocket and handing it to Yu Enze. "I’ll give you this card to ensure your freedom of entry and exit."
"Good" Yu Enze decisively took the gold card and was very grateful. "Thank you, Laobai. You are welcome to ask where you want the land."
"Wow, boss Yu, I didn’t hear you wrong. This is a big deal." Laobai was flattered and couldn’t help joking with Yu Enze. "Are you bold and the beautiful or do you love beauty and don’t love Jiangshan? The charm of your confidante can’t be underestimated."
"I don’t have time to be poor with you." Yu Enze couldn’t help smiling quickly and unsmiling. "Old Bai, do you want to wait for me here? Do you want to park your car hidden?"
Laobai was confident and full of words. "Don’t worry, I’m a guest here. No one will doubt it." Finally, he told Yu Enze to "be careful in everything."
"I know" and wearing a black baseball cap and dark glasses, Yu Enze got out of the car neatly and strode towards the private club.
Yu Enze entered the club very smoothly after showing the workers the gold card that Lao gratis gave him.
From the simple appearance of the clubhouse, no one will think that it is really another splendid paradise. All the top entertainment facilities are available, and people who can naturally enter and leave here are either business celebrities or dignitaries. What to discuss or plan in such a hidden place is unknown except the parties and outsiders.
Yu Enze told him accurate information according to Laobai. It didn’t take him long to find the package in Chen Moran. Unfortunately, the door was locked and he entered by other methods.
In a short time, several men in black with sunglasses came out of the bag. Yu Enze quickly hid in a corner, but fortunately they didn’t find it.
A few seconds later, Chen Moran was also angry. Yu Enze instantly shook his hand into a fist.
Chen Moran walked in the direction of washing his hands, and after confirming that Chen Moran was alone, Yu Enze carefully followed Chen Moran behind him. When Yu Enze passed a bar, he grabbed a bottle and took it in his hand.
As soon as Chen Moran entered to wash his hands, Yu Enze immediately lowered the brim of his hat, and even the sunglasses were about to block Yu Enze. Seeing that others were coming out one after another, he gave him a hand to wash his hands. At this time, he and Chen Moran were left inside.
Chen Moran suddenly felt something was wrong when he heard the door. He suddenly turned his head and couldn’t hide his face. "Who are you? You followed me. What are you doing?"
Without saying a word, Yu Enze picked up the bottle in his hand and slammed it at Chen Moran’s head. At the moment, the glass fragments splashed all over the floor with bright red blood.
Chen Moran screamed and kept rolling with his head bleeding. Yu Enze couldn’t feel avenged. He caught a glimpse of a hammer hanging on the wall. Without thinking, he quickly pumped the hammer to Chen Moran’s thigh, which was a crazy lamented.
Chen Moran fainted in pain and Yu Enze stopped. He threw a hammer and his right hand shook out of control. He immediately hid his right hand in his pocket and pushed open the door. There was a young man outside who had been afraid to go in with fear.
With an evil smile, Yu Enze raised his left hand and patted the young man on the shoulder, then walked away from the club.
"Solved" old white looked back at the car with a worried expression Yu Enze.
"Let’s go" Yu Enze sank out.
The car drove a hundred miles away from the private club to ensure that no one would follow Lao Bai before slowing down.
Yu Enze first took off his baseball cap and sunglasses, and then took off his black gloves. It turned out that when he hit Chen Moran with a wine bottle just now, his right hand was accidentally scratched by flying glass fragments, and his whole hand was red with blood.
"Enze, are your hands all right?" Old white saw Yu Enze’s bloody hands suddenly got a fright.
"Where is the first aid kit?" Yu Enze calmed down.
"It’s me in the glove box on your left. I’d better take you to the hospital to dress it up." Laobai was worried that Yu Enze was seriously injured
"This little injury is nothing to people who have been through bullets." Yu Enze looked relaxed and sprayed anti-inflammatory water on the wound. After that, he began to wrap gauze around his forehead again and again, but sweat came out from the beans because of the pain.
"Who the hell is this woman? You actually killed her and fought with Chen Moran." Old Bai was curious.
"Su Lixia" Yu Enze finally admitted that he was a woman.