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The doctor suspected that a pot of cold water had poured on Meng Lingyun’s head.

"But Mr. Meng doesn’t have to worry too much. Now that Ms. Liu has eyes and manual signs are not ruled out, there will be more and more cases. The more cases, the greater the chances of patients waking up. Generally speaking, it is a good thing for Ms. Liu today. Mr. Meng is relieved."
When Meng Yijie came to the hospital, she saw Meng Lingyun alone. "Dad, I heard the doctor say that mom has improved?"
Meng Lingyun sighed lightly, "Are your eyes and hands moving or not awake?"
Meng Yijie hurriedly looked at pecans, indeed as expected pecans’ eyes were still closed without waking up. Meng Yijie closed her eyes and finally fell to her throat.
It’s good not to wake up.
She glanced at Meng Lingyun. "Dad, don’t be too sad. I believe mom will wake up." She comforted.
Meng Lingyun patted her hand with a sigh. "Well, I know it’s okay. It’s nothing. You go home first. Your mother, I’ll keep it."
Meng Yijie walked out of the hospital and took a deep breath. At this time, the words rang. Yes.
She answered the phone and returned to the bar.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Jie? Is your mother awake?" A Wen Dao
Meng Yijie smiled gently. "How can you wake up so easily without a vegetative state? A false alarm. "
Drinking and having fun with Meng Yijie, except Ah, two girls are also close friends of Meng Yijie, and they also know something about Meng Yijie. "Xiao Jie, I said that you all know that you are not the daughter of Meng Jia, and you like your brother for so long. Why don’t you confess?" Don’t you want to be with him? "
Meng Yijie pursed her lips. "Of course, I dream of it!"
But it’s not easy for her, and she wants to express her love to Meng Yichen regardless, but … Meng Yichen is like this, where is she sure to express her success? What’s worse, the identity of Miss Meng’s family is a struggle for her.
On the one hand, she wants to remove this identity so that she can have a reason to be with Meng Yichen. On the other hand, she is reluctant to give up. She is afraid that she will lose this identity when she doesn’t get Meng Yichen’s love. Then she is really a possession!
She can’t have it all!
夜网论坛But she didn’t know what to do.
If Meng Yichen loves her, everything will be much simpler, but … What can she do to make Meng Yichen love her? !
Bei Yao found two pieces of paper in the gap between the rooms and tables in Bai Jingnian. At first, she was rubbish and wanted to clip it out and throw it away.
But when I was about to throw it away, the two fragments caught her eye.
A scrap of paper, 99, two numbers, and the other one is the word blood.
She looked at the two pieces of blood in confusion, and she couldn’t help wondering what this original thing was. Why would there be such a thing in Bai Jingnian’s room?
Just when she felt confused, a cold sound suddenly sounded "What are you doing?"
It’s Bai Jingnian!
She consciously put two pieces in her pocket and turned around "sir"
"What are you doing?" Bai Jingnian approached her.
Bei Yao smiled, "I help Mr. Clean up."
Okay, she really came to clean up, and that’s how she found those two pieces.
Bai Jingnian looked at a side table with a rag that didn’t get suspicious.
"Get out."
Baguio nodded without staying out of the room.
She went back to her room, locked the door and took the two pieces out of her pocket. She couldn’t help frowning. What is this?
99 blood …
Although there are these words, the information is full!
Bei Yao is not a fool. She will naturally associate it with dna.
But dna, sir, is there something like this in the room and whose dna is it?
Baguio bit her lip and curiosity spread in her heart.
Afterwards, Bei Yao went into the room again when Bai Jing was not in the villa. She tried to find something in the room that was related to the scraps of paper, but she searched the room but found nothing.
Bei Yao recalled that nothing Bai Jingnian had given her needed dna testing.
She can be said to be Bai Jingnian’s confidant. Even Bai Jingnian knows what others do, such as Tian Hang, but she knows that none of these things are related to dna.
Somehow she always felt that it was not simple.
Bei Yao took the initiative to come to Tian Xing, which surprised Tian Xing. He looked at Bei Yao and ordered her favorite drink on weekdays. "Why did you suddenly take the initiative to come to me?"
Bei Yao and Tian Hang have also known each other for a long time. They worked together for Bai Jingnian. She didn’t hide anything, and Tian Hang said what she wanted to know.
Tian Hang frowned after hearing this. "You said that this gentleman really didn’t let me be my hand and few people didn’t receive it."
"I know what I want to know, sir. Why do you want to test dna? Who and who is this dna?"
That 99 makes it clear that this dna is different for two people.
Is it Bai Jingnian himself or …
Tian Xing looked at Bayao and couldn’t help teasing her. "Yaoyao, I’ll help you, but if I help you, don’t you consider giving me a reward?"
Bei Yao drank the waiter and just took a look at Tian Hang. "Want a reward? Ok, don’t you love to drink? I’ll buy 20 cases of your favorite drink for you to drink enough! "
"Yaoyao, you want to drink me to death!"
"It’s not enough that you said you want to reward?"