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It’s also a good thing that Osmanthus Jelly smiles without saying a word in Feng Zhan’s mouth. It’s at least better than being humiliated by Yuan Ruoyang. If there is poison in the cake, then she can die with dignity.

Unfortunately, there is no poison in the cake.
"It doesn’t threaten me that you are now dead. I’m not here to see how you die. I’m here to tell you how your child didn’t have a real emperor. The emperor has always disliked you so much, but you are afraid of your family. Now your family has cut you down and given you three feet of white silk."
Phoenix lamp suddenly opened its eyes. "I don’t believe it."
Yuan ruoyang said nothing
Feng Zhan continued, "If you hadn’t seduced the emperor and blew the pillow wind, how could I be here today?"
Yuan Ruoyang laughed ha ha. "Now you blame me. You’re so sad, but believe it or not, I’m here to spit it out. Anyway, you’re already going. It’s better to be a Honky than a confused ghost."
The phoenix lamp is full of red blood.
She stared at the camera and her pupils contracted slightly, which was so sad and painful.
That shot shocked everyone at the scene.
Wu Dao holds Ba Jingjing.
Feng Zhan began to eat Osmanthus Jelly. She stuffed the first piece, the second piece and the third piece. Suddenly Yuan Ruoyang pooped, "Sorry, the director made me laugh."
Wu guide monitor frowning "Zhao Jieer what’s the matter with you today? Why do you always laugh when shooting well? "
"I’m sorry, I’m serious, but I can’t help laughing at the sight of navy eating Osmanthus Jelly. It’s so funny," Zhao Jieer said shyly
Wu Dao sighed impatiently. "Once again, Zhao Jieer remembers that you are a professional actor."
"I know."
Eat Osmanthus Jelly to Yin. When she got to the fourth piece, she sat first. Zhao Jieer came again and pooped and laughed.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This scene is really funny. I can’t help it."
To let go of Yin, Osmanthus Jelly looked cold and silent.
Eat Osmanthus Jelly to Yin again, but when she eats the fourth piece, Zhao Jieer poops a smile again.
"Zhao Jieer!"
"I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to pay attention every time."
"Enough is enough"
Look at the camera and eat Osmanthus Jelly.
Zhao Jieer once laughed.
Wu Dao was so angry that he dropped the drama "When are you going to shoot this scene, Zhao Jieer?"
"Director, I really want to play it well. I have a date late. This scene is really funny. I can’t help it."
"What’s funny?" What’s so funny about such a tragic situation?
"It’s just that Tehran eats like a clown. Oh, that kind of clown who makes people laugh."
Bow your head to Yin, tidy up your negative emotions and continue to eat Osmanthus Jelly. She has eaten more than two pieces of Osmanthus Jelly since just now, and now her whole stomach is swollen and painful.
However, Zhao Jieer is still ng.
She put on her chest and pretended thoughtfully to say, "I still think it would be better for the director to hang himself."
"…" Wu Dao got up and suddenly fell out of his play. "Are you fucking kidding me? If not, let body double not wave everyone. "
Zhao Jieer was in tears. "Director, I want to make the TV play better."
"I’ll be grateful if you miss ng a few times."
约茶Zhao Jieer came to get back at Yin, but she was hated by the director. She bit her lip and ran back to her room to cry.
Wu Dao shook his head and said to Yin, "Tehran, you’d better hang it, which is the last scene. You can go back after this. Let’s pass it once."
Nodded to Yin slightly.
It was because this was the last scene that she made Zhao Jieer think that she would not meet again after filming today’s scene. There is no need to make it so stiff that everything should be left on the line so that we can meet again in the future.
The last scene
She hanged herself in the golden palace.
The director shouted "ok is perfect"
Smiled at Yin, clutching his indigestion stomach, and said to the director, "Then I’ll go back first. My stomach hurts a little. I’ll go back and take some medicine."
"ok, your play is over here. I’ll inform you to attend the ceremony when you have a good rest."
"Okay, thank you, director."
"I should thank you if you don’t thank me. You helped me interpret such a perfect role. Xiao Hailan is not bad."
Smiled at Yin. "Then I’ll take off my makeup first."
Say that finish to Yin and turn around only to find that He Lianyin is looking at her next to the red column. His eyes are cold and his lips are pursed like ice sculptures without interest.
To Yin slightly one leng immediately curved eyebrow "you’re here"
Section 35
He Lianyin didn’t speak.
He didn’t speak until dinner.
Pour a glass of wine and sit at the table and drink silently.
I sighed at Yin’s heart and took He Liantong to wash his hands and hold the napkin around the dining table. "Tong Tong should eat slowly and don’t spill it, you know?"
"I see." He Liantong bowed his head and drank soup. "Mom, is this your last day of filming?"
"Yes, it’s ok for mom to send you to learn well every day after she has rested?"
"Great!" Tong Tong smiled brilliantly and caught a glimpse of the cold face out of the corner of his eye. He Lianyin asked, "Is mom and dad unhappy? What’s he drinking again? "
"No, your father is happy for his mother. He drank two cups to celebrate one."
He almost fell off the unstable glass in He Lianyin’s hand. He glared at Yin and said to Tong Tong, "No, Tong Tong’s father is unhappy because his mother was bullied and dare not tell him."
Tong Tong rolled his eyes around. "Mom, have you been bullied?"