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After reversing the score, the pressure on Real Madrid players relaxed a lot and their performance became better and better.

In the 69th minute, Kaka cut the shot with the ball on the side, which caused the goalkeeper to lose his hand. Lu Wenbin had an insight into the opportunity and rushed to the place where the ball landed and lifted his foot to make up the shot.
Lu Wenbin scored twice to help Real Madrid lead 31.
In the 7th minute, Higuain volleyed from the bottom of Luobian Road.
In the end, Real Madrid won the game with a score of 41, setting a new record in the history of unbeaten teams in 32 league games across the season.
After the game, several media reported on Real Madrid’s unbeaten 32 games.
Of course, there are also many media who have analyzed Mourinho’s exchange of casillas at halftime, saying that the contradiction between Mourinho and casillas has been completely open and the situation is the same.
A reporter went to interview Mourinho and casillas, and they naturally said that there was no contradiction.
But in fact, everyone knows that these two people have become strangers.
Three days later, on March 21st, Real Madrid played Villarreal in the 29th round of La Liga, and casillas still started and played an excellent game to seal his opponent.
Nine minutes later, the big screen score was 4, and Real Madrid brought back a 4-0 victory over Lu Wenbin from the away game and scored a hat trick.
Three days later, on March 24, Real Madrid played against Real Sociedad Mourinho at home in the third round of La Liga, and Lu Wenbin and casillas were put on the bench.
Because the game is the 14 th final of the Champions League, Real Madrid will go away to challenge the Greeks.
Although the Greek competition is called the weakest fish in the strong, Mourinho is still cautious in playing away from home to avoid capsizing and becoming a laughing stock.
Therefore, Mourinho stayed in the third round of the league.
At present, Real Madrid is catching up with three unbeaten games in La Liga, which was created by the royal society.
Therefore, the royal society has also made great efforts to ask Bernabeu to attack Real Madrid to avoid his unbeaten record being broken by Real Madrid.
However, even if Lu Wenbin doesn’t start Real Madrid’s attack power, it can’t be stopped by the real society, which ranks 15 in La Liga today.
Real Madrid took a 31-point lead in just half time.
Mourinho replaced Lu Wenbin at halftime, and Lu Wenbin led Real Madrid to score four goals in a row and finally won 71 victory. Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick only at half time.
After beating Real Sociedad, Real Madrid has scored 27 wins, 3 draws and 4 points, and it is possible to set a record of breaking 100 points at the end of the season.
Moreover, Real Madrid has achieved 34 unbeaten games in four extra games, and four more games will tie the unbeaten record of Real Sociedad in La Liga.
Real Madrid really has an invincible momentum this season.
After playing the Royal Social League, Real Madrid went to Cyprus to challenge the Greeks.
Greek athletics is not a Greek team, but a Cyprus team, and it is the most successful flag team in Cyprus history and the team that won the most championships in Cyprus.
Moreover, the elimination of Lyon in the season to reach the Champions League also created the best record of the Cyprus team in Europe.
However, in the 14th final, when Lu Wenbin led the Real Madrid Greek Athletic Lottery, it was doomed to stop at the moment.
Chapter 559 Champions League semi-finals
On March 27th, at 2: 45pm, Real Madrid challenged the Greek Athletics. The first leg of the 14th final of the Champions League in 211212 officially started at gs Stadium, the home of Greek Athletics.
The outside media and fans don’t believe that Greek athletics can knock out Real Madrid and create miracles, but Greek athletes and fans still want to give it a try.
Because they made it through three rounds of play-offs, then they qualified as the top group G in the Champions League group stage and eliminated Lyon in the final.
They have already created a miracle when they made it through three rounds of play-offs and won the first place in the Champions League group stage.
By the time they eliminated Lyon and advanced to the top, they had already created a new history of European football in Cyprus.
Now they want to further sink the Galaxy battleship and create a greater dragon slayer.
In particular, I will not shrink from my home Greek competition.
Of course, this is psychological unflinching.
Tactically facing Real Madrid, the Greek athletic coach will naturally not let the players fight against the Real Madrid stars as different from dying.
The Greeks won the first place in the Champions League group stage in the competitive season and eliminated Lyon in the final. It was because of their defensive counterattack.
Even at home, they will not take the initiative to attack, but will fight back to find the chance to win by scoring a goal.
While Real Madrid can’t attack.
In the face of the weakest team in the strong, the value of the team is dozens of times that of the opponent. If Real Madrid dare not attack, it will have to fight Mourinho’s defensive counterattack to win, even if it wins, it will have to be sprayed to death.
Therefore, in this game, Real Madrid played positional warfare before formation rather than defensive counterattack.
But this can’t beat Real Madrid.
Because of the terrible season of Real Madrid, most teams are playing defensive counter-attacks against Real Madrid, and Real Madrid does not lack the ability to fight positional warfare.
Especially with Alonso and Lu Wenbin in the squad.
Alonso and Lu Wenbin sit in the back and one in the front, which makes Real Madrid’s midfield organization offensive ability the best.
In the 6th minute, Real Madrid formed a threat attack.
Alonso dodged all opponents’ interception of Zema, but also succeeded in offside. Unfortunately, the Greek competitive goalkeeper attacked too much and destroyed the ball before Zema.
In the 9 th minute, the winger Ozil followed Lu Wenbin’s middle road and headed the ball to grab the goal slightly higher than the crossbar
Two minutes later, Real Madrid made a comeback.
按摩Luo Bian scored a high-quality long-range shot after breaking through the cut, but the Greek competitive goalkeeper made a wonderful save and saved Luo’s long-range shot from the baseline, which won the fans’ applause.
In the 15th minute, the Greek competitive advantage made a counterattack and finished the first shot.
Although there is no scope for knocking on the door frame, it still causes warm applause from more than 20 thousand fans at home
Although the overall situation is that Real Madrid is pressing the Greeks to play competitively, the competitive team has never conceded a goal and occasionally counterattacked, which makes the home fans quite happy.
But soon these home fans were not happy.
Real Madrid finally scored because of their continuous attack.
In the 19th minute, Real Madrid played a classic short match in the frontcourt.
Lu Wenbin, Luo, Ozil, and Zema made a quick and short penetration with one foot in a row.
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Through the Greek competitive defense line, Lu Wenbin finally completed the final blow in the ribs of the forbidden area and accurately sent the ball to the corner of the goal.
Real Madrid took the lead in the away game, and the Greek competition at home fell into a passive position.
After taking the lead away from home, Real Madrid moved forward and backward a lot.
They can retreat in formation and wait for their opponents to attack to reveal the flaw in the backcourt.
Anyway, even if we keep this score to the final away game, a small victory will be enough to advance to the semi-finals. Real Madrid must be the base.
However, the Greeks, who were behind at home, had to go out and attack.
If you lose at home, you don’t have to expect to win in the away game.
Therefore, the bottom line of the Greek competition is that you can’t lose at home, so if the score is behind, you will naturally go out and try to equalize or even reverse the score to win.