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On the contrary, his ball running is even more unpredictable for a player of a Spanish-Chinese team.

In the 34th minute, Xabi Alonso made a 45-degree angle to the middle. Lu Wenbin first ran two steps into the forbidden area, which led the opponent players who were not accurate in judging the landing point to follow him into the forbidden area.
As a result, when the ball was about to fall, Lu Wenbin suddenly turned over and rushed back to the chest outside the forbidden area to unload the ball.
Then Lu Wenbin turned around and volleyed directly without stopping the ball, and when the root didn’t rush to defend for the opponent’s defender.
The ball passed through the crowd and went straight into the goal.
The goalkeeper was blocked by the crowd in the forbidden area, and even Lu Wenbin didn’t find the shooting route, so he could finally watch the ball get into the net.
Lu Wenbin scored Real Madrid’s fourth goal after completing a hat trick, helping Real Madrid lead their opponents with a total score of 6 at home.
And Lu Wenbin’s personal annual total goal number has reached 137 goals.
And now the game is not even over at half time.
No Real Madrid has scored five goals in a single game since Lu Wenbin moved to Real Madrid.
It seems that everyone in this game can witness Lu Wenbin’s five goals in a single game, and the total number of goals scored in 2008 exceeded 14 goals.
Chapter 541 Red card and Italian ball
Real Madrid’s home game in Bonfradina completed Lu Wenbin’s solo performance.
Lu Wenbin had scored a hat trick before the end of the half-time and refreshed his total personal goals to 137 goals, three goals short of 14 goals.
If he is in the same level as La Liga or Champions League team Lu Wenbin, it is unlikely that he will score three more goals to complete six goals in a single game.
However, in the face of a Spanish-Chinese team, the chances are greater.
Lu Wenbin’s offensive strength is far from the defensive ability of players or the goalkeeper’s ability to keep goals.
The game went on and Lu Wenbin, who had scored a hat trick, didn’t stop his goal at all.
Since the head coach has arranged such an array and tactical configuration, Lu Wenbin does not want to disappoint the coach’s kindness, but also wants to see how many goals he can score in a game.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin is still flying around the field. He has a unique body, speed, ball running, vision and judgment. He has an insight into the opponent’s file and teammates’ intentions and then turns teammates’ assists into goals.
Not long after finishing the hat trick, Lu Wenbin got another good chance in the 37th minute.
This time, most of the players in Bonfradiana paid attention to Lu Wenbin, relaxed their guard against Romania, got a chance to shoot, and then started shooting decisively.
Football is always the most eye-catching focus of the stadium.
Even top defensive players can’t help but watch their opponents’ shots.
When Luo Du started shooting, both players couldn’t help but set their sights on Luo He and the football to save the shot. The goalkeeper naturally relaxed his guard against Lu Wenbin.
So when others watched Luo shoot, Lu Wenbin ran to the small forbidden area by feeling.
Then everyone saw that Bonfradian made a wonderful save with the goalkeeper and saved Luo’s shot from the forbidden area.
But it’s not bad to save the ball. It’s hard to control the direction. The goalkeeper has lost the ball.
Leaving the goalkeeper’s palm, the ball just landed in front of Lu Wenbin. A nearby Bangfradian wanted to clear the ball with a big foot like a defender’s conditioned reflex, but Lu Wenbin rushed over from the forbidden area and stabbed the ball into the goal before falling to the ground.
Then his foot was kicked by the opponent’s defender.
But the ball has got into the goal.
Lu Wenbin completed his senior happiness in the 37th minute, helping Real Madrid to lead 5 at home and bringing his personal total annual goals to 13.
夜生活The commentator of the commentary seat yelled wildly.
"Another goal, Luo shot, which caused the goalkeeper to get rid of it. The clever Lu Xiaojian picked up a leak in the area and stabbed the ball into the goal before the opponent’s defender cleared the way."
"Lu’s ball running is excellent, and his grasp of the ball’s landing point and fighter plane is almost unmatched. Even the ball running master Inzaghi, who is known as the king of the small forbidden area, is much inferior to Lu."
"The fourth goal Lu has scored the fourth goal of his game, completed his fourth happiness and refreshed his personal annual total goal figure to 13 goals."
"Crazy, crazy, it’s only the 37th minute of the half-court. Lu has finished his senior year’s happiness, let alone five goals in a single game. I think Lu has no problem with six goals in a single game today. Lu’s total number of goals will definitely exceed 14."
A commentator asked the special guest, "It’s only the 37th minute of the half-time, and there are about 9 minutes before the end of the half-time. Do you think Lu will score again?"
The guest sighed, "I guess it’s not impossible for me to know that Luca scored five goals over the clock and scored a goal in nine minutes to complete his highest personal record of five goals in a single game in La Liga."
The commentator nodded, "Yes, it’s good that Lu Wenbin can finish five goals in a single game. I didn’t expect to see Lu finish five goals in a single game at half time."
The commentators roared and sighed, and the teammates in Zhonglu helped them up.
Although I was hurt by a kick from the defender, it was just a hard injury. I took two steps and I was fine.
Lu Wenbin’s digital injury tendency makes it difficult for him to get injured.
Even if you are injured, it will be some hard injuries, minor injuries and skin injuries, which will not affect the game and will not interrupt your career.
Hugging and high-fiving with teammates to celebrate, and then waving to the fans in the stands while walking to their own half, once again caused a tsunami of applause and cheers.
Lu Wenbin’s performance made many fans hooked up.
I finished my senior year before the half-time, and the fans seemed to be a god.
The game continued, and Bonvladiana was a little angered by Lu Wenbin.
It’s good that they are a third-class team, but they can’t bully people like this.
It’s too bullying to treat them as the background of scoring data. It’s too contemptuous of people.