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I was dazed.

Former South-South occasionally said that Lu Da’s sister looked down on her background … Gu Changyu helped her?
South-South whispered, "She’s so nice …"
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It is because of a good heart that I feel ashamed and feel more lost, right?
Even if she has sex once in a while, she is a romantic person.
In this way, women are never envious of others.
Because I feel the same way, I really don’t know how to comfort South-South at this moment.
Finally, she gently pinched her wrist and said, "Don’t think too much."
Nannan smiled at me. "Don’t worry about me."
I, uh, squeezed her hand and changed the subject. "Nice dress tonight."
Nannan is wearing a blue strapless skirt today, which has a pure energy, but it brings some sexy temptations because she is ready to figure out.
South-South bowed their heads and pulled the skirt and smiled. "It’s a gift from Liu Da. Thank you for helping him today … He’s not bad."
I laughed. "That’s good … I know you have a sense."
South-South smiled and patted my hand and said, "Miss Gu seems to see you."
Just talking to the Lu family, Gu Changyu didn’t hear that he was entertaining several important friends.
I looked down the south-south eyes and saw Gu Changyu surrounded by many aristocratic ladies.
But instead of staying, she smiled and waved to me and approached me.
She was dressed in a red high-necked dress, which made her skin white and her facial features pure, and her figure was uneven. It was really eye-catching to laugh first.
South-South cuteness is different, she is gorgeous.
Really worthy of the word "America laguna"
My face also raised a smile and walked towards her step by step.
Chapter 163 Mrs. Li
I heard Ye Xiangyuan calling me as soon as I stepped up.
I turn around.
He and Lu Xun walked out of the room at an unknown time.
Both of them are dressed in black suits, one is luxurious and the other is calm, and there have been many praises around them.
I smiled and waited for the leaves to approach far away.
Tracing the cause walked beside Gu Changyu.
Then Ye Xiangyuan took my hand and walked over.
Many people pay attention.
I thought vaguely that this seemed to be the first time I had officially attended such a grand banquet.
A few times ago, I either invited Ye Xiangyuan’s friends here or Li’s cronies.
Even the unfinished wedding banquet between Ye Xiangyuan and me was not so grand.
When Ye Xiangyuan and I walked to their side, Gu Changyu took my arm and said with a smile, "I’ll take the time to recognize people, so you go to work."
Lu Xun said, "Be careful."
Gu Changyu well a smiling "this is our home is not afraid of"
Seems to be to Li Yu smoke.
I can’t help looking into the distance.
Section 155
He nodded slightly at me.
I have nothing to worry about following Gu Changyu.
As she walked, she whispered, "I’m not afraid to treat them as your students."
I couldn’t help laughing. I didn’t expect her to joke like this.
She added, "Let me introduce some friends to you first."