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I don’t know how long it took for the church door to "bang". As soon as it was pushed away from the outside, the noise suddenly stopped, and then everyone dressed in a white formal dress came in from the outside, surrounded by family members in the north.

He is slender and handsome, with a cold chill on his face and a shocking white gauze on his forehead.
When Zheng Lin saw Gu coming to the north, he stretched out his hand and motioned for his nephew to come quickly.
Taiwan quickly made a conclusion when it was far away, and replaced it with Gu Bei.
The solemn and sacred wedding March finally sounded again and the wedding officially began.
There is endless discussion behind him.
"It’s really boring. I can still see the Yu family being divorced again. That would be wonderful."
"Yes, I didn’t expect that it was the groom’s official who was injured. It seems that he didn’t really want to escape from marriage."
"You see his gauze and blood? It’s unlucky to see red at the wedding. I think this marriage …"
"Shh …"
These words are naturally inaudible to Time Pu.
When she took her arm, she slowly stepped on the rose petal red carpet, and her eyes were firmly fixed on the north.
When he got closer, all the guesses and complaints disappeared before he saw the gauze on his forehead, full of worries and feelings.
It turned out that he was injured and didn’t want to worry about himself … Time Pu took a deep breath and endured the sour nose and walked to the stage.
When Zheng Lin put her daughter’s hand aside, the big stone in her north hand was finally dropped.
Pastor witnessed Gu reaching north and uncovering the bride’s veil. When he looked at Time Pu Shen and said that "I do", Time Pu couldn’t help but shed tears directly from her eyes.
"Now I declare that you have married the French couple and asked the groom to kiss your bride affectionately!"
As soon as the priest finished speaking, Gu turned to the north and half closed his eyes and kissed Time Pu’s lips.
Everyone clapped their hands warmly. Yuxi Yuan and Jiang Mengyi sat together, and their eyes were wet.
Even Gao Xiaoxiao was very moved to see it.
Han Minzhi directly held her husband’s hand and put her face on his shoulder and gently asked, "Honey, do you remember the scene when we got married?"
I waited for a long time without responding.
She looked up at Leng Shijun and looked straight ahead as if she were transfixed.
"Husband," she shouted again, "What’s wrong with you?"
Leng Shijun blinked during the "Oh" and gave a "I’m fine"
按摩Han Minzhi "…"
Leng Shijun looked up at Taiwan, and when he saw Yu Yuting, the best man beside the bride and groom, his heart could not help but have a panic and quickly drifted by.
I didn’t expect vivian’s boyfriend to be Yu Jiasan, but he didn’t seem to recognize himself just now?
After the wedding ceremony, there is a dining table on the lawn outside the church, and a buffet made by the chef of a five-star hotel, and all kinds of precious drinks are enjoyed by the guests.
In the church, the bride and groom also took photos with their elders and friends.
Leng Shijun suddenly said, "Minzhi, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. Why don’t we go back first?"
When Han Minzhi heard that her husband was not feeling well, she spoke to the old lady Han. "Grandma Shijun is not feeling well. I want to take him back to rest first."
Korea’s old lady although some dissatisfaction, but see LengShiJun pale as if really not very good nodded, "well, then you can go home first."
After Han Minzhi left holding Leng Shijun, the old lady Yu was just about to get up to take pictures. Yu Yu suddenly got up. "Grandma, I’ll go back first."
"…" Not only is it often fun to wonder that everyone in Yu’s family is even more surprised.
"Didn’t you say there was nothing going on in the office today?" Old lady Yu stared at him discontentedly. How could her sister get married and her brother leave so soon?
"Suddenly something happened again." Yu Yu reached for his coat. His voice was very weak but there was an unquestionable momentum.
Chang Huanyan was embarrassed to sit there for a while. He said he would go back, but … he didn’t say he would take himself with him.
The old lady Yu took a look at Sun’s wife and said, "Ok, then you can go home with Huanyan and move back home with her one day."
Yu Yu "…"
He gave an eyebrow and finally said "Let’s go".
Chang Huanyan got up and picked up her bag and coat. "It’s raining, then I’ll go first."