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Jiang Jinan first called Fu Qianfan’s company, but the receiver said that Fu Qianfan had not returned. If Fu Qianfan had not returned to the company, it was probably to find Wen Zhiru.

Jiang Jinan dialed another number, "I’m Jiang Jinan and I’m looking for Gao Zhiyuan urgently."
Jiang Jinan didn’t speak Gao Zhiyuan’s words, but "Yuansheng" Jiang Jinan knew that Jiang Jinan didn’t know where else to find Fu Qianfan, and he was afraid that this time would come. It was better to associate with Gao Zhiyuan.
"It’s me, Gao Zhiyuan." Gao Zhiyuan quickly answered the words.
Jiang Jin ‘an didn’t say anything and just picked things up. "I told Qianfan about Wen Zhiru. After Qianfan came out of the restaurant, I don’t know where she went. I’m worried that she will go to Wenzhiru Theory Qianfan Company. I’ll look for it again, but just in case, you’d better be more secure with Qianfan Association as soon as possible."
"What are you doing telling her this?" Gao Zhiyuan roared. Jiang Jinan knew the reason why Gao Zhiyuan was angry. He did not handle it properly.
Had finished this sentence, Gao Zhiyuan hung up his words. He should be in a hurry to find Fu Qianfan. Jiang Jinan also restarted the car and drove to Fu Qianfan’s company. Maybe Fu Qianfan went back to the company.
Gao Zhiyuan picked up his mobile phone and walked out. Shen Bijun looked at Gao Zhiyuan, anxious and angry, and dared not approach, but he was still worried about whether something had happened.
Gao Zhiyuan in the ladder has been typing Fu Qianfan’s words, but the words have not been answered. Gao Zhiyuan still keeps typing.
Gao Zhiyuan is as worried about Fu Qianfan as Jiang Jinan. Will it be dangerous for Fu Qianfan to find Wen Zhiru? Gao Zhiyuan is not clear, but if he had known this, he might as well have told Wen Zhiru everything.
夜网论坛Gao Zhiyuan drove the car away, but he still couldn’t get through. Gao Zhiyuan called Wang Hao again, "Where is Wen Zhiru?"
Not only will Wen Zhiru find someone to follow Gao Zhiyuan, but also since Wen Zhiru found "Yuansheng", Gao Zhiyuan is to let people investigate. However, monitoring Wen Zhiru’s affairs began only after Wen Zhiru found Fu Qianfan. If Wen Zhiru didn’t do too much, he wouldn’t want to guard against Wen Zhiru.
"Wen Zhiru met several manufacturers today and is now eating in the hotel," Wang Hao said at the other end of the sentence
Gao Zhiyuan is finally at ease. Fu Qianfan didn’t go to Wen Zhiru. "Give me Wen Zhiru to keep an eye on where you have been and who you have met. Remember clearly that if Qianfan appears nearby, you must stop her and inform me at the first time."
"Good" Wang Hao replied.
I want to protect you.
Fu Qianfan didn’t go back to the company or find Wen Zhiru. Then where will she go?
Gao Zhiyuan was driving without a destination, and the road was speeding, and he called out next to him. Gao Zhiyuan could think that the place was Mingcheng, turned his car around and drove away to Mingcheng.
Fu Qianfan Z City has nowhere to be removed. The company is Ming City, and Gao Zhiyuan has now put all his hopes on Ming City.
In less than twenty minutes, Gao Zhiyuan returned to Mingcheng. The car stopped and Gao Zhiyuan ran inside. The security guards couldn’t catch it if they wanted to.
Terry Gao Zhiyuan has been praying that now he can do this.
Opened the door, the house was still quiet, just like leaving early. Gao Zhiyuan went straight into the room and saw Fu Qianfan lying in bed.
As soon as Gao Zhiyuan felt that his strength had been taken away, he seemed to be unable to walk steadily. Fortunately, he no longer walked. He was looking for someone here.
Fu Qianfan also noticed some movement and turned to see Gao Zhiyuan. Fu Qianfan also wondered, "How did you come back?" He also got out of bed.
Gao Zhiyuan walked up to Fu Qianfan and hugged Fu Qianfan tightly without saying anything. At this moment, Gao Zhiyuan was still afraid of what he would do if Fu Qianfan didn’t name the city.
"What’s the matter?" Fu Qianfan asked Gao Zhiyuan anxiously. It’s a bit unusual. She went home today because of something. What about Gao Zhiyuan?
"Jiang Jinan told you" Gao Zhiyuan said for a long time that Fu Qianfan understood Jiang Jinan and told Gao Zhiyuan.
"Well," Fu Qianfan replied.
Gao Zhiyuan loosened Fu Qianfan’s eyes and said, "If you want to know, I will tell you."
"No, I don’t really want to know that when Jiang Jinan came to me, I didn’t know that he would tell me this." Fu Qianfan was afraid that Gao Zhiyuan would misunderstand. "I believe you. I can understand what happened between you and Wen Zhiru. I don’t mean to blame you, and it’s not your fault."
"I am very angry with Wen Zhiru for doing this. How can she find someone to follow us and ask Jiang Jinan to take me away from you? What’s the advantage for Wen Zhiru to do these things?"
Fu Qianfan is still very angry with Gao Zhiyuan, but Fu Qianfan said that she believed him, which made Gao Zhiyuan feel very gratified. Fu Qianfan really didn’t let him down.
"These are all Jiang Jinan telling you." Gao Zhiyuan knew it was possible. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t know about Jiang Jinan there, and he didn’t know that Wen Zhiru went to Jiang Jinan. Jiang Jinan would come to Fu Qianfan and what Jiang Jinan said to Fu Qianfan. He would understand.
"Yes, Jiang Jinan told me everything." Fu Qianfan now speaks with anger.
"What do you want to ask Wen Zhiru for an explanation?" Gao Zhiyuan was even more depressed when she came out of the restaurant. After she got out of the restaurant, Fu Qianfan found out that she knew nothing about Wen Zhiru and didn’t know where to find it.
The driver has been urging Fu Qianfan to say the address of Mingcheng if he doesn’t want to go back to the company’s office. Although there is no way to find Wen Zhiru today, she will not be polite if she sees Wen Zhiru again.
Fu Qianfan’s distress is like Gao Zhiyuan’s guess. He was so nervous that he forgot this Fu Qianfan root didn’t know where Wen Zhiru was.
"Wen Zhiru is so hateful, don’t I have to pretend what I don’t know? Don’t you still want to protect her?" Fu Qianfan put my foot in my mouth because he was angry and impatient. Gao Zhiyuan’s expression was cold, but Fu Qianfan didn’t want to admit his mistake this time
The two men were deadlocked for a while, and Gao Zhiyuan had no choice but to explain, "I don’t want to protect Wen Zhiru. I want to protect you, and I am afraid that you will get hurt."
"I have dealt with Wen Zhiru’s affairs, and believe me, she will not appear in front of us again soon, and I will make her pay for what she has done."
Gao Zhiyuan’s words Fu Qianfan believes that the only thing that worries Fu Qianfan is whether things will really go as smoothly as Gao Zhiyuan said. For Gao Zhiyuan and Wen Zhiru, Fu Qianfan still doesn’t know anything. This Fu Qianfan is still a little concerned
Gao Zhiyuan knew that he could tell everything if he wanted Fu Qianfan to rest assured. He had been thinking for a long time just now.
"If I told Wen Zhiru everything, would you have more confidence in me?" Gao Zhiyuan said Fu Qianfan was very moved, although she didn’t want to admit it, but it was true.
"I knew Wen Zhiru when I was a child. At that time, she often came to our house to play and got along well with my mother. When I was in high school, my mother deliberately set me up with Wen Zhiru. At that time, I had no feelings for Wen Zhiru, just like treating a little sister."
"But my mother liked it. At that time, I thought that Wen Zhiru could grow together and there was nothing wrong with it. I agreed. Later, because I was going abroad to study, I didn’t have much contact with Wen Zhiru."
"There is nothing wrong with growing together." Fu Qianfan listened to this sentence and came to be angry. If Gao Zhiyuan sees the same young and beautiful girl now, can she be abandoned?
"Angry" Gao Zhiyuan asked because Fu Qianfan was staring at him with a face of resentment because he said what Wen Zhiru had said.
"What’s the point of being angry without me? I can’t look good." Fu Qianfan couldn’t hear this sentence.
"I was not young at that time, and there was a Wen Zhiru around me. If I knew you at that time, I would definitely choose you. You and I have always been the most beautiful in my heart." Gao Zhiyuan said please that it would be great if he met Fu Qianfan before Wen Zhiru.
I don’t know if I can believe Gao Zhiyuan’s words, but she shouldn’t have been entangled in the former things. At that time, Gao Zhiyuan was less than twenty and was still a child.
"Then what? Then you separated from Wen Zhiru." Fu Qianfan was really high-minded and separated from Wen Zhiru because he went abroad to study. It is not uncommon that even if he did not study abroad, he would go to different schools and work in different places, which would make his relationship die early.