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Yu Yu didn’t have the nerve to ask others, and he thought silently for a whole month, including surfing the net to find inspiration.

For example, when we go to eat western food together and put the ring in dessert after dinner, we are often surprised that when we eat the ring, he kneels down to propose marriage and causes the whole restaurant to watch;
喝茶约茶For example, the biggest billboard in the downtown square of Bao D, Hua Deng, suddenly turned into his proposal on the big screen when people came and went. His kneeling proposal caused the crowd to watch and boo, and maybe it could make headlines;
For example, when two people are in bed late at night, it is the woman who is the most defensive. It is natural to take out the ring at this time and everything will follow …
But Yu Yu is, after all, a rather old-fashioned man who can’t get rid of his "old" face. Secondly, he is strict with himself. Proposing marriage is the most important moment in his life, and he is a romantic person who is always smiling … so he has been dragging and dragging and struggling.
I really don’t feel relieved about it. After all, they have been married for almost two years, and they have had two children. Even she got the wedding diamond ring. On that day, she was really "shy" in the dog shed, but she didn’t expect Yu Yu to feel relieved and worried for so long …
So in the next day, Yu Yu is still distressed and often happy. Every day, when he takes care of the child, he is worried about the recovery of his left hand.
In the wedding, the old lady Yu and Yang Xi didn’t make a comeback. It seems that they really intend to wait until Zhang Fen’s death day is over, so they are happy and relaxed.
Three months later, D city officially entered the midsummer, and his left hand miraculously returned to normal, so he began to return to the police class.
Every day, the husband and wife get together, and Ban Yu’s family feel fine, and they have no complaints about Chang Huanyan’s return to work.
I’m not busy in my new position. I just have meetings every day. The decorator talks nonsense with colleagues, but I’m always happy but busy. Du Man magazine publishes a new issue every week. She has to keep an eye on things. Many manuscripts are selected, even printed and distributed …
Wei Yang believes that she has stopped coming to the meeting since she came, and she will come once a month at most to listen to the report of the workers.
This situation leads to the fact that they hardly meet each other during the day except in the morning and evening and on weekends, and even at noon, sometimes Yu Yu has to make an appointment to have dinner with her.
Qiao Jinyu often jokes, "Huan Yan, you are so respectful and love your job, and you are not afraid of your husband’s opinions?"
Chang Huan-yan thinks it’s better to have opinions. After all, Yu Yu is not very masculine despite his stuffy personality, and his work is more supportive to her.
It can be said that the magazine can sit in this position almost because of his support and help.
After several months, Qiao Jinyu and Zhou Wei have developed a stable relationship. Their parents have met each other and have not been engaged. They directly decided to get married on September 9.
Take the meaning of "long for a long time"
Qiao Jinyu went directly to the company on the day he got the certificate, and showed the red to his colleagues. His eyebrows and eyes were full of joy.
"When is Jin Yu going to have a wedding?" A colleague asked
Qiao Jinyu said with a smile, "We have agreed to get married on October 10th."
"Wow, congratulations."
"A hundred years of harmony!"
When a good friend got married, she was always happy. When it was almost noon, Yu Yu habitually came to the text message and asked, "Have you eaten together at noon?"
Chang Huan Yan replied with a few words "Are you busy?"
Yu Yu "…"
When it is eleven o’clock, I often get up and pick up my bag and walk outside.
The police atmosphere is equally lively today.
An older man finally got married at the age of 29. A happy man in Zhou Wei said that he would invite everyone to dinner.
Yu Yu was rejected by his wife, so he also promised to go together.
Who knows that everyone just walked into a small restaurant next to Yu when his cell phone rang, and the owner told him that Mrs. Yu’s office was waiting for him.
"I won’t eat Zhou Wei rice." After saying this, Yu Yu turned around and left a group of colleagues puzzling.
The top floor of Yu Yuxin’s office police building is almost as big as before, but the conditions are much better.