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"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll be gentle." Qin Chen hurriedly apologized and painted Yu Enze more carefully.

Stay for Yu Enze all wounds are coated with ointment Qin Chen finally spoke "Enze, don’t blame me for being talkative. It’s also hello for me to say so.
You know long summer is Chen Moran’s wife, and you still have to remember her.
Don’t fantasize about long summer, okay? She’s already someone else’s wife and won’t come back to you. Forget about her and think about it yourself in the future. "
Yu Enze looked at her eyes with tenderness. Qin Chen fell silent.
Qin Chen has been waiting for him to look back for so many years, and she has been with him forever, hoping to be with him one day.
She firmly believes that he loves long summer deeply and left him. Although he loves long summer deeply, after all, as time goes by, he will gradually forget long summer, and he will eventually open the door to her that has been sealed for a long time.
Qin Chen she this is bitter.
Bitter to wishful thinking
Be bitter and passionate.
The authorities are fascinated by the onlookers, but he tastes otherwise.
Beauty flicks her finger at the old moment of youth.
But when will I break my infatuation?
Yu Enze looked at Qin Chen and said, "Qin Chen’s youth is so short, don’t waste time on me. My belief has never changed. Except long summer, I will never marry a woman again in my life."
Qin Chen no longer speaks. She turns her back on Yu Enze and tears slide down her cheeks.
He advised her to let go. What about him? Didn’t he let long summer go, too
People always tell a lot of seemingly enlightened truths when persuading others, but when it’s their turn, they are stuck in it.
Yu Enze’s cell phone rang suddenly. First, a text message showed a strange number. Yu Enze looked at the text message stupefied, and his mind was white. He clearly heard his heart falling apart.
Chapter one hundred and four What about my living dream?
Enze, I know you fought with Silent today. Silent has told me everything in detail.
You are suffering again.
桑拿论坛It is a fact that you and I are predestined, and we must face it frankly.
Don’t be reluctant to part with it, don’t forget it, and don’t be depressed and force yourself to cut off all the past events. It’s the end of you and me that ends completely.
At this moment, I have boarded a flight to Beijing with Moran. I want to leave the sad city of Y forever and never set foot on this land again. Beijing is my real home with Moran.
I will have children with Silent Beijing, and we will have many children. Our family will live happily, warmly and happily.
Children will affectionately call us "Dad" and "Mom". Boys and girls will look like their father’s picturesque eyes and be as outstanding as their father.
Enze, you are the most qualified man in the world to be happy. Let me go and let you start all over again.
Later session
Good luck
Beginning of Summer
At the moment when the send button was pressed, long summer was crying.
Although she just described her and Chen Moran’s future life to Yu Enze, her mind was full of fantasy images of her and Yu Enze, her and Yu Enze’s children.
She longs for having many children with Yu Enze. She longs for the children to call Yu Enze and her "father" and "mother" intimately. What she longed for was that both boys and girls looked like Yu Enze’s worldly beauty. However, these beautiful things will never be realized by her and Yu Enze, but it is just a mirage that blows like a bubble.
The plane took off, sad, and she cut through the silent night and gradually disappeared into the darkness
She really left him, left his city, left his world, and she disappeared with all the things he had in the past, the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, the love and hate, the obsession, the nostalgia, the sadness, the loneliness and the pale years.
She loves him, loves him.
She won’t let him know the secret again.
Chen Moran gently hugged long summer, who was in tears, into his arms. He comforted her lovingly. "long summer, it’s over between you and him. You can cry if you want. After crying, you should be happy to face our new lives."
In an instant, long summer, 30,000 feet tall, lay in Chen Moran’s arms and cried like a child until his throat was hoarse and his tears dried up and he was deeply grieved.
Chen Moran couldn’t help hugging long summer, who was heartbroken, but crossed a little proud.
"Enze, what’s wrong with you?" Qin Chen immediately worried when he saw Yu Enze suddenly depressed.
"long summer she she’s gone" Yu Enze glassy-eyed mobile phone metamorphoses, slipped from his hand.
Qin Chen quickly picked up Yu Enze’s mobile phone. Because she accidentally touched the unlock button, the screen of the mobile phone flashed up, and she clearly saw the display message.
Qin Chen put the mobile phone on the desktop and looked at Yu Enze with anxiety and pity. "Enze long summer and Chen Moran are husband and wife. It is only a matter of time before she leaves Y City. Maybe long summer chose to leave Y City early and follow Chen Moran back to Beijing so that you can forget her early. I know you are sad, but you have to face the reality."
"Face the reality, face the reality, how do you want me to face the reality?" Yu Enze got up from the sofa and shouted at Qin Chen angrily. "She is the only woman I love deeply in my life. The only woman I love deeply is a man’s wife. You call me such an ending."
Feng’s eyes are filled with hot and sour water fog, and Yu Enze trudges towards Qin Chen step by step. "Why does she leave when she says, marry whoever she wants and leave whoever she wants?"
The mood became more and more excited. Yu Enze began to beat his chest with both hands. "What I have really been to her for so many years is nothing, nothing. I am just a joke. Why should I be so cruel to me?"
"Enze, don’t be like this." Qin Chen rushed to hug and was sad. Yu Enze stopped him from continuing to beat himself. "I know that you are heartbroken. Let me vent all your anger and grievances. I want you to feel better. Please don’t torture yourself like this."
"Qin Chen, you let me go." Yu Enze was short of breath, and there was a surge of dark flame in Feng’s eyes, which sharply locked Qin Chen. "Otherwise, don’t blame me."
"I won’t let go, I won’t watch you torture yourself." Stubborn Qin Chen held Yu Enze tightly.
"You go away for me." generate’s anger drowned out all reason. Yu Enze pushed Qin Chen to the table with one hand.
The sharp corner of the table just topped Qin Chen’s abdomen, and in a short time, his forehead was full of sweat. Qin Chen squatted on his knees and sucked the chill.
Pushing down Qin Chen’s hand seems to freeze Yu Enze in the air, stupefied, looking at the ground and enduring the pain. Qin Chen’s face is short and dim, and he angrily points to Qin Chen’s cold voice. "Who are you, virgin Mary? What qualifications do you have before me to preach and tell you that you don’t deserve it?"