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Ling Xiaoyao smiled and swallowed warmly. Just by smiling, he was already the happiest person who had known him all day. The smile was sincere, gentle and smiling, and there was no lack of self-mockery and so it seemed to relieve Shuiyun’s heart.

Shuiyunjin smiled very reluctantly. She was naturally white. All this happened for a reason. No wonder people opened the road to life and death after all. Her eyebrows were dim. She looked at Lin Han and looked over at him. Seeing that he nodded at her, the corners of her mouth seemed to be shallow, but it was the biggest radian he could express.
The four men are determined, and they can’t see at all that the earth collapsed in the face of death, embarrassment and panic. At that moment, the four men jumped and the sound was far away from their ears. The wind was blowing and falling, and the force was too great. The wind blew on their faces like a sharp sword, which hurt their cheeks.
Shuiyunjin was hugged tightly by Huangfuda, and her face pressed against his chest, listening to the strong beating. She felt that her brain was white, and her whole person seemed to have lost her strength, and her long eyelashes blinked like a butterfly. Within a moment, she completely closed her eyes. I don’t know if she was tired or fainted.
Huangfuda knew that he must not let go of Shuiyunjin. His arm tightened as if to embed her in the bone marrow. A huge splash splashed. He fell into the lake with Shuiyunjin from the sky, and almost as soon as he fell into the water, he sank into the water. He glanced at Shuiyunjin and moved his feet. The fish jumped out of the lake and held Shuiyunjin all over the floor.
They were soaked to the skin, and Huangfu-da ignored it. Her big hand reached the back of Shuiyun-hibiscus, and she put the body’s flowing force into her body until her robe was dry and permeable, and Yunxi still cocked her head and didn’t wake up.
Huangfuda frowned, but she still lost her strength for a long time. She didn’t wake up at all. It suddenly occurred to him that she should have been injured when she resisted the silver needle. She lifted her sleeve and examined her right arm carefully. At this time, he really wanted to kill his finger with one hand. He just wanted to explore her pulse when she suddenly coughed. Finally, he woke up.
Huangfuda saw that she was awake and tense, so she had to put the painful color in her eyes. He gathered her and held her in his arms. She was worried and afraid, and she was so excited that it took a long time to listen to his hoarse voice. "Tell me if there is anything wrong."
Shuiyunjin shook her head vigorously against his shoulder. "It’s just a little dizzy. It’s all right."
"Dizziness" Huangfuda pushed her away and looked solemn.
"Maybe she ran for her life and didn’t eat for a while, but don’t worry." She didn’t feel unwell except that her brain was a little heavy and dizzy.
Huangfuda didn’t tell her what she had been poisoned, which was bottomless. Her eyes were watching her closely for fear that she would suddenly fall or disappear. At that time, every taste in her heart was so bitter that it seemed that the apex of her heart was cut open by a sharp sword, dripping with blood.
It wasn’t long before I saw LingXiaoYao and LinHan coming in tandem. They came a long way from now.
Ling Xiaoyao came over and found that the overflow of two people’s breath was slightly stagnant. His eyes crossed the heavy face and turned to Shuiyun Park. She saw that her eyebrows were all tired and moist, and her eyes were paralyzed with water vapor. It seemed that a touch would break the mud doll’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "How did you hurt?"
"I’d better look at what place is here first."
Shuiyunjin looked around, and it turned out that she was desperate, but in front of her, there was another world that was no longer dark and strange. At this time, the sky was a fish-belly grey, and the beautiful and quiet scenery around her was like a paradise full of vitality and a sudden haze.
"This should be the real Qingyuan Mountain." Ling Xiaoyao stood there motionless with a slender figure, raising his eyebrows slightly and deceiving frost and snow in the dew in the early morning.
Shuiyunjin listened to her heart and felt a lot lighter. She finally lost their lives. There is nothing better than that they are all alive. With Huangfudan’s arm, she made a little effort to get up. After many crises, she finally found the right place. So clever and careless, she will die in this mysterious valley. Who created it?
There is no doubt about this personnel method, but he has raised a group of people who kill and set fire, rob property, crow and steal tombs. If this man is a brilliant man and good at daoist magic, he is definitely not a "good man". After so many years, I wonder if he can return to the world.
I don’t know if he will face each other, but since she has come, she always believes that everything will change here.
"Let’s go" Huangfuda encircles her in her arms, her eyebrows are picturesque, her eyes are obscure, and her eyes are too dark to make him look as if he were trapped in the dark.
The four people crossed the hill in front of the wall and gradually became dazzling. They saw a blue lake across the whole valley, with sparkling water waves, beautiful trees and lush flowers. The clean water flowed from the depths of flowers and trees into the stone gap, and the lakes and mountains were beautiful and magnificent.
After a few more steps, I feel flat and wide, and the flying buildings on both sides are carved and embroidered. The sills are hidden in the foothills and overlooked from a height, but I can see Qingxi shedding jade and piercing through the clouds and white stone fence, surrounded by ponds, marshes, stone bridges and three ports.
Located on the bank stands a golden glazed tile covered with crimson eaves, which is layered like a streamer. In the middle of the plaque, it says that the three characters of vigorous and powerful Tibetan Cloud Valley are very dazzling, and the morning light seems to have crossed a layer of golden light, making people stand still for a long time at a glance.
Not to mention how arrogant the word "hidden cloud" is, looking at the iron-drawn silver hook and the agile dragon font has already made people feel that the majestic momentum of the writer is like an avalanche.
It is said that Yunjin is a bit too strong and rational.
It really makes people have to love.
Ha ha ha:
Chapter 15 Harmony
Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrow eye and chuckled at the radian of the corners of her mouth. She looked at Huangfuda indifferently. The two men smiled at each other and said nothing. The eyebrow eye overflowed with the same domineering and a kind of unspeakable detachment.
At this time, the door was closed and quiet, falling from the cliff and delaying for a long time. I didn’t see half a figure here. How can it be that no one has gone out in such a big valley or have already found out what the hell is waiting for them?
The four men looked at each other out of sight, a trace of fear, and experienced difficulties all the way. What else could they not pass?
I was thinking about locking the door, abrupt opening, orderly steps, and when I looked up, I saw two rows of long queues like a team. The blue tights of the same color came over here in a spectacular way, and everyone seemed to be cold-faced.
Shuiyunjin squinted slightly and seemed to recognize several familiar strong men in that gambling house.
In this way, the team of nearly 100 people surrounded four people, and the posture was quite singling out. It was supposed that they were "guests" for the first time in this deep mountain.
"A few people have come from afar, and we are far from meeting." The first old man’s hair and beard are all white, and his eyes are turbid and sharp. Four people turn back and forth as if to confirm four people.
桑拿网To be polite, I made a circle in the wind and went back around. Huangfuda dragged nature into ignoring him. Besides, he didn’t even bother to take a look at Ling Xiaoyao’s mind. He is just like a noble man, especially because he is a country. I’m afraid he is the most disdainful to deal with a group of grave robbers. Lin Han can’t expect to make him open his mouth.