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Estimates also want to take this opportunity to test whether she really has been YuTingChuan admitted to be others.

Song Qingcheng nodded. "I’ll ask him to join uncle again."
"Good" Liu Xishan’s face softened and raised his hand and pressed the shoulder of Song Qingcheng with some expectations. "That uncle is waiting for your reply."
Coming out of Lujia, the whole Song Dynasty called Shen Che and asked him to wait for himself at the gate of the community.
"I don’t want to bring the car in if there are many things," said Shen Che.
Song Qingcheng pulled the box and walked out. "It’s not heavy to have a luggage case dragging."
She suddenly stopped when the words fell.
Shen Che noticed that she was strange. "What’s the matter?"
"It’s okay." Song Qingcheng calmly held the lever hand but consciously clenched "My horse went over and hung up first."
Put away the phone and she looked at the road ahead again.
Shen Zhi leaned against a white car with a cigarette in his finger. He bent his head slightly and thought about things. There were already several cigarette butts next to camel leather shoes.
In her memory, Shen Zhi doesn’t smoke.
However, it is only a memory.
Shen Zhi suddenly looked up and noticed.
按摩Four eyes touching the whole Song Dynasty did not move.
Shen Zhi stamped out the cigarette butt and walked to her timeless striped shirt. The temperament of a handsome young man of twenty years old is warm and moist, as if he had never changed in these years, just like a refreshing wind in a summer morning.
It is now that ripples are blowing in her heart.
Shen Zhi slowly settled in front of her.
Song Qingcheng looked back at his mature eyebrows and greeted him first. "What a coincidence?"
"Unfortunately" Shen Zhi stared at her plain little face for a long time before she said "I’ll wait for you"
Wait for her?
Song city suddenly some want to laugh when I hear these words.
In fact, she is really smiling.
Shen Zhi stepped forward and the two were closer. He bowed his head and put his hands on Song Qingcheng’s shoulders. His tone was also very warm. "Don’t laugh if you don’t want to laugh. This is not for you."
"Then what suits me?" Song Qingcheng don’t open your eyes and gently smile "I don’t even know myself"
Shen Zhi looked at her quietly for a long time without speaking.
Song Qingcheng wore a shirt skirt today, and her long hair was supple and covered, which made her face look small and her pink lips were not good. Her skin was white and the sun was almost thin, her figure was ying ying and her waist was slender, as if a breeze could blow her away. No pregnant woman should be ruddy and plump.
Holding her shoulder, the hand slowly tightened and Shen Zhi moved his Adam’s apple. "Is it true what the newspaper wrote?"
"Yes" Song Qingcheng has some nai "it’s really a good thing not to go out and it’s a bad thing."
Then she avoided Shen Zhi’s hand without a trace and rushed Shen Zhi with a smile after her hair reached her ear. "I have work to do, so I won’t tell you here."
Shen Zhi asked, "Have you had a bad life in Lujia in recent years?"
Song Qingcheng smiled. "Don’t you see it all?"
"I just chose the same road as you." The whole Song Dynasty looked calm without resentment and anger, and looked at Shen Zhi in black and white eyes. "Now I can understand that you were in a poor mood. It was the most terrible thing. I really don’t blame you."
"It’s not strange to go into that place for you or watch you marry someone else."
Song Qingcheng said this and smiled, "I’m getting married now, too. Should you bless me?"
"With Yu Tingchuan?" Shen Zhiwen
"Yeah" Song Qingcheng touched the belly "Can’t let the child be born black"
Shen Zhi didn’t answer the words.
Then a golf stopped not far away.
Shen Che pushed open the car door to see Shen Zhi next to the whole Song Dynasty. At that time, I didn’t know whether to advance or retreat. One was my cousin and the other was a good friend.
In those days, he also knew Song Qingcheng because of Shen Zhi.
The whole Song Dynasty came over and said, "Did you wait for a long time and have just been delayed by brother Shen?"
"It’s okay," Shen Che looked at Shen Zhi again. "Are you leaving now?"
Song city nodded "let’s go"
Shen Che used to take luggage case, the whole city of Song Dynasty, and said hello to Shen Zhi. "Cousin, let’s go first."
"Drive carefully"
Shen Zhi looked calm and looked at golf again.
Song Qingcheng has got into the car.
Shen Che didn’t delay to pick up the box and put it in the trunk, then open the driving door.
The engine starts the golf and leaves soon.
Shen Che drove the car and couldn’t help but look at the mirror. Sure enough, Shen Zhi seemed to be looking at this side in a motionless way.
Take back the line of sight to see the song city next to it.
She is admiring the shade outside, and her face is strangely indifferent.
"My cousin lived here last night, too?" Shen che suddenly asked
Song Qingcheng turned back and sat idly by the seat. "Isn’t it supposed to be early?"
"What did he say to you?"
"Nothing to catch up with."
Shen Che looked at her again. "How did my cousin know that you went back to Lujia?"
Song Qingcheng lip-synching smile "It’s not a secret. There is always a well-informed person around him."
Listening to her casual tone, Shen Che became more and more uneasy. "Are you okay?"
"What can I do for you?"
Shen Che asked, "How have you been sleeping recently? Since you are pregnant, don’t touch those drugs again."
"Already stopped" song city way
Shen Che saw that she was so careless that she suddenly remembered the scene when they first met. Song Qingcheng was holding hands with Shen Zhi. She was a little shy and hid behind her cousin. When she was introduced by Shen Zhi, she showed a shallow smile and the pear vortex on her cheek was curved. He suddenly asked, "Was it very scared at that time?"
Don’t shut up until you react. Have you come yet?
"What?" Song whole look at his eyes with confusion.