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After dinner, two people came out of the restaurant hand in hand.

When shopping! A little girl selling flowers stepped in front of them.
"Sister, you are so beautiful. Let handsome brother buy you a bunch of flowers!" As she said, she held a bunch of flowers in front of them. Is the flower beautiful or is it a rose night? Xi Han really likes roses to represent love. Of course, she also wants her beloved man to buy it himself like other girls.
Mu Lingtian frowned and turned to look at her. "Do you like it?"
Yexihan is embarrassed to nod. Nodding means telling him to say something. Isn’t he overbearing at ordinary times? Also ask her? Why don’t you just buy Dong for her?
"Then let’s go!"
Disappointed and a little lost in my heart
This night is much more romantic than him.
品茶  title=Mu Lingtian is stingy with sending her flowers …
You said you were going out with him? This is not a date. It’s not a date without a flower root.
Seeing that the purpose of teasing her has reached Mu Lingtian, she smiled and pulled out a few bills from her wallet. "Is the little girl enough?"
Actually, at ordinary times, he is a card and has no habit of loading money. Today, he deliberately put it in a stack to facilitate shopping. Fortunately, he has foresight, otherwise he didn’t want to buy a bunch of flowers for his woman, so he couldn’t be cash-strapped.
"Brother, enough is enough, not so much! Just fifty dollars … "
"Keep it!"
The little girl nodded her thanks again and again and said sweetly, "Sister, you are so happy. Brother is so kind to you."
With that, the little girl ran away
"Take it!" Muling handed her the flowers.
Night Xihan was silent for a while without taking it.
He didn’t even say he would give it to her …
Although there is a word difference between’ holding’ and’ sending’, the meaning is completely different.
"No?" Mu lingtian raised his eyebrows and smiled at the corners of his mouth.
Night Xi Han does not move
"If you don’t like it, I will throw it away!" Mu Lingtian found the trash can and made a throw.
Night Xihan was annoyed and his heart was broken all over the floor.
Is it so hard to say that you can give it to her?
Awkward to withdraw your hand Mu Lingtian didn’t do as she wished.
Put aside your face and ignore him
Mu Lingtian smiled with a genie. "The goblin just teased you and gave it to you!"
Night Xihan lowered his head and jerked his lips, quietly evoked eyebrows and curved his eyes. She tried her best not to want him to see the roses, sniffed them slightly, and smelled them in her nose. She felt that this moment was very warm.
MuLingTian sigh how this woman is so easy to full zu…… …
Looking at this little face full of zu, the smile is really beautiful. The night when Xihan came, it was long, beautiful and beautiful. Now it’s a little more shy for my little daughter’s family. I have an impulse to kiss her and I want to kiss her urgently.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Dating
Hook her wrist, take her body into her arms, bow down and kiss her lips deeply.
Night Xihan didn’t react, so he grabbed him and then he kissed crazy in love.
There was a circle of people watching them kissing here. It was a beautiful scene …
Mu Lingtian kissed her and let her go. Night Xihan’s face was flushed like waiting to taste peaches.
Look at the people around you and watch them. Night Xihan has some tears and her face is red.
After shopping for a while, Mu Ling wanted to buy something she liked with Ye Xihan. As a result, the night girl didn’t like to ask her anything except shaking her head or shaking her head, which made Mu Ling’s heavenly heart even more depressing … and her guilt was even deeper.
Night Xihan’s feet were bare before he recovered, and he left for too long. They strolled for a while and then walked into a cinema.
When Mu Lingtian queued up to buy tickets, Ye Xihan went to buy two cups of milk tea and a bucket of popcorn … Popcorn is the original milk tea. She chose a signature cup of strawberry. He didn’t know what taste Mu Lingtian liked, so he chose two cups of popular.
When he came back, Mu Lingtian was still waiting in line.
Looking at him from a distance in the crowded crowd waiting to buy tickets, he seems a little out of place, but one thing is that he definitely stands out from the crowd. There are always some girls around him who cast obsessed eyes on him from time to time. It’s a little delicious at night, but more people feel so happy. How can a man like him bow his head and do these things without moving her?
Suddenly, she felt that this happiness was too unreal … I always felt that something was wrong.
Where is it?
She can’t say it!
Squeezed out of the crowd, Mu Lingtian couldn’t help but want to swear. Damn it, he had to wait in such a long line to buy a movie ticket … But this little woman was willing to break her life for the first time.
Night Xihan snickered and took a few sips of milk tea, not wanting to know that this was his first time!
Who would have thought that the president of Mu’s company would queue up to buy movie tickets one day?
It’s incredible to think about it.
When they walked in, the movie just started. There were many people today, and the cinema was almost full.
They came to a remote place where the location was not very good.
However, the large screen does not affect the viewing very much.
Put the popcorn and pass another cup of milk tea to Mulingtian, and the two of them began to watch movies.
Mulingtian doesn’t drink this kind of thing and put it aside.
It’s fun to drink at night, and it won’t take long to get rid of half a glass.
"Is it delicious?" Like being infected by her facial expression, Mu Lingtian asked.
"yeah!" Ye Xihan nodded, and the milk tea was that smell, mainly because she was very happy today and the milk tea she drank was delicious.
"Bring it here and I’ll have a drink!"
Ye Xihan struggled with a whisper, didn’t he? What should I drink her?