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Li Mulin’s eyes flashed with panic.

He estimated that he felt flustered when he thought that he had been seen by Ye Xiangyuan for so many years.
I suddenly some wear leaves to far away.
At the beginning, he said that he was best at catching big fish with long lines.
Sure enough, he was lurking for nearly ten years before he went to war with the enemy completely until he was full-fledged.
Li Mulin looked a little distorted and stared at Ye Xiang from afar. "You really have a deep heart. No wonder my dad has always warned me not to look down on you … It’s a pity that I was careless."
Ye Xiangyuan light way "you are not bad"
Li Mulin cold face didn’t answer the words.
Ye Xiangyuan sounds without emotional ups and downs. "You’ve been with me since kindergarten. I treat you as a good friend, but you have ulterior motives … in the end, I’m not sorry for you."
So Li Mulin doesn’t have to be hurt.
Li Mulin leng murmured, "Brother?" There was something bitter in his eyes. "How can we be brothers if we have different positions?"
That’s true
They have been enemies since birth, and neither of them has a choice.
Section 324
Yes, I think Ye Xiangyuan, who was still young at that time, must have been very upset when he learned that Li Mulin was a traitor.
I couldn’t help squeeze his hand.
Ye Xiangyuan tilted his head and smiled gently at me.
I gave him a smile back.
After a moment of sadness, Li Mulin’s tone became cold and hard again. "Even if you know that our family and the Li family are traitors, what can you do … You are still under house arrest by me?"
I shook my head before looking at Li Mulin pretending to be calm.
Compared with Ye Xiangyuan, he was still a lot worse.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t feel nervous and leisurely. "You tried your best to imprison me, and I’m sure I wouldn’t do anything that I’m not sure about. It’s estimated that you would have replaced me with your hand … It seems that now I’m already under control, so I won’t escape."
He is calm and indifferent.
It happened that it was this so-called attitude that made Li Mulin fear.
Li Mulin squinted at him for a long time before he said coldly, "Are you showing weakness to me on purpose?"
Ye Xiangyuan eyebrows slightly pick.
Li Mulin said, "Even if you show weakness, I can’t let you go."
Ye Xiangyuan hook the corners of the mouth didn’t speak.
This inscrutable appearance makes Li Mulin hesitate instead.
He walked back and forth a little anxiously, then let his hand watch and we turned and went out.
As soon as he left Gu Changyu, he quickly came to stop Ye Xiangyuan and said, "Ayuan, what shall we do now?"
Ye Xiangyuan gave her a look.
桑拿会所Gu Changyu eyes filled with tears. "I … I didn’t know he was a traitor … why did you keep it from me? If you tell me earlier, I will not be … "
She began to cry again, and her beautiful face was covered with a layer of light sorrow, which made people feel pity.
I want to talk to her.
It seems that she was kept in the dark about many things. Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun didn’t talk to her.
I neglected me before, and she was spoiled by Ye Xiangyuan and tracing the cause, and she was bound to know their movements.
Now that I think about it, she’s as much a hidden object as me …
I suddenly felt a strange joy.
Maybe they deliberately kept these things from the women around them?
However, a lot of things seem to be known to the eldest sister-in-law, and sometimes Ye Xiangyuan will discuss with her.
Is it because eldest sister-in-law looks more reliable?
Or … Is it because the eldest sister-in-law is bent on revenge for the eldest brother, and Ye Xiangyuan is embarrassed to keep it from her?
I think Gu Changyu has already sat on the other side of Ye Xiangyuan.