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I looked up and looked at her.

She hooked her mouth and sneered, "I knew you would have this day."
I didn’t do it.
She laughed more and more wantonly. "How does it feel to be abandoned by Ayuan?"
I stared at her with a straight face.
Her eyes filled with schadenfreude with a smile. "I just came here today to see how down and out you are … Do you think if I take a photo of you and send it to Gu Changyu, will she give me a reward?"
Gu Changyu?
I can’t help thinking about her name in vain.
I narrowed my eyes and stared at her. "You knew Ayuan liked Gu Changyu?"
Xiaoyan raised her hand over her scattered shoulders, and her curly hair was so funny that "of course"
My eyes sank.
She held out her hand and blew her big red nails and smiled. "Ye Sanye told me that I deliberately kept it from you and Li Yuyan just to see you dog eat dog."
Chapter 39 at leaves home.
It turned out that Ye Sanye said
I looked at Xiaoyan for a long time.
I can understand her mentality of sitting on a high platform to watch a movie, but she obviously doesn’t want to watch a movie and wants to benefit the fishermen.
She is so happy now that I am down and out.
At the moment, her mouth is smiling smugly, as if she had stepped on my foot and enjoyed her victory.
I can’t help saying, "Don’t you hate Gu Changyu? She is the one who likes Ayuan. "
Xiaoyan glanced at me contemptuously. "I dare not argue with a arrogant woman like her. Only a fool like you will provoke her. You see that you are being driven abroad by Ayuan because you have offended her."
She’s not wrong about that. Everything started with Gu Changyu. Even though I left willingly, I still couldn’t agree.
But for Xiaoyan, I am also very despised.
She used to give me medicine and set me up to see that I had no background or family background.
She didn’t dare to fight Gu Changyu and Li Yu’s pipe. At the end of the day, it was just bullying.
This kind of villain is even more hateful and pathetic.
She’s throwing herself around in front of me now, and she’s giving me a bad breath, but in fact, I lost Gu Changyu’s hand. What do you have with her?
Even if Ye Xiang and I are far away from marriage, Ye Xiangyuan can’t really look at her.
Of course, I also want to argue with her, so let her be complacent.
I became silent and stopped talking to her.
Xiaoyan hooked her lips and sat in front of me with her legs crossed. It seems that she still wants to satirize me a few words.
At this time, there has been no Han Qingshan to stop her from "doing it"
Xiaoyan pie pie shows no gas expression.
Han Qingshan said lightly, "If you don’t want to die, don’t provoke the time."
Xiaoyan’s face changed from red to white, and her eyes flashed a bit unwilling.
品茶论坛But she didn’t say anything, but snorted to express her dissatisfaction.
I narrowed my eyes.
It seems that Xiaoyan is afraid of Han Qingshan.
Han Qingshan sat opposite me on the sofa and explained, "Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely not bothering you to bring her here."
And he gave Xiaoyan a warning look.
Xiaoyan may have been stimulated to say sarcastically, "You’re not a good person, so you cheat her such a fool." She turned to me and sneered, "Don’t be cheated by him. If he was really nice to you, he wouldn’t put you under house arrest."
I’m a little funny. Are these two people talking about each other?
Neither Han Qingshan nor Xiaoyan is a good person.
I don’t believe any of them, and I don’t like any of them.
Han Qingshan listened to Xiaoyan’s words and her face turned cold.
His eyes swept Xiaoyan sharply.
Perhaps it was the coldness in his eyes that frightened Xiaoyan. She immediately shut her mouth and even dared not cross her legs. She sat down and dared not say another word.
I rarely see Xiaoyan showing such weakness. Even if she was caught by Ye Xiangyuan, she didn’t change her domineering. Later, when she was stabbed, she still kept her fierce and vicious.
I can see that she is afraid of Han Qingshan.
I can’t help but look back and forth between her and Han Qingshan.
Then I thought about it for nothing.
Han Qingshan and her relatives must have rescued her because she still has.
She is a chess game, and of course she can be pushed around by Han Qingshan.
What is Han Qingshan going to do with Xiaoyan’s chess?
Xiaoyan is now completely declining and driven out of China by Ye Xiangyuan. It seems to me that Xiaoyan has been in one place.
But people like Han Qingshan must not do anything.
I guess he may want Xiaoyan to deal with Ye Xiangyuan.
But I can’t guess exactly how to do it.