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Mo Yang Oh, "It seems that I don’t feel relieved when I have a sister."

"Nature is my sister’s kiss" is red in the face but still calm.
约茶Everyone laughed, and the breakfast atmosphere was very good.
In the evening, both the Lan Wangfu and the General Mansion got the news and came to Hou Mansion again.
Shuiyun Park heard the housekeeper’s leave and let people lead her to Park Yard.
Shuiyunjin sat quietly waiting in the drawing room and looked a little far away, not knowing what to think.
"Yunxi, we finally meet you" Gu Chenxi suddenly interrupted Shuiyun’s thoughts.
ShuiYunJin turned to see ChuChengXuan and Gu Chenxi and RuQin came in, and she got up to meet him.
"I’ve been asleep and groggy before, and you can’t talk when you go in, and they haven’t explained clearly, which worries you."
"Are you well?" Gu Chenxi asked.
"It’s all right. It’s not a serious illness." Shuiyun Park soothed.
"The county princess handmaiden finally meets you." Ruqin became red-eyed when she saw Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin reached out to help her "don’t cry"
Ruqin nodded and closed her tears.
Several people sat in the drawing room for a long time before finally listening to Chu Chengxuan saying, "Grandpa Lan, they all know that you are awake and want to come together, but they are afraid that if you don’t know what to say, they want to go back when you are better."
Shui Yunjin nodded. "Let Grandpa rest assured that I will be in Huangfu Yun."
"He was badly hurt, but people can stay in bed when they wake up, otherwise they would have rushed over," Chu Chengxuan replied.
ShuiYunJin thinking HuangFuYun sex must be like that.
"Yunjin Adai has won the battle and is returning to Beijing Road." Gu Chenxi trembles.
Shui Yun-jin smiled immediately after her heart. "It’s a good thing to win the battle. Changyong’s robbery is over."
"Yunjin, you don’t know that everyone is hiding it from him, but he will come back soon and wait for him to know everything. Have you ever thought about what he will be like?" Gu Chenxi felt uneasy.
"Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ll tell him," Shuiyunjin whispered.
"Yunxi, you can’t really, even if you have a lot of self-denial, you can’t abandon Adai. How can you stand your feelings regardless of him? You can’t really give up on each other because of this." Gu Chenxi looked at Shuiyunxi eagerly.
"Let’s talk about it later. I don’t want to think about so much now." Shuiyun Park doesn’t want to say much about Gu Chenxi, and I don’t know how to persuade Shuiyun Park to come to their senses, so it will no longer be said that it is a long time before ChuChengxuan and others leave Hou Fu.
Shuiyunjin sat in the drawing room and frowned. It didn’t take a long time to hear her say "Where is my dad?"
"Master courtyard with ink imperial chess" Zi Xia answered.
Shuiyunjin got up and went out of the drawing room.
Shuiyunjin came to the college, and they didn’t finish a game of chess, but Moyang said that he would go to the dining room to prepare medicine soup for Shuiyunjin and got up and left.
"Dad, should you go back?" Sit at the table of Shuiyun Park Stone.
"Dad just wanted to tell you that Dad stayed in Beijing for too long to prepare to leave Beijing." Shui Yanhui said.
"That dad is going to go back alone." Shuiyun raised an eyebrow.
"Your mother hasn’t seen you for many years, and I want to take you back with me, but you are not well yet, and" Shui Yanhui swallowed back what he wanted to say.
Shui Yun-jin knows that she didn’t say anything behind it. Her eyes are dark. "I haven’t told Dad about the method of mother’s body. I can understand that I’ve always been ready to go back, but I haven’t had a chance. Let’s go with Dad this time."
Shui Yan-hui’s eyes lit up, and then he settled, "Arjun will be back in two days, and you don’t want to see him."
"Nothing is missing, just a little worried," said Shuiyun Park.
"Are you afraid of him and LingXiaoYao confrontation?" Shui Yan Hui can think of that scene.
"Dad should know that Ling Xiaoyao has exhausted me many times, and he just came back from the battlefield to think about it and know that he is tired. Let them be both-lose." Shui Yunxi frowned. She was not worried about anything but being afraid of seeing the two men fight. She almost demolished Lingyin Temple this time and didn’t directly level Hou Fu.
"You’re worried that it will definitely happen. It’s not bad for Adai to think for herself. When he calms down, goodbye is not too late. Our father and daughter set off early that fine day." Shui Yanhui made a decision.
Shuiyunjin nodded.
After dinner, Shuiyunjin said that she was the first to leave early in the morning and clamoured to follow.
When there were water clouds and Ling Xiaoyao left in the hall, I heard Ling Xiaoyao say with smile, "I’ll pay you back and you’ll leave me."
"Why don’t you go out for a walk together when you stay in Beijing?" Shuiyun Park said with a smile.
"If you don’t worry, I won’t shoot him." LingXiaoYao smiled gently.
"I’m afraid he’ll make moves on you." Shuiyunjin drawled.
LingXiaoYao raised an eyebrow without saying anything.
The next morning, a group of people packed up and left the capital. Shuiyun Park sent people into the palace and said to Lan Wangfu.
Two days later, Huangfuda led five thousand began to enter the city, and the people of Wenwu Baiguan City went out to meet him.
Huangfuda wore no armor, dressed in white, and Tsinghua sat tall and handsome.
When I entered the city, it was still the Dihuang and the old prince Chu Chengxuan and others in the city, but there was only one person he wanted to see most.
Huangfuda came back to Beijing, and the first person he saw should be someone he missed deeply until Mata’s smiling eyes gradually cooled down.
"I’m back after seeing Grandpa Huang":
Chapter 135 Ms, I’m back.
"This time, Lao Er’s work hard. I’m glad you set up a celebration dinner in the palace. Go with me and Lao Wang Shu." Huang Lang laughed.
"The emperor and grandpa go ahead and I’ll go in a minute." Huangfuda said softly.
"Don’t let me and uncle Wang wait too long." The emperor glanced at ChuChengXuan.
See ChuChengXuan nod.
"What’s the matter with Lao Er? Let’s talk about it after tonight." The old prince is always worried. At this time, if he can’t calm down, he will have a moderate digestion.
Huangfuda didn’t say anything until everyone left, leaving only Chu Chengxuan Huangfuda’s face suddenly cold. "I don’t have an accident in Beijing. Where is the park?"
Chu Chengxuan didn’t expect Huangfuda to think so far. Although the news of Beijing was blocked to him, he didn’t see Shuiyunjin. He had already guessed that the accident in Beijing was a fact, and it was impossible to hide it if he wanted to hide it.
"When you didn’t, something really happened in Beijing. Since Tianhong Lingguo discussed before and after attacking Changyong border, most of the troops near Beijing were transferred to the border. He planned to hold you off, but secretly Jiang Qiuwu plotted to let Changyong be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis, plus Huangfuheng’s internal cooperation. They had already made arrangements to sneak into Beijing at night. First, people were trapped in Lanwang Mansion and General Mansion, and then they intercepted Huangfuyun Xishan Camp. The ultimate goal was to surround the palace and Huangfuheng fought for it.
Outside the city, there are thousands of guards ready to attack the city. On that night, there were tragic casualties in Lanwangfu Palace and how much Tianhong and Jiangqiuwu hate Yunxi. You know that they will not let Yunxi go. "
"In the hands of people such as Ms. Park and Tianhong," Huang Fu-da’s eyes are full of coolness, and her voice is full of cold, and all her places are frozen.
"Arda, everyone has tried their best to kill dozens of people in the dark guard of Lanwang Palace. Up to now, Huangfu Kun can’t get into bed. Yunfu Kun is worried about the safety of Grandpa Lan and Princess Lan. She will be transferred from her side with one dark and two dark. Uncle Shui is the emperor’s side, and there may be danger at any time. Only uncle Shui and I tried our best to rush in. Yunfu was really caught by Jiang Qiuwu, and later Ling Xiaoyao appeared and saved her." Chu Chengxuan hoped that he would say these things to make Huangfu Kun think of the crisis and water cloud at that time.