Ginger bureau can we find the little girl when we return to the police department? !” Since I saw the man who suddenly disappeared with my own eyes, Huangfumu felt that her nerves were about to break, and finally she could not help but ask.

Huangfu Song Ke and I also hope that she can help us once more. Ginger twisted her eyebrows with a tough tone. But don’t say this again. We must seal it.
Ginger Bureau is right. If there is an offender, hell to pay! Song Nuan also sternly said, You are not joking. It is also possible to take off the police.
Yes! Huangfumu sipped his mouth and didn’t say it again.
品茶Others also slightly change color. Everyone is a smart person. Forget it, it must be that there is an emphasis on it, so it is forbidden to disturb others!
It’s a bit difficult to catch up with the car in front as the car baby expected.
Every car tries to overtake as soon as it gets close to the starting line, and everyone pushes hard on the accelerator!
However, Che Baobao still seized an opportunity and forcefully advanced a position.
This time, it was very dangerous. The two bodies almost passed each other by.
Fortunately, both sides have made the closest preparations for overtaking, and put the rearview mirrors outside each other’s windows on the car body just in case.
Damn, that was a close call. A thin layer of cold sweat oozed from the baby’s forehead. I almost wiped off a layer of skin on our car, but it was a pity that it overtook a car.
Impatience what is not there are two laps? !” Che Xiaoxiao unscrewed the pure water in his hand and put it back in its original position.
Elder sister, we have two laps left. How many cars do you see in front? !” Car baby pouted. Besides, those five good BMW crosscountry cars are not vegetarians. If we want to run first, we must shrink the car by half and run on the sidewalk, or the cars in front will fly over.
Okay, baby, I agree with these two ways. You can choose one. Che Xiaoxiao gently opened the small locker at the front of the car and took out a pair of thin black silk gloves and slowly put them on.
Car baby stare big eyes cried, elder sister are you kidding? ! How is that possible? !”
Who said impossible? ! Hurry up and choose. This lap is finished again. Che Xiaoxiao stretched a few fingers and tried the flexibility of gloves.
….. Car baby completely became speechless. Without blinking, he stared at the car silently and smiled for two seconds before saying, It’s impossible to ride a car. I’ll choose the sidewalk …
The car smiled with a wink and said, Good baby horse stepped on the accelerator to the end!
After saying his word, he wore black gloves and his left hand suddenly moved like that
Grab the steering wheel and pull it in your own direction! Take a turn! One more time!
The car swerved and rushed to the sidewalk!
At the same time, the car smiled, the right hand and five fingers closed, and the abdomen was running at top speed!
A strong specific force hit the rear wheel of the car through the palm of your hand
In an instant, the rear of the car is heavy!
Two rapidly rolling front wheels are off the ground in an instant!
The rear wheel is still rubbing wildly against the ground!
Then the car smiled and twisted the steering wheel while tightly controlling the precise scale of the steering wheel! Flash back with your right hand!
Grasping the handrail with one hand, the second sharp force rushes to the palm againthe little hand pulls against the handrail!
Bang! With a dull sound, the right front wheel successfully drove off the sidewalk and the right rear wheel was successfully pulled off the driveway ground!
baby! Step on the gas pedal!
The car smiled and pulled hard again!
The third fierce force keeps pouring into the handrail!
In an instant, the gravity of the whole car flashes and the body tilts 60 degrees!
Two wheels on the left and two wheels on the right are hovering at top speed!
It happened in just a few seconds, and it was a blink of an eye.
Closely follow the driver behind the black Audi crosscountry and watch it blindsided and go away!
One hand accidentally tilted the steering wheel and turned the artificial lake in wait for a while with people and cars! Jumped into the lake!
Section 714
Followed closely and the car was absentmindedthe magic car flew sideways on the sidewalk!
Sister, sister, sister, sister! At the moment, the baby’s tongue is tied with knots.
It’s pale and bluish! Black masks set each other off!
A pair of big eyes are scared in shock, and the beautiful blue pupils are out of focus!
Fortunately, the foot that stepped on the accelerator tightly has never been loosened!
ah! Back to the soul! Car baby! A crisp scream Step on the accelerator!
The car smiled and glared at his brother and quickly stared at the front.
Her left hand is holding the steering wheel tightly to control the direction, and her right hand is holding the handrail tightly to maintain the center of gravity of the car!
Both hands dare not keep the balance of the car at high speed with half a silk and half a milli slack!
Sister elder sister! Ah! You are crazy! Car baby still can’t believe what he saw. He was scared away and didn’t return home.
However, his right foot still consciously stepped on the acceleratorthe car leaned forward madly!
The bottom of the car and the wheel of terror passed by the window in front!
Then pounce on the car in front!
Instant black Audi offroad has overtaken the previous cars and caught up with those brown BMW offroad cars!
Bang! Another loud noise and huge splash!
The sixth car running behind the BMW crashed into the artificial lake!
At that moment, half of the body was submerged by the lake, and the motorcyclist stared at the sidewalk car stupidlywas he dreaming? !
baby! Come on! Take over the steering wheel! Another crisp roar
Very not easy to be yelled back to the halfconscious car baby quickly grabbed the steering wheel with both hands.
The car smiled and felt that the steering wheel flexibility plummeted!
Hurriedly cried again, don’t be nervous and relax the baby! Calm down! Treat it with normality!
Looking at the five BMW offroad vehicles that suddenly accelerated, I smiled and narrowed my eyes. With my own feelings, I carefully controlled the direction scale and pressed slightly to the right!
attention! Hold the steering wheel with my strength!
Sister! Che Baobao tried to ignore the fleeting abnormal scenery outside the window and adjusted his mentality.
As a result, the car smiled and was not disappointed.
A second later, the steering wheel in her hand returned to nature, and her little hand left immediately!
Instead, I slapped the car baby’s thigh!
Cried, baby, step on it!
A warm and powerful force rushed to the baby’s calf along his thigh, jumped on the soles of his feet and hit the accelerator!
Whew! A car is like a black afterimage!
The sidewalk is fleeting!