After Mascherano successfully steals the ball, he quickly moves it to the other side. Baines retreats the ball directly in front of the backcourt to meet Qin Xiong.

In abate, he forced Qin Xiong to go straight to the middle of the ball. abate wanted to foul behind him, but he couldn’t reach Qin Xiong’s jersey.
Seeing Qin Xiong walking in the middle, meireles immediately inserted into the front of the restricted area.
The midfielder was handed over to strasser Seedorf to defend boateng from coming back.
When strasser Seedorf was about to block Qin Xiong’s road ahead, Qin Xiong put his foot in the same place and let A Milan’s defence be in a hurry!
Although jankulovski returned to his own defense zone, he returned to the defense zone alone, and the position behind him was occupied by Gerrard’s cutting forward.
Qin Xiong’s oblique straight plug is to find Steven Gerrard
Gerrard ran into the right rib of the A Milan defender’s line and when he stopped the ball, the man had already entered the penalty area.
Meireles was blocked by Starr at the back of the goal while Raul looked for opportunities near Tiago Silva.
Liverpool formed a threetotwo in the penalty area when Steven Gerrard headed for the goal!
Tiago Silva had to force Steven Gerrard. He just ran two steps ago and Raul pulled him away from Steven Gerrard. Raul sent the ball to someone decisively.
Abbiati predicted that Raul would hit the far corner of the goal and prepare to move to the far corner of the goal, but Raul finally pushed out a ground ball with his arch, and the football quickly rolled into the A Milan goal close to the goal post!
A Milan’s defense collapsed completely, and this time even Starr felt the power to save the day.
The opponent’s attack routine has a strong critical strike ability!
It seems difficult for Tiago Silva to understand the current situation of the team after opening his arms.
I have never been so humiliated by my opponent in Italy. The performance against Liverpool A Milan twice was simply unsightly!
夜网论坛Especially the defence!
This makes Diego Silva can’t help but ask A whether Milan can return to its peak in the short term.
No team is absolutely perfect, Liverpool also has flaws, and what is more serious than flaws is the team’s hard injuries, such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and so on. All teams have A and Milan also have them, and if these hard injuries are solved by law, the team will always have the strength to speak!
Raul broke the door and rushed to the sidelines. Red Army fans cheered Raul!
It was great that Liverpool made this deal last summer!
If Suarez didn’t represent the team in the Champions League, Red Army fans believe that Liverpool can form a more luxurious trident front combination!
Raul final! Raul Raul scored again in the Champions League. Although Qin Xiong has robbed him of his position as the top scorer in European matches, it does not prevent him from continuing to score goals to refresh his own goals. He is a great star. After he came to the Red Army, he became a member of the Red Army front line and almost locked in the best signing award in the Premier League season. Now he has the opportunity to create brilliant achievements for Liverpool.
Liverpool’s total score is 4: ahead of A Milan, and there is no doubt that they will step into the top.
The referee announced that the goal was valid and also blew the whistle at the end of the half game.
Today, Koeman showed us in another way that Liverpool is strong. Without Alonso, Liverpool completely suppressed A Milan through the crazy rush to escape from the midfield!
Let’s see what happens at halftime. If A Milan can’t find a way to restrain Liverpool, the fate track will not change. A Milan will be eliminated after the game!
At halftime, Coleman praised the team’s performance and then told Johnson to restrain himself at halftime.
Although Liverpool have good main players in the fullback position, there are fewer substitutes, especially trustworthy substitutes
Degen can come to aurelio as a substitute occasionally after all, and it doesn’t make much sense unless Baines is injured and Coleman insists on Johnson for a long time. He is worried that Johnson will be injured at the end of the season. Even though Johnson is not a worldclass fullback, he is the best rightback in Liverpool. Now it is natural to pay more attention.
A Milan didn’t make much adjustment at halftime. At halftime, the two sides changed sides. After the war, A Milan was still half dead.
Liverpool, on the other hand, are taking the risk of slowing down the game.
In the 55th minute of the game, A Milan took the lead in substitution.
It is logical that jankulovski was replaced by antonini, who is younger and more energetic and can bring some impact to the game.
However, the 19yearold teenager Merkel changed to boateng, which is understood by human law. Perhaps boateng has just returned from injury, and allegri hopes to avoid boateng’s recurrence of old injuries in fierce confrontation.
[The first volume sword unsheathed has become a frenzied slaughter in 1311! ]
After A Milan made two substitutions first, in the stands at Anfield, A Milan fans were completely desperate!
Even the fans can see the strength of A Milan midfield.
What is left in Milan’s midfield now?
Walking in the stadium at an advanced age, Seedorf is young and immature, and has experience in toplevel competitions. Merkel is impulsive and impetuous, and she can’t even find North strasser herself!
Robinho also took a walk, which made people feel frustrated. Ibrahimovic and Pato were in front, as if the spectators could hardly participate in the game.
What is this?
This is a signal that Milan has surrendered!
This picture makes A Milan fans feel heartache. Uncle Yan led A Milan to lose all the pride and dignity of the Rossoneri.
Even though Istanbul was horribly reversed by the Red Army, the Rossoneri’s absolute revenge in the Champions League final two years later did not give Liverpool a chance.
Four years later, Liverpool was in Renaissance Dynasty A, but Milan was slipping into the abyss!
Liverpool won’t show mercy. When A Milan is replaced, it’s already a kneeling surrender gesture, and because the three strikers didn’t defend A Milan, they won’t be cut by Liverpool. They will directly bait the back line or target it. Anyway, Liverpool can fire more recklessly!
In the 61st minute of the game, Steven Gerrard suddenly returned the ball to the top of the restricted area and cut the middle road. Qin Xiong greeted the ball and shot it directly into the left corner of the goal!
There was almost an impulse to undress and celebrate. Qin Xiong restrained himself. He lay on his back in the corner flag area and enjoyed the worship of the fans.
Minutes later, Qin Xiong received Tiaote’s ball in front of the penalty area. He faced Starr directly after passing Merkel. This time, he still did not single Starr, but penetrated Starr’s defense in another way.