That’s not it. Let me ask you a question.

Are you wanted by the police? It seems that a special police officer named Zhou Zhengqi is after you.
Zhou Zhengqi, isn’t this the special policeman who takes her home every time? You said he was after me, but he can meet me every night.
weren’t you ordered to kill yang xing some time ago? this caused a lot of noise.
I’ll follow him on a good day and get to know the situation.
I have one more request Nie Yan thought of his request.
Zhou Zhengqi is my own son
What is your own child? Li Xiabing was very shocked.
God, send me a location when you see him.
I said, what are you doing following your son every day?
He almost had an accident a few days ago, and I’m a little uneasy about him going out to perform.
It’s true that I didn’t worry about being in danger before I executed it, and no one helped me behind. Li Xiabing complained that she should have some envy for Zhou Zhengqi. Ok, I promise you this request, but I want money.
Ok, you can get things done first.
The next night, Li Xia Bing met Zhou Zhengqi as usual, and she began to ask some questions because of some doubts about Yang Xing’s case.
Have you been investigating the Yang Xing case? Li Xiabing asked.
How do you say this? Forget it. This is the responsibility of our police. Outsiders dare not talk about it casually. If you don’t know too much about these things, it will bring some danger to yourself.
Those crimes are demons who kill people without blinking an eye. You don’t need to work hard to be afraid of them. They don’t have compassion for the elderly, women and children when they commit crimes.
Forget it. Forget it.
Zhou Zhengqi carefully looked at Li Xiabing and vaguely felt that she was a little like killing Yang Xing’s white woman, but she could not be sure whether she was worrying too much. Zhou Zhengqi said that she was very admired for robbing the police to investigate Yang Xing and executing this demon with blood on her hands.
Li Xiabing shut up when he saw that he couldn’t speak, and the car slept.
When I got home, Li Xiabing had to follow Zhou Zhengqi, so he told Lu Rou, I have something to do when I go out. Go home first.
Can’t you take me? Lou was disappointed.
When I have a rest, take you out for a day, ok? Li Xiabing deliberately coaxed her.
Well, it’s a deal.
After dealing with Lu Rou, Li Xia Bing Road stopped a taxi
The driver followed the car in front. Li Xiabing pointed to Zhou Zhengqi’s car and said to the driver.
Ok, the driver is a man wearing sunglasses. He doesn’t look like a good man.
The scholar closely followed Zhou Zhengqi’s vehicle, and Li Xiabing also opened Nie Yan’s position sharing. In a short time, the scholar followed Zhou Zhengqi to a suburb near a forest and suddenly stopped.
Beauty, I’m sorry. Someone contacted me just now. I’ll go out and take a message first. It doesn’t matter if I delay you. The driver suddenly wanted to make a message.
No problem, but you should hurry up. When you grow up, it will delay my work.
But the driver took off his sunglasses and showed a fierce face, and then he went into the Woods.
I dare not answer the words in front of me. There must be a ghost in my heart. I must follow up and see what happened. Li Xiabing secretly followed the driver to the Woods.
Hello, is this Deputy Wang? asked the driver.
What’s the matter? It was Wang Tong, the deputy leader of the drug trafficking group.
A girl has been following us in charge and doesn’t know what she wants, said the driver.
Following my brother Zhou in an attempt to harm him, I absolutely won’t allow you to kill her. Don’t let her get in the way, Wang Tong ordered.
Yes, the driver promised.
All this was clearly heard by Li Xiabing.
You haven’t done that yet if you want to plot against me, Li Xia Bing thought, Zhou Zhengqi should be organized as an undercover by them.
桑拿会所After returning to the car, Li Xiabing checked that there was a road on his seat surface.
Boy wants to plot against me Li Xia Bing thought.
Just as the driver was about to return to the car, Li Xiabing opened the door and came out. She went to the driver and grabbed his collar, then knocked the driver down with another punch.
Girl, what do you want? asked the driver. He didn’t know that his conversation was heard by Li Xiabing.
What is my seat hiding the road for?
Pay attention to what road you are doing, said the driver.
I’ll tell you what you just did, Li Xiabing shouted at him. Who did you just tell to kill me?
No, no
Let you suffer a little first. Li Xiabing grabbed the driver’s finger and left it hard.
Ah, the driver let out a scream, Pain, pain.
Will you say it or not?
I said, I said he asked me to kill you because you have been following the people in front.
What is the identity of the person in front? Li Xiabing asked.
I don’t know.
Li Xiabing directly grabbed the driver’s hand and left it.
Ah the driver issued again.
If you don’t make things clear to me today, you won’t want your whole right arm, Li Xiabing threatened.
I said that the man you followed was Zhou Feng, who came to our regiment some time ago and is said to be a former member of the Wind and Fire Gang.
The former member of Fenghuo Gang is Yang Xing who established that criminal organization. Li Xiabing should have heard a little about Fenghuo Gang. After all, she also sneaked into the investigation before she assassinated Yang Xing
I said everything, can you leave me alone? asked the driver.
Keep driving with him or I’ll shoot you. Li Xiabing put the gun on the driver’s neck and scared the driver trembling.
If you want to live, do as I say, said Li Xiabing.
The driver started the taxi and soon followed Zhou Zhengqi to a drug dealer’s den, which was a hotel cover.
This is our den, said the driver.
You can go after my car, Li Xiabing confessed. I promised to spare your life.
Thank you. Thank you.
Li Xiabing opened the door and left the car. The driver didn’t leave. He pulled out a pistol from the car and aimed it at Li Xiabing. Unfortunately, the sound of the gun exposed his driver’s body. Before he shot, Li Xiabing went sideways and dodged the bullet. After this shot, Li Xiabing hit the driver’s forehead and the driver screamed and fell down the window.
Give you a break. You don’t want to blame me. Li Xiabing took a look at the driver and walked into the hotel.