Two miles away in a jungle, a young man of about 20 years old stopped and turned to look at the corner of his mouth in front, revealing an unknown evil smile.

It’s so easy to track me down. The evil smile on the corners of the mouth became more and more intense in the hearts of young men.
This young man was none other than Chun Tai Shan, the mysterious man who stole Longyang fruit tree.
Just when Chun Taishan was secretly pleased, a handsome and extraordinary young man suddenly appeared in front of him from the sky.
Chun Taishan was surprised and looked at the young man carefully. He was shocked when he recognized the young man as Yang Feifan.
How is it possible that I changed the smell? How can you chase me here? Chun Taishan looked at Yang Feifan with confusion, and his eyes shone with complex and strange brilliance.
Impossible, there are many things.
Yang Feifan laughed. Don’t cover up your body odor with cologne, and I will recognize it. Don’t even ask your companions around you to spray cologne and run away in the other direction, so I can tell the truth from the false.
I don’t want you to follow me by your nose. If something happens, don’t follow me directly by your nose. Chun Taishan’s face suddenly changed and he fled quickly after running energy.
Elder brother is an imperial doctor who specializes in treating no disease. Yang Feifan hey hey smiled like a magic moment and blocked Chuntaishan’s way.
What do you want? Chun Taishan was frightened to disgrace. With kung fu, now he is no match for Yang Feifan.
The only way to meet a local strongman like Yang Feifan is to avoid it and escape quickly.
Give me the Longyang fruit tree, and I’ll let you off the hook. Otherwise, I’ll blame you for the Li family’s intentional killing of Ho Lee last night. I don’t necessarily kill you, but it will definitely make you wish you were dead. Yang Feifan stood without anger and arrogance.
No way Chun Taishan took out a bag of black powder with his right hand and quickly sprinkled it on Yang Feifan.
Yang Feifan cold hum a big sleeve a jilt will head on the powder directly brushed away.
Chun Taishan fled quickly again while Yang Feifan brushed away the powder.
Where to run? Yang Feifan took out a silver needle with a right hand and a clap bag, and flew to Chuntaishan Futu Cave as fast as lightning.
Pure Taishan Gu’s rapid escape never thought that Yang Feifan would launch a silver needle and be directly hit by it.
The socalled gun is easy to hide from an arrow in the back, but it is difficult to prevent it. Pure Taishan miscalculated and fell to the ground.
Yang Feifan smiled and flew to Chuntaishan and looked at him coldly.
I don’t want you to sneak up on me. Chuntaishan Futu Cave was hit by a silver needle, and his feet fell to his knees in an instant.
I’m an imperial doctor who specializes in treating diseases. Don’t worry, I’ll make your heart ache.
Laughing, Yang Feifan took out several silver needles and kept swinging back and forth before Chuntaishan.
What do you want? Chun Taishan’s face suddenly changed with fear when he saw those glittering silver needles.
Chun Taishan really wants to get up and run away, but his feet are very disappointing.
Cure your illness Yang Feifan made a virtual silver needle posture and smiled thoughtfully. If you are available, hand over the Longyang fruit tree quickly or you will die.
Don’t you dare Chun Taishan glared at Yang Feifan angrily. I don’t want to Yang Feifan. What kind of hero is it to have a sneak attack with me fair and square?
Elder brother is an imperial doctor who specializes in treating diseases. Yang Feifan continued to keep shaking his silver needle back and forth.
Chapter 19 is it now?
The silver needle is shining, and the morning sun is shining with dazzling and frightening light.
Pure Taishan gasped at the cold sweat in his heart.
Growing up, he was most afraid of silver needles, and he would have a chilling feeling at the sight of silver needles.
In particular, the feeling of silver needle stabbing into the skin is ten times worse than that of direct knife stabbing.
约茶Of course, these are all pure Taishan’s allergic feelings to silver needles, and others may not necessarily have his feelings.
Dr. Yang Feifan saw at a glance that pure Taishan’s mind would think of silver needle to treat his disease.
I don’t Yang Feifan, you little stinker, you kill me. What kind of hero is it to scare me with these damn things? Chuntai Mountain roared.
I’m sorry, I’m never a hero. I’m an imperial doctor who specializes in your disease. Yang Feifan hey hey smiled.
You are so angry with Taishan that you can endure it
What are you? If you are still available in that sentence, you should hand over Longyang Fruit Tree or you would be dead. Yang Feifan smiled thoughtfully.
Yang Feifan was in no hurry to kill Chun Taishan because of his disposal of the meat board.
Pure Taishan is just the Xuan level. The strong energy is a big level lower than Yang Feifan.
The fluctuation of regional energy emitted by Yang Feifan alone is enough to crush Chuntai Mountain.
Hum Pure Taishan cold hum looked up at the sky and assumed a gesture of death.
Well, since you don’t believe me, I’ll let you talk. Yang Feifan smiled and plunged his silver needle into Chuntaishan’s crying hole like lightning.
The silver needle plunged into the crying hole of Chuntai Mountain, and in an instant, Chuntai Mountain was flooded with inexplicable sadness and then burst into tears like a crying ghost.
Whoops! Chun Taishan cried so tragically that when the sound came out, the turbulence in the forest scared the birds flying all over the sky.
Cry, cry, man. Cry, cry is not a crime. Yang Feifan looked at Chuntai Mountain with a playful smile.
Pure Taishan was so angry that he glared at Yang Feifan and wanted to kill Yang Feifan.
If eyes can kill people, then Yang Feifan has died many times.
Don’t look at me like this. You asked for it. Yang Feifan hey hey smiled. Did you say it now?