So in the 59th minute, Iankel broke Bochum striker Cestac’s big foot clearance, and when Eduardo and grotte took off for the top at the same time, Eduardo raised his hand and hit grotte with a hard elbow.

This kind of movement is too obvious and its nature is too bad
Eduardo was sent off with a red card and may face additional suspension after the game.
Grotte was also stretchered for Japanese midfielder Ono Shinji.
If it is the beginning of the season, the Japanese media may also speculate on Lu Wenbin’s Ono Shinji East Asian Derby.
However, until now, Ono Shinji, the substitute of Bochum team, has not scored a goal. Lu Wenbin has scored more than 6 goals, which is not a level.
Therefore, neither the match day nor the China media fired Lu Wenbin and Ono Shinji East Asia Derby.
Japanese media are ashamed to fire them a little more than Koreans, while China media are disdainful to fire them.
At present, Lu Wenbin’s competitors are all European and American stars, especially Gade Muller, a strange superstar and historical record holder. There is no football player in Asia who can compare with Lu Wenbin.
After Eduardo was sent off, Ralph traded Salihovic for Obasi.
The number advantage plus the opponent striker was also replaced, and a Bochum team finally freed up and began to fight back.
They are not satisfied with a draw of 22, but want to reverse the victory.
Bochum’s continuous attack finally caused Hoffenheim to make a mistake again in the 72nd minute.
Daniel Haas, the goalkeeper who didn’t start for a long time, didn’t catch the ball when facing Bochum striker Epalay’s single-handed breakthrough, and then he was in a hurry to lose the ball. He grabbed Epalay’s foot directly from the side and pulled Epalay down and threw it two or three meters.
Haas was not surprised to be sent off by the referee. Ralph had to change center sanogo to Hildebrand to keep the penalty.
As a result, it was incredible that Hildebrand rushed to the field without even warming up, and even threw Epalay’s penalty directly out.
Bochum didn’t even get a penalty, and the score was still 22.
However, Hoffenheim has been sent off by a red card, and two people have become 9-11, and Lu Wenbin is also on the front line.
品茶论坛Lu Wenbin became a single striker for the first time.
We urgently need points to avoid relegation, but we didn’t even get into Bochum. Naturally, the more we played, the more impatient we became. Adding Hoffenheim, the three strikers became single strikers, and Bochum was even more pressed. Both full-backs rushed to the frontcourt to help attack.
To keep an eye on Lu Wenbin’s lower back, he also threw Lu Wenbin to two central defenders and often rushed to the front to assist.
However, the old goalkeeper Hildebrand did his best today. From the 72 nd minute to the 7 th minute, he not only saved his opponent a penalty, but also saved his opponent three times in 15 minutes, which made Bochum players and fans crazy.
But this is not the most maddening thing.
The most maddening thing is that Bochum’s heavy pressure caused a large area of stalls in the backcourt.
On their own, relying on the number advantage, they continued to attack and scored another goal. When Hoffenheim was ahead of Hoffenheim in the first minute, Hoffenheim made a counterattack and hit a fatal hole in Bochum’s goal.
In the 7 th minute, Hildebrand chose the right position and directly hugged Ono Shinji’s long-range shot. After that, he threw the ball with one hand and threw it to full-back Ibelberg.
After receiving the ball, Ibzberg looked up and then gave the ball to midfielder Salihovic Salihovic for a long time, and then went straight to Cybertron’s frontcourt Lu Wenbin for offside and went straight to the ball.
Although the central defender Puzel and Mergim Mavraj tried their best to chase after him and banned the front of the area, Lu Wenbin chased him when he received the ball, colliding and grabbing him from both sides
However, Lu Wenbin was 171-year-old, resisted the collision between the two men, stabilized his balance, and then stabbed the ball in the running, passed through the attacking goalkeeper Hernandez’s crotch and rolled directly into the goal.
In the first minute, 9 men fought Hoffenheim, which not only resisted Bochum’s onslaught, but also scored the third goal through a quick counterattack from the goalkeeper to Lu Wenbin, 32 ahead of Bochum.
Chapter 251 Shooter Wang Qiu commutation ticket
When Hoffenheim countered Salihovic and put the ball straight into the frontcourt, and Lu Wenbin succeeded in offside, Caster had already got up from the commentary.
Not only he, but also some TV commentators who broadcast the game live got up from the commentary table.
Because everyone had a premonition that a great moment might come.
Then, when Lu Wenbin received the ball and collided with Puzel and Mergim Mavraj, he hit the ball through the goalkeeper and goal of Bochum team and scored a goal, the whole commentary seat exploded.
All the commentators, including Caster, roared in their respective national languages.
After a long oooooooooooor, Caster frantically explained, 41 balls, 41 balls.
Segmented reading 11
Lu scored his 41st goal in the Bundesliga in 1971-1972, breaking the record of four goals in the Bundesliga in a single season set by bomber Gadmuller. This Bundesliga record, which has been sealed for more than three years, was finally broken by our Hoffenheim super shooter Lu today and Lu Wenbin became the new Bundesliga single-season shooter king.
His commentator was also excited and said
It’s incredible that Lu Dejia, who is only one year old, broke Gadmull’s record of four goals in the Bundesliga in the first season.
Rumby shows that Lu is the top striker in the world today.
There is no doubt that Lu is a super genius from the mysterious East.
It’s shocking that the Bundesliga has scored 41 goals in 24 appearances and scored 17 goals per game.
Brain watching live China fans even brushed up a piece of 666 in the comment area to express everyone’s sigh and admiration for Lu Wenbin.
In addition to the Bundesliga record, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim’s total number of goals in the season has reached 66, which is one short of the record of 67 goals in the five major leagues of Gadmull.
The fans at the scene even stood up for a long time and cheered to pay tribute to Lu Wenbin.
On the big screen, the photo of Gadmuller was cancelled this time, and Lu Wenbin was the only one. It was self-evident that a new record of 41 goals was written on the surface.
And Hoffenheim’s teammates also scored a hat trick and Lu Wenbin gave a warm celebration.
After half a season, Lu Wenbin rarely scored a hat trick, breaking the record, and Lu Wenbin himself was very happy.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin and his teammates celebrated again for almost a minute before Bochum resumed the game.
However, there is too little time left for Bochum team to protest.
Just a few minutes later, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game. Most of Hoffenheim’s main players rotated, and there were still 9 players to play. At home, they beat the visiting Bochum team 32 and scored three points.
And this game played a hat trick and broke Gadmull’s single-season Bundesliga goal record. It can be said that Lu Wenbin defeated Bochum by one person. Naturally, it became the focus of world coverage after the game.
Gadmull’s 37-year record broke Lu Wenbin’s 41 goals, creating the highest personal goal record in the Bundesliga in a single season.
Lu Wenbin, winner of the European Golden Boy Award, continued to play an outstanding role with 41 goals, breaking Gadmull’s record of 4 Bundesliga goals in a single season.
Lu Wenbin surpassed odd superstar Gadmuller with 41 goals to become the new single-season scorer king in Bundesliga.
The fans who have paid attention to the Bundesliga in the world have also commented and expressed their shock. Many news fans who have not paid attention to the Bundesliga and Lu Wenbin before are even more stunned.
Holy shit, where did Lu Wenbin come from and what team Hoffenheim is and how did it rank first in the Bundesliga?
Loucun Tongwang doesn’t even know Huocun Miracle and Lu Wenbin. Haha
Lu Wenbin was the winner of last year’s European Golden Boy Award and won the German Cup last year. He is also the best player in both the German B and the German Cup.
That’s awesome. When I check the information, it’s better than Ronaldo, an alien of the same age.
At the age of one, Lu Wenbin hanged most superstars. At the age of one, he took the World Cup champion Belibi Lu Wenbin even more awesome.
Bailey won the honor of the China team, and Lu Wenbin’s strength may not be available for a generation, but from the personal performance, I think Bailey is not as good as Lu Wenbin at the age of one.
Isn’t that to give birth to a new king?
It’s premature to say that football has been born many times, which is not inferior to Lu Wenbin’s peerless genius, but in the end, how many people are at the top? If China’s national team doesn’t win the World Cup, how can it be the king of the ball?