At present, the Griffin is almost three meters high, and its length has reached six or seven meters. Compared with previous trucks, there is not much to check. On the way to March, it is about fifty meters in Fiona Fang, and no war horse dares to approach it.

Yang Long can tell from the smell that this Griffin has reached at least the seventh order, and the only one who can walk beside the Griffin is an angry dwarf.
Yes, dwarves.
I don’t know if it is because Garin Torbern took out a letter asking Yang Long to bring it to King Varian Urien of Storm City. This time, the only Griffin actually came to help Yang Long.
According to Yang Long’s understanding, this Griffin was given by the dwarf king of Katz Mo Dan after the late old king led the kingdom of Stromgard to defeat the orc army residing in the dwarf country.
And after decades of disasters in the kingdom of Stromgard, the original number of Griffins was more than 100, and now this only seedling is left.
The owner of this only seedling is the ninthorder dwarf animal trainer with brown Se hair and drooping knees to identify the specific age.
After learning that he was going to let his precious Griffin ride through the dangerous Sador in Yang Long, the dwarf named Sedik Pross kept muttering in dwarf language towards the back of Yang Long.
Damn bastard
disaster! Scum! Shame guy …
curse you! You deserve your family’s death …
Endless abuse came from this short population, riding towards the front end of the team more than 100 meters away, and driving in Niece and others. Yang Long sprayed it from Rapids Castle to three days later, and now there will be no pause in the March.
However, because all the people present didn’t understand the dwarf language and didn’t know what Sedik Pross was talking about, they didn’t take it seriously. He was praying something.
Ni Aisi can understand a little more or less, knowing that the dwarf didn’t say anything nice, but thinking that the brave soldiers who will escort Yang Long through Sador soon will die, she swallowed and rushed to her mouth to scold.
Especially when Ni Aisi found that Yang Long didn’t seem to understand dwarf language, not only did she not suddenly attack because of abuse, but she was also quite friendly. After she smiled at the dwarf, she relaxed and ignored the ugly abuse behind her.
In this way, the team continued to March, and after four or five days, it finally approached the scope of Sador.
Sardo, which is located in Arashi Highland, links Arashi Wetland for several kilometers. The name of the strait Sardo Bridge is to escort Yang Long to the vicinity of the bridge and ride the Griffin.
In the world of Azeroth, except for the five Se dragons, there are a few creatures that can fly continuously for a long time. Unfortunately, the Griffin is not in its range.
Although it has a pair of powerful wings, the weight of the Griffin has made it unbearable. If it can walk in a flat distance, it will never choose to fly in the middle.
What’s more, after several years of special care, this only seedling can keep flying 12 or 13 kilometers away to the half of Ri.
However, because the Sador Strait is too narrow, the wind speed and air volume have increased several steps after the sea breeze on both sides has poured into the Strait, and the Griffin’s physical exertion through the Strait will reach several times of the average.
The cliffs on both sides of the strait are thousands of meters high and as steep as a natural moat. The sea breeze blowing from the east and west sides for tens of thousands of years not only makes the cliff extremely smooth, but also makes the cliff surface covered with moss. Even Yang Long can never climb and crawl.
It is best to take off from the Sador Bridge as close as possible to the Strait to ensure that the Griffin can cross the Strait, and the black iron dwarf stationed within 10 kilometers of the Sador Bridge is the reason why Niece and others are there.
According to the recent investigation information, there has been a patrol of black iron dwarves from 15 or 16 kilometers away from Sador Bridge, but the escort team did not expect that the black iron dwarves did not appear until the kilometer away from Sador Bridge.
The closer we get to the narrow hillside of Sador Bridge, the greater the amplitude. Because of the terrain, the vegetation here is not lush, and the scenery can be seen clearly for thousands of meters
During this sevenkilometer journey, thousands of people in the convoy killed more than ten highland raptors and found no other movement. This relaxed atmosphere made everyone in the convoy feel at a loss.
桑拿按摩Something’s wrong, something must have happened, said jǐng, a Niai silk machine. After thinking about it, he gave the order, Go ahead at once and be ready to fight!
With Ni Aisi’s command, the team suddenly accelerated the marching speed, and then the slope convenience road ran like lightning, but in ten minutes, the Sador Bridge appeared in the line of sight.
When it was less than 100 meters away from the Sador Bridge, Ni Aisi finally found the figure of the black iron dwarves and saw that the number of these dwarves was greatly reduced.
According to the information obtained not long ago, there should be more than 30,000 black iron dwarves stationed near the Sador Bridge. The average strength is about the third order, most of them are warriors, rangers and a small number of wizards.
And now it’s a mess here, full of holes formed by magical explosions, which have not been cleaned up on the ground. You can also see that the surface of hard soil in broken arrow has turned black and Se has dried up blood.
The dense black iron dwarves are near the Sador Bridge, but it can be seen with the naked eye that these people are definitely not more than 10 thousand, and a small number of them are bandaged, which seems to have just experienced a big war
This is Ni Aisi was stunned for a moment, so he immediately reacted, pulled out his sword, galloped and shouted Warriors attack! Kill!
At this time, the members of the guards of the first legion sergeant also reacted with surprise in their eyes. Se drove the steed follower Ni Aisi towards the position of the black iron dwarf knot to kill.
Six or seven thousand soldiers with firebreathing eyes formed an indestructible iron dispersion and sent out a murderous look, speeding up the sprint like a mountain tiger reaching out its fangs and claws to the black iron dwarves.
NO273 crossed Sador.
On the other side, near Sador Bridge.