She belongs to the sheep, and he belongs to the tiger. The fortune teller said that they would not listen to the fortune teller’s nonsense together, and she knew very well that being with him was just like saying the sheep went into the tiger’s mouth.

When black belly meets Leng Qing’s silence and confronts man show’s new love pk’s old love, a series of fierce collisions and sparks are everywhere, and wonderful love is performed!
Man, your heart is too soft! (Punishing Cui Zha)
品茶论坛Li Zhenyu smiled and put a pistol. I am also reluctant to destroy flowers!
Xia Xue almost crooked nose! Just as he was about to scold Li Zhenyu for being infatuated with flowers, he immediately raised his other wrist and pointed the Swiss mechanical watch at Cui Siyan. But you have to come with us!
Cui Siyan was about to pull out a gun and move it. She felt a slight numbness in her arm, and the whole person froze. She couldn’t move any more, so she lost her resistance in an instant.
Bang! The spear fell to the ground and Cui Siyan’s body fell limply.
In a blink of an eye, Li Zhenyu solved the four people in the bedroom, Xia Xue sighed, and at the same time, she was glad that her mouth was not so fast, and she could not help but scold him for being anthomaniac.
Jin Woo, what shall we do? Xia Xue was a little flustered. After all, there were three bodies lying in the room. Cui Siyan was anyway. If there was not Li Zhenyu around, she would really be scared to make a dash for the door.
Don’t panic, Linglang horse will arrive! Li Zhenyu leaned against the back of the bed and gasped slightly, killing three people and stopping Cui Siyan. He spent a lot of effort just waking up. He urgently needed a rest, but he could hold on before Ling Lang arrived!
Jin Woo, I’m here! Linglang listens to the sound coming out of his watch and the call has been going on. Open the door!
This time, before Li Zhenyu spoke, Xia Xue immediately rushed over and opened the door.
It turned out that Cui Siyan had locked the door, but it was possible to open the door lock from the inside. Obviously, Ling Post was white. When saving, he didn’t compete with the door lock and let the people inside open it directly.
When the door opened, Ling Lang came in with people, all of them were tough and good, armed with light submachine guns, and the most surprising thing was that Yang Hong was here.
Yang Hong! Lizhenyu Zhang cilia slightly obviously some accident.
Are you going to frighten the living to death! YangHong grumpily white his one eye came over and asked ? Need to carry you! Now we must leave!
Section 263
They must leave before anyone finds out!
Give me a hand! Li Zhenyu didn’t try to be brave. Now he is a little weak, and even worse, he didn’t eat enough after waking up and didn’t even add a bag of salt water.
Xia Xue looked at YangHong and made sure he didn’t know him! But look at him and Li Zhenyu seems to be very familiar, so you can rest assured.
Ling post you protect Xia Xue! We can leave smoothly by bringing Cui Siyan with her! Lizhenyu was Yang Hong stood up and still arranged in an orderly way
I have to admit that Li Zhenyu won’t panic when he talks about it. He knows exactly how to choose and arrange.
Cui Siyan was put up by someone. She was not in a coma, but she couldn’t speak. At this time, her eyes could kill people, but no matter how fierce her eyes were, she could kill people! So she can be carried out and go to the front.
If there is an ambush or situation, Cui Siyan will be the first person to stop the gun.
This is the reason why Li Zhenyu is not willing to destroy flowers! Xia Xue’s arm in arm slightly undeniably realized that her heart was much better! Although she is very kind, she didn’t think about complaining to Cui Siyan. She saw Li Zhenyu always being polite to Cui Siyan, which made her very uncomfortable.
Although she doesn’t want to admit it, she knows she is jealous! Li Zhenyu is especially polite to Cui Siyan! He is gentlemanly to Cui Siyan! This makes her very unhappy!
Of course, she won’t show it to make some natural guy show off in an ostentatious manner!
A few bodyguards have been taken care of! They left the suite very smoothly!
Out of the suite, walk along the corridor and walk quickly to the ladder. A dozen people can just take one ladder.
Soon the ladder reached the first floor, and when the door opened with a ding, before a group of them came out, they saw a row of men in black outside with light submachine guns in their hands.
Wu Tianyou stared at a group of people coldly with a handsome face and pale eyes at a distance.
Get out! Ling post did not hesitate to make the road control Cui Siyan. Several people took the lead to get out of the ladder. Of course, they put Cui Siyan in the front. If Wu Tianyou let people shoot, she would be the first to suffer.
So Wu Tianyou sent someone to block the exit and did not shoot.
A group of people walked out of the ladder silently, and the atmosphere seemed to be explosive with a strong smell of gunpowder.
Let her go! Wu Tianyou spoke coldly.
That won’t do! The answer was Ling Lang, who told him lightly, If we let her go, we would have been shot and killed by Mr. Wu!
Let her go and you can go! Wu Tianyou continue coldly connect a way
I don’t believe you! Ling post waved his hand and he brought those people the same light submachine gun in his hand. Although he didn’t bring many people, all of them were one in a million. If you really have to do it, you might win. Get out of the way and I’ll take people away! I will send this woman back when she is out of danger! Our casualties will not hurt her!
In short, if Wu Tianyou dares to shoot and hurt others, Cui Siyan will get it back!
Li Zhenyu! Wu Tianyou fire at zhen-yu li open scold something you don’t take a woman as a shield! Let her go and come at me!
Li Zhenyu snorted faintly at him. You took a woman as a gun first and tried to borrow her hand to kill me! Now it looks disgusting and not disgusting!
Xia Xue stared at what he said? Don’t want their lives is Wu Tianyou! That’ll be the day! Thought of here, her heart burst into cold bitterness, and she glanced at Wu Tianyou with shock, disappointment and disdain!
Wu Tianyou was surprised and angry. He knew that everything could be concealed from Li Zhenyu, but he didn’t want to bear Xia Xue’s gaze. You’re talking nonsense! I have no idea!
You can continue to pack! After all, there are too many people here. If you reach Cui Jiming’s ear, you may die! Li Zhenyu continued to sneer and quipped, Simply put all the blame on your woman and let her help you carry it! Anyway, she is Cui Jiming’s own daughter, and Cui Jiming can’t treat her if she doesn’t eat tiger poison!
In one sentence, Wu Tianyou’s hypocrisy was exposed, which made him embarrassed. Bullshit!
Xia Xue bit her lip tightly and then slowly loosened it. She didn’t know which of them said it was true! Although reason told her that she should believe Li Zhenyu, but … Her heart didn’t want to believe it! Wu Tianyou, who once vowed to love her deeply, could be so vicious! He instructed Cui Siyan to kill her and Li Zhenyu, and then borrowed nothing! That’s vicious! That’s vicious! That’s vicious!
Hey! A shot came to Cui Siyan’s painful recitation. Her earlobe had been pierced, and blood dripped down her ears and dyed her shoulder clothes red. It looked very shocking.
Does Mr. Wu want to continue chatting here? Ling post cold wake way my patience is limited get out of here! If the two sides accidentally hurt your woman’s life, you can’t be Cui Jiamen’s son-in-law!
Li Zhenyu, you little man! Wu Tianyou almost bit off Kouga and spit out one mouthful blood. He knew that he would never let him go, but if he didn’t let him go, as Ling Lang said, the two sides would fight together sometime. Who would take advantage of Cui Siyan’s life or death? I’m afraid Xia Xue … What if the bullet eye accidentally injured Xia Xue!
Li Zhenyu saw Wu Tianyou’s entanglement and hesitation. Of course, he would not come up with countermeasures when he gave it to him. His black eyes narrowed and he shouted, Leave them alone!
First, pushing Cui Siyan through the fire blockade and then swaggering away, they have no bottom in their hearts, but Li Zhenyu seems to be very sure that he will rush hard before Wu Tianyou promises to let him go, and he seems to be right because Wu Tianyou is watching them leave with a sullen face and didn’t make a shot.
This is, after all, Cui’s hotel! If he wants to fire, Li Zhenyu and others are always in a passive position, but they have Cui Siyan and Xia Xue! Once the gun is fired, the two of them bear the brunt of Xia Xue and have no fighting experience, while Cui Siyan is controlled.
If one of them is injured or dies, it will be a serious consequence for him! One is love and the other is profit! Without which one, his life is no longer complete!
Don’t shoot! Wu Tianyou finally gave up this opportunity to kill Li Zhenyu and hissed, Let them leave!
In a blink of an eye, Ling Lang and his party have already walked out of the hotel. Several car dealers have parked outside, and each car has a good hand to meet and wait armed.
Ling Lang, Li Zhenyu, Cui Siyan and Xia Xue won the car, while others jumped into other cars. Wu Tianyou followed them and shouted Don’t hurt Siyan! You must keep your promise!
Cui Siyan was moved to tears, and at the same time she hated herself for being stupid. Why should she advocate it? Maybe she should trust Wu Tianyou to discuss something with him first so that she won’t fall into the enemy!
It’s a pity that it’s too late to regret! She didn’t kill Li Zhenyu and Xia Xue herself, but life and death were unpredictable, so she regretted it!