Lingxi spring is stupid.

She doesn’t know whether it’s appropriate to frame a young girl with four glyphs, but her impression of Yi Xi stays completely, so that Lu Xining and Xie You, strangers, witnessed Lu Xining’s careless pushing of Qin Zuo’s one-sided memory.
In all fairness, these are not good impressions.
She vaguely remembered that Su Yulan liked girls at that time, which seemed to be Yi Xi.
Once the memory is cracked, things seem to be getting more and more.
Why is she here?
It doesn’t look like a chance encounter
I turned my head, but I smiled politely and responded, What a coincidence I remember.
品茶论坛Yi Xi smiled and turned to look at Ye Qingting’s eyes. His hand piece, stop for a minute, said with laughter, Su Yulan is waiting for you in the past. Lingxi Spring and I have something to say.
She winked at nothing.
What will you be here? Ye Qingting did not move and looked at Yi Xi lightly.
I Yi Xi Gherardini said, Qing Ye Court, but I listened to Lingxi Spring and kindly came to help you how to listen to your tone as if I shouldn’t be here.
He was noncommittal, Do you know Xie You?
I answered a irrelevant question, but Yixi smiled, What do you think?
The boy was silent. He came to Lingxiquan to look at Yixi inexplicably and then at him. If I remember correctly, Yi Xi and he were not close to each other in junior high school, but this short conversation gave her a feeling of personal friendship.
I secretly suspect that Ye Qingting has spoken Xiaoxi, please wait for me here.
She frowned. I want to go with you.
You can rest assured that Su Yulan won’t be difficult for him in Lingxi Spring. Ye Qingting was about to say something. I haven’t seen you for so long and I have a lot to say to you.
Are we familiar?
Lingxiquan really wanted to say this back to her, but her merciless words became a moderate smile and pointed to his head wrapped in thick gauze. You should also see that Ye Qingting has my film in his hand.
I know you want to hear what Liu Jiaoshou said, Yixi said with a smile, but today is a diagnostic film. It’s just not urgent.
I heard that Lingxiquan frowned without leaving a trace. That’s true, but Yixi has something to say to herself, but they have never been intimate with her and herself. What can they say?
So think of her and look at Ye Qingting. Well, I’ll wait for you here.
Good The boy’s lip angle evoked a shallow smile. When he turned around, he glanced at one side and smiled. Yi Xi’s lip smile converged slightly and left quickly as if nothing had happened.
Soon, the tall and straight figure disappeared around the corner, and Lingxi Spring looked at Yixi politely and asked, Yixi, do you have something to say?
Yi Xi didn’t answer but smiled. I remember there was a delicious cold drink shop over there. Would you like to try it?
Lingxi spring quietly picked his eyebrows and said good
I didn’t expect to walk out of the subway and look around for a long time, but I became a little disappointed. It’s gone.
What’s not? She followed Yixi’s eyes. It was a chain convenience store that could be seen everywhere. Through the spacious and bright French windows, she could vaguely see several guests queuing in front of the checkout counter. She was not surprised. Is there a soda fountain here?
Yes, Yi Xi’s eyes seemed to see something more distant through the French window, but somehow his mouth raised a radian, which made people feel a little sad. It was three years ago when I came here, and Xie You told me that he wanted to be with Qin Zuo.
Ling Xiquan opened his mouth in surprise, only to see her Zhan Yan smile. Let’s go. I’ll treat you to something to drink.
But in the end, she bought a bottle of mineral water and declined Yixi’s treat.
She doesn’t like to owe others even a bottle of mineral water.
Yi Xi also has no intention of walking out of the convenience store with colorful neon lights to light up the busy downtown road or people coming and going with a leisurely or pleasant look.
Autumn night is suitable for pacing, but I’m really not in the mood to wrap Lingxi Spring with conspicuous gauze on my head, so I looked at the side of my head and walked next to it with a smile in my mouth. The girl said, Yixi, I think I should say thank you to you, but I don’t know what you will do for me. Then she smiled apologetically. Don’t get me wrong, because we didn’t seem to have any friendship before.
Maybe because I envy you.
What she zheng.
Yi Xi smiled. Many people are worried about your injury.
She wondered because of this
And Xie You asked me to help you.
Xie you
Recalling that Yi Xi just spoke, Lingxi Spring asked in amazement, What are you and Xie You?
He is my boyfriend.
She stopped suddenly and misunderstood what did you say?
Yi Xi followed her eyes with a hint of cunning. To be precise, he is my ex-boyfriend.
She was relieved but felt incredible. So that’s it.
Well, I’m the one who came back this time.
She didn’t understand that, did she?
Lingxiquan asked tentatively, You mean Xie You asked you to come back for help.
No, he asked me for help because he knew that when I came back, Yi Xi turned to her mouth and smiled with a hint of distress. I studied in Korea at university and thought that he came back before his engagement, but he deliberately gave me the wrong time.
what’s the meaning
Ling Xiquan frowned slightly and didn’t know Yi Xi’s intention in this sentence. Yi Xi didn’t dare to answer the words rashly, but it seemed that she didn’t intend to hear her respond. The smile on her mouth Yang Yang evoked an inscrutable radian. But I heard that someone still went to his engagement party to make trouble. I don’t know if you were there that day?
I’m not sure, she replied cautiously.
Really? I heard that the troublemaker was still our old classmate. Yi Xi was a little surprised at her answer and quickly said with a smile, You were very good or deskmates.
Yi Xi has something to say directly, okay? She looks into the opposite girl and says bluntly, Just now, you didn’t let me in and have something to say to me. Just say something about Lv Xining?
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