The blind monk sneaked in with a shield, and Leona had a big move, which was impossible to fight. At this time, the horse should retreat and the bomber had W skill, which had a displacement effect.

Bomber’s Wskill fixedpoint blasting is a controlled skill effect of the bomber. When it is detonated, it will blow up the enemy in the bomb and blow himself away.
This is the case that his displacement skill didn’t flash, and W can come to save his life.
Xia Lingyao seems that when the blind monk came to Lu Zhan, he should have fled, but Lu Zhan did not.
When he was close to him, the blind monk really threw out his W skill and buried the bomb in his own feet, but he didn’t press the second bomb to blow himself up.
Why don’t you blow yourself up? Before Xia Lingyao said Lu Zhan pressed a skill.
But it’s still not the w key but the q key!
Q skill bomb bounced and bounced. It’s coming to support Olivia. She’s attacking Lu Zhan, and she still wants to fight Olivia.
Want to kill? Think too much … Xia Lingyao shook her head. She understood Lu Zhan’s intention, but she didn’t think Lu Zhan could kill Olivia.
Even if she believes in Lu Zhan, she doesn’t think Lu Zhan can do this.
Because when Leona was moving, her ball had caught the blind monk.
The blind monk’s body was added with the shield of Ariana, and he continued to attack the land show bomber with a shock. He slapped the floor again and hit the second W damage.
At the same time, the Lu Zhan bomber also continued to attack Olivia.
Eskill Heicks blasted 11 small red mines in the minefield, and accurately arranged the forward route of Oriana.
bang! bang!
Olivia stepped on a small mine with every step, and the operation was difficult.
Olivia is angry, and has been suppressed to beat him. The dignity of the strongest king has been touched. At this time, Lu Zhan still seeks to fight back and make him angry.
Big move, Olivia, big move, exploding, gas fluctuations spread from the blind monk to the bomber
Command shock wave!
Not surprisingly, if you hit the bomber, the bomber will die.
But after the shock wave, the bomber not only didn’t die, but ran to his side and lit it for him.
Xia Lingyao next to see clearly that Lu Zhan’s finger was just right to press the W key to blow himself to one side in the delayed release of Olivia’s big move.
Arianna’s older …
Lu Zhan skillfully fuck Olivia, and it’s not his big move, but also his W skill. Olivia RW’s continuous move is a habitual release. When the other party thinks that this skill will win, he presses W consciously, but he didn’t expect that the big move missed W.
It’s too late … Although Xia Lingyao has seen many wonderful competitions, she still has to say that Lu Zhan’s release of this W skill is really a good time, which just happened to escape the most deadly trick of Oriana.
At this time, Xia Lingyao was just white. Just now, Lu Zhan arranged W skills, but he was slow to wait, which was the big move of Olivia.
He must have judged that Olivia’s ball would release the big move when it fell on the blind monk, so he kept W all the time.
Xia Lingyao’s heart is sincere, and the same skill, Lu Zhan’s hand, has a completely different effect because of different timing.
Lu Zhan’s composure allows him to always do such exercises, which may be impossible for many top experts in China.
Just now, the Lu Zhan bomber has been moving and adjusting his position. This bombing place is exactly the direction of Leona.
Xia Lingyao also took the other hand to Lu Zhan’s shoulder to kill?
Even just doing the land exhibition just now just avoided the injury of Arianna. Can the bomber successfully kill himself, even if he kills him, how can he successfully escape?
Chapter 25 Antikilling
Operation Lu Zhan told her that she could
At this time, there was only one skill left, but he didn’t retreat. He attacked Leona.
The bomber’s skill damage is considerable, but Leona has been consumed with some blood, and there is not much blood left in this wave of skills.
Lu Zhan’s finger has pressed the R key. At this time, adding a big move to hurt Olivia will inevitably leave little blood, but he is also likely to explain here.
His bomber was just beaten by a blind monk, and his blood volume was not much.
Well, at this time, Dan Cai has just arrived at six dozen wild blind monks, but he has not arrived at six, which means that the blind monks have not made a big move and exported a little.
Lu Zhan has to wait a while to press this big move, and he is waiting for the blind monk to respond.
By shifting the skills of the bomber W just now, he is already some distance away from the blind monk. At this time, if he is not mistaken, the blind monk will stick W to Olivia, close to protect Olivia and close to the bomber.
品茶论坛Sure enough, the blind monk went to Olivia according to his good play.