Gao Xiaoxiao and clothes lying in bed are inevitable, and my heart is still a little sad.

Sometimes she wondered if she would … Maybe Gao Zhenning picked it up from the garbage?
Otherwise, will there really be such a cruel mother in the world? Will you be happy and benefit your own daughter again and again?
Gao Xiaoxiao took a nose and forced to endure the acidity of the fundus.
Now she is most at ease with Xiaobai. Although D City is always looking after him with a smile, he will be very worried when he finds himself missing in a few days.
If I had known this would be the case, I should have brought Xiaobai back with me … Gao Xiaoxiao regretted it.
Chongcheng airport
Gao Xiaobai came out of the passage with a big bag and a stream of people.
As soon as he got on the plane, he called Gao Xiaoxiao again, and the result was still the phone, and there was still no reply from the previous text message.
He thought something must have happened to Mommy, otherwise it would be impossible to lose contact for so long.
I was thinking about whether to call the police first or take a bus back to town when suddenly a large shadow appeared in front of me and the road was blocked by someone.
I looked up and saw Han Zhuo wearing a black coat, wearing sunglasses on her face and looking down at him with tight lips.
Gao Xiaobai took a sip of his mouth and walked on without saying a word.
"Xiao Bai!" Han Yan took off her sunglasses and took a big step in the past to pick up the little guy.
"Let me go! Let me go! " Gao Xiaobai twisted his little body hard, and he had to save Mommy, so he couldn’t be taken back.
桑拿按摩"Don’t let go!" Han Han firmly held him and walked towards the airport. At the same time, he taught him a lesson and said, "Do you know how dangerous it is for you to run out alone? If grandma didn’t just go to kindergarten and find you missing, you might be abducted now! "
"Kidnapped also don’t you tube! You are not my guardian! " Gao Xiaobai stubborn call way
I haven’t seen him come to see me in the first five years. Why should I teach myself a lesson by posing as a father now?
Although Gao Xiaobai is very clever on weekdays, he knows everything in his heart. He remembers clearly who is good to him and who is not good to him …
Han Shan was even more angry when he heard this.
Just now, if it hadn’t been for Yu Yuting, it was found that the little guy came to Chongcheng on this plane, and he almost left by car and missed it.
He waited for most of the day, waiting for the flight to arrive. His biggest worry was whether he would be cheated or bullied.
Finally, when the flight arrives, I will see a poor child with a crying nose, and then he can welcome him in his father’s arms and give him the gentlest care …
Unexpectedly, the little guy is not only not afraid at all, but also very capable of discussing guardianship with himself.
Hehe, it seems that he really came to the right place this time. Women and children have to settle their accounts together!
Thinking about my feet like this in my heart, I took a big step and looked at my arms. Han Wei, a little boy, disdained and said, "I’m your father. I don’t care who cares about you?"
"Even if you are my father, but my guardian is my mother, my mother is in charge of everything, and I don’t need you to take care of me. When the time comes, if the court goes to court, I will make it clear to the judge that I will take care of it myself and I won’t blame you for anything." Gao Xiaobai immediately argued with him clearly.
Han Dong "…"
He squinted and suppressed his anger. It’s better to ignore such childish remarks directly. After all, there are more important things to do.
Seeing that he had reached the airport exit, Gao Xiaobai began to panic when he began to ignore whatever he said. When he saw several uniformed security guards at the exit, he suddenly began to shout, "Help! Someone is trying to trick children into selling! Help! Help ….. "
Chongcheng airport is not loud and squeaky, so the whole airport heard it, so the security guards immediately alerted and came running, and even passers-by gathered to surround Han Han instantly.
Han Shu frowned slightly. The first reaction was to cover that bad mouth.
As a result, those just passers-by became more indignant and began to criticize him constantly.
"It looks like a human being. I didn’t expect it to be a personal vendor!"
"Yeah, what’s wrong with selling children?"
"That child is very beautiful. No wonder he will be looked at by bad people."
"Mr. Police, catch this social cancer quickly."
"To catch up! Catch up! "
A security guard was just about to rob the child. Han Shao’s handsome eyebrows wrinkled and his face was cold and scary. He scared his face and shrank back as soon as it froze.
A security guard next to him said, "Sir, please let this child go or we will call the police!" "