How much God cared for him and brought her to him.

She is kind, pure and beautiful, and in contrast, she will do her utmost harm.
He hates to go back when he can’t and let him meet her again.
He will put hatred on her, take care of her carefully, love her when she grows up, take care of her and protect her.
It is another pain to think of the past that hurt her.
This is not only a heart injury for Ke Xin, but also a life pain for Nan Chen Night, which has been deeply felt and will never be erased.
In the past, he could take back the rest of his life and love this little woman. He has her in his world, and his eyes are full of her. He wants to give her all the only one.
The soft and warm fingertips couldn’t help but be swept there. He moved very gently for fear of hurting her.
Kexin’s little blush was about to explode, and even her body was dyed lovely red. She bit her lip and felt her chest running past her.
My body and senses are attracted to the place where the man’s palm touches.
Although she was ready, she didn’t expect that she would accept it so soon!
This process will require a little mental fluctuation, but nothing at all.
"Well …" The sound method inhibits the sound from being so delicate and soft again.
Listening to her whispering, Nanchen Night took turns to attack her on both sides like being inspired …
This little thing has a softer language here, and it is more round and full than when she was a girl. His palm is wrapped just right.
It’s as if his hands were born here and they fit perfectly.
The body is hot and the eyes are filled with blood.
Touching him like this can’t satisfy him. He wants more love, more slender fingers and peeling off her clothes one by one.
Ke Xin was nervous and held her breath. Although she was ready, she was still a little scared when she really faced this moment. After all, they had never been close for so long, and she was not sure whether she could bear him.
The picture I just saw flashed through my mind. He is really too big.
It’s a shame to realize what you think.
Little did she know that she had been stripped naked, and when she found herself naked, her brain turned white for the first time and she was trying to hide herself.
Although she was ready, she was ashamed to hide when she really faced it.
Kexin wants to get over being blocked. Nanchen Night has already taken her hand one step ahead of her. She knows the pen "Don’t block you’re beautiful"
"Don’t look!" Kexin embarrassed to stretch out his hand to cover Nan Chen’s eyes at night. He looked at her like this and she was about to faint with shame. What’s the point of being looked at her like this in broad daylight?
Nanchen night low smile.
He knows little things are shy!
"Okay, I won’t watch it." His voice is hoarse and magnetic with desire, which is even more pleasant and fascinating.
"Xin son …"
It’s the first time he’s called himself that. It’s sweet.
Section 43
On the night of Nan Chen, Kexin was held in her arms tightly. Their bodies were tight and they felt his magnificent chest, but Kexin was soft.
I love you!
Three words are tender and powerful.
spa会所"Xin son I love you! Good hobbies love you! "
A man like Nan Chenye is really the kind of man who never talks about the word love, but now he wants to say that he loves her every day.
I can’t express my hate for her pent-up feelings in my chest in all ways.
"hmm!" Kexin should be as sweet as honey.
"Xiner, I love you!"
Chapter 34 Nan can be happy (4)
Night after night, she kept repeating these three words in her ear as if she were tireless. How can she not know this man’s feelings for herself?
As much as I want to respond to him
But the words "I love you" are not easy to say from Kexin’s mouth.
She is ashamed to express such sweet words.
She is used to this man’s dependence on him, and she can’t help but miss him without him these days. She doesn’t even sleep around him. When this man is around her, she will feel very safe, as if he is her day. When she is without him, she feels that her heart is missing something, and her heart is not complete at all. At the moment she sees him, she can’t help but want to shed tears and her heart finally stops falling. When she decides to join him, she is willing to give it to him physically and mentally. She thinks this should be love?
Otherwise, after this man has done so many cruel things to himself, she will not choose to forgive, let alone be with him.
Isn’t it?
She wants to be with him for so many years, whether it’s those injuries, torture, cruel plunder or selfish imprisonment. She has already unconsciously had different feelings for him!
Even so, I don’t know how to say the word love.
"Xiner, I love you!"
Once again, Nan Chen’s night voice echoed in his ears.
I don’t know how many times these words have been said in Nan Chen’s ear. She knows that she is sweet both physically and mentally.
Although I still can’t say these three words.
I didn’t sleep all night. Nan Chen didn’t feel tired at all. Now I feel like I’ve been injected with stimulants. I’m full of blood and vitality. As soon as he separates her legs, she is tall and squeezes in to let her legs wrap around her waist. Then his lips suck directly at Kexin. I can’t stand touching her, but I feel that there is a fierce beast in my chest clamoring to leave the gate.
Kexin gasped in surprise, and her touch was almost drained, and she could cling to his shoulder weakly.
The broken voice almost drove Nan Chen crazy at night. He moved his lips away from my little girl’s pink, and the pink place was stained with his crystal saliva and trembled slightly like a rain and dew blooming cherry blossoms.
"Xiner called me night!"