"Valdes made a mistake in clearing the ball and it landed in front of Lu, who volleyed directly into Barcelona’s goal."

"Beautiful Lu scored a beautiful volley goal."
A commentator familiar with the history of the derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona quickly looked at it. When Lu Wenbin scored, it was just the 21st second of the game.
So these commentators suddenly became more excited and announced to the audience
"Too fast, the game just started, and Lu took the lead on Real Madrid in the 21st second."
喝茶约茶  title="This is the fastest scoring record in the history of the Spanish national derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It belongs to Lu."
"It is worthy to be the first superstar in active service in the world football. Lu is either breaking the record or breaking the record road."
The big screen at the Bernabeu Stadium first marked the goal, and then the horse hit the record of the fastest goal in the 21-second derby, saying that the fans of Real Madrid were excited to party.
Those fans who are still looking for seats regret that they can’t come when they hear a huge explosion, cheers and screams, and then see the stadium rushing to celebrate Lu Wenbin and his teammates and the ball in Barcelona’s goal.
Lu Wenbin scored the fastest goal in the history of the Spanish national derby. Real Madrid took the lead in the game 21 seconds later.
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Chapter 532 Mourinho threat
Lu Wenbin’s fastest goal in Spanish national derby history excited everyone in Real Madrid.
In particular, the fans were very happy that Alves had knocked down his goalkeeper, and many people laughed at him in the stands.
According to the take-off position just now, it is possible for Valdes to hold the ball directly if Alves didn’t block the goalkeeper.
Of course, Valdes’ choice of hitting position is also problematic.
Valdes should always observe the position of Lu Wenbin, the most threatening person in Real Madrid.
Lu Wenbin’s position should be predicted before hitting the ball, and then the ball should not be easily obtained by Lu Wenbin.
Everyone in Real Madrid is excited, but Barcelona people are a little frustrated.
It was just the beginning of the game that Barcelona players were scored in such a historical record that they were destined to be capitalized.
After the re-kick-off, Barcelona played a fast break.
But this is not Barcelona’s attack. Naturally, Sanchez didn’t make it. Finally, the long-range shot outside the forbidden area was directly above the crossbar.
It’s Real Madrid’s turn to send goal kick.
After losing one of the fastest goals in the history of derby, Messi was also in a bad mood. He has been criticized for his poor physical fitness and walked in every game. Messi is now actively running to keep up with his teammates.
Seeing that casillas didn’t open his feet, he kicked the ball to the nearest Messi, and Ramos Messi rushed to prepare to influence Ramos’ ball route
It was unexpected that Ramos accidentally slipped when he stopped the ball, and the ball just rolled in front of Messi when he touched it
Everyone in Real Madrid was suddenly frightened to disgrace. Pepe Ma rushed over and shoveled it off.
However, Messi is faster, without stopping the ball, and it is forbidden to hit the ball to the goal with a long-range shot from the zone line.
However, after all, the angle is not so good. Messi’s low shot angle is not awkward. Although he rolled to the right corner of the goal, there is still a certain distance from the dead corner.
Casillas Ramos accidentally slipped after stopping the ball and knew that he was in danger. Messi just kicked the ball out and jumped out.
In the end, San Cassie’s thrilling fingertip stabbed the ball out of the bottom line and Real Madrid escaped.
Suddenly the stands rang with applause and cheers for casillas, while a few Barcelona fans lamented with their hands on their heads.
Climbing up from the ground, Ramos also went to the door and pulled casillas up and gave him a big hug
If it weren’t for casillas Ramos’s low-level mistakes, he would be a sinner of Real Madrid.
Pepe, Carvalho and others also went over and patted casillas on the head to express their appreciation.
It’s a pity that Messi was able to take a corner kick, but this corner kick was not grabbed by Barcelona players and was pushed out of the forbidden area by Pepe.