Huo Jiujian spent two flowers at the moment and returned to his room. "You don’t even tell it your name."

"Remember to send the materials in the past" said Jun’s crazy figure was short again.
Lying in the trough is another shadow, which makes Huo Jiujian don’t know how to vomit.
Chapter sixty-four secretly planning her
Early the next morning, Huo Jiujian went to find Qin Xiao with the materials he had obtained before. As Jun Kuang said, things should be decided by the owner of Changming Temple.
"This matter" Qin Xiao flipped through the information and put things in envelopes and threw them into drawers. "Let’s talk about it for a year and a half." She raised her smiling face and looked at Huo Jiujian. "Thank you, Brother Huo."
"I’m not very white. It seems that I am the only one who is active in this matter." Huo Jiujian doesn’t understand that the loss of interests is Qin Xiaoci’s gift of these jewelry. The two parties are not active at all, but he is not running at both ends.
See Huo Jiujian a face of melancholy Qin Xiao and smiling poured a cup of tea and handed it to him. "Did Huo Dage consider a lot of things with great coincidence?" She paused and said, "If it’s you, you will definitely recognize that this maid-in-waiting snitch seems to have come too soon. It’s time to choose not to choose when my father wants to come back."
"As you mean, it’s going to be cold-treated."
"It’s not a big deal, and I don’t care about the jewelry." Qin Xiao shrugged his shoulders and looked at the attitude that he was crazy with you.
"That" Huo Jiujian also wants to speak.
Qin Xiao raised his hand to signal that he was not in a hurry. "Didn’t you say that this is a long-awaited temple thing? I am a master in such a hurry to care about what to do with some maids."
"Ok, you are all generous." Huo Jiujian felt that he was also busy in vain, and neither side was ungrateful. "But the monarch is not going to give it a cold treatment."
"That’s not as good as" Qin Xiaoxiao said. "But Miss Ruan just came to us yesterday and talked about Brother Huo. She is full of complaints about Brother Huo. Now many people know that you want to marry me, but even your fiancee doesn’t take it seriously. Who are you?"
"Well," Huo Jiujian said, "Speaking of which, the monarch is not younger than two years old and can get married. I can’t believe you don’t have any plans."
"I" Qin Xiaowei squinting at Huo Jiujian "Either marry or marry the strongest"
The replacement of jewelry in Changming Temple was suppressed by Qin Xiao. Instead of not handling it, she already had plans to send Huo Jiujian away. When Qin Xiao returned to her room, she looked at her feet as if she were talking to herself and said, "Brother Huo, tell me your movements."
"Junren Xuanzong seems to have been discussing with Yin Di all day what Zhongling Emperor, Emperor rewelding and so on have participated in" Huo Ying responded.
"You didn’t philander, did you?" Qin Xiao asked again.
Huo Ying made a sigh, "Little Master, you’d better spare the fire. If you let you know about it, the fire will be more than you can bear."
"You, he will not know that I am very happy to see him." Qin Xiao smiled gently. "I don’t force Brother Huo to expect him to take care of me in the future."
"It’s my duty to take care of the princess."
A year is really short. In politics, Huo Jiujian and Qin Xiao help you crazy. Even if you don’t do anything, it may not be a problem.
In one year, Jun traveled wildly in the spiritual world, except for the golden carp, and he picked up two more. The method of Du Jie’s spirit beast was similar to that of the three spirit beasts. When they got together, everyone expressed their hatred for him and their teeth itched.
Junkuang never bothered to explain a lot. Du Jie, a spirit beast, gave Dan medicine and begged for reward to trick them into exchange for equal value. All his demands were to protect a mortal.
As soon as the three spirits and beasts came together, they thought that this mortal was probably a very important person. He was so tall that he didn’t even bother to tell them his name. Besides, he seemed to have a special status in the world.
"It can’t be the Great" Novel of Golden Carp Metamorphic Golden Scale Pony
"It’s possible, otherwise the quasi-emperor promised to take it, and the quasi-emperor also personally pointed me out," said a snow-colored one-horned mink
"Anyway, just give me ten guts. I dare not disobey such a person." The wings of the red Peng bird seem to have flames wrapped around them and fanned with hot air.
All the three spirits and beasts tried Du Jie before they were larvae because they were inexperienced. As a result, they got a bargain by Junkuang. It’s a bit hard for them to protect a mortal for decades. Is it necessary to give such advanced pills and techniques?
Decades later, mortals die, and nine times out of ten they have to belch and fix it. What’s the matter?
"I don’t know what these people think," said Jin Linju. "He is a nine-robbery dragon, which is more difficult than the other two. Maybe after ten or twenty years, he will directly burp when he is robbed again, without waiting for the end of human life."
品茶论坛"Stop talking and go," said the red bird.
"Hurry up, hurry up. Maybe his spirit has already reached us. It’s disrespectful to our predecessors to delay our visit," said the snowy one-horned mink.
Three Spirit Beasts came to Beijing, but they didn’t know how to contact their "benefactors". They tried to hide their figure and found that the whole city of Beijing was a huge palace, so they hid in the surrounding forest and went to see the guards at the palace gate.
"What should I do? Those two don’t seem to be practicing. Alas, will we scare them?" The red Peng bird said in a low voice.