Gao Xiaoxiao rolled up her mouth and looked at him silly and felt her heart softened.

"Do you feel it?" She asked softly
Han Shu still kept his head down and his eyes stared at her belly for a long time before his voice hoarse and asked, "Did she just … move?"
"Yes, Xiao Mo Mo greets you." Gao Xiaoxiao felt that he was so childish that he couldn’t help but raise his hand and hug his waist and face and buried his shoulder.
Han Shu put his arm around her shoulder and put his hand on her belly with the other hand, as if to confirm something. He said softly, "Little Momo, it’s dad. Do you hear me talking to you?"
As if responding to him, like a little ink, ink immediately kicked his stomach again.
This time, the strength is a little big, and Gao Xiaoxiao made a "hiss" when he didn’t prevent it.
"Be gentle with the ink, don’t hurt your mother." Han Shu immediately said, and at the same time, she stroked her belly slowly with her big hand as if Ann were stroking her daughter’s mood.
Sure enough, the belly immediately
Sure enough, my stomach stopped moving immediately.
Han Han waited for a while and frowned slightly and looked up at her with a little uncertainty. "Am I too fierce? Why didn’t she move again? "
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
After this whole noon, Han Han kept talking to her daughter next to her belly.
At first, Gao Xiaoxiao thought he was a little noisy, but later, I didn’t know if he was used to it. He fell asleep like a mantra! So everything went out of his mind.
Chang Huanyan called Chang Jingji halfway, and when she arrived at Chengbei Hospital, Chang Jingji was already waiting at the hospital gate.
"Sister, what happened to my mother?" Often come and hold the Chang Huan yan arm asked.
Chang Huanyan’s face trembled slightly with uncontrollable excitement. "Well, nurse Zhou just called me and said that mom’s finger moved and mom reacted. Maybe she will wake up soon."
"Really?" Always surprised and can’t believe looking at her.
Section 51
"Zhen" Chang Huanyan must have nodded. "Let’s go in quickly."
Who knows, when the two brothers and sisters hurried to the hospital intensive care unit, they still saw a woman lying quietly in the hospital bed.
"Miss Chang, you were so excited just now that I didn’t come to make it clear. This is the case. Although your mother moved a finger, she didn’t respond later … people haven’t woken up yet, which may disappoint you." Nurse Zhou, in her thirties, said with a face of regret.
Chang Huan Yan’s face was so excited that she gradually disappeared. She nodded her head and said, "Thank you, Nurse Zhou."
Often well-ordered before also disappointed pursed mouth.
"By the way, Miss Chang’s horse is coming in July. Just come here today and pay off all the six months, by the way." Nurse Zhou added.
"… good" often smiles and nods.
Since her mother was hospitalized in a sudden car accident last year, she has been looking forward to hearing from the hospital every day, hoping to hear the news that her mother suddenly woke up, but at the same time she is afraid of receiving any bad notice.
夜生活But it’s only been more than a year, but she feels as if it’s been a long, long time, and her heart is suffering every day
Especially after she got pregnant and moved back to Yu’s family, it was almost more difficult to have the opportunity to visit her mother again … She often smiled and felt sorry, but there was no way. After all, she kept these things from Yu’s family.
Since her mother didn’t wake up and was always smiling, she asked Chang Jingji to go back to rest first, and she went to the attending doctor’s office to find out about her mother’s treatment.
"Miss Chang, I’ve told you many times that the chances of a vegetative state waking up are extremely slim, and your mother’s condition requires a huge sum of money every day in the hospital. Look at this. This is a semi-annual settlement list."
Dr. Wang pushed the receipt to Chang Huanyan and looked at her expression and couldn’t bear to persuade him, "Miss Chang, if I say that I don’t like to take care of a vegetative person, it’s like a bottomless hole. I know that you are filial, but sometimes people can’t win the day. You and your brother are still young, and your brother has just gone to college. It’s really unnecessary for this to affect your life, and from your mother’s point of view, she is so …"
"Dr. Wang, please stop talking." Chang Huanyan interrupted him directly. "Don’t worry, I won’t give me less medicine because I want my mother to wake up, even if the hope is really slim, but … she has already responded today, hasn’t she? That is to say, there is still hope. Please help me. The best medicine must save my mother … "
Dr. Wang sighed, "Don’t worry, doctor, since your family requires it, I will do my best."
"Thank you, Doctor Wang." Chang Huanyan got up and clutched the receipt in his hand.
Just after I left, Dr. Wang told me, "By the way, since your mother has reacted, it means that she is aware of the outside world now. If possible, I suggest that you’d better come and talk to your mother more every day, which is very helpful for her to wake up."
"…" Chang Huanyan frowned and finally nodded and said, "Thank you, Dr. Wang. I know."
The intensive care unit was pale.
Chang Huanyan sat by the bed, gently holding her mother’s thin hand, and slowly said, "Mom, I’m seven months pregnant now. I’m pregnant with twins, which means your horse is going to have grandchildren and granddaughters. Please wake up quickly and see if they are ok?"
"Mom, do you know that he has already entered the university or D Law? You can rest assured that he will be very promising in the future. He is trying to review his lessons every day and is waiting for you to wake up and praise him."
"Oh, mom, you haven’t met your son-in-law, have you? His name is Yu Yu. He is almost thirty-four years old this year. Although he is ten years older than me, he is very kind to me and he is also a policeman. He is really a good man. By the way, he has been here to see you many times. Please wake up and see him. By the way, help me see how he is, okay, mom?"
Chang Huanyan sat there and kept talking as the doctor said, although … many words were made up by her.
It’s a lie to ask my mother to really wake up, right?