Yu Enze’s blood seems to be boiling, expanding and flowing back to his head. He is short of breath and silent. He angrily stares at the damn Chen Moran in front of him.

"Let this hypocritical woman pull out my hair to do dna analysis." Chen Moran slammed the seat long summer to Yu Enze. He asked himself like a psychopath. "What to analyze and identify? Why don’t I just tell you?"
He was very close to Yu Enze, and he was about to stick it on the tip of Yu Enze’s nose. He told Yu Enze word by word, "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,"
"Your identity proved to be a fabrication of my aunt and uncle. They are koo. Why should you be so cruel to them?" Shocked Yu Enze locked Chen Moran tightly.
"koo" Chen Moran heart he gnashed his teeth "they all deserve to die, they deserve to die"
He straightened up and confidently said, "I know that you have a bracelet that I left behind at the crime scene. Yes, that’s a very important clue for you. Let me tell you that my real name is Chen Xiang. How about Chen Xiang? Isn’t it fun that the fake name Chen Moran has not been discovered?"
"What is what?" Fierce ice eyes were full of blood and hatred. Yu Enze shouted at Chen Moran puzzled. "Why did you do this?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-three I laugh at your pity
"It’s all because of you," Chen Moran growled. "It’s because of you that my father went to prison. It’s because of you. Have you ever experienced how painful it was for him to learn that his only closest relative in this world was sent to prison by a cold-blooded real estate tycoon on the first day when he swam back to his hometown for many years?
From then on, no matter how pregnant his father is, he will no longer have the opportunity to perform filial piety to his father, and he can watch his father spend the miserable and lonely life in a cold and dark prison. "
"That’s Chen Baocai himself. He deserved it when he went to prison." Yu Enze has no sympathy for Chen Moran. His words are sharp and mean. "It’s also cheap to put Chen Baocai in prison. He is a scum who harms society like him and should be punished on the spot."
"Pa" is another heavy blow. Yu Enze’s right face has been bruised and his mouth is bleeding. Chen Moran pinched Yu Enze’s neck and hatred made his eyes fall out. "Yu Enze, I will definitely make you wish you were dead. If you owe me, I will let you return it a little bit."
"If you want to deal with people, I will suffer. Are you still a person?" Yu Enze felt that Chen Moran was worse than a bloody beast
夜生活"Hum, since the day you put my father in prison, I have been a ghost." Chen Moran smiled indifferently.
Everything in the world is in Chen Mo, but it is no longer attractive and there is hatred left. "You have caused me to share my father’s reunion with my father in my life. Then I can also make you lose your closest relatives. I have to let your aunt who hurts you the most die before you can feel the pain like being cut off."
When your uncle Yu Jiahao died, my father gave him all the benefits, but when my father was in trouble, Yu Jiahao stood by.
No matter how I begged him, he refused to help, adding fuel to the fire. My father would be fine if I asked him a word, but he turned against me and denied anyone.
He was afraid that my father would expose his dirty past, and secretly ordered some bullies in the prison to intimidate, bully and torture him in every way. If my father dared to reveal anything about other people, he would let my father die in prison. "
Eyes like a volcano erupts, red magma bursts out, and Chen Moran severely buckles Yu Enze’s neck to let Yu Enze get close to him. His mouth reminds me of a sinister smile. "Do you think Yu Jiahao is also damn? Yu Jiahao is even more damn."
Chen Moran’s smile is even more rampant. "I really admire my own wisdom and skill. Those idiots didn’t find out that I was hiding in Yu Jiahao’s wedding church. I just wanted Yu Jiahao to kill him on the wedding day."
See Chen Moran deliberately make a shooting gesture and then aim at Yu Enze’s forehead. "How did Yu Jiahao’s wedding die with a bang? Isn’t it exciting? I think Yu Jiahao wouldn’t even dream that he would die at his wedding? Hahahaha!" Chen Moran laughed proudly.
Yu Enze, the "King Egg", was furious and resentful. He knocked down unsuspecting Chen Moran.
Chen Moran didn’t mean it. Yu Enze knocked him down. He straightened up from his seat and grabbed Yu Enze’s hair and pulled it back. "Don’t be angry yet. I haven’t finished yet. There are more exciting things to come. You will be so angry that you will want to slap your mouth and wish to find a crack in the ground."
"I still don’t understand that you have lost only two relatives in this world. I hate me and take away your woman." Chen Moran rudely put long summer in his arms and faced Yu Enze. "Yu Enze, you are so stupid. You even gave me your favorite woman. Your heart must be more painful. All the people around you have left you. You are so pitiful. I have begun to sympathize with you."
He grabbed long summer’s hair hard and forced long summer to face Yu Enze. "I admit that I got revenge for this woman from the beginning. You deliberately approached her and played with her feelings, but then I fell in love with her. I loved her no less than you, far more than you.
With her, I gradually gave up my final revenge plan and wanted to be a loving couple with her and form a warm family that belongs to us. I didn’t care that she was pregnant with your child and I married her wife without hesitation. "
The more you say, the more hatred in your heart surges up. Chen Moran shakes all the anger and grievances in long summer and vents long summer. He shouts at long summer, "What about you? There is no me in your heart. I really love you. You don’t look at your eyes for so many years. You have this smelly man in your heart.
Su Lixia, what do you think of me as Chen Xiang? What do you think I love you with my heart? What do you just don’t appreciate? What do you think of me as worthless? It turns out that I am just a pile of shi in your heart. "
In disgust, he pushed long summer down to the seat surface, and then hit long summer’s head desperately against the suspended window. "Su Lixia, you talk to me. Why don’t you shut up and talk to me?"
"Chen Moran, you stop it for me. You hate me for hitting a woman. What kind of man are you?" Anxious and distressed, Yu Enze was firmly controlled by masked men and could not move.
"Su Lixia, are you worthy of me? You talk to me." Seeing Yu Enze could not bear long summer’s suffering, Chen Moran hit long summer’s head harder.
Bright red blood trickled slowly from the black hair on the top of the head like a thin red hot river. long summer stared at Chen Moran like a pervert. She smiled with unusual s-curve disdain and ridicule that made Chen Moran creepy.
"What are you laughing at? Why are you laughing?" Chen Moran clenched long summer’s neck and questioned her.
"I laugh at your pity. You are suspicious and self-abased. You ruined our marriage. It was all caused by you." long summer’s eyes were firm and never forced. "Chen Moran, I don’t love you. I never loved you."
"Su Lixia, you finally admitted that you are a hateful woman who lied to you." Now Chen Moran still can’t accept the reality and lost his mind. He slapped long summer in the left face with a loud slap.
"Well, don’t you love Yu Enze? I want you to love him." The plane is landing. Chen Moran picked it up like a madman and tied Yu Enze. He pushed open the cabin door and slammed Yu Enze’s half-length, half-length, powerful airflow straight through the eardrum. The wind roared as if it could take people away in an instant
"Chen Moran, I beg you, please let Enze go." long summer panicked. She knelt down and screamed and begged Chen Moran not to throw Yu Enze on the plane.
"Let him go" Chen Moran’s murderous look in his eyes rose with a sly smile. "If I let him go, wouldn’t you still love him?" And he put some Yu Enze outside the cabin.
"Don’t!" Tears flooded the pale face. Yan Lixia’s heart almost jumped out. She begged Chen Moran again and again. "Chen Moran wants you to let Enze go. I promise you whatever you want me to do. I beg you to let Enze go. Please."
"Su Lixia didn’t put away your cheap tears, did she?" Chen Moran’s tone was cold. "It’s all because of you that I won’t let you go."
"Boss, behind us, two planes disappeared, followed by us as if it were a police plane." At this moment, a masked man hurried to Chen Moran from the front and reported the emergency to him with a serious look.
Chen Moran turned the moment Yu Enze jumped forward quickly and successfully knocked Chen Moran over. Yu Enze had to return to the engine room and narrowly escaped.
The masked man wanted to fight back Yu Enze. In his panic, he grabbed the rope that tied Yu Enze, but unfortunately the knot was pulled open. Yu Enze regained his freedom of movement and fought with Chen Moran and them.
Hands and feet were handcuffed by iron handcuffs. long summer suddenly saw a fruit knife on the table. She quickly rushed over and picked up the fruit knife and stabbed a masked man with his back to him.
The masked man was stabbed by long summer, and the red blood suddenly gushed out. Before he could turn around and fight back against long summer, he fell to the ground and died.
Amber has been tied up and his seat is motionless. At an early age, he was really scared this time. From the moment when he was hijacked by Chen Moran, Amber kept staring at his eyes. He couldn’t say a word. Panic always froze his face.
"Anbao Anbao" long summer rushed over and untied Anbao. How she called Anbao Anbao didn’t respond.
Yu Enze, Chen Moran and a masked man are still fighting. Chen Moran and the masked man are forced to the cabin by Yu Enze. At the moment when their lives are hanging by a thread, Chen Moran cruelly kicks the masked man dragging his leg out and the masked man falls from it.
Chen Moran saw that it was not Yu Enze’s opponent, but the police chased him. He quickly took the escape device and jumped into the parachute towards the engine room. He crashed and opened Chen Moran and escaped.
"If you are smart, land in the direction of the person carrying the parachute." Yu Enze went to the cockpit and pointed a gun at the controller
"Anbao Anbao, what’s wrong with you? Anbao, can you talk to your mother?" The passenger cabin came to long summer with an anxious call