Looking at Chris motionless, I stretched out my hand and pulled her over and asked, "What’s the matter? I haven’t seen you for a few days to see if you are fat? "

"Escape see you say I which meeting fat this little sister is …"
"Ah, let me introduce you. This is payon, the little sister you met after you left. Tell jathyapple jathyapple to say hello to Sister Chris."
Jathyapple looked at me and glanced at Chris and said softly, "Hello, Sister Chris!"
Chris also looked at it, and I looked at it again. jathyapple was thinking about being late and asking the moonlit cat what was going on.
"Chris, did your father finish it for you?" My mood soared when I saw Chris.
"Well, not yet. Scarlett and I have looked for many places and haven’t found the reason, but what are you doing calling me here in such a hurry? Is there something urgent? " Chris took my hand and said
"well! It’s something to wait for. Let’s talk about it together. Now let’s have a good experience of the world of two people ~ we must kiss today. "
"What two people world do you think jathyapple is watching?" Chris pushed me away and said with a big smile.
"There is a’ Snow Queen’ in jathyapple. You go directly to the clerk and ask for money. I am out!"
"No problem, I went. You can take your time!" Jathyapple ran to Taiwan without saying anything.
I didn’t expect that Chris would catch her breath again and again, which made my heart itch very much. Although it is inhuman, it is human nature for men and women to have sex. Sometimes I really admire’ Scorpio’ and can design such a real NPC. If someone tells me that the game in Wonderland can’t be played anymore, believe me, I will be the first to pick up a submachine gun and rush to the Wonderland Company to shoot, but no one knows about Wonderland Company.
It took a while for the two couples, the disease, the dark fire and the blood repellent, to take turns to see that it was almost dawn during the game. In reality, I told them about the Iron Man Project at 5: 30 in the afternoon and attached an episode, which made everyone applaud and Chris shouted "No!" However, a few people failed to say anything from most Chris. Finally, I said, secretly said, and even coaxed and cheated, and finally agreed to my method.
Dream Rock is the biggest black market in Wonderland, and most of the players here are going to buy equipment or gamble here. Of course, emerging industries have not been established so soon, but it is only a matter of time before the discussion on the Internet. People who are enthusiastic and energetic should have thought of this industry.
A group of people came to Mengluoke through the ice fox [seeing off the array]. Disease method and I went to the front to discuss the establishment of a guild, while Chris and jathyapple went to the back. Chris first asked, "How dare you leave payon Cave without permission, moonlit cat?"
"I’m not to blame for this, but he is," jathyapple said, pointing to me.
"What is this elegant? Your ability to be ten elegant may not beat you, "Chris retorted.
"How do I know that he [seeing off the array] can actually break the ban? At first, I wanted to try, but the truth came out. Sister Chris, let me play for a while when you see that we were created in the same period?" Jathyapple asked eagerly looking at Chris.
"I can’t decide this. After all, you are the first top BOSS to leave your territory, but how can you follow elegant? Wouldn’t it be nice to play by yourself? "
"I don’t know about this. I feel that my elegant brother smells like’ him’."
"’he’? Why can’t I feel it? "
As they talked in detail, we arrived at the auction house mentioned by Iron Man.
The location of the auction house near the east gate of Mengluoke is really good. It is located next to the east avenue of Mengluoke. There is a big square next to the address, and an ancient Indian dome building has been built in the address (I have seen buildings so I can see it at a glance). The whole dome is estimated to be about 1,000 square meters. I believe this is also bought by the Iron Man Association, and a gate sign’ Elegant Auction House’ is hung at the door of the house! It’s always funny to see your name. Think again that your design software seems to have signed an elegant name, and that computer association is also elegant. The more you think about it, the more wrong it is. Don’t bump into each other, or my identity will be vividly portrayed.
Iron man saw our party and immediately informed him. Iron man rushed over as quickly as possible, took my hand and smiled and asked, "It’s really remarkable. What kind of people do you think are coming with you?" The sage is ill? I remember that when I was a mage, I challenged and won many two-turn professional players. "
When the iron man’s eyes swept over the ice fox, he immediately stayed for one or two eyes, looked at the ice fox’s equipment and soon screamed, "Oh, my God, what do I see? Tianyi-Moon Dance? The armor worth 40,000 RO coins was actually seen by me. "
Chapter VII Sensation (2)
Chapter VII Sensation (2)
The offer of Iron Man immediately startled everyone except me. 40,000 RO? Equivalent to the reality of 40 thousand yuan, blood repellent and ice fox immediately realized what I gave them, and their eyes became uneasy when they looked at me
I put my shoulder on the iron man and said, "Are you so surprised by these little things? Won’t you jump off a building when you see something better? Right? Ha ha! Go in, Brother Bloody. Don’t worry about small things. "
After listening to what I said, both of them felt a sense of trust that they had never had before. It is impossible for them to add up to 10 thousand yuan in a year’s salary. Now giving them something worth 40 thousand yuan is enough to make them feel a little overwhelmed.
Iron man’s original surprised expression became surprised when he saw jathyapple’s fur in his eyes. He turned several rounds at jathyapple and kept whispering, "What is this girl’s body? How come I haven’t seen it? Strange! "
Jathyapple pouted and said, "What’s the fuss? Don’t look at my elegant brother and sister Chris like this. Look, this man is really strange."
Chris can’t help but laugh. I didn’t expect the cat to be so good this night. Think about it for the time being and don’t expose it. It seems that this top BOSS won’t hurt elegance.
And my iron man went on to say that he would go to the auction house first to pull the iron man.
As soon as I entered the auction house, I saw that there were about 10 thousand seats arranged like cinemas. I didn’t expect the iron man to be really powerful. He wanted to build a cinema auction house in the Indian dome building, and every seat had a row of numeric keys. I believe this is the bidding device, and I don’t know how he really wanted to ask for advice from Unicom.
Our party was arranged in a four-story VIP room facing the auction platform, and everyone sat down. Both sides of me were occupied by Chris and jathyapple early in the morning, and they and the blood-repelling couple could sit on both sides.
A radio sounded, "Dear players, before the first auction in Wonderland begins, we will introduce an auction house."
"The auction house is supported by elegant players in Wonderland!"
As soon as the broadcast finished, it began to talk about who is elegant. As we all know, many players are discussing the origin of this elegant player. More people are more interested in who is this elegant player.
The radio went on to say that "the auction items include weapons, ornaments, armor, pets, not for sale, etc., and there are also four poles of equipment that will definitely not disappoint everyone."
"In addition, the elegant player auction house has prepared the last auction, and until now the auction house doesn’t know what it is. I believe everyone is interested in knowing what it is?"
"So let’s start by saying that if the auction is divided into three stages, in the first stage, there will be a large number of auctions of first-class and second-class equipment, and the property price list will appear on the big screen at the back. Players can choose one hour by themselves. In the second stage, they will auction third-class equipment and special objects. In the third stage, they will auction four-class equipment and some rare objects. In the first and second stages, players can choose the object code through the seat digital panel and enter the price you set, and in the third stage, they will make public bidding."
Speaking of which, the first stage will be held. Please look at the screen.
A huge screen was immediately erected on the big stage, and a small screen appeared in front of the players’ seats. We all slowly looked at what was particularly suitable. I didn’t know that I was shocked when I looked at it. I didn’t expect that there were so many things in the first stage, totaling 620,432 pieces, and they were also put in different interfaces in different categories. But for these things, I’m not very interested in the second-class equipment. First of all, I don’t need two Chris. We don’t need three. Several of our players are already in the middle and high level. These bases are nothing. We don’t care, but jathyapple seems to be very interested. She keeps looking at something from time to time and asks me if I want it. Although I don’t have any RO coins now, I believe that the amount of money to sell these four angels Polly is definitely large, and I don’t worry about losing money. I will buy whatever jathyapple wants. Speaking of it, from the first time I saw jathyapple, she felt
An hour passed quickly, and I believe that every player chooses his favorite or something, because one hour is not enough for the player department to read these things.
The system automatically gives whether the player actually bought the item or not. The player knows that others bid more than him, but he doesn’t know it. This is also an iron man’s means to facilitate the next time when others actually invest in the same item, they will naturally pay more and earn more.
I looked at the screen and looked at jathyapple with a wry smile. This guy actually bought 30 things, 20 of which were all kinds of headdresses or the lowest ones, such as purple hair bands, silver hair clips, sandals, charm necklaces, etc. There was nothing but the other 10 were strange things. I don’t know what a pet egg was, a bird’s nest, three green apples, a hundred love chocolates, etc. Looking at a lot of things and looking at the settlement price, 132,324 RO coins was not much, but I didn’t have the money. The auction was settled once after the end.
桑拿网Watching jathyapple play with those things happily and with a happy face, even if it’s 130 thousand, I’m worth it. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to have 10 million yuan of easy money a month, and there are hundreds of millions of software behind me to support me. Now I’m like a rich man, although the money hasn’t arrived yet.
"Thank you for your support in the first stage, which sold 2.212342 items. The rest will be left for an auction to start the second stage."
After the broadcast, about four kinds of things appeared on the screen immediately. These are all good things, and I also carefully looked to see if there was anything I needed.