Qi Guifei’s face sank. It turned out that Jiang Yu Qi had already arranged for someone to protect the emperor early in the morning. Damn it.

"Mother princess, now we’d better quit first." Jiang Qiuwu knew that it was bad for them at this time. Only by leaving here first was the policy.
"Dark Lord listens to make JiGuiFei’s mother and daughter commit chaos and murder father’s heart, but if they dare to resist, they will be executed on the spot." Jiang Yu’s voice suddenly lifted.
A chapter is interesting:
Chapter 147 The situation reversed
At that time, the whole emperor’s bedroom was splashed with blood.
While Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter are being protected by the dark guards and are withdrawing from the main hall. At this time, the palace wall is also in full swing. Jiang Yu’s praying people and Qi Guifei’s opposing forces are equal.
Outside the palace is also a complete chaos in hot water.
Shuiyunjin looked at Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter’s eyes, who were bent on getting out of here, and quietly dyed them with a malicious look. Tonight, if she won’t let the mother and daughter go again, she glanced at Lin Han for a moment.
Lin Han nodded, and he drew his sword and flew straight at Jiang Qiu Wu.
桑拿论坛But at this time, two men in black suddenly flew in from outside the palace wall. The two men were extremely heavy, like people who had been invisible in the dark for many years. As soon as they arrived, they forced Jiang Yu to pray for people to retreat. After Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter protected themselves, Lin Han was entangled in one of them and then approached Jiang Qiuwu.
Shuiyunjin frowned and looked at what the two men were thinking quickly.
Jiang Yu qi also looked at the two men looked suddenly dignified. These two men are not JiGuiFei people. They have been fighting for many years and know each other’s strength most. At present, these two people are not from Nanliang.
"Who are they? There have never been such two people in Beijing." Shuiyun Park glanced at Jiang Yu Qi.
"I haven’t seen these two men before. Now the whole city is under close monitoring. You and I haven’t found them. Then say that they just came from outside the city and can break through the heavy defense of Nanliang to come here." Jiang Yuqi’s eyes are dark and he has guessed something, but the more he thinks about it, the more he feels heart-pounding.
Shuiyunjin naturally knows that Jiang Yu Qi is worried that if he fails tonight, he won’t even have a chance to start all over again, but she can’t figure out who has such a big deal and what to save Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter. Now their mother and daughter are lost dogs. If they don’t, they will have someone to help at this moment.
But in any case, her eyes will not change because of this. "Zi Xia said that I want you to kill Jiang Qiuwu and her mother."
Zi Xia nodded, "Little Master, be careful."
Words fall she picked up a sword and flew to join Lin Han.
"How many people do you have?" Shui Yunxi looked at Jiang Yu and asked.
Jiang Yu smiled slightly nai "I’m afraid it’s not that simple tonight"
Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows are set. If it is as Jiang Yuqi said, how many chances can she have?
"Someone is coming" A long time Jiang Yu qi suddenly spoke.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes were fixed on the fight in the field, and she suddenly heard Jiang Yu’s prayer. Her eyebrows suddenly frowned.
Sure enough, for a moment, the palace lanterns and moonlight shining outside the main hall gate came into view. First, a piece of black brocade robe skirts, and then slowly, it turned out to be Ling Xiaoyao’s Zhang Yong beautiful and elegant Yan.
Shuiyunjin looked at his heart with a slight surprise, followed by monstrous anger. It turned out to be him. He actually wanted to help Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter Chang Yongshi, and he also let Jiang Qiuwu go. What on earth did he want to do this?
Jiang Yu qi seems to be surprised, but for a moment, he has settled down. "It turned out that Ling Taitai took the trouble to come to Nanliang late at night, but these two people are Ling Tairen."
LingXiaoYao came slowly and didn’t answer Jiang Yu’s prayer, but his light eyes looked at a sky-blue cloth, and Shuiyun Hibiscus seemed to confirm something.
Shuiyunjin directly meets her sharp eyes without hiding or flashing. Even if the larger foe dies tonight, she will be desperate to be recognized by him. What can happen if they collide in a fierce fight in their eyes? No one blinks.
At this time, with Ling Xiaoyao, the guards knelt in unison toward Qi Guifei. "Empress is a confidant of the general. This is what the general personally invited the empress to look at, and everything will be white after she saw it."
JiGuiFei came to watch LingXiaoYao suddenly appear, thinking about countermeasures. Now it seems that it is a good thing for her.
Jiang Qiuwu’s eyes have been riveted on LingXiaoYao. She can’t believe that LingXiaoyao turned out to be here to save her. LingXiaoyao has never really seen her, but she is even more dismissive of her tonight.
JiGuiFei read the letter seductive face dyed dazzling smile to LingXiaoYao slightly a ceremony "the original elder brother has reached an agreement with LingTai that tonight will rely on LingTai to the palace to have Nanliang all should listen to LingTai command"
When Shuiyunjin heard these words, it suddenly dawned on her that it turned out to be like this. She saved Ling Xiaoyao in the Northern Jin Dynasty and was about to save Nanliang. He was already in a state of mind.
Jiang Yu qi is naturally not stupid. His big hand clenched into a fist. It turned out that Ling Xiaoyao was willing to be taken advantage of by Qi Guifei’s mother and daughter when she was able to defeat herself.
"Yunxi go home with me. After all, you are not the only woman outside who can follow one’s inclinations." LingXiaoYao looked at Shuixi Wendao with light eyes.
As soon as the words fell, the whole world was quiet, and a few bursts of air extraction sounded in an instant. All eyes were on Shuiyun Hibiscus.
The most surprising things are Jiang Yuqi and Jiang Qiuwu.
Jiang Qiuwu’s eyes were instantly dyed and cruel. It turned out that Shuiyun Park had come to Nanliang. I didn’t expect her to be alive.
Jiang Yu qi suddenly turned to look at the young man around him. He didn’t recognize her from the beginning. She turned out to be Shuiyunjin. He couldn’t help but say, "Yunjin, how can you?"
Shuiyunjin didn’t look at him, but suddenly pulled out the sword in Jiang Yuqi’s handshake. In the silence, the sword was pulled out, and the chill was threatening. The light and shadow hit the sharp sword and bet on her face. Her pale face seemed to be frozen with frost.
Everyone doesn’t know when she wants to do it. She slowly lifts her feet, and all the fighting in this field has stopped. She approaches Ling Xiaoyao with a sword like no one’s watching. She holds a thin sword and draws a series of "Zizi" sparks vertically. The cold and gloomy atmosphere is shocking.
And LingXiaoYao is looking at ShuiYunXi slowly coming face don’t change color didn’t move a but people around him watched ShuiYunXi warily.
Shuiyunjin came to his front foot and held a sword in his hand. Instead, he pointed to Jiang Qiuwu, whose roots were not afraid of her knowing that Shuiyunjin had no martial arts. Besides, there were so many guards and Ling Xiaoyao around her. At this time, he would never shoot Shuiyunjin at her.
Sure enough, Jiang Qiuwu’s bodyguard saw Shuiyun Park, a milli-combatant, and his eyes flashed with disdain. As soon as the sword was raised, he wanted to stab Shuiyun Park.
"Miss Yunxi" Jiang Yu Qi and Zi Xia Lin Han were frightened, even if they were at the fastest speed at the moment, they couldn’t save Shuiyunxi.
Just for a moment, everyone came without blinking. Ling Xiaoyao suddenly whisked the bodyguard and flew out. At this moment, Shuiyun Park suddenly moved her forward and pointed her sword at Jiang Qiuwu.
Jiang Qiuwu was frightened. She didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to do this, and even more unexpectedly, she would hurt herself. Her feet retreated, and Shuiyunjin forced her step by step.
"Ling Tai saves me" Jiang Qiuwu cries for help.
Water cloud park sneer at a wrist suddenly a tight that like coagulate fat hand stopped her, her mouth tick a bit cold and cool eyes look at LingXiaoYao "let go".
Ling Xiaoyao looked at her eyes and sighed in a low voice. "Yunxi, I told you that this is the heart, and this is the war. It’s not up to you or me."
"I also said that I must let her die. Do you really want to stop me?" Shuiyun Park looked at Lingxiaoyao with great anger.
"I can’t let you kill her less now." LingXiaoYao sounded badly.
"Then I’ll kill you." Shuiyun Park flashed through the waves and suddenly pulled out the tip of her wrist and pointed it at Lingxiaoyao’s chest.
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t hide, but let Shuiyunjin stab him in. For example, once he was willing to suffer her sword. This is where he felt guilty. The tip of her sword pierced Ling Xiaoyao’s chest, and the deep red blood dripped down the tip of his sword. His black brocade robe was covered with blood on his chest, but he still looked at Shuiyunjin without changing his face.
At this time, the world was quiet, and everyone stared at this scene. Whether it was Ling Xiaoyao’s identity or his martial arts was the most taboo in the world, but he was stabbed by Shuiyunxi there. What was his mind and how heavy Shuiyunxi was in his heart?
Shuiyunjin watched the tip of the sword sink into his chest, holding a sword in his hand and suddenly stopped. She suddenly felt that her body was getting heavier and heavier, and her mind was white and she couldn’t see anything. At present, it was also blurred, and a piece of blood gas kept pouring in. She suddenly spit out a stream of blood and fell backwards and completely lost consciousness.
"Miss" Zi Xia threw a sword and rushed forward immediately.
While LingXiaoYao foot movement reached out and caught the water cloud, he looked at the face with almost no trace of blood, and his obsidian black eyes seemed to be pricked by a needle.
"Miss Ling, please let go of my family tonight. You have already helped outsiders. Miss Ling will not want to see you again, and you don’t want to be involved." Zi Xia Ling Xiaoyao said in front of him.
Ling Xiaoyao gave her an eyebrow look. "If you don’t want her to die, you’d better not delay me to take her away."
"Ling wants to leave Nanliang so much? I will never be controlled by outsiders in Nanliang Mountain."
Jiang Yu qi looked at Ling Xiaoyao with a sharp eye. Ling Xiaoyao will now return to the former situation of his Qi Guifei’s opposition, and now Qi Guifei has his support behind him, which is the biggest obstacle to his suspicion. But if you want him to give up, it is impossible: