In the 4th minute, Real Sociedad striker Aguirreche took the ball into the forbidden area and shot low from the far corner. He almost broke the goal and was chased by Diarra and missed the baseline.

In the 9th minute, midfielder prieto Aguirreche made a collision with the wall and then suddenly took a long-range shot in the forbidden zone.
The ball was saved by Adan. Although the angle deviation was not much, it was affected after all.
Finally, the ball hit the goalpost and the bottom line popped up, which made the fans of the royal society who had already got up give a sigh of regret.
The back corner kick also failed to form a goal, and Valla grabbed the first point and pushed it out of the forbidden area to solve the problem.
The continuous attack, although there was no goal, made the morale of the fans of the royal society at home high, singing the team songs and cheering for the team, hoping to score as soon as possible
But Real Madrid’s goal has never been lost.
Although the goalkeeper is not casillas, Dan is not an amateur.
Although the monk Pepe was suspended, Valla’s ability was not weak, and Carvalho, Ramos, Khedira and others helped to defend him.
Xabi Alonso, the midfielder, was suspended, but Diarra, who had better defensive ability, was replaced.
Despite losing some Alonso’s offensive ability, Diarra and Khedira have better defensive ability at the back than Khedira and Alonso.
Real Madrid played a defensive counterattack more resolutely.
Although there are not many opportunities to fight back, it is enough to make the royal society tremble from players to fans.
In the 6th minute, Real Madrid had a counterattack, but for Zema’s wonderful flying of Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid would have taken the lead.
Even so, Real Madrid didn’t wait long for the first goal.
In the 17th minute, we have been attacking Real Sociedad on a large scale, but we still haven’t scored a goal, but Real Madrid scored a goal after Kaka’s breakthrough on the wing, and took the lead in the opening record.
Kaka scored another goal in his few chances to play, and it was the first goal in the key game, which caused tears for Kaka fans on the spot and in front of the camera.
However, after the score fell behind, the Royal Society’s attack became more fierce.
In particular, a young player in the Royal Social Array, Gleizman, is one year younger than Lu Wenbin, but his frontcourt is like a super-fast loach, which makes Ramos, Carvalho and Khedira, experienced defense generals, feel a little difficult to deal with.
Looking emaciated and physically weaker, Real Madrid’s defense has suffered enough.
In the second minute, it was a spike that shook Khedira after Gleizman received the Prieto ball outside the forbidden area, and then tilted Aguirre himself and bypassed Khedira to insert Aguirre to make a wall-hitting match.
Aguirreche put the ball in front of Gleizman at the right time. Before Gleizman grabbed the ball, he passed the ball and entered the forbidden area. Then he faked to block Carvalho in front of him and opened a little gap.
Then, without waiting for Carvalho to remedy Gleizman, he kicked the ball out of Carvalho’s side and went straight to the far corner of the goal.
Dan can’t come although he is too close to react.
The ball escaped Adan’s save and flew into the goal against the far post.
The 22-year-old Gretzman’s Royal Society equalized the score, and several Royal Society fans cheered and screamed. This young genius who debuted in the Royal Society and became famous in the Royal Society paid homage.
In that minute, Gleizman covered up the limelight of Lu Wenbin, the world’s first superstar.
But soon Lu Wenbin told everyone what he was the world’s first superstar in practical action.
In the 35th minute, Real Madrid got a chance to fight back, but Diarra gave Lu Wenbin the ball a little wide.
When he got the ball, adjusted his direction and rushed to the opponent’s forbidden area, the Royal Society defender was ready.
Lu Wenbin gave Kaka the ball instead of forcing it.
Kaka is not a winger, but a shooter, but his cutting line is blocked by the opponent’s full-back, and he can keep going to the baseline and finally barely get his foot in.
Chapter 64 League Championship
Kaka’s ball quality is not high and Lu Wenbin just ran a little.
Just as everyone was watching the ball fly behind Lu Wenbin and then be cleared by the Royal Social Defender, Lu Wenbin suddenly leaned forward, kicked his heel and shot a scorpion with his tail wagged.
桑拿网  title=The ball fell into the goal not far from the goalkeeper who was a little stupid, and it was too late for the goalkeeper to react and try to save it.
Lu Wenbin made an unexpected shot and Real Madrid regained the 21 ST lead.
In the 44th minute before the half-time, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball back, causing the opponent to foul and get an Italian ball.
Lu Wenbin opens a special skill to kick the ball directly into a dead corner. Bravo, the goalkeeper of Royal Society, has this ability.
Lu Wenbin scored twice as Real Madrid and gained a 31-point lead away from home.