Shuiyunjin well, "I naturally have to feed myself when I wake up."

"This" Huangfuda trembles.
"What’s the matter?" Shuiyunjin looked up at him.
Huangfuda blinked and glanced at Shuiyunjin. "You are so thin that I want you to feed two children with excellent appetites. I’m afraid they will eat you up. Where can I hug me?"
What’s the reason for her? "No, the more milk you eat, and who feeds you will feed people."
"Really not" Huangfuda suspicious.
Of course not. It’s terrible to have no culture.
Huangfuda suddenly got up and got out of bed with Shuiyunjin. As soon as he lay down, he leaned over Shuiyunjin and pulled her nightgown.
Shuiyunjin opened her eyes wide and didn’t know what he meant. "What are you doing?"
"Me, too." Huangfuda glanced at Shuiyunjin meaningfully.
"What do you want?" Shuiyunjin hasn’t reacted yet.
"I want to be treated with the children." Three or two Huangfudi pulled the nightgown and leaned over.
Water cloud suddenly stunned and felt warm. She instantly reacted and pushed Huangfuda with her hands. "Are you thick-skinned?"
"If it’s not thick, I’ll try it on the children first." Huangfudi replied naturally.
Then there was the big bed swaying, a few water clouds and hibiscus depressed, and the strength gradually weakened.
The next day, the couple opened their eyes at the same time. Huangfuda naturally didn’t get a good face, but he was unpreparedness. When he saw it, he knew that he had succeeded.
After a while, Zi Xia and Ruqin entered the room with water in their faces.
"Princess, you finally woke up, and everyone was relieved." Ruqin looked at Shuiyunjin happily and tunnel.
"You two also follow hard" ShuiYunXi laughed.
"The handmaiden is not bitter, princess, and the sleeping days are all around the prince." Such as a piano, she replied.
ShuiYunJin is always looking at HuangFuDa HuangFuDa deliberately tick a intoxicating smile provoked ShuiYunJin white his one eye, he touched the nose out of the room.
At this moment, Xiaoxi ‘er began to cry. Zi Xia quickly picked it up and sent it to Shuiyun’s arms.
Shuiyunjin looked at all the stuffy parts in Xiaojin’s heart. "Baby is hungry, right?"
She unbuttoned her clothes and let XiaoJinEr suck XiaoJinEr, which is not exclusive at all, but like a kind of energy sucking desperately.
Shuiyunjin felt a pain and sighed. It was really a father and a daughter.
"The little infanta looks really good. Even the old prince hasn’t seen the child these days." Zi Xia laughed at the bedside.
Shuiyunjin slightly raises his eyebrows and is not too white.
Zi Xia seems to see the idea of Shuiyunjin and take the initiative to open his mouth. "Miss Shi, the sword on the chest that day was seriously injured was not fatal, but it was delayed for a long time and a lot of blood flowed. Later, the report jumped off the cliff to save Ling Tai, but it was the most dangerous and fastest time in Yulong Mountain. When I came back, I always tried to support the young lady. I couldn’t make any effort when I gave birth, but the report lost strength to you. Only then did the young lady and the small county Wang were born dizzy and the report also fell into a coma.
At that time, Doctor Mo said that the sovereign was badly hurt and physically exhausted, but he couldn’t wake up for three days and three nights, but he just woke up in less than an hour, just like nothing happened. No one was involved in the intimate affairs of the young lady. It was all the sovereign’s hands, and two newborn children were all sovereign. Even the house was closed from the day when the young lady gave birth until today. "
Shui Yun-jin felt a terrible quiver in his heart. The man didn’t tell her anything, and everything was very normal. If Zi Xia didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t know.
桑拿论坛  title=I’ve been listening for a long time. First, Xiaojier is full.
Shuiyunjin watched her eyebrow eye gradually dye a smile.
Soon, Xiao Er woke up, too, which may be why the twins feel that they want to hear one sound and the other must be sensed.
Shuiyunjin put Xiaojin ‘er in the bed and let her play with it. She took Xiaoleng ‘er and let him nurse.
Shuiyunjin’s gentle face shows a strong maternal love. Her hand gently caresses Xiao Lei’s fetal hair, and her eyes are thoughtful. "What happened to Ling Xiaoyao?"
"Ling Taili was damaged and seriously injured, and Huangfuyu’s dead hand was poisonous, so he returned to Ling Guojin from the rescue." Zi Xia was not sure about Ling Xiaoyao’s current situation
Shui Yun-jin’s eyes darkened, and Ling Xiaoyao finally fell to the present ending. He could have overlooked the whole life, but it happened that because she recalled his last sentence, he said that he gave her back to Huangfuda, and he said it was "return".
"Miss Ling Taichi’s fate will be fine. Miss Ling is very important now." Zi Xia Shuiyun Park felt guilty and calmed down.
Shuiyunjin nodded, but she already thought of something else "Sister Luo".
"The report found a clean and quiet place for the Lord and has been buried." Zi Xia was red-eyed
"What about Mo Yang? What was his reaction at that time?" There is still a hatred in Shui Yunjin’s heart. I don’t know if this hatred is directed at Mo Xiao or Mo Yang.
"At first, Miss Mo didn’t tell the imperial doctor. When he knew it, he knelt before the Lord for three days without saying a word, but it was more sad than dying. He looked at the master handmaiden with tears and didn’t blink." Zi Xia thought about those three days. A rickety figure has been facing the Lord. The scene is unforgettable
Shuiyunjin nodded her head unseen. Mo Yang is Luo’s sister, but she has feelings. It’s a pity that he repented too late, and finally this bitter fruit can be swallowed by himself.
"Yunjin, my great-grandchild is full, and my great-grandfather has come to see them." At this moment, the old prince sounded cheerful outside.
Shuiyunjin saw that Xiao Lei was full and put on her clothes. "Go and help Grandpa come in."
Grandpa has been looking forward to seeing his great-grandson, but he has not seen it for ten days, and he is even anxious for a long time.
In a short time, I saw the old prince come in with a smile. "I am so anxious to see two great-grandchildren these days that I can’t sleep. The little one is cruel and won’t let me see it at a glance."
At this moment, Ruqin moved a big chair beside the bed.
Shuiyunjin smiled at this house, and no one can beat Huangfuda’s bullying this day.
"Grandpa, come and sit down. Yunjin has slept for too long."
"It’s good to wake up. It’s good for you to give Grandpa two great-grandchildren. It’s also worth it to wait for some days." Before the old report, he took the little girl from Zi Xia’s arms.
Zi Xia held the old sovereign chair to sit.
"I’m Xiao Ceng Sun Zhenjun, just like his father when he was a child." The old prince smiled together with his little sister.
Shuiyunjin smiled, and the two maids sighed with laughter. The old prince has a good memory.
"Bring the little darling here, too." The old prince looked at the little hibiscus.
Zi Xia should also hold the small park son to the old report and watch her side.
"Yunjin, this is the name of the children. Let’s take a look at which one we like. It’s been many days. My little great-grandson hasn’t got a name yet." The old prince teased the two children lovingly.