Mu Chuan frowned and asked, "Does Miss Alice live here?"
David followed his eyes and replied, "It’s not me and yaya here."
Smell speech MuChuan feel whole person is bad!
A stream of anger rushed to my heart, even though he didn’t know he was so annoyed!
Lonely men and widows are in the same room, and whatever he thinks is wrong!
At that time, Linya and david were walking out with fruit.
Mu Chuan lifted her eyes and glanced at Xu Bu. The woman came in a casual tone and said, "I didn’t expect Lin Translator to be a nanny in several roles."
David doesn’t like it when he says that. Frowning corrects "She’s not my nanny!" "
Muchuan chuckled "oh? What exactly is that position? Miss Alice can’t even live in, but Lin translator can take care of herself? "
Lin Ya found out that this man was deliberately finding fault until Alice and himself approached, and he also deliberately emphasized the word close-fitting to make people daydream!
David didn’t explain that he seemed unhappy about this question. "Is Mr. Mu more interested in me or in my translation?"
Alice quickly answered, "david, you are confused. Obviously, Mr. Mu is more interested in translation!"
Hearing this, Muchuan laughed without hesitation and said, "Miss Alice still knows me."
Lin Yamo
This impudent man!
Is he unhappy not to get her into trouble? !
Afraid that he would say anything out of line again, Lin Ya was busy putting things away. "Isn’t Mr. Mu busy? I also want to discuss the one-day itinerary with david. What do you think? "
Meaning you can get out!
Muchuan finally didn’t disappoint her this time. He got up and said, "I should go and you can see me off."
As soon as the man finished, he turned and left without giving her a chance to refuse.
Lin Ya’s mouth twitched and finally decided to give him this face!
Outside the gate, Muchuan suddenly turned around and said seriously, "I also have a property near here for you to live in?"
Lin Ya Meng Ran "What am I going to do? Mr. Mu, is your kindness a little rampant? "
The man raises his eyebrows and looks serious. "No, you are special."
It’s really like that. Lin Ya’s mouth gave a good smoke!
Do local tyrants hook up with little girls like this? !
She found that she couldn’t stay with Muchuan, but she couldn’t keep up with his thinking and her brain was easy to short circuit!
Raise my hand and say goodbye to him. "Thank you for your kindness. Please go back."
桑拿论坛Muchuan looked at the woman and saw that her eyebrows and eyes were curved and her eyes were flashing than expected!
Men sigh some nai.
Abrupt and step forward and cried "Lin Ya"
Before she could react, she was embraced by the man with a sudden speed.
The breeze blows the heartbeat as if it were still.
Ear is the man’s warm voice "Lin Ya, I want to be nice to you"
Breathing is full of men’s cool breath. Lin Ya’s brain completely crashes!
At this moment, she clearly felt her little heart thump thump thump!
I pushed him away and stared at him with a red face. "You really have a lot of sympathy!"
The man smiled with a gentle smile in his deep eyes. "I need someone like you in my life."