Xin Tongzheng felt refreshed. A breeze came through the window and suddenly came to his nose. He felt sticky and greasy, and he couldn’t say how uncomfortable he was. Xin Tongzheng walked out of the house and looked around. He was very strange. I don’t know who sent him back to the post office from Baihuayuan Bamboo House.

Sunlight seems to make you feel worse. Xin Tong came to the bathroom and filled the bath bucket with water, undressed and stepped into the bucket.
My Lord has finally woken up. Suddenly, a fierce and violent voice full of hegemony sounded in Xin Tong’s mind, but it turned out that he had been sleeping for many days, and he was furious with the thunder sword.
Xin Tong read aloud with great joy, Aren’t you going to sleep for a long time when your spiritual strength is exhausted? How did you recover so quickly? Oh, is it that Bi Youxian Tanlu has worked?
Blue fairy haze dew? My Lord actually ate the dew of the blue fairy? The voice of the tyrant is full of surprises. Where did my master get the fairy dew?
Xin Tong will tell Ba Jue once, and then tunnel with deep feeling, Brother Ba woke up from a deep sleep because of the beautiful fairy dew, and I also consciously made great progress. If I want to come to Wing silently, I will certainly benefit a lot from the fairy dew. What the reincarnation flower demon said is really empty … How wonderful are most monsters I met?
Monsters are as good and bad as people. There are monsters who are kind to the extreme and evil monsters who are more vicious than human beings. The tone of bully Jedi is very indifferent. He has seen too many monsters of various natures in his long life
Brother bully will not fall asleep again in the short term, will he? Wrong novel network many words this knife spirit his great Yan San people may recognize the words Dahua Dayanlu at the same time, which is very important for Xin Tonglai.
It depends on my major. When my Lord meets a strong enemy, he still needs my spiritual strength. If my spiritual strength does its best to fall asleep again.
Xin Tong heard the words and sweated.
Heavy footsteps outside the house sounded like a whirlwind of black tower blowing into the bathroom avenue. Little Martial Uncle, wake up … wow! Uncle Xiao, why is your face so white? And cloud that small white face have a fight! Wow, haha, after that, the old black will call your face very white, little martial uncle!
Xin Tong stopped talking with Dao Lingba and stopped bathing. How can my face turn white? He glared at Sun Damo and said, Is it fun to say that you are young?
Sun Heita’s face showed a look of horror and immediately cried out, Little Martial Uncle, an old black man is stupid, but his eyes are not blind. At the very least, you can tell black from white. See for yourself if your skin is white, delicate and smooth?
桑拿会所  title=Xin Tong was treated with goose bumps by Sun Damo’s last word, but at this time, he took time to consider where he learned this form of words, Xin Tong looked down at his chest.
Just as the old saying goes, if you don’t look, you don’t know what to look at! Xin looked at the same thing as when Yun Dan saw his skin turn red, black and blue that day, and he was violently jumped by himself.
Sun Damo’s terrain is really appropriate. At present, his skin is really white as jade; Touching two hands is really delicate and smooth!
This white as jade, delicate and smooth skin seems to have an indescribable flow!
Don’t ask, it must be caused by the beautiful fairy dew!
Previously, his mind was talking with the knife spirit, but he didn’t notice the change of his skin color. Looking at the black layer of oil on the water surface, Xin Tong was overjoyed. This blue fairy dew is not only of great help to practice, but also has the miraculous effect of detoxification and beauty. It’s really extraordinary … Grandma, this time, look at that guy Yunxiaobai, where is it better than old! You are a small white face … always a big white face!
Ask Sun Damo about the date Xin Tong knew that he had slept for more than 20 days when he was asleep. During his sleep, Qin Chengyuan and Xiao Cao came to visit Qin Yuxiang several times a day, and even the little princess left at sunrise and sunset, which was almost a storm. Because of the funeral of the emperor of Nanhande Bank the day before yesterday, she didn’t come these days.
My heart felt strange and dark … Since then, it should be called Xin Dabai. At this time, he has not continued to bathe, and he casually wiped two clothes and strode out.
Jade Eagle Wing silently eats fairy Tanlu much less than him. Now that more than 20 days have passed, Xin Tong must have woken up. He tried to send out his mind and immediately got a reply from the two demons.
There is a hint of uncontrollable joy and gratitude in the faint tone of Jade Eagle Wing, but the silent tone exaggerates a lot. The strong master finally wakes up, and he is silently grateful to the master. The master is the best master in the world, and his love for the master is like a river. The master is … yo …
Xin Tong’s hair stood on end by this crazy meal silently, but now he is in a good mood, and he has not silently cared about it, so he has done his best to ask them about the fairy dew.
The answer was great, and it was expected that the jade eagle wings silently turned to the blue fairy dew to help condense into Dan again!
Xin Tong’s happiness is really serious, almost happier than the moment he knew that he had faded away and his skin turned white.
Days of anger, thunder, knives, snow and green valleys swallowed up the two Dan, which caused great damage to both of them. As Jade Eagle and Wings got along silently for a long time, Xin Tong gradually developed feelings of guilt for them, and day by day he kept thinking about how to make Jade Eagle and Silently reunite with Dan. At this time, it was very happy that their longcherished wish was achieved.
Xin Tong laughed at the sky for a few times, making Jade Eagle Wing fly back silently and quickly.
A moment later, the jade eagle grabbed it and flew silently away from the ground. When it was more than ten feet high, the jade eagle lost its claws in silence.
Xin Tong felt ironic. It seems that Jade Eagle still bears a grudge silently. He turned around and immediately stopped silently. Even if he was a few tens of feet taller, he didn’t see that he could fall to death. Look at this guy’s performance after he formed Dan again.
Silently, I can’t stop yelling, Strong master, help, help, silent acrophobia, strong master …
It’s amazing to know the word fear of heights silently. When I think of the jade eagle hanging silently halfway up the mountain, how can it mean to be afraid of heights?
Fuck your grandmother’s fear of heights Xin Tong criticised Five big three thick guys are so timid that they have to find a way to ignore them
Spiritual communication is extremely fast, but the speed of falling silently is not slow. Besides, it has a height of more than ten feet. In the blink of an eye, it has come back silently, and before it is finished, it has already smashed the rockery in the courtyard.
There was a loud bang, and it seemed that the whole courtyard was shaking, and the dust filled the rubble and splashed. A huge rockery was smashed by this silent ling!
Yo, yo, yo, it’s all right to fall so high. Yo, the strong owner is also very strong now ….. Climbing out of the rubble silently unscathed … Milliscale injury waddled towards Xin Tong, who was surprised and funny. This guy’s flesh is not generally thick.
The distance between the collapsed rockery and Xintong is about 30 feet. In the process of crawling, the body is constantly changing, sometimes it is as thick as a giant tree, sometimes it is as small as a steel bar, sometimes it is round, sometimes it is flat, sometimes it is short … Although there is no spiritual communication, Xintongbai silently expresses its passion to himselfof course, it also shows off that it is so strong.
Silently, the original black scales reflected a little blue light, which surprised Xin Tongyou. In the middle of the silent python’s head, a meat column more than an inch long actually grew! No matter how silently the body changes, the shape and size of this meat column change. Xin Tong Daqi wondered, Does that fairy dew not only make it become a Dan silently, but also make this pythonheaded longhorned old hen with a bulging head turn into a duck? Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Silently climb to the front, bow up, fly up, wrap around Xin Tong’s waist, and the meat horn stands forward like a column, which looks rather indecent. Because this meat horn can’t change, Xin Tong has to silently erect the meat horn into the air and then take a robe to cover the outside.
The jade eagle falls into the courtyard with its wings held high, and two red eagles stand with their heads held high. The divine light in their eyes is sharper than before, and Wei Xin is born. It is very strange that the jade eagle’s food fairy has a little more dew than silence, but the shape of Dan has not changed again.
It is strange that Xin Tong has never seen Gao Da. Sun Damo told Gao Da’s legacy that he had something else to do. He left Beijing more than ten days ago.
South Hande Imperial City is known as the Southeast Prosperity, but when Xin Tong arrived in Beijing, he fell asleep because of eating fairy dew that night. Now the emperor of South Hande Bank has been buried. He has been sleeping for more than 20 days, and Qin Chengzuo must have done almost everything for him. It is estimated that he will return soon and never go out again. From a certain level, it can be said that he came to South Hande for nothing.
After the burial of Emperor Kai, the capital was immediately restored to its bustling strip. Pedestrians jostled each other, and shop signs were selling one after another, which was very lively.

The fifth volume Fairy haze dew Chapter IV Revenge ()
The fifth volume Fairy haze dew Chapter IV Revenge ()
Walking through the hustle and bustle of people, Xin Tong suddenly remembered that the stone thief had asked him to take the piece of Yu Pei. Is it really necessary to take? It seems that there seems to be a way to go. It is impossible to leave South Handexing without seeing that piece of Yu Pei. Is it that the little emperor of Yu Pei hangs around like a take?
Tan Lu, a beautiful fairy, changed her skin color, and Xin Tong changed from black to white. Sun Damo beside her was darker than the bottom of the pot, and she looked like a jade! Walking around with black hair, waving robes, and being tall and imposing, those who are shorter than him are really different from others.
There is not a girl who has lived without being firmly absorbed by him and unconsciously stopping to watch; If he was slightly confused eyes swept but also can’t help the ground peach blossom.
It is Xin Tongxin who thinks about how to take it unnoticed. Although Yu Pei is in a downtown area, he turns a blind eye to everything and walks around with Sun Damo.
Walking through a crossroads, the crowded strip suddenly became quiet, and then several people broke out at the same time, full of amazing light calls.
From the extreme to the static, and then to the extreme, such a huge contrast finally woke up the illusion.
In the sight of Xin Tong, there is a luxurious soft sedan chair. Xin Tong looked at it and was surprised and surprised.
The soft sedan chair bearer turned out to be a young woman of similar height!
What is even more amazing is that this woman is beautiful or rich, or slim, or pure, or charming, and her eyes are like stars and eyes, but all of them are extremely rare!
More than that, there are two beautiful girls on both sides of the soft sedan chair, who are better than the famous sedan chair girl, even if Qin Yuhan is no less beautiful than the grass!