Out of the original city, you will arrive in the wild. In the wild, there are very few things that players can do. Most of them are fighting monsters and killing boss.

It is very rare in the original city, and it is difficult to see it.
Pkpk will be severely punished because special players in the original city are forbidden in the original city.
No one knows the specific punishment yet, but it is said that pk players in the original city have not appeared since they were caught.
As observed by Chen Mo, the number of np in the original city is limited, and no np is redundant.
This is the original city foundation, and everyone must understand it.
However, in Chen Mo’s view, np theory in middle age is more important.
All players will automatically get 1 death point when they come to the original city.
One death point does not mean that one death point is reduced once.
In the end, players will lose half of their death points if they die in any form.
When the player’s death points remain 1 point, he will be forced to deduct 1 point and then the death points will change.
Once the death points change, the player will be expelled from the last method forever and reenter.
While others drop death points, everyone can pick them up.
If you want to kill enough people, you can theoretically get a limited number of death points.
However, middleaged np especially solemnly confessed.
On the same natural day of the game, the player dies five times in a row, and the remaining number of death points will be forcibly deducted to 1 point.
That is to say, no matter how many death points a player has, he will be expelled from the last place if he dies six times a day.
In addition, death points are not simply to offset death punishment.
There is a special np in the original city where death points can be exchanged for various props.
However, the convertible lane has enough death points to see Chen Mo in the redemption list, and it doesn’t know what death points can be redeemed for.
Simply put, in the end, death points are a special currency in circulation.
Now that you have successfully made three turns to the original city, there are a certain number of adventurers. After two or three days, when the number is enough, you will know what you need to do at the end.
Middleaged np finally wakes up in Chen Mo
Although the middleaged uncle np said a lot of things, Chen Mo knew that this was definitely not a department.
Finally, there are many rules
After a circle in the original city, the position and function of each np in the silence are ready to go out of the city to see a last threeturn monster.
However, the original city of Chen Mo actually doesn’t remember anything.
In addition to the seaside city gate, there is another city gate to the wild.
Chen Mo walked out of that gate.
He walked out of the city gate only a few steps away from the gate guard’s sight, and his steps were a meal.
Then more than a dozen people quickly appeared from around.
The new guy death points things want you to know! We want you to have five death points, and we won’t bother you again after you are killed by us and don’t fight back! If you dare to fight back, we will kill you to death points!
The first youth looked at Chen Mo face ferocious laugh wildly and said.
Around him, more than ten people are also ferocious as if they were ready to start work at any time.
Eleven threeturn players!
It’s the first time he’s seen so many players after three turns.
spa会所Looking at the eleven players around, the silence can’t help but try.
He played all over the player’s opponent at level.
Now after three turns, everything has changed. Before three turns, more than twenty players didn’t even have enough teeth for him.
But now in the face of more than a dozen threeturn players, Chen Mo has to be careful
Compared with these players, he has the advantage of characteristic ability
But other than that, the gap is not big
It’s not surprising that he accidentally hit a terrible feature and his ability was spiked.
Black Knife, they are robbing new people of death points again.
Not far away, someone passed by and saw these eleven people acting, but it was normal. This group of people suspected that they were used to doing such things.
Wait! This robbed person is a bit familiar!
Another looked at Chen Mo suddenly indecision said.
Can’t be wrong! That’s him! This is a good show!
He cried with excitement after repeated confirmation.
The second is more to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirtytwo Characteristic ability
Passing players have recognized Chen Mo.
Chen Mo had no rival when he was in the abyss area, but now Chen Mo appeared in the original city a long time late. This player wants to know Chen Mo’s strength after three turns
Well, it seems that this guy won’t be killed by us. It’s my turn in order this time. Don’t rob me!
But stop Chen Mo eleven people haven’t recognized Chen Mo identity one of them is ha ha laughs.
Appear in front of the silence with this person’s body movement.