Alas …

He shook his head naively again. He probably picked up the child from his mother. Otherwise, how could a child as smart and cute as him have such a silly mother?
When he suddenly dislikes her and goes out together, he should stay away from her and never let others know that he is her son.
See, his dull mother didn’t know the seriousness of the matter and boasted, But you must remember what my aunt told you, or you will regret it when you meet a better man in the future.
Qin Leran took a sip of soup and blinked and asked, Little Aunt, have you ever regretted marrying your uncle and grandfather for so many years?
What does Qin Xiaobao want to do Qin Leran clearly knows that she is not doing nothing, and her character will definitely fight back and it is the other party’s defense.
Section 546
Qin Leran asked with a smile, soft and soft. Qin Xiaobao seems that Qin Leran is still a cute child, which reduces his guard against Qin Leran.
Qin Xiaobao patted his chest and sighed, However, you asked my little aunt if she ever regretted it. My little aunt told you that there was not a day that I didn’t regret it over the years.
Qin Leran’s eyes widened after hearing this, and I felt sorry for you. Little aunt, do you mean that you regret marrying your uncle and grandfather every day these years?
Aunt, if you dare to admit it, I will sympathize with you today.
I didn’t expect that Qin Xiaobao, who has always been clever, didn’t know if she wanted to break up Qin Leran too much today. She really dared to nod.
Well, Qin Xiaobao nodded and admitted that suddenly there were tears in her eyes, and the drama became more and more realistic. However, you must think carefully about women before you get married. Once you marry a man, you will feel that you are devalued and will no longer pity you. My husband dislikes me every day, not to mention even my son. They are always targeting me together. Sometimes I can’t wait for a divorce. If I have another choice, I will definitely not marry a bastard man named Zhannian North.
Qin Xiaobao has won large and small winners’ trophies over the years, and his acting skills have been perfected.
After her emotional interpretation, everyone will think that she has lived with regret all these years, and marrying Zhan Nianbei is the biggest mistake of her life.
Qin Leran gave her little aunt a thumbsup in her heart. Little aunt, you are a true hero! However, I admire you!
This time, instead of putting bowls and chopsticks, it’s slamming the door.
Looking more and more ugly, I was so angry that I slammed the door and left
If it weren’t for Nan Zhai, who didn’t want to throw himself into the country, Qin Xiaobao would have been thrown out of the window.
Mom and Dad are angry and left! At the end of the war, he tugged at Qin Xiaobao’s skirts and thought that she would go out and apologize at this time. There is still room for reversal. After all, his father can’t bear to see his mother sad.
Your dad took the wrong medicine today, so don’t worry about him eating more meat and growing taller. Qin Xiaobao put a piece of meat in the bowl at the end of the war and blocked his mouth again.
At the end of the war from …
It seems that he is going to prepare his sister to stay here for a few days, until the family war period has passed.
Qin Xiaobao also smiled at Nan Zhai. Sir, my man is sometimes insane. He is definitely not against you. Don’t mind.
I know! Nan Zhai nodded with a bright smile in her eyes, so that her lifestyle is more like a family.
Be angry when you should be angry, quarrel when you should quarrel, and lose your temper when you want to lose your temper …
Unlike his family, even if we sit at a table for dinner, everyone will think twice before saying a word for fear of saying something wrong.
Real home is so gentle and sweet, so occasionally quarreling and arguing, so thinking of ways to help your children.
Instead of who his family wants to marry, the first consideration is the other family background.
No, it’s from which families they have to choose who they can marry. Marriage is linked to power and interests.
Qin Xiaobao asked again, Sir, what do you think of our family?
What’s good about her? Nan Zhai moved his left hand to hold Qin Leran’s hand in the palm of his hand and looked down at her slightly. She is fine everywhere in my heart.
As the president of country A, you shoulder the fate of the whole country. You must work hard to stay in this position. Do you think you can spend a lot of time loving her like an ordinary husband? At the end of the day, what Qin Xiaobao is worried about is that Nan Zhai has worked and neglected Qin Leran.
These problems are very realistic and are the root of contradictions when couples get along with each other for a long time.
Marriage is not like love, love can be impulsive, but marriage should be precipitated and run in, and two people should work hard together.
This world is not without good men, but there are many good men, but it doesn’t necessarily belong to you
If you can’t meet the best man, then train your man well.
For example, before their family went to war, they were a soldier who was dragged like a 250yearold soldier who never understood that she would not feel bad for her.
桑拿会所After her training over the years, that bastard has changed a lot. He is no longer a big bastard, but a good husband and father.
Although Zhan Nianbei is gentle and considerate, she is still far from her wooden brother, but she has made great progress.
Besides, there is still a long way to go in the day after tomorrow. When she still has plenty of time, she can definitely turn the war into a top husband.
Chapter 961 Keep your word.
Are you sure you don’t want to see the little aunt’s uncle and grandfather who are angry and gone? It’s hard for Qin Xiaobao to ask this question. Qin Leran stepped forward again and changed the subject.
She’s always been like this, so she won’t let her family make it difficult for him, and she will stand up to him without letting him suffer a little injustice.
Nan Zhai’s heart warmed up and she increased her strength. She held her hand and smiled gently at her. But don’t worry.
Qin Leran is worried about my brother, I …
He stretched out his thumb and pressed Qin Leran’s lips to stop her from talking and looking at Qin Xiaobao with a chuckle. The position of President of country A is important to me, but that’s not Qin Leran’s importance to me.
The position of president of country A was obtained through hard work, which can be said to be the most proud of his life and career.
Many people can’t reach his height after several generations of hard work, so many people will think that this position is the last thing he can lose in his life.
But for him, this position is still so unworthy compared with Qin Leran.
Because he knows that if Qin Leran is to accompany him, no one and nothing can defeat him … If he doesn’t fail to win a presidential position, what is it? He can get two or three.
Qin Xiaobao was satisfied with Nan Zhai’s answer, but she was not the kind of person who surrendered when she heard two nice words.
She looked at Nan Zhai for a while and then said, Anyone can say something nice, but 70% of them can say it but can’t do it. I don’t know what kind of person Mr. Wang belongs to?
Qin Leran was in a hurry again. Little aunt, you don’t want to be hard on your brother any more. I know he can do anything …
Qin Leran wanted to explain to Nan Zhai, but Nan Zhai pinched her hand and said, Mrs. Zhan can rest assured that I will work hard.